They just called for an American intifada

Elon's dire warning to America inside.
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%%FIRST NAME%% or Fellow Concerned American:

First, it was DEI being taught in our schools. And nobody stopped them.

Then it was protests focused on opposing "Jewish oppressors." And nobody stopped them.

Even with the escalation of antisemitic attacks on college campuses, by and large, nobody stopped them.

Now it's escalated to full-on violence. The pro-Hamas, pro-terror "Students for Justice in Palestine" is calling for is calling for an intifada in American cities and across the globe.

Not a protest. A violent uprising in your city starting with – but not ending with – Jews.

On Monday, we had a pro-Palestinian protestor drive his car into innocents during a Memorial Day parade. And on Wednesday a crazed Hamas supporter tried to run down Jewish students.

Do you know what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 40s? It happened because most people sat on the sidelines. The time has come when you cannot sit on the sidelines anymore. Are you going to help us stop these hatemongers now?

These antisemitic attacks stem from DEI. The Jewish people are the first to see the violent endgame of this dangerous ideology.

Make no mistake, Christians will soon be next unless you help us end the proliferation of DEI in our colleges and government.

American lives are at risk due to the dangerous teachings of DEI. And unless you take action to stop it now, we will see dead Jews in our streets at the hands of these violent groups.

This isn’t just about stopping an ideology I disagree with. This is about saving lives! Will you stand up against the evils of DEI?

Make no mistake. This is a battle between good and evil.

Because the end game is the destruction of all Bible believers and the end of the America you and I love.

You can’t afford to stay silent. You can’t sit this one out.

You must join with us and stop them TODAY!

Your family could be their next target.

May G-d continue to bless you, America, and Israel,

Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Managing Director, Coalition for Jewish Values






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