We won the battle, the war rages on

Don't let them shred the Constitution!
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Chalk up another victory for the Constitution!

Thanks to our lawsuit, the city of Santa Ana, CA is having to change the language on their ballot measure to allow voting for non-citizens!

While this was a small victory, the battle to stop this vote altogether is ongoing.

Because the Left is determined to allow other non-citizens the right to vote in our elections!

The question is, how determined are you to stop them and preserve our Constitution?


The fight isn’t just in Santa Ana. San Francisco, Washington D.C., Vermont, and several other cities in California are letting non-citizens vote.

And if the Left wins this election in Santa Ana, it will embolden other cities and states to let non-citizens vote as well.

Maybe even in your own community!

Remember, the Left doesn’t care about free and fair elections; they just want power.

And to get power, they need to obtain more votes… even from non-citizens!

The United States Justice Foundation needs your support of $50, $100, or $250 to stop the Left’s latest attempts to circumvent the Constitution and to ensure only legal citizens vote in our elections.

While we’re excited about this victory, lawsuits cost money, and we just don’t have enough to stop the Left’s mountain of cash.

That’s why I’m counting on you to step up and ensure we have the support needed to continue our fight to stop non-citizens from voting for good! Kick in your donation today!

Thank you,
James V. Lacy

James V. Lacy
President, U.S. Justice Foundation









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