You’ve been ordered to turn in your guns.

The court has suspended your 2nd Amendment rights.
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The 2nd Amendment is what guarantees us the other 9. It's what keeps the government in check.

So are you surprised that Biden and the Left are doing everything to strip your 2A rights?

  • The ATF making up unconstitutional ghost gun bans.
  • The FBI wrongfully targeting and harassing gun owners.
  • Democrat governors abusing their "Public Health Emergency" powers to ban gun ownership altogether.

Now Kamala Harris is spending $250 million of your hard-earned tax dollars to help states pass unconstitutional Red Flag laws meant for only one purpose... to seize your guns.

Are you ready to stop this end-run around the 2nd Amendment?


When you have nothing to defend yourself, tyranny prevails.

That’s why Biden and the Left want your guns. They’re following the same game plan that Mussolini, Stalin, and other dictators used to exert control over their country.

That’s what’s at stake here – Freedom and Liberty!

The 2nd Amendment was created to keep the Government at bay, not the citizens.

But if you don’t join us RIGHT NOW in fighting back and protecting our right to bear arms, there’ll be no 2nd Amendment left to defend.

Are you ready to stand for freedom? For Liberty? For your right to bear arms?


Let’s defeat Biden’s gun grab before it’s too late!











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