$1.1 trillion spending bill passes House after pleas from Obama, GOP leaders

A last-minute plea from President Obama and fatigued GOP leaders overcame rebellions from both conservatives and liberals, clearing the $1.1 trillion spending bill through the House on Thursday in a dramatic late-night vote.

Democrats huddled for more than three hours, and were visited by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who defended the deal just hours after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had publicly trashed it, accusing Mr. Obama and the Senate Democrats who negotiated it of caving to “blackmail.”

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  • ragcollector says:

    This is the true first budget the third party officially sanctioned, the real third party is now out in the open!!! It is called the dem/repub progressive party

    1. Barbara Johnson says:

      I guess since they are the third party, that is why they are so upset about the tea party trying to claim that title. Maybe the tea party would have better luck trying to run as a 4th party then.

      1. ragcollector says:

        Well in a sane U.S. we wouldn’t even have had a tea party trying to fight off progressivism and communism, we reached our limit when Bushy was outed as a progressive! and of course it went full blown communism with the Kenyon hut occupier. We would just like our kids to not suffer enslavement to a disgusting form of gov’t!

  • I Seigel says:

    And the problem that you’re having with this news is…..?
    Is it the money being spent that you’re objecting to, or the fact that Reps and Dems have figured out a way, at least temporarily, to work together to keep the government from shutting down again?

    1. cregger1 says:

      That’s a joke. It just proves that Benedict boehner is a closet communist just like the rest of the communist party. Now he has sold our country down the river once again with his phony Republican Party through threats and intimidation just like the communist part does. God help us all! The only reason our communist and thief was pushing for passage is because this budget includes the ILLEGAL obamascare boondoggle for another year and has 2.5 billion dollars included in it for the ILLEGAL aliens he just gave amnesty to. Otherwise this phony could care leas what else is in the budget.

      1. I Seigel says:

        You seem to have a fascination with communists. You mentioned them, like, 6 times in your post. Did you have a bad experience with communists growing up?

        1. ragcollector says:

          You disagree?

      2. Ben Fields says:

        Cregger1, just think. What he passed with a stroke of a pen, the next president can undo the same way. I don’t know why everyone don’t see that. If Obama had seen it, he may have worked more closely with Congress on the Amnesty issue, and a little less on his golf handicap. I have no respect for any elected official who abuses their power of office, and Obama has abused his far too often in my opinion. And I especially disrespect his blatant misuse of Air Force One, and his and Michelle’s expensive trips and vacations and golf outings at the taxpayer’s expense. I haven’t been able to have a week’s vacation in over 3 years now because of everything rising except wages, and we foot his bill at over a million dollars a trip. Shame on you Mr. Obama. How many trips and vacations and rounds of golf have the taxpayers paid for you, and you turn around and pass an Amnesty Plan by Executive Action, that will hurt the American Citizens and is a treasonous offense according to the Constitution. Yet he has not been brought up on charges or impeached. Our Congress is derilict in their duty and oath of office as well as Obama, because they are all sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution Of The United States in their oath of office.
        I listened to Judge Jeanene’s Opening Statement the other week, and she pegged the President to a tee. (No pun intended) If you can find it on youTube, it is well worth watching.

  • Barbara Johnson says:

    Anyone who still thinks there is a difference between today’s 2 main parties is dumber than a box of rocks!

    1. patriotism-matters says:


    2. ragcollector says:

      It is called the dem/repub progressive party, it is the secret third party they have had for awhile now.

      1. Ben Fields says:

        Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker both R-TN continually vote for Obamas agenda. To me, they imbody the very idea of a Dem/Rep Progressive party, and TN voters continue to re-elect them. It is no wonder to me that the Libertarians and Tea Party have split from the GOP, because the Grand Old Party isn’t so grand anymore. Conservative representatives should vote as their constituents expect them to.

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