9/11 Commission rips Congress on ISIS

by Alexander Bolton - The Hill
September 9, 2014

Members of the 9/11 Commission are criticizing Congress for the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), arguing lawmakers have not taken the threat seriously enough.

In interviews with The Hill, veterans of the blue-ribbon panel rebuked lawmakers for a generally lax approach toward oversight and said Congress fell down on the job by not implementing the recommendations they made 10 years ago.

“Nobody can be very impressed by the congressional record here. You don’t go on a five-week vacation if you think the threat to the United States is imminent. Or, at least, I hope you don’t,” said former Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), the vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.

Hamilton ripped Congress for failing to fulfill President Obama’s request for $500 million, made in late June, to train and equip moderate opposition forces in Syria. Obama said the money would help build up a rebel alternative to ISIS while helping to keep the conflict in Syria from spilling over into Iraq.

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  • Green Beret retired says:

    Recent reports show that FSA (Free Syrian Army) are now allied with ISIS. Previous arms shipments have been taken by ISIS. The only faction that can be be trusted to fight ISIS, in my opinion, is the Kurds (PKK) in norther Syria.

  • DOUG MCLEOD says:


  • defiant1 says:

    What did the 9/11 Commission Report have to say about the porous south border and Obama’s lack of enforcement of border and lack of enforcement of immigration laws. The border is a sieve for terrorists. And what about his allowing all the “children” across the border and dumped in states without publishing where. Why all the pandering to the illegals making the border a running ground for lack of safety and security for the US. This one would be a rather easy security measure but Obama does not care about securing the country. Drivers license, visas issued for irrelevant school use, etc. etc. Teachers not being allowed to ask ages of “border children” etc. What about neglect by DHC? Did the 9/11 Commission report discuss the danger of Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, Islam and Islamofascists? Did the 9/11 Commission report cover any of Obama’s neglect???

    1. I Seigel says:

      Along with the issue of the porous border, the 9/11 Commission should also have addressed the Keystone XL pipeline issue, the continued high unemployment and all the people whose homes are being foreclosed. Maybe they could also have investigated Governor Christie’s “Bridgegate” incident and the Import-Export Bank issue.

      Or they could just have stuck to the topic for which they were commissioned to investigate.

      1. BH says:

        Remember, it was Obama that was saying in 2012 (as he was running for reelection) that militant Islam was on the way to defeat. It was he who let them reemerge, because. He said they didn’t exist. Conveniently, Hamilton does not say anything about his beloved “leader”, if you can call him that.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I love that you credit Obama for the reemergence of militant Islam. You and the folks here keep saying what a moron, idiot, weak, incapable president he is, but you’re willing to give him single-handed credit for the reemergence of militant Islam. What could he have done, without any cooperation whatsoever from Congress, to prevent their reemergence?

          While you’re at it, why don’t you also give him blame or credit for the California drought, the record high of the US stock markets, the Ebola epidemic in Africa, the civil unrest in Ukraine and Putin’s annexation of Crimea, the record amounts of natural gas that are now being produced in the US, and Apple’s cool new smartwatch.

          Maybe Hamilton didn’t mention “his beloved ‘leader'” because that’s not how Hamilton thinks of Obama. And Hamilton’s task, along with the full 9/11 Commission, is to be a non-partisan, critical observer and evaluator of US policy past and present.

          You know, people like you who are always looking for a scapegoat to blame for their own perceived troubles remind me of Germans in 1930’s Germany. Except you don’t have the spiffy garments that the Nazis wore.

          It’s like, in one breath, you want to blame Obama for all the 92,000,000 unemployed people in this country. In the next breath, you blame all the unemployed people for being lazy and wanting government handouts. I think what’s truly happening here is that you blame the blacks and Mexicans for being unemployed and lazy and wanting handouts, but it’s Obama’s fault that the WHITE people are unemployed.

          Sorry for getting off topic here. Just thought I’d mention it, though.

          1. BH says:

            LOL, I can see you are a died in the wool liberal! Giving Obama “credit” for the reemergence of ISIS is a no brained because he said they were basically the “JV” group, thus allowing his advisors to quit focusing on them. Only someone with an agenda, say wanting to get reelected, would try something so risky and stupid as that. Why else would he say a video was the cause of the riots that resulted in the murder of 4 Americans, even though it was known almost immediately that message was a lie? And as to your German comment, that was pretty dumb even for a member of the liberal Democrat Party. The policies of the Democrat Party are the cause of the employment numbers being so bad. You really have been watching too much MSNBC.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Spoken like a true dyed in the wool neocon. Why is it you’re still convinced that American military supremacy is key to world peace and the solution to all the world’s evils. Other than dropping hydrogen bombs on Syria and Iraq, how would you have prevented the reemergence of radical Islam? How do you defeat an ideology with weapons? It seems like Ghaddafi and Saddam had things under control. Bush kicked the hornets’ nest. Did he realize what he was eventually unleashing? I doubt it. Recall Cheney’s promise, that we would be greeted with roses? LOL!

  • savage24 says:

    Maybe the 9-11 commission would be better directing their criticism to those politicians that keep telling God and country that the Islam is a peace loving benevolent religion. Does anybody see the moderate Muslims doing anything about what is called the radical Muslims, absolutely no. Only foolish liberals and progressives believe that you can win the hearts and minds of the enemy that is cutting their heads off. Insanity rules in this country today.

    1. defiant1 says:

      How right you are, kumbaya and talk just does not work with this bunch of barbarian Islamo-fascists.

  • James Maxwell says:

    Politicians are concerned with one thing and one thing only, getting re-elected
    to continue to live off the backs of TAX payers. We no longer have Statesmen
    who serve the public, they only serve the special interest groups that fund
    their re-election campaigns and give them “special” benefits such as
    insider trading tips that would put the majority of us in jail. Sadly the
    American people are responsible for this travesty we see today. They
    do not stay informed but merely run off of sound-bytes from political
    commercials that say nothing and for the most part outright lie to us.
    We have failed our forefathers and the legacy the left us along with
    the responsibility to insure that we have honorable representative in
    public office. By sitting home and not voting you are throwing away
    the greatest gift your forefathers gave you, FREEDOM from tyrants.

    1. Cynic says:

      Voting is a sham but at least it’s one small freedom we still have left.

      We are only voting on the candidates whom the major parties want us to vote for — not the best and certainly not our first choices. That’s why most of us leave the polls feeling sick to our stomachs.

      The major parties have failed us by fielding only those candidates vetted by the elites who really run the country.

      Yes, the American public is responsible for this slide into mediocrity. If only they were as interested in preserving this republic as they are in the latest sports scandal.

      1. Freedomjo says:

        A sham is a small freedom we have left? What kind of freedom is that? Call it what it is. It’s no freedom at all and for you and we to continue to participate in the sham, thinking it’s OK is a ridiculous exercise in futility. Enougth is enough. We must let our “representatives” know that they are not representing us and remove all of them from office. But I fear the D.C. mindset infects all of them with a self perpetuating illness comprised of corruption, deceit and self interest which alas makes liberty impossible but slavery a real possibility.

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