AFL-CIO-NBPC to Trump: You’re cancelled.

Donald Trump’s planned tour of the Laredo Sector of the Texas -Mexico border has been canceled by the national AFL-CIO-controlled union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). Border Patrol agent Hector Garza acted in his role as Local 2455 president to honor Trump by inviting him to see his section of border in Laredo firsthand. Agent Garza confirmed to Breitbart Texas that the national union had stepped in and insisted that the Laredo local back out of honoring Trump with the border tour. Agent Garza said he expected Trump to continue without the participation of the union.

An inside source with knowledge of the internal NBPC discussion over the Trump visit told Breitbart Texas, “The union is about to put out a press release saving face for the local who invited Trump and the union itself by saying they are canceling their participation because Trump said he was “being honored” and that “agents supported him.”

One Border Patrol agent who spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity said, “The union has largely appealed to the public for more attention to the dangers posed by illegal immigrants who cross the border, so it’s strange that the AFL-CIO side would take lead and try to hurt a presidential candidate for saying the same things the union always says. This kind of crap is why I left the union.” The agent continued, “The agents who actually work on the border invited him. This seems contrived.”

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  • shaddywapper says:

    LOOSE CANON Trump is, indeed, CANCELLED ! Hate to lose the show, but thrilled that he will lose in 2016. Not a great man who is well rounded, able to listen, or consider other people’s opinions in making life-altering decisions for ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    ARE YOU LISTENING, YOU “MODERATES”??? The workers here are being betrayed by the very organization that claims to want to help them.The idea of unions is a good idea, but the majority of unions are controlled by “Progressives”, and have been instrumental in destroying our Country’s industrial might through coercion and extortion, and poisoning the Free Market. Of course, the reporting of this will be squashed by the Commie media, as they have done many thousands of times in the past. Thank God that we have ways to communicate other than them.

    1. studi30 says:

      The idea of unions is way past. Union leadership is libterd 1%ers getting rich on union dues. They never do anything for the rank and file but rob them.

  • Kurt Hanssen says:

    Just inn, the gov promised to pull Univision ( controlled by a jewish group) broad cast licence if thy did not drop Trump. Trump is in for a big fight against powerful people like the Bildenburger, georg soros, etc. We got to give him all the support possible, because the gov today is run by this people, and all the lobyist’s with the’r brib’s

  • AKLady2015 says:

    Bush was the first felon in the White House.

    He had three DUI convictions. Had they all taken place in a single state, he would have gone to prison.

    1. studi30 says:

      Clinton was the first felon. He sinned against God and our country. His wife, the Hildabeast, is a lezzy. Between the two in the WH, it became satan’s home.

      1. AKLady says:

        Your post says you are very acquainted with Satan. He is the father of lies, and your post is filled with them.

        1. studi30 says:

          That is a pretty good trick for me to be acquainted with satan. As a Jew, we don’t believe in hell, satan, Jesus as Mochiach, original sin and the trinity. Yeshua in the Hebrew Testament was never the name of God. It just is the Hebrew name Joshua. There are 17 names for God, and Yahway isn’t one of them. My Old Testament was written 2000 years before Jesus, in the original Hebrew. Your Old Testament, found in your New Testament, doesn’t even resemble the original. The 5000 year old Hebrew language hasn’t changed in 5000 years. Of course modern words had to be made up to keep up with the times. One good example is tankist, one who fights in a tank, and tankeem, multiple tanks.

  • Bob says:

    So these assholes would rather support someone like obama who is actively trying to screw the American worker with his additional taxes and regulations that cost everyone more money to live on. Wait until they see the deal he gives the countries in Asia. You think the Iran deal was bad, wait until you see this one. I think the AFL-CIO is overdue for an overhaul and a re-thinking of their loyalties to the deocrats.

  • kate777 says:

    Now Trump knows about how Unions can behave just as Scott Walker knows how Unions can behave. It seems to me that this was a step that should not have been taken because it really shows the “pettiness” of Unions. Unions have had their worth in the past, there is no doubt about that, but if Unions want to thrive then they better do some self evaluation because more and more States will have the Right To Work Law. President Obama is a good example of being dictatorial, so why would people want to put up with Unions who are the same?….

  • Robert Wilson says:

    The AFL&CIO has caused trouble with ALL of it’s doings. Wonder why your train trips are expensive? These people regulate how transport products are stored, and how high stacked. The fork truck that brings loads to the loading dock, can not load the rail car, the union runs it all, sometimes with force./

  • Walt says:

    I know there are folks out there that won’t agree with me regarding my comment on unions, and some unions are good for workers, such as in textile industries, but I worked under two big name unions. In both cases they closed the businesses I worked for. So I don’t have much use for them. However, the AFL-CIO didn’t stop Trump from visiting the border. In spite of a few hecklers he was favored by most and he got his point across. I don’t even know if I’d vote for Trump, but I do like his ideas and I think he’s sincere about turning this country around. I only hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Ross Perot…

  • Roy Miller says:

    Yep, unions have destroyed this country. Who deserves a living wage, vacation time, sick leave, health plan, uniforms paid for by the company? If you want to work without these, move to Florida, it’s a “right to work for less” state.

  • Chris Robinette says:

    I am a member of the AFL-CIO and I have this to say to them. You fucked up supporting Obama as he screwed you over for 2 terms. IF you support Hillary the murdering bitch, she will fuck you up the ass too.

  • billie says:

    Praise God that Trump speaks it true and like it is, and refuses to let off the

    evil ones. I would love to see a Trump / Walker ticket. One speaks true and an union buster

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    What percentage of voters are union members? I bet the money to Hillary will not mean votes for her. Have never seen someone lose popularity so quickly. If this continues democrats will dump her

  • Nancy says:

    You ignorant SOBs. You are only going to be hurting yourselves. More and more people are fed up with unions. You are just going to be kicking yourselves in the Asses. Are you that afraid of Mr. Trump? You must be !!!!!

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    Trump should take the cancellation as a complement — the unions are terrified of him and they should be.

  • Ashley Pourciau says:

    This union decision makes no sense. Trump was coming down to see for himself just what problems are occurring and how he could help them fix them. Unions have a place at times, but, in this instance the union is wrong and that is why people and members of the union are sometimes against them. It is about time the unions take a hard look at themselves and see exactly what or who they are representing. The members are paying the dues and should be the ones the union is representing, not some political agenda.

  • survivor33 says:

    I seriously doubt that Trump even cares if he is escorted the union….he is smart and clever enough to do it on his own. Those people in the union are just like the administration/senate/house, etc…don’t care about anything except their free perks and how fat their pocket books keep growing for doing nothing to help our country. GOOD LUCK TO MR. TRUMP…WE VOTE FOR YOU.

  • Brady Harness says:

    This is hardly surprising after all the Unions are ruled by the DUMBOCRATS!!!

  • Climax says:

    AFL-CIO leadership, you are a bunch of political idiots, always have been and always will be the biggest crooks around. If you had any B-LLS you would have been with him and pointed out the truth instead of being “politically correct” and looking like idiots paid/bribed by the Demonic Party. I was a member to Transport Workers Union of America and they did not represent the members at all, only their leadership and could care less unless it had to do with the amount of dues they collected from us in the closed shop. We even tried to fire them and they bought off the Judges even though we had a 99.7% vote to fire them. We were told we could get rid of them. In the mean time Guedo and his buddies came down from their hideaway and more or less secretly ran the local after they fired our local leaders and took all the money back to their hideaway leaving us with little to nothing. No Thanksgiving Turkey for you, and no $200 check at retirement from the Union. Not even a used tube of lubricant!

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    when i was union they told us they leaned demorat ,of cause we said fine ,but we voted republican. we new where the jobs were coming from. i am sure the members of the boarder patrol will understand that Trump will not back away from his pledge to them. Vote D. T.

  • holland180 says:

    What happened here is that the “Dem’s” from Obama downward put the heat on the Union to cancel Trump because they did not want him to get any more traction on immigration issue but it seems he went anyway and did meet some of the Union people and did get some press out of it.

  • pete G says:

    Again an order from Obama, there’s not a doubt in my mind. He not only tries but is successful most of the time with this kind of corrupt hogwash tactics.

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Go Donald go. Down with GOONIONS. All of this is further evidence of the ruthless communist inspired Obama admnistration and it’s desire to turn us into a communist , totalitarian nation. The GOP is in cahoots with them. Traitors.
    GO DONALD GO !!!!!

  • NJ Lady says:

    AFL-CIO can go take a long walk on a short pier. I’m no expert, but I always assumed that this organization was to the Left. Talk on, Donald! Many of us are listening.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Donald, the fools have just handed you a gift, on a silver platter. Use it.

  • scot_belle says:

    Right. HOWEVER, in spite of this snarky move….Trump went to Laredo TX. ……………………….GO GRUMP!

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