After Years of GOP Repeal Bills Under Obama, Now ‘They Back Down’

by Dan Riehl | Breitbart
March 14, 2017

Noah Wall, the national director of campaigns for FreedomWorks, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday to discuss the FreedomWorks Day of Action rally scheduled for Wednesday in opposition to the Republican Obamacare replacement plan.

Concerning a full repeal of Obamacare, Wall said, “We’ve been promised this in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016, and these were not lighthearted promises. These were very powerful promises from members of Congress and the U.S. Senate across the political spectrum of Republicans.”

“Lo and behold,” added Wall, “the voters give Republicans Congress, they give them the Senate, and they give them the White House, and all of a sudden, the establishment comes up with a whole lot of reasons why we can’t do what we’ve been promising the American people.”

Expressing disappointment at years of promises from Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare only to now produce a bill that falls short of that, Wall said, “I’m deeply disappointed. Republicans in 2015 voted to pretty much fully repeal Obamacare. And I don’t understand why they couldn’t.”

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  • Patriot47 says:

    RINOs, you are being watched. Keep your promise or YOU will get evicted.

  • Pete Bundy says:

    I keep remembering three specific words that have been said time and again. Repeal and replace which means just that. No twisted version of the ACA, no Obamacare lite, just repeal and replace.

  • justinwachin says:

    It’s easier to make promises when you know there is no chance you will have to make good on the promises. Every time the Republicans passed a measure to repeal Obamacare they knew it would be vetoed. If they were intellectually honest they would send one of those bills through again and let President Trump sign it.

    If they want to end Obamacare as painlessly as possible they should end the mandate, phase out the subsidies and remove the requirement that health plans adhere to the Obamacare standard. These steps would go a long way toward effectively ending the program without kicking anyone out of their insurance plan. Hopefully the free market would take advantage of the opportunity to offer a number of replacement plans.

  • Original Anna says:

    I say keep Obamacare running until it falls. Make sure insurance companies cannot deny you for prior medical problems, that is a major, major thing. In the meantime work on a replacement or go back to what we had, private insurance and use Medicaid to take care of those who can’t afford any kind of insurance. My Sister had Medicaid and it was a better policy than my company gave me and she had everything covered and paid nothing. Medicaid is where the no payers should be put. Those who can pay should be able to buy their own insurance according to what they can and will pay. However the drug companies need some kind of control over their prices and insurance companies need to be able to only raise the policies each year so much like the school taxes are done now. That is where the gov’t can step in with legislature to control the costs. The insurance companies will work within the requirements if they have to. They are working within the requirements of Obamacare right now. By the time the insurance industry reaches the point where it can’t make a profit than the gov’t and insurance companies will have had a few years to work something out to be good for the buyers and the sellers. I don’t see the gov’t doing anything better than the private industry can do but there are areas like overcharge and cleaning out the people like drug users off of the gov’t dole. There are people who can work but can get more support from the gov’t than if they were working. Why should they work in these circumstances where people need to be made to take responsibility for their lives. Gov’t help was meant for temporary assistance when laid off or unable to get a job in a poor economy or actually disabled, it was never meant for permanent hand outs to those who can work. Slow down and take the time to figure out something better for the population and less gov’t control over our personal medical lives. And make sure insurance companies cannot deny you due to prior medical problems, that is a major, major thing.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Oh, and so the major major thing is that insurance companies not be allowed to deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions. Don’t you realize that the companies would go bankrupt or have to charge outrageous premiums? The ONLY way to prevent companies from going bankrupt and insuring all people with health issues is to impose a penalty on healthy people who refuse coverage. Of course Trump already killed the mandate so that won’t happen.

      1. Original Anna says:

        If they replace Obamacare with a new healthcare than they have to pick up the people with medical problems who have been insured under Obamacare. If there are some who want to go back to insurance companies than they should be allowed to with their medical problems. People who took a chance with Obamacare didn’t ask for it to be cancelled on them, they expected to be on it forever. I feel it is only fair they not be punished for the chance they took on Obamacare because many already had a policy they left behind. The fact that states are dropping Obamacare because they can’t pay for it is not the insureds fault. Obamacare should have been designed to be permanent not so costly it can’t be kept up. Now there are those like me who because of Obamacare had my policy cancelled by my insurance company so they could accommodate Obamacare which was forced upon them. I paid for my policy for years through my workplace. Now the policy I have is crap and I am paying for that and paying for someone on Obamacare too. I can’t handle both. If I should have to change my insurance due to whatever the gov’t ends up with than I should be able to get new coverage without having any insurance plan saying my existing medical problem makes the insurance company not pick me up. It is not my fault that the gov’t has skewed everything up, we shouldn’t be without insurance because medical problems came up after Obamacare was invented. As for the insurance companies, I worked for an insurance company for years, sold a lot of policies, believe me there are more healthy people than those with long term medical problems that show up as you get past 60. The profit is in the healthy people outnumbering the sick ones and the healthy ones not using their policies because they don’t have to for years. Now because of Obamacare the insurance companies have to negotiate with doctors etc. what the insurance companies can afford to pay and what the doctors will accept for payment and the deductibles the insured has to pay in order for the insurance companies to make a profit. They need to work for that profit now whereas before Obamacare all they did was just raise premiums every year to make the profit they wanted to stay in business. The problem is that the gov’t should not be in the business of a health care or insurance program business and it is a tax if people can’t refuse it and a questionable attack on their rights to refuse buying a product. Actually the Constitution doesn’t give this right for the gov’t to be in a private business since its business is taxing citizens for roads, infrastructure, etc. where a private business cannot tax to make their profit. If it is done it should be left to the states who can put it into their state constitution a lot easier than the federal Constitution can be changed.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          You are totally uninformed on almost everything you have said here. The government isn’t in the insurance business. The private companies are. The government issues refs to keep the companies in line.
          The insurance companies ALWAYS negotiated fees wit doctors and hospitals. HMOs had networks of doctors and hospitals that accepted the companies fees, PPOs also had similar networks with the ability to leave the network and pay more. Indemnity plans would only pay “reasonable and customary fees”. The patient ewas always responsible for the difference . Nothing of what you are unhappy about started with Obamacare . Obamacare eliminated looking at preexistibg conditions for insurance issue and, so as not to put the companies out of business, enacted a mandate for all to buy insurance or pay a tax. It also mandated that if an insurance company used less than 80% of the premiums for claims, the company would have to refund the difference to the policyholder.
          No think. What is wrong with any of that?

          1. Original Anna says:

            If you don’t think healthcare or Obama care is not insurance than what do you think it is. They are force selling a product by wiping out the private industry. My policy that was cancelled by my insurance company was cancelled after Obamacare started losing money. I can’t go to the hospital now because I have to pay for the first four days. I have never had a policy where I had to pay for the first four days and what I have now was the best policy I could get. When the original hospitalization plans offered by companies in the 50s, well back than it was plants offering insurance not offices and small businesses, they covered all hospital stays, than costs started going up on all medical stuff and HMOs were invented in the 90s. Well, it still covered the hospital and no deductibles. My company never got in PPOs. They went from HMOs which literally died on the vine to Advantage plans which were still picking up the hospital bills. Now what the insurance companies are offering are three plans and the best one has you paying for the first four days in the hospital, deductibles of $45.00 dollars for doctor calls and barely pay something on pills, we pay the rest. I say we because my company just got out of the insurance business for their employees and we had to look for our own. After all the policies I got with through the years these ones these days are truly rotten. The insurance companies in NYS are backing out of Obamacare but they aren’t offering anything better or to replace the Obamacare. The insurance company I had three years ago isn’t picking up anybody and the rumor is they are leaving NYS. The insurance company I have now so far is saying they aren’t leaving NYS but something tells me they will because in January the coverage they mailed us has subtracted some of the coverage we had last year. I am waiting to see what happens in January 2018.

          2. Lkfeinb says:

            Your letter is so long I had to print it out to answer it.
            The real tragedy of the Affordable Care Act is the lack of information that was given to the public.
            Obamacare did NOT wipe out the private insurance companies, it simply legislated that the policies that these companies sold had certain basic minimum benefits, that the companies had to pay 80% of their premiums covering claims or return the difference, that pre-existing conditions were no longer used for declination and other requirements. If you lost the policy that you previously had, it did not meet government standards.
            Why do you have a policy that has a 4 day hospital deductible? I am sure there is such a policy, but I have never heard of one. There are so many choices for so many different policies at so many companies that I do not understand what you were told and who told you that.
            What are you talking about when you speak of 3 plans? It sounds as if your employer picked those plans and that is the only choice you have because you work for that employer.
            What you are saying doesn’t make any sense at all. Aetna backed out of Obamacare. From what I understood it was more of a political decision than a financial one. They were making a good profit.
            I don’t think you have an understanding of what happened to you.

          3. Original Anna says:

            I live in NYS which is divided into areas where certain insurance companies have priority. I have had Blue Cross & Blue Shield the best, Community Blue, two HMOs that no longer exist, Advantage Plan, Independence Health and now United Healthcare. United is the one that has three policies offered by them with the four day hospital stay I pay. Independence is the one that cancelled some physicians because they couldn’t negotiate a reasonable pay or what the insurance considered a reasonable pay. Unfortunately some of the doctors were my doctors so I switched to United. A nurse told me that Independence is backing out of our area but so far it is still here that I know of any way. The company policy that was cancelled was by Independent Health and had to meet all the conditions of the gov’t as it cost $250.00 a individual a month with the company paying half and it covered everything I needed. That may have been the problem, I really don’t know because the company didn’t pick up or negotiate with our union to provide another policy. Yes, the company is still in business but they are saving money not carrying insurance for us. I haven’t been involved with BCBS for over 35 years when the CEO was found stealing money that broke the company when I left and lost that policy. We just don’t have the insurance companies around here that we use to have but it just isn’t me. So many people I talk to in my church have had their insurance go sky high for a family and some have laid off in their home side businesses to keep the business going usually the wifes business. Others tell me they have $400.00 deductible before the insurance starts paying and one lady had a $3,000.00 deductible before her policy kicked in. It seems like those of us who had the good policies available through our workplace are the ones who have been hit in one way or another and those who didn’t have policies are benefiting from the gov’t wiping the rest of us out. I think it is a ploy by the gov’t to get all of us under the gov’t insurance plan because it is looking like I will have to do that or I could just move to a warmer state where my nephews apparently have more choices than I have now.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            AGAIN: There is NO government insurance plan!! The individual insurance companies have their plans. You have a choice. In Florida, Blue Cross has the better plans because most of the doctors are in the networks. There are HMOs, PPOs and Indemnity plans available.
            Speaking to other uninformed people is not the best way to get information. Call an insurance agent who deals with all the plans. Then you will get correct info for your needs.

        2. Lkfeinb says:

          By the way, if they replace Ibamacare with Trumpcare they are not mandated to do anything

  • Leslie Woodhull says:

    This is just the first step. There are other steps that have to take place. However, they DAMN WELL better get rid of ALL OF OBOZO’S BILL!!

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Why? What do you personally have against it? That there are subsidies for the disadvantaged? Trumps bill has subsidies for the advantaged.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    When there was no chance of passing ACA ‘repeal’, it became a mantra, a campaign slogan, which repetition and 60+ votes locked Republicans into a tight corner. Now that they can do it, we all see it means 1. killing people on healthcare who would be dropped (including ACA and Medicaid); 2. throwing even more tax breaks to the wealthy which base voters don’t want since it robs their paychecks; and 3. many features of the 1000+ original ACA law are actually very good for states, hospitals, rejected patients, long-term sickly people, and poor people and voters don’t want them dropped. What’s left is decreasing the federal debt somewhat over 10 years and Republicans choosing which voters/donors they want to alienate with the Ryan AHCA plan. It’s dead on arrival DOA due to ultra conservative senators rejecting ANY healthcare and base republican voters wanting affordable policies–NOT NECESSARILY MORE CHOICES. Without a fix solely for the financial part, leaving the healthcare provisions alone, without Democrats support, the replacement offered by ideologue Ryan is DOA.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      That is a very good and educated response not typical of the average on this site. Many, and even most, of the ACA does exactly what it was supposed to do:1. Help the economically disadvantaged get some health insurance. 2. Get citizens preventative care without having to wait for an acute situation and go to government subsidized expensive emergency care, and all the while keeping the private health insurance companies in business so that it was a capitalistic program and could not be called a socialistic program.
      The Republicans in Congress could yell and scream about it’s deficiencies, which there were some, and say “repeal, repeal, repeal, but without any replacement plan. Of course that would be difficult because of the years of study in getting any plan in place. Finally there was a plan without one iota of help from the Republicans. Strange since Mitt Romney had a great and well working plan in Massachusetts.
      So now they have to have a replacement plan and wonders of wonders-their plan is a disaster! It only works for the wealthy. But how can they go back after years of criticism? They don’t have the guts to say “The best thing to do is to repair the ACA deficiencies because the political animal cannot admit that they either were wrong or they lied. That is the conundrum.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Thanks. You must have missed the stalkers and know-nothings who follow me in this and other blogs to make their ‘average’ comments and personal smears. Good fill-in tale by you of the Democratic ACA workup and current problems of ‘repeal’ Republicans. Since Ryan and Trump are at loggerheads over replacement, it should prove interesting how this issue turns out and the follow up election in 2018. ACA needs fixing, but not without Democrats involved. I have no confidence that clever and lyin’ Ryan can resolve his dilemma.

    2. Webb says:

      Repeal ObamaCare Entirely…
      So its only a bad Memory…
      Progressive Ideology got us Obamacare…Along with Government Knows Best!
      Americans should live their own lives without or at least a bear minimum of Government Interference…

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        ACA is not bad, just its financial underpinnings. More subscribers will become the answer if Republicans can design attractive means for subsidies and early enrollment.
        Actually Progressives got us modern living; you conservatives want to regress, have no program to advance the nation beyond the wealthiest 10%. I like my electric lights, my car, paved roads, airports, sturdy bridges, decent retirement provisions, edible food, clean air to breathe, pure water to drink. That’s progressive action, pal. And government makes it possible at all levels.

        1. Original Anna says:

          Sorry, capitalism and freedom for individuals to invent got you the electric lights, cars, etc. The unions got you the living wage and benefits including hospitalization plans. Hospitals were built by religious groups even today and private donations/investment. Gov’t only since the 30s got into town and city hospitals. What you had was doctors in their own houses. As late as the 1940s Orphans for example in NYCity were in religious homes which numbered 3,000 kids in some. NYState laws considered 12 year olds adults and if found living on the streets were killed. Things have changed a lot since the 1930s with the military complex pushing money into communities and the gov’t for roads, etc. And up to the 1920s if you had two girls in a family one girl would not live past her early 20s. People died from pneumonia and diseases. Medical research became the killer of many diseases due to the rich people putting their money into charities, research etc. Even now, research and development is still mostly in the hands of universities and research businesses finding things like new pills and toys they can make money on. It isn’t the progressives that got your living where you are today, it is human brains and ideas in a free country and businesses and rich people putting their money back into making lives better. And the unions were a major, major deal in winning WWII as they worked with the gov’t not to strike but change their factories into war machines. After the war the unions got the gov’t to past laws to help women and men with rights, clean water, etc. Believe me, progressives or communist leanings with their gov’t rules thinking got our citizens nothing. It was a lot of Americans that got our living standards. All the democrats or progressive ever got us was big gov’t that the middle class can no longer pay for because of the no jobs but higher and higher taxes at all levels of society. Americans built this country not progressives/communists thinking which showed up in this country from the 1950s on when Stalin gave us the communist party in the form of the ACLU.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Check your dictionary and history books. Conservatives want to hold on, go back, retrench, return to yesteryear when fewer people controlled things and they were the landed elite. That was your founders who didn’t add the individual rights list called Bill of Rights till the general public demanded them to approve the ‘big government’ Constitution. You are simply spinning history and reality to fit a construct to justify rich elite white landowners running things. It’s even counter to needs of Trump’s and conservative worker supporters who’ve been misled by the wealthy to enhance their power and wealth. Progressives by their very name want to move us toward ‘a more perfect union’, including the ACLU, Democrats, liberals and most educated people who vote accordingly after thinking what I’ve just related to you.
            Only in this country with its law and order, capitalism, and freedoms/rights expanded to women and minorities most recently (150 years) have brought us out of the agrarian age which comprises most conservative thinking, from a hard scrabble eke out a living mentality. Cities hold the most population now and are being marginalized simply for political reasons by conservatives. Thank a progressive thinker and actor for your computer, your electric heat/lights and other creature comforts I’m sure you enjoy now, not antebellum thinkers.

          2. NM Leon says:

            You might want to follow your own advise there Bullschitte Billy.

            “American Conservatism is a broad system of political beliefs in the United States that is characterized by respect for American traditions, support for Judeo-Christian values, economic liberalism, anti-communism, advocacy of American exceptionalism, and a defense of Western culture from threats posed by “creeping socialism”, moral relativism, multiculturalism, and liberal internationalism. Liberty is a core value, with a particular emphasis on strengthening the free market, limiting the size and scope of government, and opposition to high taxes and government or labor union encroachment on the entrepreneur. American conservatives consider individual liberty, within the bounds of conformity to American values, as the fundamental trait of democracy, which contrasts with modern American liberals, who generally place a greater value on equality and social justice.[1][2]

            American conservatism originated from classical liberalism of 18th and 19th centuries, which advocates civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law and emphasizes economic freedom.[3][4]

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are no conservative by your own selected definition. Your high school term papers/responses with little personal reflection and inappropriate citations/links like above show you have none of the characteristics you say are valuable, follow none of the precepts and have little personal conviction on anything. You simply stalk me for some reason and try haplessly to oppose me to appear erudite but we see the inadequacies. Someday in the real world you’ll get a dose of truth or facts that will open your eyes to the nonsense you post here. One can only hope, the only reason I bother with inflexible inept you.

          4. NM Leon says:

            You are such an idiot BB. I am exactly a conservative by that or any modern non partisan definition.

            Fact stands alone and does not require “personal reflection”, something you apparently have failed to learn in your 75 years of life.

            I don’t “stalk” you, you come here willingly to be scorned and abused. You are a liberal troll on conservative web sites. The mental issues that cause you to do so are your concern, but in the mean time many of us here gain some small amusement in exposing your lies for all to see.

            We non-trolls here certainly do see your inadequacies, witness the number of times anyone on a Disqus platform has EVER voted that any of your posts were in any way worthy…that would be ZERO.

          5. Original Anna says:

            DrBillLemoine: Get off your high horse, I am not a rich elite white landowner and never have been, and by the way you are white too. You have been listening too long to the communist party in this country, you know the Aclu. I worked on farms all my life with my hands, my Father would not let us speak French because he came here legally so he and his children born to him could be Americans. I am the first girl in our family to get six years of college because I worked an 8 and a half hour day and went to college at night and on the weekends and you call me uneducated. I have seen with my own eyes what the communists/progressives did to countries they conquered with undercover treason against the countries and by military force and the new Soviet man. The Democratic Party with its liberals and progressives have fallen for the communist system of one party controls the country and the rest of the people work as a commune not as individuals so the top of the party could eat better than those under them. They had the gulag for those who disagreed with them, unions who taught communism to workers instead of getting workers better working conditions. The Chinese killed millions of their educated so they could control what was left. So don’t talk to me about history. As for the Bill of Rights, what do you expect when a new country is being envisioned, there are always some things left out, but those things were corrected. Progressives/communists never correct, they just take and take for their own good and that is exactly what the democrats/progressives/communists have become.
            Neither Trump and capitalism are perfect but I will take them over communism which is what progressivism is and I will take our Constitution over any other form of Constitution ever set up for a people living under a form of gov’t. If you don’t want a gov’t that serves all it’s citizens than go to a progressive country where the communist party still rules. You will also find that those countries have the true white elites you talk about. Those cities you talk about are being controlled by Democrats not Republicans, you know like Chicago. Open your eyes and see reality.

          6. DrBillLemoine says:

            You may want to read about yourself in Colin Woodard’s ‘American Nations’ that I’ve just started. It was recommended to me by an immigrant from London, a sociologist with a sharp eye on Americans.
            I’m from Yankeedom, New France and New Netherland stock. Your origins tell lots about you, but I don’t know your stock.
            Our land of law and order relies on the Constitution which ACLU supports with me. Rights and freedoms guaranteed. Your status today depends on the same, but some want to eliminate that. Other countries aren’t the same as unique America and its heritage(s) or ethics. No comparison. All the modern conveniences you enjoy including education come from progressives, not communists who are trying again today under Trump who wants to eliminate our government or minimize it like you. Wrong headed and counter democratic which your dad aspired to enjoy. Don’t mistake leftist commies with the American progressives, Democrats or liberals which you seem to treat as interchangeable. Looking closely you’ll find it’s the ruling oligarchs, the wealthy, who want to as a serf.
            Under their rule–Republicans, rightists, anti-democrats–anti your dad’s dream.
            Check out Woodard’s available from iBooks.

          7. ezekiel22 says:

            You like to distort things a lot. For some reason you got upset when I did a logical line of thought and goals to you. The problem was that what I stated was not what I said but what experts have stated. To help you remember I equated nazis to socialists to progressives and you claim to be progressive. I would try another alliance if I were you.
            When you read the Humanist Manifesto which progressives adhere to did you miss the fact that although they pointed to Hitler as bad they ignored the hell out of socialism and communism? That is telling isn’t it? Did you notice how they referenced religion? I did and you actually comply to that line of thought. It is hardly anywhere close to enlightened.
            Study those little ole manifestos put out by the humanists. They define their god, creation, and salvation quite well. They also champion redistribution of wealth as well as creating a worldwide workforce living in poverty conditions by United States Standards.
            You see if you are going to wear the title of progressive proudly you will have to defend what they do stand for. You will have to defend their alliances they havre made with the devil literally.

          8. DrBillLemoine says:

            Progressives don’t get anywhere without freedom and capitalism as you say. But it’s forward thinking combined with human ingenuity that progressives have. Alone, workers don’t get very far, the place of unions–progressives for higher wages and benefits. Left alone CEOs don’t ordinarily provide either, look to get cheaper workers (ala China) and deny human and Christian relations via benefits cuts. Look at the Ryan healthcare plan today.
            As you know, TR started progressivism 100 years ago or so. That’s a Republican start. What happened to you since then? Cheapskates got control.
            Dems/progressives stopped child sweathouses in NYC.
            About healthcare again, it’s reactionaries under Trump cutting out the National Institute of Health; progressives promote better healthcare.
            It’s a Republican Ike who built the national roads, progressive.
            You should list in two columns the benefits of each group, progressive and conservative and count your blessings for progressive ideas and people.

  • Stephen Howe says:

    The RINOs must be drained from the swamp along with all Obongo’s leftist spies and thugs.

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      Maybe the alligators will get him first. Hope so:

    2. Aunt Dot says:


      1. Stephen Howe says:

        Trump needs to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with POWar “hero” McCain, and tell Johnny McCain plans to incessantly twitter Forrestal details (100+ killed; the greatest naval disaster in US History which McC probably caused) every day & night until everyone in AZ understands what a phony he is and that they need to vote for WHOMEVER in the GOP will be running to replace him.

        1. dmttbt says:

          When you say whomever in the GOP will be running I only take exception to the part that requires it to be the GOP. I would rather have it be none of the above. An independent or someone who is not indebted to any party. The peoples party would be nice for a change. The thing the people hear over and over is the republicans or the democrats and those two items are no longer in existence. Don’t look at what they have said, look at what they have done.

  • Tiger says:

    Like I said they didn’t expect Trump, there are few real Republicans or Democrats just RINO. Let it fall, cause it will then let the Dems take the blame for not helping to Repeal and Replace but Ryan will own this not Trump. He tried, he can’t write law only the Congress can.

    1. Retired says:

      So far it is all talk and no real facts , the insurance co. stand to lose a lot of free money is the whole problem . Insurance co. are big lobbyist and campaign contributers so intern they [Congress people] are all afraid of losing campaign money . Drop the whole ACA and allow insurance to cross State lines and pass a law banning the Pre existing Clause .

      1. Lkfeinb says:

        Each state has it’s own regulatory agency for insurance. Crossing state lines is extremely complicated. If you ban the pre-existing clause without penalties for not being insured you will bankrupt the insurance companies. Things are not as simple as you seem to think.

        1. Retired says:

          If that is the case why is the federal Gov. sticking the nose into it other than lobbyist and campaign money ???

          1. Lkfeinb says:

            Because they have no real plan that will work?

          2. Retired says:

            Obamas plan did not work either other than a welfare program for the insurance market and putting more people dependent on the tax payer.

          3. Lkfeinb says:

            Right. So let’s have the Trump Plan. A welfare program for the insurance market and the wealthy and putting more people with no healthcare.

          4. Retired says:

            Remember decades ago there was talk of a national health plan and everybody was against it and the main ones was the Insurance Industry . Just like now , the insurance Co. would lose the subsidy .

          5. Lkfeinb says:

            By the way, many were against Medicare. Change is always fought.

          6. Retired says:

            Why are you bringing up Medicare ?? The subject was tax payer rip off by the Insurance industry . What ACA did was corporate welfare in supposedly helping people getting insurance with high deductible and o free physical . .

          7. Lkfeinb says:

            I am bringing up the fact that people hate change no matter how advantageous.
            By the way, my daughter has an ACA Plan with NO deductible in network.

          8. Retired says:

            No mention of what it cost , and no deductible for a annual Physical . let her spend a few days in the hospital then come back . There are no plans without a deductible so try your Lib BS someplace else.

          9. Mike Thomas says:

            How do you think most of them got where they are today? They must be too stupid to be a superintendent of a high school, which the majority are making over 250 thousand a year. While these legislators salaries are way under that. So how do they end up millionaires while in office? And people keep voting them in time and time again. Einstein calls that Insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

          10. Retired says:

            Most get pushed by the media and a new comer has very little chance unless they have a big war chest full of money. Term limits is our only chance of survival .

      2. Tiger says:

        You do know that millions of people under any president at anytime didn’t have insurance do you not??? It is hooey.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          That is correct and a travesty for a wealthy country. That is what the ACA accomplished in reducing.
          Of course you may not think of that as a travesty .

          1. Tiger says:

            But you do know, just look in the front of your phone book under Government, Federal, State and Local at all the Free services offered. I know I take people out here into town for all their free appointments at all their free medial centers then to get their free drugs.

          2. Lkfeinb says:

            And everyone who needs these services has a car? Do they have a computer to apply for government assistance?
            So you have to help people to get basic healthcare. Do you help everyone who needs it? Do you even know everyone who needs it? Who is paying 100% for that care. The government. With the ACA or Medicaid the disadvantaged pay a portion and get better care in the area they live. They don’t need to be taken into town and be reliant on sometime help.

          3. Original Anna says:

            My Sister uses taxis and buses to get to these gov’t buildings which has gotten so big the federal and state gov’t agencies brought up Main Street in my town and renovated the buildings for their “clients”. The buildings are beautiful but the only people who use them are those not paying taxes. I work so I have no reason to go into them. Across the street the city gov’t with money from the state built the biggest police station I ever saw in a small city. It has all the conveniences I would like in my house. Those having to appear in court have been ripping showers out of the walls and ripping up toilets flooding the jail section (its very own long wing). Again the taxpayer pays for the fixing up. Our city library has a long roll of computers anybody can use and they are packed all day by people searching for how to get gov’t stuff before they go across the street. Of course there are also those using the computers for porn involving children. You can’t win for trying with these people. In the housing projects they have beautiful small houses with car garages and a nice place to sell drugs and kill each other over drug sales. The houses have bedrooms according to the children in the house and a bedroom for the “parents”. My kids had a bedroom for girls and a bedroom for boys and a closet sized bedroom for my husband and me. How do I know this stuff, my Sister gets all the freebies and brags to me and one of my girlfriends works in the apartment housing authority and checks people in and out at the security door. She is always letting in police because of the drug sellers living in apartments meant for people and families who really need the apartments. My Sister has a terminal illness and so needs to have the law saying any pre medical condition can’t be turned down, the drug sellers don’t need it. They hang out in the hallways half on the floors using drugs and don’t know if they are sick or not because they don’t care. Another inconvenience pushed on us taxpayers by the gov’t is there are no more shopping stores on Main Street thanks to the gov’t agencies. We have to shop at the malls just outside the city. Of course so do the people on the gov’t dole but they have buses going back and forth all day for them. We have to use our cars because we also need cars to go to work because the plants are now building up away from the city where there is open land for them to build on. The buses go from plants to businesses letting off and picking up the inner city people while the rest of us fight the snow and bad weather with our cars because I don’t want my kids getting shot by gangs in the city after the sun goes down and that is where my paycheck goes not into alcohol and drugs.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            Well, I guess you live in a state with decent public transportation. I don’t

          5. Original Anna says:

            What state do you live in that doesn’t have bus transportation. We have what is called the Transportation Authority in charge of the bus terminals, bus pick up and bus drop off. They even pick up and drop off at the new jail. I am not kidding, well, it is needed for the relatives of those in jail and those with court appearances. NY state loves to spend the working man’s paycheck on people the state deems as needy. The state has actually taken over what the churches use to do and some still do. With the churches like ours, they give food help, find a place to live and find you a job and have a small school for all kids of the needy and not the needy. There have been times when a family and a women with kids running from an abusive husband have had to live in rooms in the church for that purpose until they get a house or an apartment in the churches apartment buildings. It is temporary help but people will work if someone gives them the opportunity. These people come to the church while the others go to the gov’t services. I like to work in this church especially with the kids. They are suddenly faced with nothing but a teddy bear and just need personal care which we give because we want to and it is all volunteer. We don’t get a penny from the gov’t agencies because we feel it is our Christian duty to care for the poor and help them get on their feet.

          6. Lkfeinb says:

            Florida. We have abysmal public transportation here. Even when there is bus service it isn’t ever on time.
            I have a handiman once a month and it takes 2 hours for him to get here. He is only 6 miles away, but he has to get 3 buses to get here.
            If you have to get to a health facility you might have to walk a mile after the bus leaves you off. What if you cannot walk. They have buses that will pick you up , but you have to make a reservation 24 hours in advance.

          7. Lkfeinb says:

            You live in New York State? That’s heaven for public services. I was a teacher there. I know.

          8. Original Anna says:

            I have friends living in Florida since they retired, I am amazed in a state loaded with older people they would have poor public transportation for their retirees who I will bet populate the state more than those under retirement ages. Of course NYState is getting older because the youngsters head South for the weather and the jobs and lower taxes and the age of this state being a state has given it time to make it a social state and our medical care is for old people with all the nursing home care and places to live for older people that is needed. It seems like older people stay here for what they can use from the state because we have a lot of older people with so many medical problems that are really serious. I have two friends right now in nursing homes where they need and get 24 hour care as they cannot be left alone but they can’t stay in a hospital because the cost would be outrageous. Maybe the weather doesn’t help either. Right now I have the chills because it is so cold but the power bill is so high, over $500.00 a month that I put on more clothes and I keep the house at 70% so I can pay the bill but from April until October the bill is low because it is nice and warm actually hot in some months and I am out doors all the time any ways. I live on a half of a farm with the other half sold by my parents to pay for nursing home care to people wanting to build homes to get out of the nearby city. I am thankful to God that I can stay where I was born and raised and my siblings are still here. It’s only the kids from my siblings and me that have left the state for jobs. Well, that’s life. Any way, it is nice to meet you and to hear about how other people are living without having to travel.

          9. Tiger says:

            No smart ass but they have an Obama phone, or a neighbor and in those pages are the names of those agencies that will come get you.

            The tax payer is paying for that care. The poor don’t pay shit, I am an RN for 30 years so I know and nobody in this country is denied healthcare they just don’t have insurance, they don’t need it you pay for it.

          10. Lkfeinb says:

            Thank you. I am a smart ass and I have personal dealings with the homeless and the poor.. It is difficult for them to get care. They don’t know the system. Is it really better for the taxpayer to pay for acute emergency care or let the insurance industry pay most of it. The poor wait months for preventative care until, often, it is too late.

          11. Tiger says:

            I also have dealings with abused women. I know the programs out there, not only in my state but across America. In Florida an abused woman can get 1,500 cash to spend on clothes etc for getting a job. She has job training available. She has Food Stamps and all the medical and medication she needs. Not my responsibility or any tax payer to pay for the poor, however; we do through the generosity of our hearts.

            Preventive care will not help those who are terminally ill or already have disease processes going on. There is a huge misuse of Food Stamps. Look at what the poor buy with them. Not nutritious food but tons of junk foods. Depending on their race and the part of the country they come from, how they were raised the problem is poor eating habits. Now we were poor when my mother an immigrant, waiting for her citizenship, that took her close to 9 years to get but we were healthy. We ate beans and rice and vegetable dishes etc. Plus my grandfather also working on his citizenship, was wealthy and because she was raised with money and with healthy eating habits we did well with what we could get.

            This is a huge problem. Education is the problem. When I went to school all children treated the same, lunches, cooked in our schools were offered at fair prices and for those who needed it the lunches were free. We learned reading, writing and math, we learned what we needed in science and government, we had PE for 1 hour in a gym and outside, you didn’t have to pay to play softball, baseball, football or any sport all there for you. Our PE classes included health classes and personal hygiene and sex education. Everything was covered and the teachers didn’t spend their time talking politics or raising us to be drones for the government. We won our rewards we were not all rewarded. But that was a different world. That being said those values, those programs, that way of teaching MUST RETURN AND SOON .

            As a nurse who worked as an ER and Special Dialysis nurse for 4 horrible, unbearable years in an inner city hospital in Jacksonville, Florida I saw these so called poor, Welfare sucking, Food Stamp sucking, Free medical sucking people daily, gold teeth, gold jewelry, fancy cars and designer clothes and handbags come in and demand their care. Sorry I saw a side of life I never knew and I didn’t like it. We have way too many on programs that don’t need them. We have way too many abusing all our programs. We have our churches going out there bringing in millions of Muslims for the money they get instead of looking after our own. Our government is wasting, I mean wasting billions of dollars on people who are not citizens, including illegals.

            We are in a mess my friend and it has taken years to get here and will take years to get out of it or we will all go to Hell in that same basket.

          12. Lkfeinb says:

            You have addressed a huge number of issues here. If you want to go back to the 40s or 50s you will also have to take the problems that were not seen or heard of then. There was no instant media so the injustices and poor healthcare of the disadvantaged was largely unknown.
            Yes, there are abuses in food stamps and yes there are even MORE abuses with Medicare. There are abuses in every federal program in every country, but there has to be a safety net. The ACA is a huge safety net that actually saves the government money. For one, 30 million more have insurance and don’t have to be on the public dole for healthcare. The subsidies are small compared to the actual care.

          13. Tiger says:

            I am not too sure about the ACA. Again let us make this perfectly clear. There are no Americans who go without “HEALTH CARE” they go without “INSURANCE” a whole different animal and the Federal Government has no business in insurance, Medical and College not a Constitutional right.

          14. Lkfeinb says:

            Well, it depends on what kind of care you mean. If you mean emergency care, that is true and extremely expensive for taxpayers. If you mean preventative care, that is not true. There are women in Miami who have been diagnosed with a suspicious tumor who have waited months for their tests and have eventually died because of the wait. Now you could say that they got care because they were seen, but that is not care in my book. And that is just one of the travesties for those without insurance.

          15. Tiger says:

            There are Federal, State and County clinics again look in front of your phone book. As to preventive care nobody gets that, insurance or not.

            Then let me ask you how is it that my neighbor got open heart surgery and brain surgery without any insurance, but then I live in a rural area, with small towns everywhere and good hospitals for all. So if they didn’t get follow-up, it was as you say “Suspicious” but not confirmed maybe they didn’t see any urgency, in fact did they pursue care? Did they go to the free clinics available?

            Lots to consider. Again nobody in America given rights to insurance or to college or anything else by our Constitution.

          16. Tiger says:

            Here is just one list of all the free medical in Miami.


          17. Tiger says:

            Florida Department of Health in

            Miami-Dade County Toggle Counties


            Contact Us

            It’s a New Day in Public Health.

            The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote &
            improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state,
            county, & community efforts.

            skip to content

            Programs & Services





            About Us

            Clinical and Nutrition Services


            Preventive Services

            Volunteer Program

            Laboratory Services

            Refugee Health Assessment-Program

            Eligibility Requirements

            School Health


            Healthy Start

            Community Dental Centers

            Service Sites

            Community Health Centers


            Programs and Services

            Clinical and Nutrition Services
            Community Health Centers

            Community Health Centers

            Main Number



            Extended and detailed list of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Miami-Dade County.

            Borinquen Health Care Center, Inc.

            3601 N. Federal Hwy.

            Miami, FL 33137





            Palm Center Clinic

            60 East 3rd St. Suite 102C

            Hialeah, FL 33010

            Phone: (305) 441-5330


            Citrus Med Primary Care Clinic

            4125 West 20 Ave.

            Hialeah, FL 33012-5875

            Phone: (305) 424-3120


            Pediatric and Family Health Center

            705 East 26th St. Hialeah, FL 33013

            Phone: (305) 835-1551


            Maternal and Child Health Center

            551 West 51 Place

            Hialeah, FL

            Phone: (305) 817-6560




            Doris Ison South Dade Health Center

            10300 S.W. 216th St.

            Miami, FL 33190



            Everglades Health Center

            19300 S.W. 376th St.

            Florida City, FL Miami 33030



            Clinica Campesina

            810 W. Mowry St.

            Homestead, FL 33030



            Naranja Health Center

            13805 SW 264th St.

            Naranja, FL Miami 33032



            South Dade Health Center

            13600 SW 312th St.

            Homestead, FL 33033



            Community Health of South Florida, Inc.

            West Perrine

            18255 Homestead Ave.

            Perrine, FL 33157


            Community Health of South Florida, Inc.

            Coconut Grove

            3831 Grand Ave.

            Miami, FL 33133



            Community Health of South Florida, Inc.

            West Kendall

            13540 SW 135th Ave.

            Miami, FL 33186



            Jessie Trice Community Health

            Center (JTCHC)

            5361 NW 22nd Ave

            Miami, Florida 33142


            » Map

            Children’s Wellness Center

            1190 NW 95th St. Suite 304

            Miami, FL 33150


            » Map

            Flamingo Medical Center

            901 E. 10th Ave, Bay 39

            Miami, Florida 33010


            » Map

            JTCHC Women’s Center

            1190 NW 95th St.

            Suite 110

            Miami, Florida 33142


            » Map

            JTCHC North

            1190 NW 95th St.

            Suite 110

            Miami, Florida 33142


            » Map



            Beverly Press Building

            1221 71 St.

            Miami Beach, FL 33141


            » Map

            Stanley C. Myers Building

            710 Alton Road

            Miami Beach, FL 33139


            » Map

            11645 Biscayne Blvd.

            Suite 103 & 104

            North Miami, FL 33181


            » Map


            Camillus Health Concern, Inc.

            336 NW 5th St.

            Miami, FL 33128

            305-577-4840 ext. 106

            Health care for homeless




            Banyan Community Health Center

            (Adult and Elderly)

            Family Medicine (Physical

            Examination, Case Management,

            Vaccinations, Laboratory

            & Pharmacy Services)

            3850 West Flagler Street.

            Miami, FL 33134

            305-774 3400

            Hours of Operation:

            Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

            Wed: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm

            Sat: 8:30 am to 12:00 m


            Banyan Community Health Center

            (Women and Pediatrics)

            Family Medicine (Physical

            Examination, Women Health Services, Pediatrics, and Vaccinations)

            Children Outpatient Behavioral

            Health Services (Psychiatry,

            Individual Counseling,

            Case Management, Assessments

            & Psycho-educational Evaluations)

            10 NW Le Jeune Rd. Suite 500

            Miami. FL, 33126

            305-643 7800

            Hours of Operation:

            Mon to Fri: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


            Banyan Health Systems

            (Elderly Care Center)

            Adult Outpatient Behavioral, Day Care

            and Respite Services (Psychiatry,

            Individual Counseling,

            Case Management, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services).

            1905 NW 82 Ave. Doral, FL. 33126

            786-260 0160

            Hours of Operation:

            Mon to Fri: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm


            Banyan Health Systems

            (Children Health Center)

            Outpatient Behavioral Services

            (Psychiatry, Individual Counseling,

            Case Management & Assessments)

            10720 Caribbean Boulevard. Suite 400

            Cutler Bay. FL. 33189

            786-293 9544

            Hours of Operation:

            Mon to Fri: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


            Banyan Health Systems

            (Casa Nueva Vida)

            Residential Monolingual Program

            for Co-Occurring or Substance

            Abuse Disorders

            1560 SW 1st Street.

            Miami. Florida. 33135

            305-644 2667 / 305-644 2675

            Hours of Operation:

            Mon to Fri: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

            (Assessments for Treatment)

            24 hours/365 days a year


            Banyan Health Systems

            (Crisis Stabilization Unit)

            Stabilization Unit/ Mobile Crisis Team/Juvenile Addiction Receiving Facility/Detoxification.

            3800 West Flagler.

            Miami FL 33134

            305-774 3300

            Hours of Operation:

            24 hours/365 days a year


            Banyan Health Systems

            (Recovery Unit)

            Case Management, Employment,

            Housing Services. Drop In Center.

            Wellness Groups. Peer Services.

            1566 SW 1st St Miami


            Hours of Operation:

            Mon to Sun: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm



            CARE RESOURCE

            Care Resource

            Miami-Dade Primary Care Center

            3510 Biscayne Boulevard

            Miami, Florida 33137



            Care Resource

            Miami-Dade Primary Care Center

            1701 Meridian Ave. Suite 400

            Miami, Florida 33139



            Care Resource

            Little Havana

            1901 SW 1st St., 3rd Floor

            Miami, Florida 33135

          18. Lkfeinb says:

            Looks good, doesn’t it? Awful services that are very difficult for many to get to and when you get there you might have to wait hours and then make another appointment.

          19. Tiger says:

            You know what I have to wait hours at my docs office even when I have an appointment, there ya have it that is why I go to Doc in the boxes for a quick fix. I don’t go to the doc that often, never have but when I did I had to wait. Had the same doc for 30 years, same one that took care of my children now his office a madhouse.

          20. Lkfeinb says:

            Yes, but you have a choice, don’t you? Why not go to a free community clinic? See how that works. As I said before the NE is far better in services. You also have higher taxes.
            We have had several instances of poor women being diagnosed with breast lesions and not being able to get a biopsy for several months. It was too late. This is Florida. I am sure that is just the tip of the iceberg here.

          21. Tiger says:

            I did for my child when we didn’t have insurance then I served my country since 1988 and did two wars and got my insurance you don’t like that? Well tough.

          22. Tiger says:

            Don’t mean to be mean just had it with this.

          23. Lkfeinb says:

            The wait time ,and the appointments for preventative care are ridiculous. The working poor do not get healthcare as needed. Perhaps the people on welfare get some care, but look at the hours.
            It is so much better for everyone to have insurance and NOT have the government pay.

          24. Tiger says:

            True that is but again my friend, you are a dear and caring person of which we need more, not the responsibility of the government to give anyone coverage but it is the duty of the insurance companies, to be regulated and to offer all kinds of insurance to people. I went years without insurance. but then I am versed in herbs and I took my daughter when we were poor to doc in the boxes and got her shots through the County Clinic. We had no insurance with my youngest child, paid the doc cash monthly and when he was born, naturally, no meds, overnight stay worked out plan with the hospital.

          25. Lkfeinb says:

            You have explained exactly what Obamacare is: Regulation of the insurance companies and a subsidy to the working poor. It does not address the non working poor because you have to be earning at least $14,000 to qualify. It eliminates those covered from government care and is actually very tax efficient for us.

          26. Tiger says:

            Well we will see, government has to get out of the insurance business, all to it.

          27. dmttbt says:

            I could not agree more with the statement that the government does not belong in insurance.
            The statement that 30 million people now have insurance that did not before I think is a statement that needs to be challenged. Obama was having a hard time on his way to signing up 30 million and when they finally got 7 million they declared victory. It looked like to me they were 23 million shy.
            Yes the fact is that people were not without healthcare it is that before the doctors and hospitals were not taking a loss and staying that way, they charged the people who could pay more to make up for the emergency room charges and all the rest that were given to the poor. Now we send it through Washington DC. That postage and handling charge are too much.

          28. Tiger says:

            Right on.

          29. dmttbt says:

            Many people did not sign up for Obamacare because they could not afford to. It was cheaper to pay the fine than to pay for the so called affordable insurance. The people who did sign up could not afford the deductible if something happened anyway.

  • American Me says:

    I wish everybody would just chill out and give them a chance.Nothing happens instantly and this health care thing is extremely complex.It may take several bills to get the job done and they are just getting started.President Trump has promised that he will get this done and he will keep his promise,but it can’t be done overnight and everyone seems to be against him.He is being attacked from all sides.Please give him time to get it done.

    1. Retired says:

      Until it gets on the floor nothing is there to talk about , time to put a leash on Schumer and Pelosi along with the media. They should also look at how much campaign money they get from the Insurance lobby.

      1. Ericacjohnson says:

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    2. Lkfeinb says:

      Exactly what has to be done? What do you want to have done? Do you know?

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Since they passed all those laws and sent them up for the VETO, and now they wiggle and squirm…..

    Who gave the rank and file RINOs the order to STAND DOWN?

    1. Retired says:

      Campaign money for the party in 2018 and 2020

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Relax boys and girls, the process has begun. Take a chill pill and be patient.
    Looking forward to the upcoming battles. Somethings to keep in mind. We Americans will do anything but think. We want breast feed then bitch about what we are given!!! We hate anything new while we complain with what we have. What we will see if Americans actually think!!! Americans want the best care for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lkfeinb says:

      You have said it right there. And then if there is a plan for free many will shout Communism — Socialism. A large faction will NEVER be satisfied.
      The ACA really is a very good plan. Glitches need fixing, but anything associated with Obama will be trashed no matter what.

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