Angry Republican leaders ready to shut door on open primaries

CHICAGO — Any party that allows its opponents to help pick its candidates in “open” primaries is a PPINO — a “political party in name only” — say many Republican officials at their annual summer meeting.

Republican National Committee members and activists are still seething about reports that longtime Sen. Thad Cochran, Mississippi Republican, enlisted Democrats to help him win his tough primary contest this summer against state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who was backed by the tea party.

They would seem to have an ally in the GOP boss, but the sentiments of the entire party and the prospects for changing state laws are unclear.

At least one committee member plans to press the issue at the RNC meeting, which opened Wednesday.

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  • t28 says:

    people keep saying we need things to be better and then they vote for the SAME ole SAME ole, then they just keep on complaining, the GOP is no better than the DEMS after the things they did in MISS.

  • REDRUM777 says:

    I, too, left the Right Party because of the way they conducted themselves. I joined the “Sitting On The Fence Party” and haven’t looked back since. I have a total dislike for the RINO’s and any other FAKE Conservative person. Thad sucks and they had proof of voters who voted in the original Dem primary and then cross-dressed over to Thad’s side. Tar and feather them!

  • James in Texas says:

    As long as “Life-long appointments” aka: Re-election, remains in play our elected elites will continue to turn their back’s on the people, Period! The GOP is a weak-kneed party that refuses to see the truth of politics, that being, “Win at All Cost and by any means”. That’s the way Socialism and Communism gain control of nations and peoples. And once freedom is lost, it is only taken back by “Force-of-Arms”! And, since our nation has been weakened beyond any response, the fall of the USSR will never be repeated because no power for freedom remains in play!

  • I Seigel says:

    Why isn’t anyone blaming Obama for this? This is obviously something that the WH has conspired to happen. Or maybe its a result of Obamacare. Or illegal immigrants with Ebola. Or global warming. This can’t be a fault of Republicans. Those darn lib thugs have outsmarted the conservatives again!

  • jakex_iii says:

    I agree. Although I am a registered Independent in NM therefore cannot vote in either Primary, let the Party voters nominate their Candidate. I as an Independent will then vote my pleasure. Registering back-forth-back again should be illegal also.

  • Lloydl333 says:

    Open Primaries are stupid and defeats the voting process. Democrats are really good at that.

    1. Judyann J says:

      It really is absolutely ridiculous. Trust the Republican Party to shoot itself in the head (they long ago shot both feet off). We are STARVING for solid, principled leaders with BALLS. Why do you thing Christie became so popular? Wasn’t because of his good looks or affable demeanor…but he has guts. Now we just need to get behind the others who have that same jutzpah, but ones who would refuse bogus photops with the likes of Obama…or cozy up to Sharia loving judges.

      1. Lloydl333 says:

        Right on Judyann. We either hang together or we will hang separately.

      2. I Seigel says:

        Could you explain in a little more detail why you think Christie became so popular? More detail than “he has guts”.

  • TXRanger1957 says:

    There should also be no NATIONAL party money spent in the primaries/runoffs. Let the candidates raise money from whomever and spend as they see fit. Once the nominee for the General Election is determined, THEN the National party money can be spent to beat the dems.

  • patriotism-matters says:

    This is a load of crap. The RNC knew exactly what Cochran and “The MS Don” Barbour was doing. The SOBs even funded it. This is about CYA now that McDaniel couldn’t be bought or scared out of the fight.
    The same thing is happening in other open primaries, KS, perhaps MI; as we speak. This is misdirection via lamestream media.

  • desertcelt says:

    I left the Republican Party for this reason. Voting democrat lite is unacceptable. Any donations I make will go to the Tea Party or NRA.

  • ItsJo says:

    The GOP act like a bunch of ‘little girls, who don’t KNOW how to fight’…They have been duped by the “Street Fighters-DemoThugs” who ALWAYS cheat to win in elections. First off the “RINO’S in the GOP, have handed MANY wins to the Dems- as they(Rino’s) ARE “Dem-Lites”. The GOP should stand up for ALL their members-Including Conservatives AND Tea Party Patriots-but instead of doing that-they “allowed the Rino’s and Establishment GOP members to CONTROL this party.” You will get beaten EVERY time, as Boehner, the little cry baby, has “Sold OUT the GOP”, as he’s MORE interested in HIS cushy job/
    perks/healthcare/ AND amassing/adding to his $5 million dollar fortune, so he makes “giving in to Obama, a Status Quo of bending over for Obama Each and Every time, and TELLS the GOP in INSULTING it’s Conservative members-“SCREW YOU”….this guy, Needs TO GO. HE DIVIDED THE GOP, ALONG WITH OTHER RINO’S…McCain, Graham, and the rest. They are the ones to blame for the DemoThugs Cheating Wins. Pelosi and Reid should have been brought up on charges for “using their positions to ATTACK Republicans on the Senate Floor, PLUS American Citizens…but What did they do-NOTHING.
    Prebius should be on EVERY show he can, showing the Liars, Cheaters and Thuggery used by Dems, but HE DOESN”T …The GOP just “goes along, to get along, and that’s WHY so many of us, are DISGUSTED with Them and will NOT donate ONE DIME, until they SHOW SOME BALZ in Attacking Dems Back.”

    1. Judyann J says:

      I REALLY understand your anger, am just as furious with them. Obviously, there is simply neither time nor financing to get a new, 3rd party going so it leaves us with but one alternative. We MUST PURGE the GOP of the Old Republican Guard, replace them with solid conservatives. Refuse to give one, thin dime to the GOP but I send donations to worthy candidates regardless to where they are running. It is IMPERATIVE we infiltrate and effect an internal change of leaders within local Republican Party groups. Get involved with the Tea Party (or similar) group where you live (guarantee, there is one) because believe me, they KNOW who needs to go and who needs to stay.
      I left the GOP in 2000, the year I became disgusted with Repubs all tripping over each other to prove who was most, “moderate.” I didn’t leave the Repub party, they left ME. Since the rise of the Tea Party movement, I’ve re-registered Republican we’re fighting HARD to get that purging accomplished.
      In previous times when conservatives tried to reassert power, it was nearly impossible, we were always fighting against a war which could not be won…against a complicit MSM. The difference this time, we have the Internet which has made ALL the difference in bringing like minds together. For sure, they day of the armchair patriot is OVER. It is imperative we get directly involved and work our tails off.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        As an old guard republican I wish we did have the money to form your own party instead of hijacking the one I joined forty years ago. The republicans used to be the big tent party and it used to win national elections. Now it’s becoming the party of angry old white men. Do you ever wonder why a few Democrats crossing party lines could sink a tea party candidate? Have you ever wondered why your views aren’t embraced by the main stream GOP. In a healthy party an open primary isn’t a problem but when a party is as torn up as the present republican party is there are real problem.

    2. Cynic says:

      There is only one party: The Big-Government party. They’ve been feeding from the public trough for years now. The Establishment Republicans fear Constitution-loving, small-government espousing, freedom-loving Republicans more than the Democrats because, if we succeed, we will end their gravy train.

  • Richard Kelly says:

    I am a registered Republican in NY .I think I will be canceling my registration with the Republican because the party has no identity and it has no identity because of open primaries

  • jdmurchie says:

    What an utterly stupid thing it is to hold open primaries. The thought of it flies in the face oh sound policy. It’s the same idea as letting the fox guard the henhouse. Pathetic self centered losers. When the shtf these traitors will receive their just reward. It’s obvious that these govt elitists will sacrifice the people in order to continue to feed off tax payer dollars regardless of the peril they visit on our Republic.
    It’s time to take out the trash and bury the residue.

  • Maggie De Vore says:

    Kindergarten Republicans – angry or not, have developed a downright finesse at shutting doors on most things.

  • Judyann J says:

    see now, this is just ONE of the many reasons people have been leaving the Republican party in droves. I did, in 2000 when they started tripping over each other proving who is most, “MODERATE.” I didn’t leave the Republican party, they left me. We’re SICK of their limp wristed, panty waisted behavior. Until Republicans have the guts to stand up for the core, conservative principles which made this nation great to begin with, they will continue to lose. Why do you think somebody as obnoxious as Chris Cristie is so popular? Certainly not for his good looks and affable demeanor. But he’s a strong, straight speaker and, for sure, the people, OUR people are STARVING for strong leadership. Republicans keep running scared because they actually believe the CRAP the MSM is feeding them.

    NO, they should NEVER allow Democrats to have a hand in deciding who GOP candidates will be. These lack luster, self serving fools, the Old Republican Guard, need to be purged from the Republican Party, Most of all, people need to actually give a crap, stop whining and complaining and DO something about it. The day of the armchair patriot is OVER…stop thinking you can’t make a difference…you can. We have NEVER had a better opportunity to combine forces, to stand as a united force against the Progressives who have been patiently hard at work destroying this country for more than 100 years. I guarantee you, there is a Tea Party or similar patriotic organization within driving distance from where EVER you are in America. Find them, join them, roll up your sleeves and get busy.

    1. Rudy J. Hart says:

      Well said, REQUIREMENTS For POTUS

      Oct 28, 2013 – The Constitution does not define the term natural born citizen. Even so, Governor Schwarzenegger is clearly out of the running. Given that …. Both parents must be U.S. Citizens at the time of birth in order to confer Natural Born ….. In fact, 43 out of the last 44 elected presidents have followed this prescription.
      Now this is extremely interesting. The state of Hawaii will give a certificate of birth (apparently short for Certificate of Live Birth) in the case of a person born in a foreign country. Why would they do that? Well, most babies born overseas to American parents get US citizenship through the parents. The exception to this would be a child born to mixed parents (meaning one US parent and one foreigner) and if the American parent did not meet certain age and US residency requirements. Barack’s father was never a US citizen. Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham Obama, was under the minimum age, 19 years old, so she could not have transferred US citizenship to her baby. Barack Hussein Obama.- Barry Soetoro, Barack Soetoro, Barry Dunham, and Barack Dunham. So many aliases!?!
      The reason that our forefathers required that the candidates for the POTUS must be totally detached from all foreign influence is evidenced by the treacherous action of the current POTUS.
      His father as a radical Muslim dissident gave him his hatred of the USA and all colonialists, his Preacher, the reverend “WRONG” gave him his hatred of all “Whites”, Professors Cloward and Piven gave him the way to destroy the stability and economy by overwhelming the government with illegal alien invasions and housing bubbles as well as the hedge fund manipulation, every move that he or his Henchmen have made is to implement the Agenda 21 of the New World Order. Noted Radical Progressives have counseled Obama. His close association with The Muslim Brotherhood and their disciples is obvious in the people that he hired, Clinton Also.

      Get out while you have a chance to Gold and Silver. Let them stew in their own juice. You can only end this debacle by voting the Progressives out of office and voting in Conservatives in. For Gods sake that has to be better than this! Do you really want the EU/UN to take over this nation? Anybody that is not for US is against US. We The People can recapture the Greatness that was ours, When WE recapture the senate ( the only reason that WE do not is that the left was able to divide the voters, deliberately). When WE regain control, WE will go to a flat tax , that will eliminate the IRS( look at all of the money and anguish that will save!) Dump the EPA ( now WE can drill baby Drill, Frac and mine responsibly) Dump the HUD and Freddy, Fanny and the FHA! The Properties lost to foreclosure and the created teaser rate housing bubble are being added to by the Reverse Mortgage Scam.( That does not even allow the Heirs to negotiate for the equity in the property, shameful). The banks just take the property and offer it up for auction to the highest bidder in Germany and now China. The fact that it is advertised constantly, too many $ ( at great cost) and guaranteed by the Government- That Should scare the hell out of you! I would like to be able to bid on some of the properties, and so should you. The FED must be ended. In 1913 several politicians in the dead of night, colluded with International Bankers to create a never-ending source of money for the political process, graft, greed, pay-off, bribery, every thing that a moral person would reject! The power to create money rests exclusively with the House. Not the Fed which is only a private bank run by people who do not have the US. interest at heart! Just the New World Order!?! This must be ENDED-SOON! Burn the Money-it has no backing!?!
      The economy only needs to end the tax code, go to a flat tax so that Companies and businesses can plan their costs and future development. Jobs and expansion will come, have faith in US.
      NPG conversion centers to convert the Gasoline tanks to NPG should already be in place-more businesses and JOBS.
      The USMC as a whole is not happy with the present POTUS nor should any service personnel be !?! There must be a way to seek council from Congress and SOTUS before taking orders from a Tyrant.( Muslim, Anti-Christ and hater of our Constitution!)
      The soldiers in Germany-then-Russia must have been disturbed by the orders they were given to kill and lock up the public. Was that Right? Was that Moral? If the decision had been made to not comply by the whole army the world be a better place. Honor is most Important!
      Obama considers Christians The greatest threat to the U.S. Only his version!?!

  • RightLane1111 says:

    No more open primaries…that’s it…it’s done…or the Republican Party is.

  • Jerry Lister says:

    The self serving must stop.

    1. ItsJo says:

      True, as the “Politico-Career, Establishment of the GOP, are JUST like the DemoThugs, and ALL have FED OFF THE TAXPAYERS’ PUBLIC TROUGH FOR FAR TOO LONG.” ALL politicos, should have a TOTAL of 8 yrs(just as a potus) in office, THEN LEAVE-No MORE CAREERS FOR A LIFETIME LIKE McCAIN, BARBOUR, BYRD, ETAL.
      Volunteer for the 8 yrs. at a ‘minimum wage’ like MANY in America, then GO BACK to your regular jobs. No MORE GRAVY TRAIN FOR LIFE.

  • rivahmitch says:

    Funny how the RNC had no objections to the system or the chicanery going on in MS (to which the NSRC and several of it’s members) contributed until the corruption became so obvious that even the MSM was forced to report it.

  • James Maxwell says:

    The Socialist Democrats have proven time and time again that they will
    do anything they have to in order to win a battle regardless. Their have
    bought votes, crossed political party lines, lied about their proponents and
    accused them of racism to sway a vote of the ignorant masses. For
    them to vote two or more times in an election is not unheard of and
    they have been found out in many cases. But, sadly, the media is
    so enslaved to their ultra left wing mindset that refuse to report or even
    pretend to investigate it. The only time the rise up to whine and cry
    is when they lose and election.

    1. rivahmitch says:

      Yes, but let’s not overlook that it was Cochran and the Republican establishment (including the NSRC and seven of it’s senior senators) who invited them in to the MS party. There are rotten progressives in both parties.

  • Bronco Billy says:

    I know for a fact that Democrats in Kansas registered for the primary as Republicans in order to beat the Tea Party candidate there.

    1. rivahmitch says:

      The “open primary system” is designed to keep statists in power. Always has been, always will be.

      1. garyinaz66 says:

        that’s why we have not been able to rid ourselves of McCain here in az

    2. denniskrug says:

      I’m from Missouri and I watched the Pat Roberts – Wolf election and I thought the very same thing. The Republican’s are as bad as the stinking Democrats they’re all a bunch of CROOKS. Pat Roberts former Marine or not he’s definitely not for the people and I would never say “Semper Fi ” to that piece of crap ! Even the people in Iraq before Obama had elections more honest then we have right here.

      1. Balto2 says:

        I feel like our elections are no different than we see in Cuba or Argentina or any other third=world country. The Democrat party has been taken over by the Socialists, who don’t need a party, they have the one called Democrat.. The Republican party had been taken over by more moderate Democrats. The people who follow the Tea Party are mostly of the conservatives of the Republican party and others who believe in the U.S. Constitution as Law of the Land, self governance, and Liberty for All. It is like the Socialists pushed the less Socialist Democrats into the Republican party (RINO’s) and the Republican Party is fighting to keep it’s original identity but the RINOS are trying to eliminate the dyed-in-wool Conservative Republicans (Tea Party / 1812 Groups) out of their own party. Walter Reuther (UAW) knew he could not win in any union elections as a Socialist, so he claimed the Democrat party as he knew he could use that party for his ultimate goal of being Socialist and still getting elected. Reuther’s were from my home town so they come to my mind in the forefront as the first real Socialist that I knew about on a personal basis.

        1. denniskrug says:

          I agree with everything you said except the only thing you’re wrong about is saying that Democrats are Socialists they are not Socialists they’re either pure blood COMMUNISTS or they’re DICTATORS

        2. bamissfa says:

          and yet polls i’ve taken says i am farther right than any sitting member of congress!

          All because I believe in the US Constitution. It is NOT a living document to be amended over and over and over by a nutjob muslim president. Our constitution says it shall NOT be subordinate to any other laws or international law. Also says our president shall NOT serve in any capacity outside of the US presidency and he did in the UN! Obama had 1 US president parent and another foreigner. He was not eligible to serve.

          The TEA PARTY is the party i most identify with. Most of the members are over 50 and people of all races.

          The GOP establishment is just more of the same corrupt crowd going to follow the new world order plan.

    3. CintiCB says:

      The Democrats sure do make it obvious that they’re ‘running scared’.

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