Anti-Trump alliance off to a rocky start

by Niall Stanage
April 26, 2016

An uneasy alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich meant to block Donald Trump’s path to the GOP presidential nomination got off to a rough start on Monday.

After Trump’s two final rivals announced a deal intended to better Cruz’s chance of winning Indiana’s primary, Kasich suggested during a campaign stop in Philadelphia that his supporters in Indiana should vote for him regardless.

“I’ve never told them not to vote for me,” Kasich said at a diner in Philadelphia. “They ought to vote for me.”

Trump, for his part, seized on the pact as obvious collusion, using it to buttress one of the central claims of his campaign: that he and his supporters are the targets of establishment GOP forces conspiring against them.

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  • Gary Smith says:

    I am no sure about any of them but they are better than Hillary

  • PEGIDA USA says:

    Ted Cruz is a nimrod and now I have lost all respect for john Kaisch. What a couple of anal beads.

  • Bill says:

    Ad Roberts, you must be a liberal. Cruz borrowed a million $ from Goldman using his own account as collateral, so get your facts straight.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says:

    I think this alliance between Cruz and Kasich proves that they are insiders
    in bed with the establishment, Trump is the only candidate truly for the people.
    Kasich and Cruz have both become liars and will say anything to win.
    These men will never be trustworthy.

  • James G. Mothes says:

    Mr. Roberts, I highly resent the fact that you are accusing me of being a liar when I stated the facts about the way I feel. I have never been a so called Trumpster, but I will vote for him instead of Billary. And, if you understood my statements, you would know that I am feed up with how the whole political process has been distorted and twisted to suit the elite!!

  • carlton goodson says:

    Ted Cruz or John Kasich! hell no! Not ever! No Trump no vote!

  • Seedman says:

    We will just have to see if Democrat Trump prevails in the delegate number or if Republicans Cruz or Kasich do so. May God have mercy on America.

    1. Smart Southerner says:

      Seedman = TROLL

      Go back to Huffy Puffy.

  • says:

    No surprise. This is just business as usual with corrupt career politicians. Name your poison!

  • kathy diamond says:

    To begin with, this is disgusting on the parts of Cruz & Kasich. What they achieved is showing the American people exactly what they are. Could you imagine what would go on behind closed doors if either one was in the white house ?

  • WeirOnlyHuman says:

    Donald Trump is the corrupt establishment’s worst nightmare because they can’t buy him and they can’t shut him up. He’s the last and best chance to keep this ship of state from floundering.

  • Bill says:

    What Kasick and Cruz are scheming to do is illegal and a violation of the constitution. This scheme violates the “Right To Vote”, article 1, section 2&4. It is also a violation of the Cilvil Rights Statue 18 U.S.C. 241. The statue was initially held to apply to “SCHEMES” intended to corrupt elections for federal office.
    Trump needs to nail these two on corruption charges. Our system is breaking down or is it already broken.

    1. helensatmary says:


      1. Smart Southerner says:

        Trump said to leave it up to the states. He’s right because most states will ban it or require that public restrooms be 1 person/1 stall, floor to ceiling bathrooms (like on airplanes, buses, porta potties, and in people’s homes) instead of multi-stall bathrooms.

        Small restaurants and businesses already have 2 completely separate bathrooms, they just need to change the sign & make it either/or. I’ve stopped in convenience stores/gas stations that only had one & had the sign with the picture of a girl/boy.

        If the Feds touch it they will FORCE that transgender BS down our throats & those Left Wing perverts on the Supreme Court of Jokers will enforce it.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          You’ve certainly proven my past point Correct in Regards to you having never set one foot outside of your small town mind set . So each state according to your theory shall now be required to put forth single occupancy bathroom’s. Forcing large business’s, schools, colleges,Universities , Malls, Large box stores, Grocery stores to close off abandon; The multi stall design for women and men only version. For instead single occupancy bathrooms. Trump is an idiot . So to are you.

          1. Smart Southerner says:

            So you would rather let men in the girls’ bathrooms?

            If the Feds handle it & our perverted SCOTUS touches it, that’s what will happen.

      2. helensatmary says:

        because He said it. I listen very closely to words!

  • gf says:

    Cruz and Kasich, are pathetic.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Kasicxh yes. Cruz is still the best thing out there, as bad as he might be. Sooooo much better than he foul mouthed, philandering, liberal backing, abortion funding, NYer who shows NO ONE any respect. Not even his wives, who he easily tires of and divorces. LOL. Nexf.

      1. gf says:

        You mean, “Teddy Bear”, the working girls best friend. Oh sorry, the working girls are not into, toe sucking, and having a finger shoved up their ass! Cruz, is a hypocritical adulterating, mother fucker!

        1. ADRoberts says:

          You are a liar and a nasty person who enjoys saying nasty things.
          And for that filth, not a thing you say is considered as anything but lies and filth. I guess you must be a child. You have only been posting for two months. And by your record of likes, you are not well received.

      2. Smart Southerner says:

        You’ve been hanging around Lyin’ Ted too long.

        Are you one of his low-life campaign workers who goes from state to state offering bribes to buy delegates because most Republicans won’t vote for the lying piece of crap?

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Stupid southerner . To continue repeating The lyin Trump lies will never make them true . Doing so however surly points to the puppet in you whom the Puppeteer is stringing along.

          1. Ken says says:

            Peat – you, Bob and Lying/Crying/Bible Toting Ted are all a real work of abstract art. The best thing about the 3 of you is you deserve each other and throw in Heidi for the fun of it.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          You are a low life who repeats the garbage out of the fake conservative’s mouth. And God WILL hold you accountable for “every idle word.” You think you can just wait till it is over and ask Him for forgiveness.
          “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” For you to be forgiven, you have to provide FULL RESTITUTION.

  • ADRoberts says:

    There is a reason so many are against Trump. And it is not because he will actually save America. it is because he is SOOOO divisive and has lied so many times.
    FACT: Those who “buy” Trump are also likely to be had by used car salesmen.

    1. gf says:

      Let’s see, Donald J. Trump, has been endorsed by, The US Border Patrol officers, many law enforcement agencies, and organizations across the country, US Military Veterans, etc. So you are saying these are sheeple, dumb people, that are gullible, and stupid?

      1. ADRoberts says:

        “Wide is the way and broad is the gate that leads to destruction. Many will enter therein.”
        Let’s see how your “logic” works. Who won the vote in 2008? Was it the best man? How about 2012? Was he best?
        So you have people who should know better who believe the words of a “rich” nasty, compromising man who was a flaming liberal just 4 years ago.
        And why do they line up behind him. HE SAYS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.
        And what is his RECORD of what he has actually done. He has ALMOST none. But for sure, we know that he has a lot of businesses in Mexico and China. ANd his promise to make jobs for Americans COULD be fulfilled by just bringing those companies back home. HE IS NOT DOING IT.
        Just ONE lie. And yet you refuse to see.
        Sheeple and dumb people. They are the ones you listed as backing Trump.

        Now a word about WHO is likely to be a good and godly person. Is there ANYTHING about Trump that says selflessness? How about where he put his money for decades? DId he treat Carson or Fiorina with respect?
        When he is caught hiring illegals, does he brag about it or just pay the MILLION DOLLAR FINE.

        Face it. Millions are sick of both Democrats and REpublicans. and they are so desperate to stop what has been going on, they WILL believe lies. And TRUMP knows this.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          So you would rather line up behind an absolute pathological liar who buys off delegates & has to team up with another loser to “cheat” to try to defeat Mr. Trump because WE THE PEOPLE do not want Lyin’ Ted?

          1. ADRoberts says:

            You can intentionally lie about Cruz. You can do your best to smear him by using a string of names and smears. But you cannot escape judgement of a just God. He WILL probe your heart and conndemn you according to the evil there.

        2. Bill says:

          Ad Roberts, you are so blinded with Cruz you fail miserably with your antics of preaching Cruz is a absolute must as president. I liked Cruz earlier, but the more I’ve watched him the less impressed I became with him. He is a pond for the GOP and what scheming Cruz and Kasick are trying to do is a complete violation of the constitution, (as stated in earlier post). If Cruz was such a constitutionalist he should know he violating federal law. For someone who post how much smarter you are, you have a lot to learn sonny.
          Cruz knows he will not win, but he sure is making the criminal killary a real possibility to win the presidency, unless she is indicted for all of her treasonous actions. Cruz and Kasick are still in this race because the establishment is afraid of the people’s choice, TRUMP! The GOP is willing to sacrifice the people’s choice and would be happy with killary the criminal.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            You say I am blind. I say your are blind to all that deceit from Trump.
            You have NOTHING to back up your contention. I do have a little.
            Now get this.
            1. Up to 30% of the votes Trump is getting is from Crossover Democrats.
            2. ALL of the polls indicate that Trump loses to Clinton, as bad as she is.
            3. The same polls indicate that Cruz sometimes wins.
            4. The crossover Democrats are GOING to vote for the weaker Republican candidate. And then in the General election, they will vote with for their pocketbook and their welfare and vote for the Democrats.
            5. Trump is a con. And it is likely that IF he does not get the nomination, he WILL go Independent and split the conservative vote. Thus GIVING the WH to Hillary. AND HE KNOWS THIS.
            And you call him a patriot? LOL
            Then you come up with YOUR fantasy that the Establishment really backs Cruz. LOL. They want you to think that. In truth, they are working hard to actually remove both Cruz and Trump and put in their own man, like them did in 2012. And you are not smart enough to see it.

            Point. A while back, 13 Senators came out in favor of Trump. They stated that Cruz was inflexible on his principles and would not compromise. They stated that they believe that Trump WOULD compromise and that they could deal with him. Suddenly, they changes
            And now the plan is to make sure that neither gets 1237 and that they can broker the convention to put in their own man.
            You see, the Republican Establishment are smarter than you think. And they KNOW that a great many Americans have caught on to their deception and complicity. And so they are PLAYING YOU.

          2. Bill says:

            Adroberts, nice try, great spin, but again short on logic. The one point I agree with you on is they are all cons, Cruz more so. Our country is in big trouble with no leadership by either party, economic collapse a great possibility in next few years. It really gets down to who one can trust and who one thinks will lead the country the best thru the coming crisis. Killary can not be trusted, Bernie forget it, Cruz can’t beat killary and Trump is the only one with any knowledge and real life experience. We have had enough of career politicians who bring nothing but their college degree to the table, support stupid legislation, more regulations and stuff their pockets with bribes. Trump knows the game, brings real life knowledge of how and what needs fixing. It will not be easy, but hopefully our country will weather thru the mess we are in. Big government is not the answer, it is the problem. we have to many elected politicians who may have big degrees but lack the business skills to negotiate a decent deal for our country. As trump stated, we negotiate deals that are losers for American workers. We need someone who brings Real knowledge to the table. GO TRUMP!

    2. Smart Southerner says:

      You are confused. The LIAR is Cruz.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Not at all.
        Just one of many: Trump claims he is PROLIFE. But he gives to PP. And no amount of RATIONALIZATION about how much good they do can negate that the vast majority of their money goes to abortion.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          Trump IS pro-life. What did you do, just read a Huffy Puffy headline, or did you listen to Lyin’ Ted.

          Trump said Planned Parenthood has done good work in screening for women’s health issues like cervical cancer & mamograms, but not abortions. He said he would NOT fund it if they continue to do abortions.

          It’s a far cry from the lie you are spreading…just like Cruz.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            No, Trump claims to be Prolife. Just like he claims to be conservative on EVERY issue.
            But he still gives to Planned Parenthood. And ANYONE who is truly PROLIFE, knows that is sure proof that he is still an abortion supporter.
            Oh, and the excuse that they do all kinds of other “stuff”. Bogus. There are 8000 plus clinics and organizations that do REAL health care, like mammograms, that PP has NEVER done. And they don’t get a cent from Trump.
            Trump Lies.
            You support Trump.
            You lie.
            And God WILL judge.;

      2. ADRoberts says:

        Now it is your turn. Name a lie that Cruz told about Trump. LOL. You can’t.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          There are so many!
          But here is just one:

          Cruz kept saying that Trump said he would withdraw from NATO. That isn’t at all what Trump said. Cruz is a pathological LIAR!

          Trump said that NATO needs to be restructured so its member nations share security (terrorist) information and share in military actions instead of America shouldering most of the military burden (troops & expenses). America pays about 73% of NATO expenses & the member nations need to pay a bigger share. HE IS RIGHT!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            When it comes to what Trump says as being true or not, who can tell. I am talking about a LIE. Not an accusation of what Trump would be likely to do.
            And you KNOW the difference. And that is not a lie. This is politics and that was a statement of opinion.
            As to NATO, it is simple. We have NO MONEY to spare. Withdrawal is the correct thing to do. But on the way out, make a call to Putin and tell him that IF he steps out of line, we will be back for MUCH FORCE.
            Compromise and diplomacy are for weaklings and those who have no back bone.

  • James G. Mothes says:

    I have been a Cruz supporter, but if he is going to stoop to such cheap tricks as this, I am done with him and the Rebublicans. Trump will get my vote. If you cannot win the election by winning the vote of the people then you should loose!! I have never seen such a screwed up primary election in my life!!!Congress should pass a law doing away with that stupid and antique delegate convention that denies the true will of the people. Have one general election and allow only a 6 months campaign. Whoever gets the most popular votes wins.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Illogical. IF you really are against the deceiver Trump and IF you are as concerned about NOT letting another liberal be president, you would back ANY action designed to deny this foul mouth, philandering, rich, arrogant deceiver from being POTUS.
      No, I think you are and always have been a Trumpster.
      And by the way. The Founding Fathers were concerned about an INFORMED ELECTORATE. That is why they demanded a free press. Now our press and media are totally controlled and are in the business of propaganda, disinformation, hiding what would hurt their man and working WITH the Bilderbergs to get the outcome they want.

      And because of that, we NO LONGER have an INFORMED ELECTORATE.
      You can’t see that? Just remember who won in 2012.

      1. Bill says:

        AD Roberts, you sound like a PAID Cruz hack. You apparently forgot about Cruz ties to the corrupt goldman Sachs thugs.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          I think the entire Cruz campaign trolls sites & overwhelms the sites with Cruz lies. He can’t open his mouth without lying, dodging questions or trying to manipulate the commentator.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Cruz obfuscates and avoids which is exactly what you posted.

          2. helensatmary says:

            You have really bought into the Trump LIES against Cruz to raide himself up…..The liar and the user of our government is and has always been Trump…He knows every back room deal and under him there will be many. What ever Obama does not accomplish against us Trump will, probably through stupidity but it will happen.
            Of course he will make you think things are sunny but
            do not trust Rattlers!!

        2. ADRoberts says:

          I am not paid. I am just smarter, better informed and as dedicated to a very good man as you are to a very BAD man.
          Now PROVE that he has ties to Godman. And just that his wife worked for them IS NOT ENOUGH. And you know that. But you like to use insinuation and guilt by association when you KNOW that what you are doing is deceptive.

    2. Ricky says:

      I feel just as you do. Trump may not be the best mannered and he has used our screwed up system to get rich and has vowed to change the system to more help the middel class. He is the best offer we have for president to hopefully keep the democrats and Republicans from further destroying this country. This will be our only choice in our life time to stop this currupt system we now have.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Bull crap’ola Trump is for Trump he has interjected much bovine crap’ola into his politics . But 8n the end Trump is just another Obama In orange hair.

        1. helensatmary says:

          America will be the laughing stock of the world. Can you see this Orange haired lunatic negotiating anything without telling everyone how WONDERFUL he is even if he knows NOTHING!!! And will probably insult most of our friends, if not all of them

          1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says:

            helensatmary —Have you ever done anything in life.
            This man you are judging has created many jobs that
            helped people. I read that his IQ is above 156, what is yours ? .I have heard the testimony of people that he has helped for free.

        2. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says:

          Giorgio—Your afraid you’ll lose the free stuff.

        3. Ricky says:

          I can tell your a democrat or a lying Ted fan. You just don’t know shit. Trump is lots better than Cruze. Cruze he is for the rnc. He is already licking their ass. He is against the people for change. Most are for Trump and they don’t respect that…

      2. helensatmary says:

        He has also used our screwed up system to SCREW CRUZ!

    3. Peatro Giorgio says:

      O horse crap’ola Your no Cruz supporter. Your merely trying to placate True Cruzers.

    4. SDofAZ says:

      I liked Cruz as well for a bit but the beginning of my discontent with him was the Dr Carson fiasco. Obfuscate and avoid were his political tactics and he has not deviated from that method of operations since. So Lying Ted fits and I definitely swung into the Trump category. Then I did a lot of reading and research. Cruz is definitely a consummate politician and it is time for some one not in the establishment to take the helm if that is possible. The establishment has been getting down and dirty though, the convention is going to be a circus.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    O yes of course Cruz & Kasich have formed a coalition to organize an orchestrate the stop the Lyin hump Trump campaign. Trumps entire campaign is based solely on lies with which he The lyin hump whiny Trump has orchestrated. Such as the lying cheating Ted. Or Ted lies and lies. When in reality. Trump is the lyingist, cheatingist con man; To have ever entered in to the political arena.

    1. carlton goodson says:

      Cruz an insider that’s backed by the same insiders that gave you Obama and now want to give you Hillary.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        And that was totally bogus lies too. Cruz was and is ONE of the few who resisted McConnell, and Reid. And he was hated because, as they said, “He was a man of principles who would not compromise”. Yep. You are so corrupt that you refuse to see that.
        And the very man who gave millions to those radical liberals who have caused our problems. Trump.
        But this is typical of Trumpsters. So desperate to be right and SOOOOO wrong.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          I need to make a list of the LIES, DECEIT & TRICKERY that Cruz has used during this election process, beginning in Iowa.

          Obviously you think it’s OK for Cruz to buy off delegates by offering to pay their expenses to the Cleveland convention, paid for by his PACs, Super PACs & Lobbyists.

          Cruz doesn’t want Republican voters to know the truth & that’s why he refused to answer Sean Hannity when he asked Cruz how he was getting all those delegates:

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Obfuscate and avoid are the tactics of Cruz. And he used it with Hannity in the interview. It backfired on Cruz. Good for Hannity.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says:

            What ( BACKFIRE ).Sean Hannity is a troglodyte. If only he knew how to ask a probing question??? He Then might have received a more in-depth response. Sean is just a bit to backward for my Taste. Okay so I actually meant IDIOT. Had anyone other then Sean interviewed Ted. Their questions would have been clearer and Far more concise.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Now you back pedal and no longer call it corruption. So I will point out to you what you want to ignore. Whatever Cruz did is legal. AND if Trump had been up to his usual, “making the wheels of businesses get greased” he would have been doing it first.
            So this is what YOU ARE.
            It is okay for your man to do ANYTHING to get his way. It may be unethical but as long as it is LEGAL, you love it. But don’t you dare allow anyone else do a comparable thing.

            I am happy that Cruz is continuing to get delegates. More power to him.
            On his worst day, he is still a much better person than Trump ever was.

        2. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says:

          AD Roberts—Did you have to get training to be this
          stupid, are were you born like this.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Ah. Calling names. Not refuting or even addressing a SINGLE issue.
            You do know that what you are doing just proves you have NOTHING.
            If you could prove ANYTHING, you would have laid it out. Dates and times and bills and votes. Yet NOT A WORD from you or any of the others who make bogus claims.
            Now a more likely question is, ‘Were you hired to post by Trump, Obama, or Soros?

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Just because I am not deceived by New Yorkers, who make millions running over others or socialists or communists does not mean I am stupid. Apparently that is what you demand. No, My IQ was measured at 165 at age 12. I am sure it is not that high today. But I am still smarter than you. And probably wiser. I don’t support a brand new conservative who spent most of his life financing flaming liberals.

        3. carlton goodson says:

          Ted is not the man you think he is. he’s for and voted for things Obama wanted that makes him an insider and a NWO man too. Check it out its no hidden.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            I keep asking. You keep claiming. But you NEVER give specifics. What’s the matter. Cat got your tongue.
            IF you had anything, you would have said so by now. No, this is just the old, ‘KEEP SAYING IT OVER AND OVER TILL THEY BELIEVE.
            Guess what? IT IS NOT WORKING.

            You want to post to me again? I DEMAND you give the specifics.

          2. carlton goodson says:

            The blind won’t look like a child you must do it for them or you work in gov and are trying to keep your welfare jobs.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            I do not work for the government. But thanks for showing how you can jump to a derogatory conclusion just to smear a person.

          4. carlton goodson says:

            Insiders are the ones that want an insider backed by the same insiders that gave you Obama and if they can will give you Hillary.

          5. ADRoberts says:

            Specifics? I have yet to see one of you guys come up with a single thing he gave to Obama. Yet you persist in claiming that he is NOT who he says he is.
            I lived in Texas. And Cruz DID do what he said he would. And he did resist and try to stop the RINOs and Obama.
            ANd your claim that he is a NWO man? Prove it. NONE of this junk about being married to a woman who was a CFR. That louse Geo Sr. was married to Barbara and she was as pro abortion as they come. Yet it did not make him one. Of course, he did not really do anything for the Prolife people either.
            PROOF. Still waiting.

          6. carlton goodson says:

            Prove what I posted wrong. You cant!

          7. carlton goodson says:

            Prove he has not ben inside for 10 years you cant as he was.

    2. Smart Southerner says:

      We already know you are a low-life TROLL, Peatro Giorgio, GO AWAY!

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        So out of the troglodyte caverns comes the sole remaining Moenad . Ill explain Troglodytes Cave dwelling life forms Moenads Single cell life forms. Moenads feed of the dropping’s of Troglodytes. I knew it to be necessary to relay there definitions and their distinctions onto a southerner moron . I’m Here and Here is where I shall remain. You and your fake ass moniker can jump in front of the next Beer truck. BUBBA moron.

        1. hawleyridge1 says:

          Peatro is Troglodyte food. I can imagine how much smarter you will be after you have passed through. Probably better looking too.

    3. hawleyridge1 says:

      Don’t you wish your whiny ass could lie you to a ten billion dollar net worth? At least he didn’t use a government office to coerce his money out of foreign governments. The Kochs as well as Trump probably had to use every trick in the book to make their money. That same road is open to all of us until we get socialism ensconced.

  • Dick says:

    Cruz and Kasich are running scared. Go home boys the party’s over. You boy’s are fools ,get over it. GO DONALD, GO DONALD, GO DONALD……

    1. ADRoberts says:

      You remind me of the HITLER YOUTH. So totally brainwashed and refusing to see all the filty, lies and deception of Trump.

      1. Smart Southerner says:

        Tell me, ADR, why don’t you want to Make America Great Again?

        How can you stand to listen to that sniveling, whining, lying Canadian Cruz?

        Cruz is nothing but a career politician. Wake up!

        Cruz’ ambition since high school was “World Domination”. Sounds more like George Soros than a Conservative.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Again. I will say it. It is NOT what you believe that makes any difference. It is WHO you believe. So you smear me by claim that because I am on to Trump, I don’t want America to be great again. After all, that is ALL Trump claims he is about. So how about the lies. Prolife? No, and he proves it.
          Against amnesty? No, and he has repeated proven it. Backs the law? No,
          Ask Kim Davis what he told her to do. She WAS obeying the law of the land and was protected by Kentucky Law.. But Trump is for homosexual EVERYTHING, And it shows by his ignorance and his favor of their positions.
          Now, bright boy. Why would I want America to become great again. Maybe because of the 60 million people who we have killed for the sake of “women’s rights”. How about the socialism where half of the nation is TAKING and not making their own way. How about the MILLION who filed for and received “disability” this last year. Nothing like a FREE RIDE.
          And about that GREAT America. How about YOU ask Trump about all those companies who he owns that he has OVERSEAS that he has shown NO SIGN of bringing a single one of them back.
          YOU believe. But he has done NOTHING to back up a single word. Not a single word.
          What do I want for America. Nothing to do with the government. It is all about II Chronicles 7:14. And then, IF you want to know what is about to happen, read what it says will happen in LAST DAYS in the Bible.
          It is easy to do. Just google “last days” You won’t get ALL that is prophesied but you will get most of it.
          And by the way. How much research did it take to go back to an 18 year old BOY and his stupidity at that time in his life. Yes, I know. When a fanatic is desperate to defend his “precious” he will do ANYTHING and go back for forever to find ANYTHING to smear his”enemy”.
          Sorry. YOU FAILED.
          Cruz is still better than Trump. Just the filth from Trump’s mouth is enough to prove that.

      2. gavinwca says:

        You don’t even know what the Hitler youth was, but. I guess you thought useing that term had some sort of shock value. And that was all your poor little brain could come up with.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Wrong. The aspect of Hitler Youth that I was referring to was their requirement to hear, believe and not question a single thing.
          Now you claim that I did not know what they were. But if that were true and YOU had the knowledge, you would have SPIT IT OUT. But you didn’t. And that is primary proof that you are deceiving and lying.
          You want to say what Hitler Youth were? Say it.
          But you didn’t. And you think that by accusing me of NOT knowing, it will somehow negate what I said and justify YOU.

    2. helensatmary says:

      They waited to long to do it…Should have done it earlier. Trump gets away with murder.
      In the debates all he did was to call people names…NO POLICY remarks, Just insults and somehow won on that…..Says a lot about this Society….No wonder we are in deep Doo Doo!!

  • Ken says says:

    The Establishment orchestrates their Puppets to do what ever it takes to stop Trump. No holds barred, truth is irrelevant and money is no object. Just stop Trump from ending the 27 year Government Control by the Establishment and their Liberal RINO and DEM Professional Politician Puppets.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      Really Trump has for the entirety of his business career. Has been front and center of and in the political corruption game. Buying and selling political favors is what trump knows and does best. There is no separating Trump from the center of government corruption. He is one of the many corporate leaders responsible for the extent of corruption in this nation. Some like you Ken says are willfully blind to that fact.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Do you suppose God has blinded him so that he will suffer from his wickedness too.

        1. helensatmary says:

          How did the Evangelists become so fooled by him?
          That is what stuns me! The man cannot quote anything from the Bible. He has not seen the inside of a Church since he was nine and then only because his Mother TRIED to teach him something which apparently did not take!

          1. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says:

            helensatmary—For leader of the country we need a
            president, not a preacher. Remember how God used
            the king of Babylon, to do a work for him. God uses
            anyone he wants, good or evil, all belong to him.

          2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            You are right that God used the king of Babylon and other wicked kings to do a work for him. Of course they didn’t realize that they were doing a work for God. I just object to Trump pandering to Christians trying to give the impression that he’s one of them(the Bible refers to such people as “false prophets” and that many will be deceived in the last days). I am not trying to intimate that Trump, if he is elected, will usher in the last days. No one can predict that but he, in my opinion and the opinion of many other evangelical Christians, is a false prophet and a deceiver. Thus I and my family will never vote for him.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Yes, God has repeated used wicked leaders to PUNISH His people. So what does that have to do with this. Are you saying that Trump is the wicked equivalent of the king of Babylon? And that would make us His people, needing to be punished. It still does NOT COMPUTE.
            Trump is not a good man. He is not a moral man. He is not an ethical man. He is not an honest man. So what is he? He is rich. He is a liar. He is a philander. He is a foul mouth man who shows respect to NO ONE
            And millions of Americans have concluded this is what they want.
            God help us.

          4. Triple J Jackson says:

            And you know this from all your personal dealing with him? Trump has been straight forward with the fact that he has bought and paid for politicians (Made The Clinton’s to be at his wedding) he has made it very clear how the system is corrupt and he also said he decided to run for president to change things.
            Now not one of you know him accept for what the liberal media prints. Trump is the only one paying his own way he is the only one that is not owned. But it are on here acting like you know the man and are so much better. How many family’s do yo put to work And cut a paycheck for. Because right now our country needs paychecks and a strong military and a secure border. And Trumps the only one that will do that. But go ahead and vote for A career politician and see how much good comes of it.

          5. ADRoberts says:

            So he admits that he was corrupt. And you think that a man who played the system is going to change that system? Not logical. Never happened before. Not going to happen now.
            As to those paychecks, ask Trump when he is going to bring back all of his companies from Mexico and China. No, it is part of his JUST SAY WORDS and don’t act on them;

          6. Triple J Jackson says:

            Yes and me being a Christian I give people a chance to right wrongs! And me being a realistic person know that NONE of us are on the level of Trump in high power international business and Sorry But I live in the REAL world and that’s how the game is played. And if the man says he wants to change the game where America is a main player AGAIN I want him to give it a shot. Because I know he can. None of those running have a smidgen of his experience. And for your information he employees tens of thousands of full time employees. How many has all the others combined? You just have a hate toward a man you don’t know. Yet you ate on the soap box preaching about Christianity. You should be ashamed.

          7. ADRoberts says:

            Right wrongs? First off, they have to know that they have done wrong. ANd with people like you, rationalizing and pretending that what they KNOW is wrong must might be okay after all.
            See what the Bible says about Brothers making themselves accountable to each other. See what it says about bringing them back from error and sin?
            Yes, you show just how little you know about the Bible.
            And for your effort to “allow” others a “chance” to right wrongs, without ever saying a single thing, you are, IF you were a Christian, leaving them to go to hell with no chance.
            Your “real” world is a fantasy of excuses and deflections.
            Now about that Idea of giving Trump a SHOT? How stupid. Not even a smidgeon of experience in government. Admits that his success is because of his unethical buying off of politicians. Wants to change the very system that HE used most of his life. And you believe that? Ridiculous.
            How about giving ME a shot. I have at least as much success in getting along with people as he does. I don’t lie about them and call them names and smear them the way he does. WHAT about Trump earns him a “shot” at doing GOOD? Let’s see how good he is. Foul mouthed. Lied about Carson, Fiorina, Cruz and just about everyone else. Lied about being PROLIFE. Lied about knowing the law when he told Kim Davis to “obey the law of the land”. Lied when he said he would build a wall. Lied when he said he would make jobs for Americans. We KNOW he has businesses in Mexico and China. And he is NOT bringing them back home.
            Admired Hillary. Admired the Canadian health care system, in spite of the fact that a great many Canadians come to America rather than wait month for things like BYPASSES. LOL
            Lied about being a Christian. But I bet YOU think you know what a Christian is. Right? He is supposed to be a PATSY for you to take advantage.
            Just like Obama. I don’t hate him or Trump THAT would be against Jesus instructions and against God’s law of love. But I DO know wickedness when I see it. And just like homosexuals and murderers and rapists and ETC, I hate what THEY DO. And YES, I intensely dislike the con Trump is pulling on America. There is NOTHING to show that he is NOT still the radical liberal he has always been../
            Not a single action to back up all that RHETORIC AND WORDS.
            Now where do you get off claiming that I should be ashamed. I guess that is the only thing you can say since you said NOT A WORD that actually defends this shyster.

          8. Triple J Jackson says:

            Ok buddy you keep thinking you are above everyone. That’s something you can take up with the Lord. I have a great relationship with Jesus and am very comfortable with my self.
            And I practice forgiveness.
            Good luck pleading your views on judgement.
            God bless and forgive you.
            Vote for whoever you wish.
            But in closing. If Cruz wins the Gop. He will never beat Hillary because everyone can’t stand him and his hiding behind his lies of being a Christian. I use to love him until him and Trump started there games. You see I know what kind of man trump is. I know he is a eye poking dirty fighter. ( he from new York for God’s sake) But I thought Ted was a Godly man. Well. Ted put threw the first bag of salt on the wounds. And when Trump fired back he wanted to get all above it. Nope Teds a hypocrite. He knew that The Marco camp put that story about him cheating with those 5 women
            But still blames Trump. He had a picture of Trumps wife put all over the air.(Beautiful woman Good job Mr Trump) then crust when Trump fires back. You see I was a fighter for 17 years and Ted’s like one of those guys that will cheat every chance he can and as soon as you fire back cry foul. And I have Zero Respect for a man like that. Good day sir!

          9. helensatmary says:

            We also do not need a man accused of scamming our young people…Ever hear of Trump University???

          10. gvette says:

            Assholes like you that have never really done anything, are always quick to chastise others. Please, make us a list of all the things you’ve done to help mankind.

          11. helensatmary says:

            I was involved in Politics and know the treachery that takes place…First hand. I was not one to play ball and did quite a lot to straighten things out and rid us of the fakes…so assholes,like you could maintain your freedoms. Not just give TV pundits a lot to talk about. They promote the ones who give them the most to help their ratings and keep sensationalism alive and well..And I do not like scammers and those who give peanuts to old ladies as they take their homes and memories away without a thought about what that poor womean is going thrugh in losing her home…I wonder how many old women have lost their homes
            to eminent domain so Mr T could add a few more billions to his account.
            I also owned a couple of business and employed many people over my lifetime…Now it is your turn
            What have you done to be so high and mighty!!

          12. gvette says:

            I was a business owner also. enough of that. As for eminent domain, you act like they just take the property. The owners get paid well. I guess the part you forget, Trump isn’t a politician. You dislike him, that’s fine. The funny thing about him is, he fixes things. I guess you like things the way they are, and don’t want change. By the way. Who are you voting for??

          13. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Horse crap’ola. When a eiment Domain bill is approved an ordered The property owner is supposed to recieve Market value..But and there is a huge but. The fact of the matter is all to often . The property is devalued
            How you might ask . Easy question to answer. Towns city’s and counties along with banks provide appraisers those appraiser. Tend more often then not to lower the said property value through many means such as condemnation. Or catorgizing certain areas as revitalization zones an many more deceptive means of cheating property owners. Then there are the Tax acesser who also work with in conjunction with those same organization. They to reduce the assessment value of the property. In the end The owner is more often then not screwed ,bagged an abandoned. It is the rare few who recieve the actual market value of their home or property.

          14. gvette says:

            That’s funny. where I live, in central NY, most times the people I know, key point here, people I know, got paid more then their property was assessed for. Kinda shoots a hole in what you said.

          15. Peatro Giorgio says:

            So You say Trump fixes things. Well exsplain what he has ever actually fix. O sure he put in the fix with his corrupt cronies. Put the fix in with corrupt politicians. He put the fix in when he imports immigrant workers . He put the fix in when He has moved bussinesses with which he owns over seas or across the boarderror . He put the fix in when he screw 5,008 American ExTrump university students. But his ass is about to get fix as of this day . The judge who is over seeing that class action suit against Trump has ordered it to trial. Yes Trump fix up a lot of American workers he put on the unemployment rolls.

          16. gvette says:

            Although the Central Park Conservancy had begun to restore ruined sections of the crime-ridden park, the long-closed ice rink remained a gaping black hole. The city couldn’t finish it after six years of work, and there was no end in sight. Trump rebuilt it in a few months in part to embarrass his nemesis, Mayor Ed Koch. But its impact transcended personality by drawing families and kids to the heart of the park’s “postcard” southern end.
            Then there was a child that needed to get to the west coast for an operation. The normal airlines wouldn’t let her on. He sent his plane to take her. There’s more, but you might get the point, but I doubt it. You like crooked politicians better.

          17. ADRoberts says:

            Are you meaning to say “evangelicals”. Certainly I know of no “evangelists” who are backing him.
            And as to the “evangelicals” their spiritual life is called into GREAT QUESTION by the fact that they are backing such a wicked, foul mouthed, philandering, fake Christian. Yes, I am saying that they are NOT REAL Christians. They could be classified as being members of the Chuch of Laodicea, which is the description of end time “believers”.
            The crazy part is that Trump does not even know how little of Christianity he knows. And he does not even consult with a real Christian or one of those liberal university theology professors who might be able to keep him from making a fool of himself.
            That is because of HIS ARROGANCE.

          18. Peatro Giorgio says:

            I for one would wager more then half of those pastors now regret supporting Trump. Especially since he came out Saturday after reverting back to is progressive ideals . SUCH AS his pro Abortion srance aND . Permitting men to use women’s rest rooms.. yes his flip flopping back to his true political philosophy. Is just beginning.

          19. ADRoberts says:

            No, I won’t. For sure, they are from the Church of Laodicea. Probably Ecumenical type who also believe that God is dead. And if you check them out, they don’t preach from the Bible.
            Christians…….. real Christians would not support a wicked man like Trump. And they surely would not believe a wicked man could save America from God’s judgement.

          20. Pete says:

            Here we go again judging others as to whether they are or are not Christians. The book is specific about who makes that call, God himself makes that call.
            Go read your book & stop making a fool of yourself.

          21. helensatmary says:

            I am not THE fool….maybe you should read your Book!

          22. Peatro Giorgio says:

            How wrong you are . We as Christians are suppose to judge the actions of other Brothers and sisters of faith. And when we see them stepping off the path we are to bring it to them with love an point to their failing. And if Those brothers and sisters refuse to listen we are then to bring it before the church. I can not understand how the many pastors fail to teach this Truth. As a mister of Christ . I praise those whom confront me with love in their hearts when I haven’t lived as I should. And yes I fall every single day. To live a righteous life.

          23. ADRoberts says:

            Obviously YOU have not read the BOOK.
            John 14;12 is specific. ANd there a no exception.
            Now get this. I am 67 and been in the church all my life. And not one of those CINO churches but a holiness church called NAZARENES.
            You might know a little about the BOOK. But chances are, I know more.
            Now YOU go and read Romans 2:14-16. That tells you how God judges.

          24. Peatro Giorgio says:

            I’ll try an answer that question for you. Like many whom call themselves nondenominational Christians The Evangelion varity . Have those whom are steadfast in faith . Then there are those whom are still very much feed on the milk of Christ having yet to partake of the flesh of Christ. Many shall not comprehend that which I am speaking . However those whom are well read and steadfast with their walk with Christ. Completely understand.
            New immature, in Their faith easily swayed. Easily decieved. Unlike Those whom Feed upon the Words Written with in scripture God’s word.

      2. gavinwca says:

        How else can you do international business in this country and the state of New York, it is a corrupt system that has to change, Trump told us from the get go he did this to do business , he said it was a corrupt system that needed changing, but you can not do business in this country, if you refuse to give money to both political parties.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          And you think that it makes sense that the MASTER of the corrupt system who has gotten filty rich off of his “legal” bribes is going to suddenly become a moralistic person and work to put an end of the very thing he does BEST? What kind of logic is that.
          And I guess that from your last statement. you have surrendered our nation to total corruption where only the wicked survive.
          Think Your rationalization of how to get along IS the problem with our nation. And until such time as people like you either change your mind and refuse to tolerate such wickedness OR God removes you permanently do we have any chance to survive.
          God have mercy on your miserable soul.

      3. hawleyridge1 says:

        No Green Card Peatro? Scared? ‘Bye!

        1. ADRoberts says:

          What a jerk you are. Peatro seems to be one of the few real conservatives. And I don’t believe he has need of any “green card” But you are the bully and never pass up a chance tto try to dominate.
          You WILL answer to God for your wickedness.

        2. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Perfect exsample of shear stupidity. Clearly you’ve never ever step one single foot outside of your small town state of mind. Green card not required . When one is third generation living loving an thriving and fighting for America. As well for the benefit of your ignorant no load dumb ass. . Not to confuse those of the low info voter varity. But yes my given name an Sir name are both derived from the latin. But not of the Latino varity. Are you able to pull your head out from your arse long enough to gather some fresh air so that you might improve the brain function . Think Dummy ! Of The true latin there are 5 languages directly derived from it. Think hard but don’t hurt that pea size brain. Which one might my first and sir names origins be

        3. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Looks like that troll, ADRoberts is back again. His elevator can’t get past the first floor. He rant like a man with a paper……… brain (?) Oops I forgot he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer! In other words, every time he opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it. Boy, he’s ignorant.

      4. Eleanor Cummings says:

        And it’s a system that has to be stopped, as Trump said!. In order to stay in business, or conduct business, you paid for that “privilege” to the crooked officials or professional politicians or — you were OUT OF BUSINESS!! Been going on for too many years!

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Wrong I’ve thrived in bussiness myself for over 25 years never ever having to buy off or pay of any politician.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Lucky you. Not many businesses get away with not bribing someone in the town or city where they live – like putting the called for the bribe money being put in a “yellow envelope” and dropped off where you are told?? Yep, but try to prove it, huh?? Don’t act naïve and say “wrong”‘. It happens!!!!!

          2. Peatro Giorgio says:

            O horse crap’ola !There are thousands of small business each day Through out america who refuse to pay kick backs or bribe political hacks for favors. The owners moral and ethical principles will not allow for them to Stoop so low. First off the profit margins aren’t there for them to even think of doing so. Further more the vast majority of us would never, ever consider pursuing such crapola. I do agree with your assertion though it does happen and it happens more often then not. Under liberal, progressive democrat controlled towns and cities . Where as we all know corruption runs rampant . Yes it is also true it does occur in some Republican controlled areas as well. However If one were to take the opportunity to compile a list of all the Republican and all the democrat politicians who have either been charged or convicted.That list on balance leans heavily to the left

    2. ADRoberts says:

      When you face someone who is as evil and deceptive as Trump is, I understand them being, “Anyone but Trump” The question is how you can support someone who is
      1. Foul mouthed even in public
      2. Falsely claims to be a Christian and is NOT smart enough to even say the things it takes to make such a claim
      3.Philanders and brags about it.
      4. Claims to be PROLIFE and yet gives to PP
      5. Knows so little about the SCOTUS and the law that he told Kim Davis to “obey the law of the land” when she WAS obeying the law. There was no law authorizing homosexual marriage and still isn’t as the SCOTUS cannot make law. But he does support homosexuals.
      6. Falsely smears just about everyone, including Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz. Never has specified a single lie that Cruz is supposed to have told? WHY? Because IF he were to be specific, Cruz has the video of Trump in his OWN WORDS saying just what Cruz accused him of.

      :You lie. We want to end the FIFTY years plus that the Establishment has ignored grass root conservatives. But putting a FAKE conservative in office just because you THINK he suddenly became a TOTAL conservative after DECADES of radical liberalism is truly delusional.

      1. Smart Southerner says:

        Are you on the Cruz payroll? I see that you have distorted information about Trump ALMOST as much as Lyin’ Ted.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Adroberts is one nasty poster. He is has been prolific so I would say your post is right on Smart Southerner. Apparently he is on a mission to smear but that is fine, Lying Ted suits such a loser.

          1. helensatmary says:

            The only policy Trump knows is to smear others. What will he negotiate with World Leaders, Make fun of their looks, what they say or how they eat?? Trump should look in the mirror and he will see SCAREY FACE TRUMP!!! ILL MANNERED TRUMP, SOCIALLY UNEDUCATED TRUMP, NO MIND TRUMP!

          2. gavinwca says:

            And then there is lying Ted.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            And again. I challenge you to delineate a single statement that Ted said about Donald, the Rug that was NOT TRUE.
            You are a chip off the old lying block. Trump cannot refute a thing Cruz says. NOT A THING. So he keeps calling Cruz, “lying Ted” KNOWING that “low information” people like you will believe him.
            Trump; had said it. He bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and would not lose a single vote. I heard him say it. And THAT shows just how little HE THINKS of you. lol.

          4. helensatmary says:

            That is exactly what I mean. Trump cannot debate, he has no concept of how to run a Country….Thus, he makes fun of people, demeans people, calls them names. Is this how he will negotiate with a foreign leader. say they talk funny, or they are liars, or they do not know how to eat properly, maybe their wife does not show it off as well as his…..Is this the TRASH you realy want in the WH followed by the insipid ass Obama!!!! What the hell happen to REAL Americans?????????????????????
            And let us not forget Trump University……He is accused of SCAMMING his students and it is NOT looking good. Maybe he should serve his TERM behind BARS!

          5. hawleyridge1 says:

            Boy, are you libs scared or just stupid? I’ll bet you voted for big ears. Either that or you are feeding at the public trough.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            Just like always. Trumpsters have NO other ability to think except that those who oppose their “Precious” must be libs, or marxists or want Hillary for president. And just like Trump, it is all lies that come from the FACT that you have NOTHING ELSE TO SAY to defend him.
            YOU LOSE>

          7. hawleyridge1 says:

            If you want a socialist America, go ahead vote Hillary. Be my guest. All of the other bottom feeders are along with the top 1/10 of 1%. You know, your heroes; Soros, the establishment, the Clintons.. Vote commie, I just don’t give a shit what you do.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            And once again. Trumpsterfs are sure that everyone who is not for Trump must be for Clinton. Illogical and irrational. But it seems that you can’t think of any other possibility. LOL.

            Now I will predict that likely Trump does win. And by April 30, 2017, you will be hiding are refusing to admit that you supported him. Such is his deception and what he WILL do when he get the office. HE LIES>

          9. gf says:

            Well, the USA has been getting screwed, by other world leaders. I will take the 12 year old bully, to kick some ass!

          10. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Albert Einstein once said: “Intelligence has it’s limits but STUPIDITY HAS NO LIMIT!!” Judging by the majority of the voters, I do think most Americans are FINALLY waking up!! Trump will win by a landslide. You believe the lying mainstream liberal media!! What you are accusing Trump of, check and find out who said what. Table manners? You have to have them when dining with dignitaries. Bully tactics?? That’s like the “cross-fire” Rubio and Cruz pulled on Trump at that debate!! Negotiations? Trump does that everyday in his businesses. How’s YOUR business acumen?? Who made fun of his looks first?? The GOP RINO’s, that’s who. Want some links to follow so you can check this all out??

          11. ADRoberts says:

            I have beaten you before many times. And now you hope to avoid direct contact. LOL. Yes, I am prolific. And yes, I am good at what I say because I am right.
            And no, you keep losing because you are unable o defend a worthless wicked man who is lying about just about everything.
            I will make it easy. He claimed to be a Christian. Just show me where his life indicates he really is one.
            That should be easy. Otherwise, you and he are LIARS.

          12. Eleanor Cummings says:

            I don’t even read his drivel anymore. If it’s on a site like this, I just skip his comment. If his “reply” hits my email, I just “click” as soon as I see his name and “bingo” – he’s gone! I’d rather read comments from interesting people!

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Just like always. I stated facts. You refused to address a single one. And what does that prove?
          You lost. I won the discussion

          1. hawleyridge1 says:

            You are simply an ignorant, establishment loving, egotistical prick.That is all right. Be all you can be. Back a loser all the way to Cuba.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            I love it. The sure sign that someone has lost. They use profanity and call nasty names.
            Thank you.

        3. ADRoberts says:

          YOU made the statement.
          Prove that what I have said is not true. Use your own words and logic and facts. Just like all the rest. YOU CAN’T.

      2. Ken says says:

        Bob – put your head back in your safe place so the brown ring around your neck doesn’t show – PC Sucks. Now that you have identified yourself as part of the noisy group that call themselves Christians I’m not surprised. As a Christian and Constitutional Government Conservative I have watched this noisy group give Conservatives and Christians a bad name.

        BTW Trump does NOT call himself a Conservative – He is a Moderate with some Conservative principles. That beats the hell out of the four other President Candidates – the tag team Cruz and Kasich, Sanders and Clinton. These 4 are Professional Establishment Politician Puppets. The Establishment would be happy with any of the 4 – they win either way just like the last 27 years of no choice RINO and DEM nominees.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Ken says. Nothing proves more certain as to your lack of political awareness. As has your continued postulations of Cruz to be a puppet of the political establishment ! How deep the ignorance runs through your veins. The puppet is you and all the other Trumperteer’s. Trump the epitome of progressive-ism. He certainly has pulled your puppet strings . When you’ve claimed in your last posted comment .That we haven’t had any real choices over the past 27 years? Here again you are wrong the nation in fact had alternate choices. Ron Paul, Jesse the lunatic Ventura, As well many numorous other independent ,Libertarian, Green party ,Conservative Party candidates. Ross Perow comes to mind . It isn’t that we haven’t had other candidates or parties to chose from .It is that the vast majority have and had chosen other wise. Suggestion If your unhappy with the particular party with which you are affiliated with. And you despise the opposition Party Join the growing number of us Independence or non affiliated ranks. Or even join with an alternative Minor party Help build up those ranks. As for myself I believe and think both major establishment parties as a whole suck . I do however believe The honorable senator Ted Cruz to be one of the few exception In the Republican party. Mike Lee is the other. Cruz has proven himself to be truly an exception.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Well that is good to know. Trump is not a conservative. So all those conservatives who think he is can stop supporting him.
          And I guess he can stop saying all those conservative things, just because he thinks conservatives want to hear them. Like women should be punished if abortion is illegal. LOL.
          And as for your assessment of what and who is a Christian, I guess you claim to have a direct connection to God and He tell you what to say.

          No!!!!! More likely you are one of those worldly people who are always trying to put real Christians under a microscope, trying desperately to find ANYTHING you can complain about so you don’t feel guilty for being such a wicked person.
          ” Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap……..” It makes NO DIFFERENCE what you think. Your focus is to justify your compromise and desire for self and to continue to sin. I answer to God. And my conscience is clear.

          Oh, and Trump has a plan to win either way. Either he gets the nomination and the WH goes to either Clinton or him OR he splits off as an “Independent and splits the conservative vote. Yes. I said CONSERVATIVE VOTE. And that will give the WH to his GOOD FRIEND Hitlery.
          Either way, he will be happy.

  • elmcqueen3 says:

    Charles Koch just endorsed Hillary Clinton…OMG…Does anyone know what has happening to the Republican Party over the last several decades?…Are they imploding?

    1. Ken says says:

      For several years the rumors have been going around that the Kochs are Establishment. When you are in – you make more profit. Were they ever really Conservative or just a “front”?

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Koch’s are Libertarians! Nothing conservative about them . Their support of Hillary should be recognized for what it is! It is the Koch’s hedging their bets. For they are certainly informed enough to Know. Trump will lose in a general election to Hillary in a landslide margin. You all can and should bank on that fact. So sorry for you Trumperteers but you my friends are betting on a guaranteed losing miniature pony.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          BS TROLL. Charles Koch didn’t say he was going to support Hillary. He said she would have to change her rhetoric.

          And FYI, Trump can beat Hillary Benghazi Clinton with his hands tied behind his b

        2. hawleyridge1 says:

          Peatro, you poor lost soul, if you are so sure of Trump losing, go to Vegas and put every nickel you have on good old Hillary. You will then learn to read while you are sitting there dead-ass broke. Hillary can’t beat Donald Duck,say nothing about Donald Trump. All I know is, the establishment, the RINOs, the Dumocrats, and the shitheads like Soros are scared shitless that Trump is going to be President and throw their useless asses out. There it is Peatro. Like or GFY.

          1. Smart Southerner says:

            Good one, hawleyridge1.

    2. Ken says says:

      If Soros can back Kasich it must be OK for Kochs to back Hillary.

      1. elmcqueen3 says:

        Hmmm…Now that’s some food for thought…lol

    3. Glenda Jordan says:

      That was an endorsement?? Did you even see the interview or just passing along “hear say”? I saw a clip and Koch states before he could even vote for Hillary she would have to change many of her policies.

    4. Peatro Giorgio says:

      First off Both the Koch brothers are libertarians. And are not glued to either political party. They to like ! The lyin ,whiny, hump ,Trump Pay who ever they can to promote their own agenda; so long as it is profitable for them . When are the people going to realize All of big business & big government is out to screw the middle class and the poor so long as the profits,contributions,and tax revenues keep right on pouring in. Wake up O sleeping wonders. Your all acting shocked, when in reality you all should have expected as much. But then again I digress .

      1. Smart Southerner says:

        You & your other monicker are disgusting & bald-faced liars. Work for the Lyin’ Ted campaign or Hillary?

      2. hawleyridge1 says:

        Maybe you like Castro or Stalin or Bernie. If you think owning a business is bad, try paying your own way comrade.

    5. ADRoberts says:

      “Does anyone believe this Trumpster? I don’t. LOL
      The ONLY question is “Are the Kochs part of the Bilderbergs?” If they are, then they are just playing opposition in order to keep us moving toward ONE WORLD ORDER and the antiChrist.
      Money is not the end game. it is POWER. And the very rich know this well. That is why they deceive, bribe, (Trump), lie, (Trump) and make sure that BOTH candidates belong to them.
      II Chronicles 7:14. The only hope left.
      But then you have to be a follower of Jesus Christ and God for that to work. And even then, as Baruch found out, it does not always save a righteous man from judgement on a nation.

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