Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson’s Aide, Attacks Al Sharpton

by Steve Guest
April 14, 2016

Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson’s business manager, says that the Clintons “will say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected.”

During a panel at that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference in New York on Wednesday, Williams said, “We sit here, you hear the race speeches because they feel that’s what you want to hear today. Everything in America is not always about race.”

“Make these people earn your vote,” Williams insisted. “If it’s Donald Trump, so be it. If it’s Bernie Sanders, so be it. Do not allow the Clintons and the establishment to waltz in here and wave their hand and everything is OK. Let them earn your vote, OK?”

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  • Anthony says:

    I can not understand why people get off on Sharpton, just looking at this man you can tell that he have serious problems, he looks like a rat that was just dragged out the bottom of the river, OMG put him back PLEASE.

  • gf says:

    I saw today, the pandering by HRC, and Berine, for the black vote. Disgusting, does not even come close!

  • Eleanor Cummings says:

    BS, pmbalele! You know and I know that Ben Carson WAS soft spoken and on the quiet side, which is definitely NOT what we need right now. If he’d shown the fire he NOW has a bit earlier, he’d have gone farther. He is a brilliant man, and America needs him and every man and woman like him, REGARDLESS OF COLOR, CREED, OR ETHNIC BACKGROUND. Mark my words, Ben Carson will become another MLK – a legend in his own time. As for the “black” president in the WH? THINK AGAIN! Uh, huh, except for one thing! Obama lied about that too! He duped us again! Even his race is a fraud, according to his Kenyan cousin. His mother was white but his father only had 6% black blood, the rest is Arab, hence his light color and non-negro features. He duped us all again!! He hates his white AND his black blood, identifying as a Muslim ARAB. The laugh’s on us! He wanted to get elected so he used the race card. Michelle is black, Obama is not. So you see, HE CAN’T claim that as HIS legacy. Perhaps later, our Ben will have that distinction, but it WILL be an American black, not an African black, in the WH. Now look at Ben with more respect for WHO HE IS, rather than what you perceive him to be in your racist mind. He is becoming much more outspoken and telling it like it is. HE IS NOT A LOSER!!

    1. Myrtle Linder says:

      Millions were not duped, we who voted against him knew, twice, that he was a Muslim, and tried to get the truth across to the people, the people were not looking for the truth. They wanted the world to know they were not prejudiced against blacks just Christians.

      He a Christian? In a pigs eye!!

  • pmbalele says:

    Carson should have listened to me – his big brother. Carson thought would be GOPers favorite for attacking Obamacare in front of President Obama to please GOP elites. GOPers loved him and encouraged him to run for WH job. Then GOP noticed he starting polling high beating Trump, Bush and Chris. That did not sit well with Repubs and TPs. TPs and Repubs started complaining: “We do not want another Black Family in the WH-the WH was built for Whites.” Carson should have remembered how TPs and Repubs treated Herman Cain when he polled top – beating Romney and other white males in 2012. They slandered Cain as a White women-underwear groper. I have told Blacks and White women to leave GOP and join the Big Tent –Democrats. Carson with all his brains is finding out the hard way. TPs and Repubs hate Blacks and other racial minorities. Just see how they are treating Bush III for marring a Mexican. GOPers have abandoned Bush III for that reason alone. Carson is also paying for it. GOP is a party of racists, bigots, corrupt and primitive people living in a developed country.

    1. Duane L Petersen says:

      The only racist in this piece of propaganda is you and the DemocRATs that you get on your knees for.

    2. mickeymike2 says:

      BS. I like Carson. He’s extremely smart. His only problem is he is not dynamic enough – too soft spoken to gain the support of many. To my knowledge he never polled higher than Trump. Certainly not after the debates started.
      You sound like Clinton and Obama. Win by dividing America. Trump could be the best friend that Black Americans have had for a very, very long time. He can return manufacturing to America’s cities providing work for those who live there. Allowing them to stop being slaves to government handouts (in exchange for their vote) and get onto the path of independence and success and enjoying the American Dream of self sufficiency. The Democrats have for too long made many Black Americans modern slaves . . . votes in exchange for a meager stipend called welfare. Black Americans more than compete in entertainment and sports, there is no reason, given the opportunity and incentive, that they can’t compete in business.

      1. pmbalele says:

        What did you say – “Carson is not dynamic enough – too soft spoken to gain the support of many? That is exactly what you and GOPers want in a Black male-Mr. nice guy. You would not like Carson to rumble like Al or Jesse. You would brand him as too aggressive for his color. Actually Carson wanted the WH job by playing the Affirmative Action card. He did not know Repubs and TPs hate Blacks and AA programs.

        1. mickeymike2 says:

          BS. I am not prejudice against anyone because of color. I’d love to see him at some high level in the government. I contributed to his campaign. But it became obvious that he didn’t have what many expect and want for their president. Don’t give me that “Republicans hate blacks.” Prejudice has nothing to do with party affiliation. Hilary (and Obama) make their hay by keeping many Black Americans on their side by keeping them under control with welfare programs designed just for that purpose and to make them feel like they have to vote democrat to keep those benefits. If someone like Trump gets elected and can bring manufacturing back to the US, you will see that our center cities will have a chance to recover and our Black Americans will be able to get out from under the control of the democrats.

    3. USNavyPatriot says:

      I’m a life-long conservative, not always identifying with GOP. I was so happy Dr. Carson ran, and so disappointed when this soft-spoken intellectual was beaten up in the campaigning. The Establishment has me so pissed off that I’m writing in Ben Carson come Nov 2016.

      1. Patricia says:

        First, thank you for your service!
        Please, don’t, I agree with you, however, we MUST defeat Killary!
        If you don’t vote for Sen Cruz, (whom I believe is going to crush it at The National Convention), you can’t cancel a vote for Killary 😉

        1. USNavyPatriot says:

          Seriously, I will vote for either Cruz or Trump in November 2016 because we MUST NOT allow #CrookedHillary or Bernie to set foot near our White House! If the RNC puts anyone else as nominee, then it really doesn’t matter who wins. Establishment is Establishment, regardless of party, and either one gets same screwy results….the continued destruction of America.

          1. Patricia says:

            Thank you, I agree, I will vote for either.
            I do think that Sen Ted Cruz’ plan is good, check it out: I think you’ll like what you read 😉

  • HENRI says:


    1. Vangie Martinez says:

      That would be a very good idea for all those who said they would move out of the Country if Trump was President. Then maybe they would appreciate more of what they truly had here. Let them get a taste of the “Socialism/Marxism” in other Countries, Oh, but, wait a minute, they may not, because, actually they would be the “Rich” and not the Poor in those Countries so the true hardship that they go through wouldn’t even phase them. They would be laughing it up and partying with those who made their Countries a disaster.

    2. Patricia says:

      If Sen Cruz wins as well!!

  • PEGIDA USA says:

    Al Sharpton is a disgrace to his race .

    1. po'ed in az says:

      Correction if I may, Al Sharpton is a disgrace to ANY race.

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