Army Sgt. Bergdahl pleading guilty to desertion, misbehavior

October 16, 2017

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl told a military judge on Monday that he’s pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

“I understand that leaving was against the law,” said Bergdahl, whose decision to walk off his remote post in Afghanistan in 2009 prompted intense search and recovery missions, during which some of his comrades were seriously wounded.

“At the time, I had no intention of causing search and recovery operations,” Bergdahl said, but he added that now he does understand that his decision prompted efforts to find him.

Bergdahl, 31, is accused of endangering his comrades by abandoning his post without authorization. He told a general after his release from five years in enemy hands that he did it with the intention of reaching other commanders and drawing attention to what he saw as problems with his unit.

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  • Pete Bundy says:

    And Obama traded five top terrorist for this low life deserter. Remember the Rose garden with this guys parents? Can Obama be brought up on charges as well? And now that Bergdahl has pled guilty how about taking him out and shooting him?

  • Thomas Goss says:

    This COWARD son of a bitch should have been placed in front of a firing squad along time ago and EXECUTED.

  • Stash Holly says:

    Take him out behind a building and put a Bullet into his Deserter Head. When we end the Draft there were certain things we agreed to and that included to try people for DESERTION IN THE TIME OF WAR. He is either a Traitor or a Deserter and both deserve to die for putting their fellow service men in harms way. By the way you can’t have it both ways, women in combat with losers like Bergdahl or keep woman out of combat. Execute him.

  • Ken says says:

    Our Traitor in Chief sent 5 terrorists back to work to get traitor Bregdahl freed. Now that is something to put in that POS’s Legacy along with Racebaiter.

  • Tiger says:

    Of course he admitted to what he did, just shit outa luck O is out of office so he got his justice, good to see.

    “Bergdahl said, but he added that now he does understand that his decision prompted efforts to find him.”

    How do degenerates like this with the brains of a piece of lettuce get into the military? Oh that is right, Obama was in office for eight years.

    Shoot him.

  • 7818TD says:

    This despicable Obama favorite should spend the rest of his Natural Life in Leavenworth! He committed desertion as well as treason.

  • Jose says:

    He will whine that he pleaded guilty because he was forced to do so under attorney advise. He will claim his attorney failed him so his plea should be set aside. Watch and see

  • steve whitlow says:

    JP don’t forget # 1 on the LIST’S of many is BENGAZI & the Uranium plunder & so many others. ZERO has a TOP 100, being elected in 2008 & 2012 should be on the list, Iran $$$$ deal and it goes on & on..Thanks, SCW a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971…..

  • Wayne says:

    Firing squad would indicate some level of respect for him, hanging does not. Hang him

  • Webb says:

    Judgement Time for Bergdahl…
    A Deserter…Nothing More, Nothing Less, whatever punishment is reached by the military court, He Deserves!
    May it be a Life Sentence or Death by Firing Squad…
    Obama and Rice, will always be remembered for Praising This Traitor to his Comrades In Arms and America…
    To You that have Served America in Uniform…God Bless You!!
    ★☆★ Garry Owen…1st CAV.

  • Norman Fox says:

    this is treason and should be treated as such. Hanging or firing squad. Simple and to the point

  • metheoldsarge says:

    I suspect there was a deal made in this. Just have to wait and see what it is.

  • John Siemens says:

    Bergdahl pleaded to this only to save his life. I believe he left his post in order to join the Taliban because he was Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer. His actions got several US soldiers killed, not just hurt as stated above. He deserves the death sentence. Wonder what the real sentence will be?

    Bergdahl only came back because he was forced to by the Taliban in order to get their 5 senior leaders out of GITMO. Obama is complicit in all this and also deserves a trial and execution for his treason. Too bad it will never happen.

    1. Blas Taon says:

      Obama must have some knowledge of the cover up, the power to know the truth about Sgt. Bergdahl’s action was in his fingertips, instead he insulted the citizens of America by acting as a complicit in the trading of the five terrorists.

  • Albert Ambrosia says:

    THIS POS needs to #1 be broken down to pvt, repay all monies etc he has collected when upped to SGT.
    He needs to be treated like any deserted LIFE in prison, no parole or do what Gen Dwight D Eisenhower did in WW2, SHOOT THE LOW LIFE BASTARD and send the cost of the bullets to his parents!
    This POS needs to be executed and at the same time do Soros et al!

  • Joe Smith says:

    I hope Susan Rice , Odumbo and Bergdahl have a good last meal together right before their last cigarette, right before the firing squad

  • Joann Holmes says:

    Does he get to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison, lets hope so.

    1. Norman Fox says:

      would rather execute the bastard, done and done, saves tax dollars

  • maxx says:

    He is pleading “guilty” first because he IS guilty and second he is trying to get a much reduced punishment. Six of his comrades in arms died trying to find that a$$hole so he deserves to be “hanged” or face a firing squad.

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    We the people knew this from the start. Obummer only made a fool out of himself. Now put him front of a firing squard

    1. Frederick Charles Lucia says:

      you can’t make a fool of yourself if you have no Pride or any honor

  • Steve says:

    Obastard & clintons , etc., etc., are even more treasonous , exponentially by far …………..

  • Sweet willy says:

    Well, sgt Bergdahl decided he is really, really guilty. Can’t shoot him, this is an un-declared military action. Write him in care of Ft Levenworth. Perhaps POS obmacrap will recind the “hero” commentary and apologize to those that were shot up. I don’t see that happening. MAGA

  • stgabrn says:

    Firing squad. He deserves nothing less. Don’t tell me it was his age. He knew the military code of justice,,and he was not mistreated by his unit, I would bet. He was a chicken sh cry baby. thought he could get a discharge but it backfired on him. Useless coward. Hey I know that young soldiers or any branch of the military, are probably scared but their sense of duty and patriotism is stronger. Want to know how I know, because I was young when I joined. But you obey the commanders and the rules. It is like any rules,,they help the inexperienced ones and usually helps to keep them safe.

  • Mary Stepleton-Hitt says:

    It indeed is treason not to mention that six military personnel were killed while looking for him. A side note: Why is ABC News just now releasing a video that is a year old, that’s right prior to the election, blaming President Trump?

  • Navy Bob says:

    And we traded, what, 5 high valued terrorists for this POS? I hope Obama and his Admin are proud of what they did. I hope they are proud of this “American Hero” (their term). I wonder what they would say to the families of those who died or were injured looking for this rat.

    1. Frederick Charles Lucia says:

      You know I do believe they are proud actually as bizarre and barbarous is that would seem

  • Thomas Goss says:

    I don’t care what the son of a bitches excuse for DESERTING his post is, the bastard should be placed in front of a firing squad and EXECUTED, TODAY.

    1. madmax says:

      sons of bitch

      1. chw2000 says:

        NO, son of a bitch’s

  • PatriotGal says:

    “misbehaving”? Misbehaving is when my two-year old won’t say “please”. What Bergdahl did was out and out TREASON!

    1. Navy Bob says:

      “Misbehavior before the Enemy” is not the same as a 2 year old “misbehaving”. The term means your conduct is inconsistent with the values and code of the military while engaged in combat actions. Basically it means “running away”, which is what this cowardly POS did. It is also a “lesser included offense” of treason and desertion. The charge is a very serious one from a Military standpoint. At least with Obama gone he will get more than a slap on the wrist like that traitor, Bradley Manning.

      1. Jonathan says:

        I think you need to re-read the post that you are commenting on.

        1. Retired says:

          You believe the article more than the Military code and the Oath when sworn in ????? You must not have served .

        2. Navy Bob says:

          Re-read her comment. She spoke of her 2 year old misbehaving. I commented on the term “Misbehavior before the enemy”. I fail to see the reason for your post.

          1. Jonathan says:

            As I read your comment it looked like you were saying she was comparing the two, and saying that she was equating misbehaving with the treason, That’s all, and if you were offended, I’m sorry.

          2. Navy Bob says:

            Never offended by civil discourse and honest mistakes/misunderstandings. 🙂

      2. Retired says:

        After Manning got away with what he did , hard to say what will happen . To bad Trump can not reverse Obamas decision .Any other country they would be executed .

    2. Norman Fox says:

      hang the bastard

    3. theseer says:

      the military court use to be tough dealt out equal justice for serious crimes but since nidahl husseins case after he murdered 13 american soldiers on base…they prove to be less than honorable as hussein is still alive…never executed…

      1. Retired says:

        Probably were given no choice if they wanted finish the 20 year hitch .

    4. pappy450 says:

      I am surprised OSCUMBAG the MOOSLIME TREASONOUS TRAITOR FRAUD, didn’t “pardon” him before he left office.

      1. Lawrence Passmore says:

        can’t be pardoned until found guilty by a court. I think I an right

      2. Frederick Charles Lucia says:

        I suspect he thought Hillary would be in to protect him

    5. Tiger says:

      Amazing this is the new mindset. All over this country and what really gets me is the communist who graduated from West Point and now in Afghanistan. Makes me wonder just how many more like these and would the military turn on us.

  • Pat Cross says:


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