As lawmakers clash over refugees, Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012

December 17, 2015

A proposal to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States has ignited a bitter debate in Washington, but more than 10 times that number of people from the embattled country have quietly come to America since 2012, according to figures obtained by

Some 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the U.S. as legal permanent residents or through programs including work, study and tourist visas from 2012 through August of this year, a period which roughly coincides with the devastating civil war that still engulfs the Middle Eastern country. Experts say any fears that terrorists might infiltrate the proposed wave of refugees from United Nations-run camps should be dwarfed by the potential danger already here.

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  • pete G says:

    This President is a dirty sneak. He does something against the will of the people THEN it’s brought out later AFTER it’s done. About as transparent as a led wall.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Mr. Trump is correct to place American security above PC!

    Deport all muslims from the west at once!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, ……FOREVER!

    islam is NOT a religion of peace!
    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is
    completely incompatible with western civilization!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim resettlement policies along with race baiting have created an ongoing SECOND 9/11 terrorist attack against America!!

    I will even call it a US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police!

    Congress just passed a spending bill, allowing this to happen NOW!!

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach him now you skulking cowards!

    One small problem. …There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

  • LaRae Bailey says:

    The GOP establishment is increasing the number of muslims to 250,000 not the ten thousand they are admitted to. These rhinos can’t be trusted anymore than Obama himself. The parties both have to go, vote for Trump

  • BOC says:

    Fear Mongering and race baiting are a great embarrassment to this country and it’s people. It also displays a high level of ignorance when you trufully consider how this country became a great nation. Criminals, Drug Cartels, and terrorists infiltrated America, long before any terrorist epidemic that hasn’t occurred in this country.

    1. Gnowark says:

      I’m assuming you are talking about early twentieth century gangs, that used crime, drugs, and extortion to ply their trade. I must disagree that those criminal enterprises are what made America great, and I question if YOU really want that type of society to be resurrected? I want legal immigrants to assimilate, not segregate, and I also do not want “fear mongering and race baiting” to be used as a weapon to change our host society into the same society that was refuged. We have an imperfect society, and I don’t believe straining it more will help this society, or the refugees that ‘want’ to come.

      1. BOC says:

        Stop fabricating. Go back and read it again.

    2. LaRae Bailey says:

      What rock are you living under?

      1. BOC says:

        That’s just it, I’m looking at the forest, not just the trees.

  • enubus says:

    Congress is as useless tits on a boar! Obama should be tried for treason as as all those government minions that participated, Impeachment will never happen because of feckless Republicans. That is why I became an Independent. The old saying that the Demorats are the party of evil, and the Republicans are the party of stupid is true, except we can add a new concomitant they are evil as well.

  • hbcark says:

    Makes you wonder who the criminals are? Federal government?

    Naw, surely not. LOL

    Franklin Graham said he used to be a Republican but now he is an Independent voter.

  • paulyz says:

    EXACTLY why we need Trump, not anymore wishy-washy, politically correct politicians! Trump will stop this and Illegal Trespassing as well!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Yes Trump would only throw out the first and fourth amendments on day one. He did get a nice endorsement today though, Putin likes him.

      1. Did Trump tell you that? You must have talked to him, he must have told you what his plans are!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          He has been saying it for weeks now, where have you been. He has no real plans though, just grand schemes. Mosques closed, people in camps, and end due process under the law for Muslims and any other group he wants. Listen to what he says. Look at his real history. Check the facts on what he says. Give him the same scrutiny you would give Hillary.

          1. LaRae Bailey says:

            Muslims have no rights before they are here so stop them from coming, watch the rest closely, deport or jail the terroists. Mosques breed terroism and recruit. His plans are kept close to the vest because the rest of them are jumping on the bandwagon speech of his ideas as soon as the people show they like it, but they are lying. He will surround himself with the top people who are honest and know their business to make sure that the American people and the country are saved. Any other politician who would win will only give you more of the same old crap. They’re actively seeking to destroy the country and the Constitution.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You haven’t been listening to what he is saying. Trump doesn’t believe in our system of government or our constitution. Trump would ignore the Supreme Court, He doesn’t understand what the President can and can’t do and could care less about the bill of rights. You will notice he uses “I ” more then “We”.

      2. LaRae Bailey says:

        Even if he did, it’s not any worse than the rest of them intend to do

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You are right on the republican candidates.

      3. paulyz says:

        Obama already DID violate our Constitution by his Executive Order Amnesty. Putin has zero respect for Obama, so he won’t negotiate with him. Suddenly you’re concerned about our Bill of Rights I see, after wanting to ignore the 2nd. Amendment.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          What amnesty? Reagan gave Amnesty, not Obama. Obama gave delayed enforcement. Big difference. Why did Kerry meet with the Russians yesterday if Putin wouldn’t negotiate? Why did the Russians work with the American on the treaty with Iran? In guess the meeting on the Nov. 30, 2015 between Putin and Obama didn’t happen. No one is ignoring the second amendment. All freedoms do have their limits even the second amendment or so says the Supreme Court.

  • Philip Allen says:

    All Members of Congress that votes to let these refugees weather from Mexico , Syria, or some other country allowing Criminals, Drug Cartels, and terrorist to infiltrate America. They all will be like President Obama soon or later they will have blood on their hands when the terrorist start destroying and killing Americans. Obama as Commander In Chief let Isis rise to the level they are now! The Federal Government one Responsibility is to protect the American Citizens and the States from enemies foreign and domestic which President Obama has failed to do. Instead of a President that blames the killings on guns and the lack of gun control which would not have prevented most of the mass shootings and the one in California. This President really needs help from Congress. So I recommend Congress steps up and helps the President. The first way the Congress can step up and help Obama is to impeach him and have him removed from office. The second way they can help the President is to get the Federal Courts to try the President for treason. Then we can put in and elect a President that supports the will and protects the American Citizen. Not only gun rights, but our liberties and freedoms and from enemies foreign and domestic. But with Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House (another John Boehner) and Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader giving President Obama everything he want…that will probably happen. Sooner or later these two men will have blood on their hands as they support letting refugees into the United States which Isis have said they will mix in with. This really show you haw stupid and ignorant most of our leaders and politicians are. Need I Say More?

    1. podunk1 says:

      Obama’s 7.9 million 5% unemployment deception is really 38.7 million 23.1% on comparable 1997/2008 BLS averages! @ BLS October wages with employer tax/fringes, it’s $2.6 trillion annually stolen from citizens by RINO/democrat progressive outsourcing jobs and insourcing criminal government subsidized alien workers! THROW RYAN, RINOS, and democrats OUT NOW!!! BAG OF ROCKS FOR CHRISTMAS??? NO! IT’S TYRANNY AND BONDAGE!

      The nation isn’t committing suicide! It’s being eaten alive by a cancer of corruption and treason within the 535 USA governing body! Let them implant their alien Trojan horses and locust armies, and this nation and citizens will perish!

      The numbers & freferences:
      NOV. EMPLOYMENT BLS w/f population 251,747,000, workforce 157,301,000 (62.484%), employed 149,364,000, BLS “unemployed” 7,937,000 (5.05%)… want job (Sch. A1) 5,636,000 (3.58%)… erased from workforce (shrink) 4,476,000 (2.85%)… totals 18,049,000 (10.78%*) unemployed “people” on same comparable workforce 1997/2008 pre-Obama average basis.
      BLS 1997/2008 workforce average 66.50066% eligible population applied to November 251,747,000 population is 167,413,000 comparable workforces. That less 149,364,000 employed verifies 18,049,000 @ 10.78%* jobless!

      As surely as 2 full time workers with 2 laid off is the same as 4 workers working half time, any part-time workforce does not reflect unemployment, joblessness, nor economic consequences. Clearly, 149,364,000 employed @34.5 hour/week (86.25%) exposes only 128,826,000 actual full-time jobs and reveals 20,537,000 (12.27%) HIDDEN UNEMPLOYED NONPRODUCTIVE JOBLESS PEOPLE! Phantom bodies earn and produce NOTHING!
      Combined, 38,537,000 (23.05%) citizens are nonproductive, wage-less, and joblessness because progressive democrats and RINOS outsourced “middle-class jobs” to communist Chinese slave labor camps PLUS giving full taxpayer paid welfare and infrastructure benefits to 11 to 20 million criminal alien invaders PLUS ANOTHER 20 to 30 million “government invited” aliens with full citizen infrastructure benefits to flood the free labor market, to drive down citizen wages!

      Although no oath-taken politician will expose this travesty, 38,537,000 joblessness times the BLS $25.25 average wage @2080/hrs/yr. with a rounded 30% employer paid fringe/regulations added ($68,276/yr.) exposes a $2.6 TRILLION ANNUAL CATASTROPHIC ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST THE USA!! That’s more than enough to restore debt free US prosperity!

      1. LaRae Bailey says:


    2. BOC says:

      “The first way the Congress can step up and help Obama is to impeach him and have him removed from office?”

      No! This should have been done when W. Bush was in office. You’re confused or just don’t understand politics, economics or finance.

      “The second way they can help the President is to get the Federal Courts to try the President for treason?”

      Treason: is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.

      Obviously the President (44), doesn’t fit this description. He’s recognized for his leadership throughout the free world. For you to even disrespect his office which the majority of Americans elected him, ‘TWICE ‘[’09/’12]’ is disingenuous to say, at the very least.

      “Sooner or later these two men will have blood on their hands as they support…..?” You’re referring to W. Bush and Dick ‘KBR/Halliburton’ Cheney, right? Throw in Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowicz and the ” Wolfowicz Doctrine,” while you’re ranting in vain about blood on someones hands.

      After 4,486 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq and 2,345 U.S. soldiers died in
      Afghanistan, 1 million U.S. soldiers wounded in both wars, and a potential cost of up to $6 trillion. This is a lot of body-bags, which ‘W’ was sneaking through the airport at night and a lot of loot which could have saved a whole lot of jobs and fed a whole lot of people.

      W. Bush left the Sunnis out of the political process which spawned a new group called ISIL/ISIS which are now causing havoc in the Middle East and Europe. Let’s not forget the homegrown wannabe’s on American soil.

      No you shouldn’t say more because you have demonstrated your lack, or denial of, what really went on and what’s going on right now.

      1. You are so FULL OF BULLSHIT, you are pathetic! YES, arrest him for treason! You seem to think you know how our government works, the crooked bunch of bastards, why don’t you run for office?

        1. BOC says:

          Okay, we’re done here.

        2. BOC says:

          Another, Nut Job!

    3. LaRae Bailey says:

      Yet instead of getting rid of the nappy headed terroist in the white house they just vote for the same bullshit he wants

      1. pete G says:

        Franklin said the only thing worse than a tyrant is the people who watch him and do nothing. This President should have been gone 5 years ago.

    4. CharlieSeattle says:

      Correct! These ☭Traitors have an agenda that transcends patriotism, the rule of law and national security.

  • bobnstuff says:

    I wish Fox News gave links to where they get their numbers,I can find no such numbers from the Government. in 2012 and 2013 most of the middle east refugees came from Iraq not Syria. Total refugees for 2013 was 70.000. One thing I’m pretty sure of is a tourist visa does not give you permanent legal residents.

    1. John Mackey says:

      You don’t think Obama and his so called transparent government is going to tell us everything do you? After all Obama is out to destroy the US. He still hasn’t admitted that there are ISIS training camps in the U.S. and look how long it took him to finally admit that San Bernadino was a terrorist attack. Remember his great lie “ISIS/ISIL is contained” then shit hit the fan in Paris then in the US. Obama is a traitor plain and simple.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Government agencies have to report to congress in order to get money. There are reporting requirements. Those reports are public. Very little that the President can be hidden for long. How long did it take for the Iran Contra affair to come to light? When the President makes a statement you would like him to be sure it’s the truth, right. If he waits for facts it’s a good thing. The fact that you believe that there are training camps in the US proves that you don’t care about facts. Were you as upset about Sandy Hook as you are about San Bernadino? More people died there. It’s amazing how easy it is to scare conservatives, you only have to kill 14 people and they run around like their hair is on fire.

        1. John Mackey says:

          why because I’m telling the truth? Well we sure know that Obama or the Demoncratic liberals know nothing about don’t we? After all Obama and Hillary wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

          1. BOC says:

            No! because you are emotionally disconnected. What truth are you claiming to tell?

          2. NotJim says:

            “Obama and Hillary wouldn’t know the truth …”

            Actually they would — they constantly have to be on the lookout so they can grab it and deep-six it.

          3. BOC says:

            No! That be the W. Bush administration. Iraq/ Afghanistan, WMD, WALL STREET, 9/11, 401K ETC…..the list is too long to post.

        2. NotJim says:

          Peanut brittle!

          1. BOC says:

            There’s not sweet about what you posted.

          2. NotJim says:

            Says who? (I didn’t realize “sweetness” was expected.)

            Your reply to JM was, of course, full of sweetness and light. (Even less light.)

          3. BOC says:

            That’s because Jim had nothing constructive to say, what’s your excuse?

          4. NotJim says:

            Who the Hell is “Jim”? Who the Hell are you?

            nothing constructive to say

            Translation: “Not PC BS.”

            See LaRae Bailey (above). Your rock is lonesome.

    2. paulyz says:

      They will end up staying here like Millions of people that have already over stayed their visas, as well as all the criminal Illegals released. Anyone not seeing this is either in support of it, or very gullible.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Why shouldn’t they, it’s the same as getting a speeding ticket under the law. Even if they get picked up you can’t deport them without a hearing and that will take about two years since there isn’t money to pay enough judges. How long should someone be kept in jail for a traffic ticket level of crime? Being here illegally is still safer then returning to a war zone, what would you do in this case? Our immigration laws are a joke and with all the complaining there is still no reform laws in congress.

        1. BOC says:

          Our immigration laws are some of the strongest in the free world. Our focus is on the immigration process and structure, where it should be.

          1. Who are you talking too? It must be James Comey over at the FBI, he does not see it that way!

          2. BOC says:

            Tunnel vision!

          3. BOC says:

            He’s a republican, why should he. Maybe it’s time to put him in the pasture.

        2. paulyz says:

          By nforcing our Laws already leguslated, that’s how. Obama & Congress certainly isn’t worried about funds, as we clearly see by their constant deficit spending.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            In case you haven’t noticed congress must vote to spend money, no vote, no money. Congress has blocked every try to change the law or give the President the money to enforce it.

          2. paulyz says:

            Obama has gotten his debt ceiling raised every single time, causing us deeper, unsustainable debt, while conditions for Millions of Americans worsen.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            It’s funny that every other president has had the debt ceiling raised but it’s a problem doing it for Obama. When did we change the constitution to let the president spend money. Last I heard it was congress that spent the money and the debt ceiling let the government pay the bills congress has run up. Don’t you believe in paying our bills?

          4. paulyz says:

            Spending needs to be slowed & departments need to be downsized. Just like any family or business, we don’t give them an ever increasing blank check, mostly for political reasons.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Not all departments need cut but there sure are some places that the government could be cut and the only people hurt would be the contractors that are ripping of the government. Why do we hire dish washers for the military? Why are we paying the oil companies to drill for oil? A Marine make $10 to $ 20 per hour but we pay private companies $100 to $200 per hour to do the jobs that the Marines once did.

          6. paulyz says:

            So by SPENDING Trillions MORE, we need to raise the debt ceiling constantly, is your idea of fiscal responsibility? If you are worried suddenly about our Constitution, try showing a little anger at Obama ignoring some of it, along with the Democrat-Socialist Party. Our DEBT under Obama has went from 9 Trillion to 20 Trillion, with 1 more year to go!

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Paulyz, who spends the money in our government? Who is supposed to pay the bills of the country? Who’s job is it to come up with the money that was spent? Is the government allowed to default on it’s debts? Is any of these thing part of the power of the President?

          8. paulyz says:

            Did you forget Obama getting every debt ceiling increase he asked for? And still things aren’t much better, many things worse. Remember the Sequester?

          9. bobnstuff says:

            It’s not the Presidents debt, Congress spends the money. You do understand the debt ceiling has nothing to do with spending, it’s paying the bill after the money is spent. I remember the Sequester but the republicans don’t.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            It’s not the Presidents debt, Congress spends the money. You do understand the debt ceiling has nothing to do with spending, it’s paying the bill after the money is spent. I remember the Sequester but the republicans don’t.

          11. paulyz says:

            It is the demand for spending increases that Obama KNOWS will be granted by the Democrat-Socialist Party & the Republican Establishment. Constantly raising the debt ceiling CAUSES more debt. Don’t gullibly fall for their excuses.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            The congress, in fact the House spends the money, Obama can ask but he can’t demand spending. The debt ceiling is to cover money already spent, it doesn’t increase spending it only pays the bill for money that was spent. If the Congress want to spend money they really need to start passing taxes to cover their bills.

        3. paulyz says:

          The Priority Problems are an unsecured border, untracked visas, & no mandatory E-verify, all of which Obama, the Democrats, & RINO Establishment OPPOSE. They keep using the excuse of needing “comprehensive” Immigration reform to ignore the security issues. They have had decades to do this with the support of a large majority of Americans, but refuse to act.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            So where is the Immigration reform act of 2016? You can’t pass a law to fix the problem if no one writes it. I believe that Ted Cruz is in congress and isn’t that where laws are passed. When asked for more money to secure our borders who said no. The conservatives don’t want to fix the problem, they just want to whine about it. The last immigration reform bill that the Senate passed was blocked in the House, in fact it wasn’t voted on because it might have passed and it would have made Obama look good and the safety of the country comes second to preventing the President to get anything done. Why has the Congress declared war on ISIL? You have to lay the problems with the Illegals at the feet of the republicans, the Democrats passed the law to mandate E-verify.

          2. paulyz says:

            The Republican Party has put forth “Security Measures First” legislation, but it is always opposed under the excuse of “comprehensive reform.” This could easily have been accomplished long ago but for politics. Then we could have long ago dealt with the related immigration issues.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            The congress isn’t even writing bills on the immigration issue, lots of talk but no action. There are over 40 “True conservatives in congress but they are just a bunch of loud mouth do nothings just like the rest. All show but no go. They are still trying to blame everything on the President when they sit back and don’t even try to do their job.

          4. BOC says:

            That’s just it, there is no significant problem.

          5. paulyz says:

            The LAWS are already legislated, have been for decades, the problem is, enforcing them.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Since you believe it’s a workable strong law, tell me what is in it. What’s the level of crime is being here illegally? What happens to someone who employees a illegal person? Who is to do the enforcement? What must be done with a person that isn’t from Mexico or Canada? How long does it take for a hearing under this great law. On top of all that why did no other president enforce this great law?

          7. paulyz says:

            So your EXCUSE for Obama not enforcing our Laws is, to say, well, nobody else did, or, it is the people that hire them whose at fault. Obama OPPOSED mandatory E-verify, OPPOSED the border fence, SUPPORTED Amnesty, released thousands of criminal Illegals, including murderers & rapists.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            You know I tried to find anything that backed up you belief that Obama opposed mandatory E-verify and only found the democrats pushing for it back in 2009 and then again in 2014. Most of your”facts” are false or very twisted. Anyone with half a brain would understand that a 2000 mile fence is not cost effective. Obama has pushed for more border agents but the Republicans won’t give them to him. He had to pull men off the border with Canada to help on the Mexican border. As far as releasing illegals from jail, they had served the term and you can’t keep them in jail forever. The Obama so called amnesty, the only true amnesty is far less the Reagan’s and Bush Sr.’s Please read some real facts.

          9. paulyz says:

            Those CRIMINAL Illegals were ordered DEPORTED! Your gullibly believing Obama’s sneaky political tactics to appear tough on enforcement, only to try and ram through “another comprehensive” Amnesty, shows how easily it is to persuade you.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Once again did you read the immigration bill or are you once again just being a Trump and saying what ever comes to mind. You don’t know what you are talking about once again. When and if a order to deport is created by the court they end up being deported. If you would check the fact you would find the Obama has been sending these people out at a good rate but you will go to some off the wall sight and then twist their “facts” and try to say that Obama said to keep convicted criminals in the country.

          11. paulyz says:

            You are contradictory. You & Liberals like to call Conservatives & Republicans racist for wanting to deport Illegal Trespassers, but if Obama “claims” he will or does deport them, that is wonderful. But the truth is, according to ICE, tens of thousands of “set for deportation” Illegals, WE’RE released, Thousands of them criminals.

          12. BOC says:

            No truth in this at all.

        4. BOC says:

          There is nothing wrong with the laws currently on the books. The New York Times and Fox News should be held accountable for all this ‘fear mongering’ that’s going on currently. Not constructive at all, quite the opposite indeed.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            There is nothing wrong as long as you don’t mind people getting away without paying taxes and having unsafe working conditions. It’s like most things in Washington, it’s all about money. Your chicken would cost more if immigration reform is passed, so would your produce.

          2. BOC says:

            I’d like to see that economic data on chickens costing more because of immigration reform. You know, a lot of people on this thread should think before posting and not allow their emotions to cloud their judgement.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            If you go to the chicken plants in NC you will find that their labor force speaks Spanish and have fake SS numbers. As my brother in law puts it white people don’t last a week in the job. low pay, long hours and a smell that kills you. If ICE clears out all the illegals crops rot on the fields. Cheep labor keeps food costs down.

          4. BOC says:

            They have contingency plans for that. Migrant workers will not disappear. To many ‘knee-jerk’ reaction people posting on here, I tell you.

      2. BOC says:

        “staying here like Millions of people?”

        You mean like your ancestors did?

        1. paulyz says:

          Yup, our ancestors that created a Country, just like every other country in the World. And countries passed Laws by the People to NOT allow ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS.

          1. BOC says:

            So, what you’re telling me, you didn’t do well in American history class.

            You are the “ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS,” just ask the Native American Indians that were forced off their land into various plantations.

          2. paulyz says:

            You mean like all the Trespassers in Mexico, Central America, & South America also, or just the people that settled into the U.S.? Another anti-American rant perhaps?

          3. BOC says:

            I like the USA. Let’s not distort the truth as you poorly tried to attempt here.

          4. paulyz says:

            You ignored why you don’t call all the inhabitants of Mexico, Central America, & South America Trespassers, but just the inhabitants of the U.S.

            Are you a Legal American or an Illegal Trespasser?

          5. BOC says:

            Never confuse a fact with a rant.

    3. BOC says:

      FoxNews can’t give you real numbers nor can they give you a credible poll which they recently started because they couldn’t skew other legitimate pollster’s numbers for fear of being sued.

    4. LaRae Bailey says:

      That 70,000 figure for total is very incorrect

      1. bobnstuff says:

        It’s from the only place you can get those numbers, DHS.

  • Artemis says:

    A prime example of “transparent” Government”…Arm yourself people and be prepared.

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