At Least 2 Dead in Shooting at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Sheriff Says

April 8, 2016

Texas authorities said at least two people were killed Friday in an apparent murder-suicide at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland as law enforcement rushed to the scene.

The shooter, an airman, apparently killed the commanding officer of a K-9 training squadron, the Air Force Times reports.

Police found the two dead in the base’s Medina Annex and cleared other nearby buildings, Fox 29 adds. Investigators have not identified either of the dead.

Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is approximately 10 miles southwest of San Antonio. It’s home to a U.S. Air Force boot camp.

The initial reports of the shooting came in at 8:30 a.m. local time, Bexar County sheriff’s spokeswoman Rosanne Hughes told Fox News.

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  • Robert Wilson says:

    Samuel; And he was elected TWICE!!!

  • clem says:

    More “work place violence”?

  • Kathy Sessler says:

    What’s it going to take to “wake up the masses?”

  • Kitty says:

    Why no names released — take a guess..

    1. john says:

      Media cover up.Gorila war fare on our people of the United States ..

    2. LadyGreenEyes says:

      Technical Sergeant Steven Bellino was the shooter, according to one article from foxsanantonio

  • Margaret Thomason says:

    Don’t care what that old black racist bigot of a president says, it should be called for what it really is. I am sick and tired of this black jackal covering up for these terrorist buddies of his! It is what it is and can’t change it, don’t care what that black jackal says!
    Wonder how he and all his muslim buddies will feel when they all stand before God Almighty and hear Him tell them to depart and to go to their eternal home in hell for ever more.
    I am so sick and tired of them declaring that all Christians will turn to muslim when Jesus Christ comes back. What a joke, who do they think their fooling? Christians are not going to turn their backs on God the great Jehovah nor deny Jesus Christ as Lord of lords and King of kings!! Muslim is a false religion and their allah and muhammad does not exists!!!!
    Badrack Obummer is allowing these murders to happen because he wants to deplete our military at any cost and any way, shape, form or fashion! This black jackal is so sick and very much demonic possessed!!! He needs to be stopped some how, he and all his muslim brothers/buddies.
    May God great Jehovah once again pour out His grace, mercy and protection upon America and her people once again!!!!!!

  • The mass murder on-base terrorist Major Hassan Nadal who killed so many on base a few years ago was clearly identified as a Musllim Jihadist and made statements confirming the tie, but now all you hear is that it was workplace violence.
    No surprise! Obama has declared several times that when push comes to shove or the chips are down, he will side with Islam. H totally refuses to acknowledge any Muslim-based terrorism — even to censoring the French President’s speech when he visited the White House!

    I have known of Federal Protective Police (Or similar name) of the National Security Administration training and at least 30 cars with markings like that and officers in a dark gray uniform in the Honolulu area since Tea Party Command post first published a couple of articles about it a few years ago.

    I also was acquainted with a Marine Corps Sergeant in charge of a communications office om the nearby Marine base who was an active Muslim Jihadist. Wonder how many Classofied and Secret communications he passed to Muslim commanders!?

    1. Ken says says:

      You must have an inside link on the investigation. BTW – Nadal the terrorist was at Ft Hood, TX – 150 miles North of San Antonio. The French President was at an International Conference in DC when our Pretender in Chief embarrassed the USA again.

      1. Robert Wilson says:

        The fact that “It”breathes is a miracle.

  • Marc Goldstone says:


    1. Sharon says:

      Yep, bet your right.

    2. David Teel says:

      Yep, caused by bill clinton.

    3. Upaces says:

      You took the words right outta my mouth. Remember, Obama’s statement when a Muslim murdered a Military man?
      “Work place Violence”?!!

      1. raffaelecafagna says:

        Ft. Hood Texas ; muslim major Hassan ; killed 13 and wounded 32 Americans.

        1. Upaces says:

          THANK YOU!! I felt bad that I couldn’t remember where it was.

          1. raffaelecafagna says:

            No problem . I do remember because I am next door and I was there when the killing happened . At 73 , there is so much pollution in the labyrinths of my brain that I find myself thinking it is Tuesday but in fact it is Thursday .

    4. raffaelecafagna says:

      Every military base is a gun free zone

      1. Upaces says:


        1. raffaelecafagna says:

          On all military bases , only Military Police ( M.P.) have a weapon .
          No soldiers , Retirees , Civilian are allowed to have a weapon on post ; concealed included . Major Hassan went on post , Ft. Hood and killed 13 , wounded 32 Americans ; so much carnage of Innocent Americans just because No One had a weapon to defend themselves . I was there on that ” Infamous ” day and Post was on lock down for 9 hrs. A military base is Federal land ,therefore a gun free zone . Sad , very sad .

        2. LadyGreenEyes says:

          Stupid, but true. You can carry to war, but not defend your home or workplace.

    5. LadyGreenEyes says:

      Well, yes, because our military members, though they can go other laces for war, aren’t allowed to defend themselves on military bases. It’s seriously twisted.

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