Baltimore City Council Apologizes To Rioters

by The Daily Beast
April 28, 2015

The president of the Baltimore City Council apologized for calling rioters “thugs” at a press conference Tuesday, calling those responsible for the violence “misdirected” youths.

Standing side-by-side with self-proclaimed gang members, Jack Young said that gang members stood in front of stores to prevent looting and retracted claims that gang members were targeting the Baltimore police.

“We are all Baltimoreans,” Young said.

Almost 200 people were arrested during Monday night’s riots. At least 144 vehicles and 15 buildings were burned, according to the mayor’s office. The notorious Bloods and Crips have agreed to join together and protest police.

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  • John says:

    How does one not associate the thugs from being among the rioters? Maybe the city counsel believes they were firefighters, policemen and media. Or maybe extraterrestrials. Maybe the city counsel believes Freddie Gray is now a Zombie taking revenge because he did have a rap sheet for theft among other things!

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      Well, one must realize that over 200 years ago these thug’s ancestors were once slaves, so we, the whites “owe them”, TV’s, microwave’s, mattresses, booze, ect. This also means that we should baby these monsters, furnish each one everything their little heart desires. You have to remember if a black wants a lollipop, or gasoline and matches, ( for burning a city), then,PROVIDE IT.

      1. rick says:

        Since most of the city is black, justice would be for them to burn it down and chase all the tax paying citizens out of the city. Take away their welfare and they will go somewhere else. They’re destroying their own city. Seems to me they are looking for an excuse to riot and loot. What does that accomplish? It’s not justice.

    2. dennodog says:

      Let’s see: They dress about it, they brag about it and they rap about it. “It” being the “thug life”. These self described thugs are gaming those moron politicians like a bunch of idiots that they are. No “apologies” are necessary. Meanwhile lets wait for the “yoots” to apologize for their destruction of the city.

  • G Sampedro says:

    A few are Baltomoreans and a lot more are Baltomorons.

  • R. Powell says:

    Apparently the Baltimore mayor and other city officials were elected by the low IQ porch monkeys that they are defending. Give them more phones, TVs, and other dire necessities…it’s the liberal (commie) way.

    1. Ron says:

      You forgot to give them liquor daily.

  • Observant_One says:

    What’s the point in apologizing to a bunch of thugs who trashed the city. They should be picking up trash along the streets for making the mess in the first place. Another example of liberal thinking at work. I applaud the one mother who went after her son and got him out of there. That woman showed some sense, and if more parents would do the same, this rioting crap would not happen as often.

    1. Johnnyappleseed says:

      They deserved to be burnt down, apologizing to thugs,thieves, and looters, it would be best to if you will, to call a spade a spade instead of a shovel.

  • Evelyn Parker says:

    What is the new name for individuals that throw bricks at police?
    General Douglas MacArthur spoke of the long gray line, I saw the thin blue line in Baltimore.
    What jobs? In the last five years over 85% of the new jobs, in the United States have gone to individuals born outside of the United States.

    Voter ID – passport for everyone in order to vote.
    Birth certificate or citizenship papers
    Picture is needed
    Independent verification of information
    Finger print on passport and for Voting would be needed.
    A person voted for Mr Obama – seven times – with finger print matching this type of problem could be easily solved.
    I would like every United States Citizen to vote. I do not want individuals that are in the United States illegality to vote.
    Make it easy for every military person to vote via computer.
    Take the contract for making the voting machines away from Spain.

    1. dennodog says:

      Evelyn, these politicians are capable of ending all voter fraud throughout the nation in less than a week. You can go to an ATM in Asia and withdraw cash from a NY bank in seconds. Lottery machines and race track tote machines can accept and pay out BILLIONS of number combinations, also in seconds. Do they mean to tell us that there isn’t the technology to assure one person, one vote, fraudless elections?? It’s out there. It’s been there for decades. They just don’t want to clean up their criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, if there is a single issue that is going to cause fighting in the streets, it will be another major election decided by voter fraud.

  • elda says:

    So Freddie the thug has spinal surgery a few days before he is arrested when he is supposed to be keeping his spine still in bed. He is probably on so many pain killers he doesn’t even feel any pain while dealing drugs. He is the one that caused his death and once again there seems to be WAY more to a story than the news people are willing to report. You don’t think they have an agenda to cause trouble…..trouble Obama is hoping for?

    1. Gary Picha says:

      They are thugs & like a rabit dog, they should be shot.

  • the redhawk says:

    Oh hell City Council should have listened to the PUTZ pansy Potus who wants to give all of them FREE college money and then NO JOBS so that in the future we can have COLLEGE educated Anarchists and Thugs in stead of just Uneducated THUGS to vote for the very Same IDIOTS who keep them in Their Plantations since the LBJ
    GREAT SOCIETY” that has spent over 6 Trillions in building Plantations for Votes….. all (D) iDIOTS!!!

  • podunk1 says:

    Welcome to the American Spring. Muslim radicals and gangs came to light a fire under poverty. Lock the doors, bar the windows, and lock yourself in a closet… when Obama’s torch man comes, you’ll go to the promised land where pain and suffering will be gone!

    Obama preaches eliminating poverty, ignorance, crime, killings, and depravation in the same message with racism, rioting, entitlement, physical harm, and torching the very little functional private property ghetto dwellers have. Obama sends vile anarchists, thieves, and liars in to solve the problem! When they leave the many good people are left with no hope, just the anticipation that the same thugs will be standing at their door to take what little government assistance they get… every day. Jobs and opportunity will never coexist with lawlessness and zero personal property or human rights!

    1. the redhawk says:

      ON TARGET!!!

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    The very actions of the liberals only proves that liberalism is a mental disease. Sane people do not praise civil terrorism, only the left apologizes for and condones this type of behavior.

    1. the redhawk says:

      The delusional (D) Psychopaths Politicians that have RULED Baltimore and Maryland keep on telling idiotic Platitudes and LIES but their Uneducated Voters still have NO clue as to who is GUILTY of DERELICTION OF DUTY

  • Centurion says:

    The smart thing to have done is what former Mayor Daily did when he was faced with potential riots in Chicago. He gave orders to “shoot the bastards”. When that word got onto the streets the would be rioters stayed home. But Baltimore and Maryland are controlled by the demon-communist-cRATS. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • The Bob says:

    There is a big difference between demonstrators and thugs. Those that march and call for change in peace are demonstraters, like Dr. King. Those that burn, destroy, loot, steal, throw rocks at law enforcement are thugs. Demonstraters need the protection of the law, thugs need the bullets from the law. Those that are destroying are not just protesting, they care little to nothing about others only themselves and their views. Many more than only blacks die in the hands of the law, some needed to, others did not, and it all needs to be checked on, but to destroy others things and say it’s OK, we need to give them space to destroy, they have a need to destroy because they are put down is a cop out, and shows the total lack of Leadership in this Nation from the White House on down, the Mayor needs to say, you destroy, we shoot, that will help end this as now those destroying know nothing will happen to them, the Liberal Left will make sure of that.

  • Jack says:

    The Democratic Party is not what it used to be. About 50 years or so ago it was the working man’s party, today it’s the anti-American party.

    The makeup of the current Demo party is the combination of many radical minority groups and people that don’t realize it changed and has became the Sharpton/Wright, communist, gay, anti-semantic, racist, anarchy, radical Islam, and fascist party. United as they are and with soft politicians in their ranks the course for this country is oblivion…unless the common American citizens unite and kick them out of every powerful level they have infiltrated in over the past few decades.

  • Philip J. Hamel says:

    For what this place did & not standing up to these cretins the city deserves whatever they get & they’ve earned their “I’m stupid” sign to add to their welcome to Baltimore sign & as one said it; you can’t fix stupid!

  • Daniel Pruitt says:

    The president of the Baltimore City Council is apparently co-dependent. Why not call these thugs the criminals they are. They deserve jail, not a pat on the back. People who break the law are CRIMINALS, not “mis-guided youth”./ They deserve jail.

    1. Jarhead says:

      Spot on Danny Boy, they are CRIMINALS and deserve to be shot if committing a serious crime.

  • dan says:

    Become an American again and stand up for your freedoms and god given rights .The constitution and bill of rights and the Bible is what we live by not the muslin Koran.

  • Grandpadavid says:

    That mother who went out and got her son , the council will probably prosecute, for violating his “space to destroy”.

  • Martin Shaw says:

    Sad day in America when we condone gangs and gangs behavior.

  • Art Hock says:

    How do you apologize to urban terrorists? That’s the reason these thugs are able to do these criminal actions and the police have to stand and take the crap that they do. It seems that more idiots are getting elected in politics than ever before.

  • 2004done says:

    I’m sure it makes sense to someone, but not to me.
    -apologize for calling rioters thugs?
    -wrong to follow ‘Oath – of – Allegiance’ and follow our Constitution and enforce laws?
    -dishonorable discharge for Michael New, for following his Oath?
    -veterans are ‘Domestic Terrorists’ and Illegal Aliens are ‘undocumented workers,’ but rioters are using freedom of speech to destroy public property? (that’s some powerful speech)
    -if laws don’t change anything, make more laws that don’t change anything, and then ignoring laws is both heroic and tragic?
    etc., etc., etc.

  • James in Texas says:

    It appears that only one woman, the lady who found her son doing things that she felt were something only thugs and criminals would do, and she got all over him for his failings lives in Baltimore, Period! The Bloods and the Crips have a history of being criminal organizations, coast to coast, but an elected official of the City of Baltimore stands shoulder to shoulder with them and gives them a pass……………… The influence of Washington D.C. destroys everything it touches, and it appears that it works very well! Principles and Ethics, bought and sold for power.

    1. Eileen says:

      Agreed. The only person in the entire situation who had values was the woman who pulled her son out of the riots and gave him exactly what he deserved.

      We need more parents like her! Power to the parents!

  • wiseguy says:

    welcome to the chimpout

    1. Wenny says:

      What does that mean? Sounds disrespectful

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