Baltimore Thugs Attacking Reporters And The Media Won’t Even Report It

by The Daily Caller
April 29, 2015

On April 27, Daily Caller News Foundation reporters Connor D. Wolf and Casey Harper went to Baltimore with The TheDC’s Grae Stafford to find the truth behind the Freddie Gray protests. What we found instead were violent thugs willing to go after anyone — even us.

While we interviewed looters, gang-bangers and activists, criminals violently set upon us. Here is the story of that chaotic night, and the events that led us to that frantic melee.

I was interviewing a group of rioters who were busy stealing an ATM machine at the intersection of North Fulton Avenue and West North Avenue. They initially agreed to speak with me, if I wouldn’t take any more pictures.

But some other folks had a different idea, and while I was scribbling frantic notes, I was sucker-punched in the face. You can see where the pen trails off on the top line, when they hit me; my blood marks the page. My nose was broken, and I was bleeding uncontrollably as the crowd surrounded me. Disorientated, I tried to get away, but…

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  • DJTX says:

    Rubber bullets, bean bag rifles, and tear gas. The mayor and city council should all be immediately recalled and replaced for dereliction of duty. If they get one vote in the next election, the city of Baltimore is getting what they deserve. The most effective and brave actions taken were by the city pastors who were on their knees praying between the police and protestors. The second best action taken was the mom who was upset with her son for being involved in the protest, even if hitting him in the head wasn’t the best way to express that. EVERY parent of the kids involved should be taking up cell phones and anything else their kids have that they like until further notice. CHORES, CLEANING UP THE MESS THEY MADE IN BALTIMORE, and helping with any community service projects the city can dream up should be the order of the day for every high school student in Baltimore (except the ones that smiled for cameras and are/soon will be in jail).

    1. flash says:

      Someone should burn down the Mayors house, after all she stated it was just a building. Shame on her for her pride and greed. We know she wants to get a kick back from the Contractors who will rebuild that city. “Give them Space to destroy”. If I was that reporter I sure would of had someone watching my back, cause these cowards love to sucker punch another person, especially if they are white. No one wants to say they are racist, cause that is only for the White people.

  • bagster says:

    it’s not about police brutality , it’s an excuse for them to act like the animals they are, and the freak in the white house , aids them with his stupid speaches, about cops being the ones out of control , hay dick head oboma , put on a blue uniform and go try being a cop, and see how long you last

    1. sn says:

      obamy doesn’t care. He has body guards to keep him safe. Maybe Hitlery can go there to gets some votes for the next election (IF THERE IS ONE)!

    2. flash says:

      He is to busy pushing for Loretta Lynch to plan another attack on our Police and since we had 20 Republicans in the Senate to make that happen, we know now how things are going to be. Obamas He/she wife just spent over Two-hundred thousand dollars in two day, going to Cambodia for a total of 45 minute speeches. They can’t even keep the White House safe, I wouldn’t want his help.

  • John says:

    To think that such people can be trusted is naïve. These people are only concerned with material gain. Act first and think later, if at all. This country needs a revival. Never have there been so many Bibles with so little understanding!

  • Johnnyappleseed says:

    The first person to throw anything at anyone or to destroy property needed to get popped by the police, then and only then would the establishment takes control, if not then the rioters take control and chaos reigns…Recent Rudi Giuliani interview
    The mayor should resign, along with the assembly people that apologized to the thugs

    1. flash says:

      You are so right. The Halt or I will shoot is what the Police are suppose to do, but when they can make us pay the bill, why would the Mayors like De Blazzio or the Mayor in Baltimore worry about such things as private business, after all didn’t Obama say, ” You didn’t make that business on your own”. For a crowd like that you would need at least 20 fifty caliber machine guns nest and several clay more mines just to slow them down. Where are those drones when you need them.

  • the redhawk says:

    After watching the CNN, Abc, Cbs and NBC stable of Idiots conducting HEADINASS interviews to ‘COVER UP” the Idiocy of (D) eranged Liberal actions. It does not surprise me that the same NOT Jourrnalistic dishonest stations… may not cover the REAL facts of the LOOTING and Destruction that erupted BEFORE the FACTS are KNOWN…
    LOKS that FERGUSON taught Nothing to Democrat run States , the DOJ nor the Pretend POTUS..

  • podunk1 says:

    I tuned in the weather this AM & found an excited lady reporter talking about a young man found in a pool of blood – shot dead & nobody knew anything about it! Nobody was there except her and a couple of police officers with uniforms and GUNS in their holsters!! Jesse Jackson wasn’t there. Weasel Sharpton wasn’t on his way. Obama wasn’t there with his pen, phone, & teleprompter, either.

    Meanwhile, Baltimore is ablaze and rioters are destroying what little the poor ghetto dwellers have plus making life so dangerous and chaotic they can’t safely leave their homes. Apparently thugs burned half the police cars and sent officers to the hospital… because a black man died and nobody even knows why or how.

    The question that isn’t asked is why anyone burns innocent people’s home & businesses, steal their property, threaten their lives, and deny their free access to the community, especially when there is zero argument or basis for harming them??? There’s no right to deny or even infringe upon anyone else’s rights! If we can rationalize it’s all about anarchy, then the next step is asking if you want to be ruled by thugs who will burn your house, beat you, or kill you if you make them mad.

    Thugs didn’t attack or even confront the progressive mayor or trash her office, or burn city hall… they lay waste to people that progressive government condemns to lawlessness, poverty, and subservience. There never will be any economic opportunity in a lawless area controlled by thugs and corruption!

    1. dongonahog says:

      This all began with government forcing kids to ride buses across town against their will to mix the races. Lowering standard so their grade would be equal when DNA or nothing else was equal. Prof???? The blacks have had 74,000 years to make something of Africa. Its still the cesspool it was 74,000 years ago. Why none of this barbarianism IS NOT in the news? The NAACP and their cronies own the controlling interest in the media.

  • Gary Picha says:

    You loot & you get shot. No problem. It’s what the “misguided” BASTARDS deserve. Save a lot of time & money & just shoot the scum sucking pieces of crap!

    1. scd says:

      I will buy the ammo

  • durabo says:

    The LameStream Enemedia are firmly ensconced in the political apparatus of Sheikh Oblunder of Obamastan (our Marxist-Muslim dictator). Only the upcoming civil war will straighten out this mess.

    1. Donald Mccormick says:

      The upcoming MESS this person is talking about I think is what Obama is counting on, because he then WILL get to implement MILLITARY LAW and then control us even more tan he is NOW. He WILL call out HIS military and MAKE a STRICT CURFEW and SHOOT anybody that defies that CURFEW and then HE WILL be the TYRANT we keep telling you he SEEMS to be trying to be.

      1. Sue says:

        I agree with the majority. However, only whites will be targeted for the kill!

    2. James Walls says:

      these characters are nothing but thugs and need to be shot that is the only language they under stand they are terrorist and you can not talk to them with common sense

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    Please explain to me what the death of a black man, presumed at the hands of the police, has to do with looting, burning down, and destroying other people’s property. And every time this thuggery begins the media goes into a feeding frenzy and makes it worse. Also anybody stupid enough to try to interview looters in the act of looting deserve the butt kicking they get. As I have said before, you do not fix stupidity with more stupidity.

    1. Randy RaY says:

      Amen. The media should not offer any coverage and when the thugs can’t get their “15 minutes ” of fame, there would probably be less looting and property damage.

    2. jay adams says:

      It’s time to reinstate THE FLEEING FELON LAW.

  • Larry says:

    No excuse for this, they arn’t fighting a cause, their just having the summer get together. Same old Bull.

  • treese says:

    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR BUT I have witnessed these reporters BUT they have the nerve to get into an angry masked teenagers/gang member’s face (@ curfew 10:00 pm) to insist on getting answers to questions. Well, this doesn’t make any sense and we all have a bit of common sense, right? Not to mention, more and more news arrive everyday to expand, promote and provoke things even more….

  • Baltimore is being run by a bunch of Liberal Progressive idiots. The people who elected them deserve what they are getting.

  • Meaz says:

    Lindy is absolutely correct! THey want their money, whatever their stealing and special rights, like the Mayor gave them, and their 15 minutes of fame. No faces, so they don’t get caught, ( like anything other than a hand slap would happen – let the Mom who straightened her son’s head up, loose and I’ll bet that SH – -, stops real quick), and this is also George W. Bush’s fault as well!!?
    Nice work Barry, hope your proud, and hey, Barry, the one that sucker punched the reported, could he have been your son, too??
    I’ll bet you are proud!

  • Lindy says:

    What these low life’s want is media attention, and you and all others are giving it to them. Stop reporting about these domestic terrorists and the flames will begin to dwindle.

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