Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial

by Fox News
November 3, 2017

More than eight years after Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked off his base in Afghanistan — and unwittingly into the clutches of the Taliban — Bergdahl walked out of a North Carolina courtroom a free man on Friday.

Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty to endangering his comrades, was fined, reduced in rank to E1 and dishonorably discharged — but he received no prison time.

As part of the sentence, Bergdahl will forfeit his pay of $1000 per month for ten months.

Bergdahl was shaking and appeared emotional as the verdict was quickly read.

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  • chw2000 says:

    He should stand in front of the firing squad! Give him one last cigarette and then shoot his cowardly ass and send his body back to the Muslims.

    1. mesaman says:

      Just another miscarriage of justice under the influence of the bleeding heart liberals. Bergdahl is guilty and should spend the remainder of his life in a federal prison. But so what? They will head our complaint and reverse the decision?

  • ONTIME says:

    Another travesty of justice and the UCMJ….The man’s act got people killed, he is a deserter in a combat zone, he cost this country men, honor and money to get him back from his captors, our sworn enemy…We have lost all sense of moral integrity and character in this matter……I wouldn’t be surprised to see the him recruited(again) by a willing enemy to make use of him for a far more deadly purpose….

  • Tom Cook says:

    What a joke. Martha Stewart was jailed for doing nothing–certainly less than Hildabeast; but the traitor Bergdahl walks. He should do no less than ten years without parole. These so-called judges abet treason and criminality and Bergdahl and Clinton and Obama, the obvious criminals never do time.

    1. ONTIME says:

      I believe we now live in a land of bureaucratic morons and cowards…..

  • ch says:

    this deserter should have been shot for desertion. He and Bradley Manning, both pathetic pieces of scum that should have been executed.

    1. Rivahmitch says:

      It and it’s muslim bloodline should all be extinguished. Of course the Obamanoid judge could probably see nothing wrong with what Bergdahl did as it’s probably never been in combat itself. Perhaps a good combat tour (preferably one from which it didn’t return) would improve its perspective. Semper Fi!!

  • Allen says:

    This is why traitors do,it, only get a slap on the wrist. We need to go back to the ways that if you betrayed our country you were executed. There is no justice anymore just PC crap.

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    If that is all he is going to get trial was a waste of time and money. He is a deserter and a traitor plus he cost lives.

    1. Gary Smith says:

      He should spend life in Gitmo with Obama

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