Bernie Sanders: A 90% tax rate sounds fine to me

May 27, 2015

This week Vermont Senator and self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders sat down with CNBC’s John Harwood for an interview on the issues facing all the 2016 candidates. Sanders is technically running for President, and is at least keeping up the public appearance of being serious. (He told Harwood, I think we got a shot to win this thing.) With that in mind, I suppose it’s worth taking a moment to examine some of his answers and remind everyone exactly what’s lurking under the covers of the deep left wing of the Democrats.

While it may seem like a bit of a dog bites man story, Democrats are renowned for being in love with higher taxes. How does Bernie measure up on that score?

SANDERS: … If my memory is correct, when radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent.

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  • The redhawk says:

    Well at least SLICK WILLIE admits to DEMENTIA… This Freaking Idiot is SERIOUSLY MENTALLY IMPARED and Doesn’t KNOW IT!!
    So this is what a HEADINASS SOCIALIST IS ALL ABOUT… Does anyone wonder What 90% tax really Represents in Total and HOW this MORON plans to SPEND it???

    1. cryptomorph says:

      I guess you missed the part that this WAS the top rate during Ike’s years. JFK… actually LBJ lowered the top rate to about 70% where it stayed until Reagan.

      I don’t support such a high tax rate, but apparently you’ve no idea what a marginal tax rate is if you seriously believe it’s on every dollar. Many factors go into the final effective tax rate one pays. For example the top 1% gets about 43% of all capital gains income which until recently was taxed at 15%… not bad for not working. One advantage to such a high tax rate is it forces the rich to reinvest… hopefully in something productive for the entire economy and not just piss it away on a 100 million dollar yacht.

      1. The redhawk says:

        BUT would anyone with more than TWO functioning Brain Cells RAISE taxes during a RECESSION, High Unemployment ( REAL NOT POSTED) and LOWEST JOB Participation???

        1. cryptomorph says:

          Technically, we’ve been out of recession since 2009… but obviously the immense damage done by nutty right wing ideas… and I blame Clinton as much as Bush, has not yet healed. On the slim chance Sander’s wins, he would not take office until 2017… and a high top rate means nothing in itself. I’d like it no higher than 50%… with capital gains included as regular income.

          I think the bigger question is why in the late 90’s and in 2001 when we were starting to pay down debt… the GOP rushed to sabotage revenues with round after round of irresponsible tax cuts. After all… BUSH PROMISED TO PRESERVE THE SURPLUS TO STRENGTHEN SOCIAL SECURITY…

          So obviously if he tried to create as much debt as possible, he hoped to weaken it.

          1. The redhawk says:

            well To quote BUSH who Did know Anticipate 9/11 that was a result of INCOMPETENCE by Slick Willie..and had to rebuild a MILITARY that was used for the PHONY balanced budget of Slick ( on paper only BTW).would be like Believing the LIES that OBHOZO and his Cretins including Sander told about Odumbocare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Lois Lerner… none bigger than the “SUMMER OF RECOVERY” or that we are OUT of a recession. ARE NOT LIES as Liberals/socialists proclaim. ..TRUE numbers do not lie like the “experts” in lie telling of this Admin…Nice Try but you are are delusional as Bernie..

          2. cryptomorph says:

            The Clinton Surplus… an ON-budget surplus, not one created by borrowing from Social Security, was real… and the right has forever been trying to discredit it… or steal the credit. I’ve run the numbers from any of Newt’s spending cuts and they might have sped up the unified surplus by a year, but the real factor was revenue… which the GOP repeatedly tried to cut.

            So the phony case that there was no surplus is based on the end of FY daily budget numbers… instead of the budget. But daily numbers are deceiving. They can go up or down based on spending authorized years before. The fact is that total debt went down for a brief time… and rather than protect the Surplus, the GOP did everything they could to sabotage it… and that is evident because unlike Reagan who did try and correct for massive deficits, Bush just passed more tax cuts. They were so severe that in constant dollars individual income tax receipts never exceeded Clinton’s last year for ANY of Bush’s 8 years.

            As for 911… of course the GOP would not want to take any responsibility. And if it happened a month or two after Bush took office… they might have a case. But it happened 9 MONTHS after Bush took office. Cheney never convened his counter-terrorism task force.

          3. cryptomorph says:

            BTW… can you stick to one topic? So do you finally understand how marginal tax brackets work? That even with a 90% top income tax bracket… NO ONE pays 90% in taxes?

          4. The redhawk says:

            Take your own advice and return to the Faculty lounge…oF course ONLY Bernie Pays 90% in HOT air and Social Falsehood based on Socialistic Rethoric … and can he name ONE successful SOCIALIST COUNTRY???

  • destiny says:

    Just shoot all of them and start over.

  • I Seigel says:

    If if the 14,000 or so mega-billionaires in this country get taxed at a higher rate than you do – even as high as 90% – how will that hurt you or the economy? Do hedge fund managers really create that many jobs? Do Buffett, Soros, Gates or the Walton family?

  • Melvyn Foster says:

    Noticed a liar accusation by someone toward progressives (communists) .No argument with it,just a spelling correction.”Liar” is lying.”Lier” is the sheet music holder on musical instruments.Get it right,people.don’t look undereducated. I know what it is,played trumpet to age 25.Used to clone Prez Prado’s band’s 1955 gold record “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”.Get my lip back in shape and I probably still could.But the lier is used in marching bands to hold the bookleted music.Been there,done that.Still have one good cavalry charge, too, trumpet and trombone.Blew my Dorseyan trombonist son’s mind with it.

  • AmericanLore says:

    the ‘highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent’. does not mean that YOU will pay 90%, it means people used to. ‘marginal tax rate’ – is a tax bracket. You pay the lower rate on every dollar UNTIL you exceed the threshold – then it goes higher on earning above that. If you are part of the TOP 1% – this rule is intended for you. the author is saying that YOU are too stupid to read and understand what Bernie SAID so he can pull your nose ring by implying a lie. communism would be taking over your business – that is not suggested, implied or intended. socialism – is not communism. Socialism means that corporations don’t rule – even when unelected! Republicans serve unelected billionaires and corporations, along with some Dems. That is not how our nation is supposed to work.

  • Ped Xing says:

    This country was booming in the post-WW2 years. The US could boast of having the world’s most robust middle-class. Ordinary working people could buy homes and put their children through college. Most of this post-war middle-class wealth was made with union labor. The wealthiest amongst us DID pay in the ninety per cent range and didn’t whine about it—they were making lots of money anyway (NOTE:: this does NOT mean that the IRS took 90 per cent of their money–it is much more complicated than that and I am not a tax specialist, but you can look it up. High percentiles were common and no one complained because the country was working).

    The evaporation of that middle-class wealth began in the early 1980s, as the trickle-down policies of Nazi-sympathizer Ronald Reagan took hold. Since then, through the Osmosis of Capitalism, the middle-class coffers have been siphoned dry. That money actually trickled UP to the one per cent. Don’t believe me? Look the numbers up—they are available.

    Since Reagan, time and reality have shown that the only thing that trickles down is urine: the Fright Wing bottles it and calls it “Tea”….

    1. cryptomorph says:

      Ped Xing wrote “This country was booming in the post-WW2 years. The US could boast of having the world’s most robust middle-class. Ordinary working people could buy homes and put their children through college. Most of this post-war middle-class wealth was made with union labor. The wealthiest amongst us DID pay in the ninety per cent range and didn’t whine about it-”
      Of course those in the 90% top bracket didn’t pay that 90%… they reinvested and let their money grow. But the issue of unions is important. Corporations were the beneficiary of freebies from government for the past 150 years… a fact the Right is determined to ignore. They got FREE intellectual property monopolies, FREE limited liability protection for themselves and shareholders… and FREE bankruptcy protections. The last two are inherent in being a corporation. There’s no “natural right” to such freebies. Such insurance, if purchased in the private market would have very real costs. Corporations managed to accumulate massive wealth and power because of government policies. But unions were always at a disadvantage until the Wagner Act… and while they may have overreached on occasion… we need organized labor to put a check on corporate power because without it, corporations will grind labor down. All the econmic gains will just go to the top.

  • Upward Trend says:

    I don’t know exactly why this happens, but each one of these communists believes they have the better communism this time. Everyone else gets it wrong, but this time bozo 2 has it right.

    When do they ever learn it’s a failure?

    They never have understood economics nor the nature of free markets. They just don’t get it. Why they ever thought FDR was so amazing is beyond me or any other sane person who understands that thier communism is just one giant failure after another.

    Our forfathers got it. Open markets with less government intervention is a winning recepie. It was working until Obama, Clinton, Ried, Pelosi and team stepped in. We can’t forget the LBJ and Carter hose ups.

    There is just so much to say here I really don’t want to take up reading space. Some bonehead will probably think they can challenge this. History explains too many things, but the end result is democrats do not help people like people believe they can. It is stupid government officials (congress and presidents) that give handouts to but the welfare and dumb dumb moochers that just screws everything up. There are never insentives to do well with them. I would never let myself fall to that crap!

    People have to rise up above these government democrats and take back thier lost control.

    1. cryptomorph says:

      Upward wrote: “Our forfathers got it. Open markets with less government intervention is
      a winning recepie. It was working until Obama, Clinton, Ried, Pelosi
      and team stepped in. We can’t forget the LBJ and Carter hose ups.”

      I don’t know what history books you’re reading… but since the 1790’s when most of Hamilton’s suggestions were adopted by Congress… the US was hardly for open markets. The federal government was quite protectionist… and the bulk of government revenues came from tariffs on imports… tariffs designed to protect US business. So perhaps you’re a bit confused on this issue. The winning recipe was never free trade that exposed US business and labor to competition from low wage nations that don’t have the overhead of a civilized economy. Ross Perot was correct. The more free trade, the more wages for the little guy stagnate…

    2. cryptomorph says:

      UT wrote… presumably with a straight face: “I don’t know exactly why this happens, but each one of these communists believes they have the better communism this time. Everyone else gets it wrong, but this time bozo 2 has it right.When do they ever learn it’s a failure?”

      Some people don’t learn. And the US did fine even with a top 90% bracket that no one paid. They reinvested to avoid paying that 90%.

      Isn’t the real question when will anyone on the Right learn that unregulated capitalism has destroyed the economy over and over again? It certainly wasn’t FDR who brought on the Great Depression and it wasn’t Bernie Sanders that imploded the economy in 2008. Where’s the evidence that ANYONE on the right has learned ANY lessons? What the Orwellian Right has done is found ways to blame Carter’s CRA and racial minorities for taking out mortgages. So neither Reagan, Bush1, or Bush2 could fix any alleged problems with the CRA? It’s because THERE WERE NONE. And wasn’t it not the bank’s responsibility to check out who they lent money to?

      And Obama and Holder are no better. Instead of indict the perps and break up the banks, they shielded them. And unlike the 30’s there have been no real investigations or cures.

  • cryptomorph says:

    If the top 90% bracket started at 10 billion… would anyone really complain?

    I have no idea what Sanders is proposing and I oppose such a high rate, but rates can be meaningless… it depends on the deductions and brackets. In 86 Reagan dropped the top tax rate from 50 to 28% and it was revenue neutral.

  • gfinms says:

    Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders , I thought that, Vermont, was one of the best states to live in. Apparently, I was mistaken. This must be, Bernie Sanders, favorite song.

    Ten Years After – “I’d Love to Change the World”

    Everywhere is freaks and hairies

    Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity

    Tax the rich, feed the poor

    Till there are no rich no more?

  • rmagnano says:

    If what he says is true, two wrongs don’t make a rite. These Socialists should just dry up and blow away. If they feel so strongly about raising the government’s income why don’t they give them more of their income?

    1. cryptomorph says:

      Weren’t all these tax cuts supposed to INCREASE revenue? No one said increase over what. Bush cut taxes so irresponsibly that in inflation corrected dollars individual income tax receipts only rose above Clinton’s last year ONCE. So much for any revenue boom.

      So we’re living high on the hog… running $17 trillion in deficits since 81′ that we refuse to pay for… and sending the bill to our kids.

      Sorry… I’m tired of those who try to make this grotesque free lunch mentality look fiscally responsible.

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Taxes would not be such a constant obsession if government spending was done in a wise Constitutional manner.

    1. cryptomorph says:

      The Constitution left two wide open clauses that politicians can fit an aircraft carrier through… general welfare and common defense. Both are constitutional. What seems unconstitutional is Congress refuses to tax to support this spending. Once citizens are taxed for what we actually spend… then politicians will feel the heat. But why should citizens complain when they’ve had a 17 trillion free lunch since the 80’s?

  • Mike Laborde says:

    The communist Bernie thinks that the solution to all of our problems is more and more government. And how is that working out for us?

  • mrcricketmba says:

    90% tax right on, then no one will work, and people like him will have to pay all the taxes, and support the rest of us. What a profound individual, reminds me of of the queen of France, who said, “they have no bread, let them eat cake”, what a smart lady she was till she lost her head, maybe Benie will lose his too, or should.

    1. cryptomorph says:

      Please get a grip. No one pays 90%. It’s only the top bracket and it can start anywhere. And the idea isn’t to make someone pay that rate… it’s to discourage them from diverting it to unproductive uses like speculation. This top rate encourages reinvestment in business or spending for charity.

      1. mrcricketmba says:

        Guess you didn’t get my statement, it was supppose to pure sarcasm, a joke, making fun of the whole article. I know no one pays 90% of the income to the tax man, not even the 1% .

  • AmericanLore says:

    corporations and rich individuals that use tax havens or subsidiaries in order to hide their income from taxes mean a loss of about 15 trillion a year. Then there are the welfare handouts to business that cost another 300 Billion, then there are the tax exemptions and tax credits which account for about 50 trillion. when americans were taxed at 90% — and that is not every dollar – that rate is well above them living better then anyone else and affording all kinds of toys. what this will help to stop is removing the money from our economy – so it can make more activity by cycling. it will take away the gambling money that is used to screw our economy and ensure prices go up on things that should cost less. ensuring poverty for most!

    1. livefree1200cc says:

      and you think if you tax them more they won’t hide their money anymore?? lol

      1. AmericanLore says:

        I think they want to sell their products in the USA. We need common sense rules — I get so tired of Republicans that say – ‘well, its broken! lets suck up!’ The right response is – that they can pay their fair share of taxes or they can leave the USA. We need our laws to protect AMERICAN business – not foreign businesses that suck on government handouts. Like BP – British Petroleum. Its time for two levels of taxes – one for American — higher for foreign. Subsidiaries are still foreign. The world is getting smaller. Have you seen the executives forced to work in their ‘offices’? It would be funny if Cheney had to go to Dubai – he would likely get picked up for war crimes before he made it! He did that to destroy records of how he fucked the US government as a military contractor. The ‘real deals’ will be government agreements to crack down on the tax havens – those places are easy to game if ‘allies’ gang up on them. They are already doing it with UBS and other banks.
        Republicans never have a answer or a fix. That is why they look to foreign dictators for ‘leadership’.

        1. livefree1200cc says:

          I hate to be the one to break this to you, I know it will be a shocker. Both the Republicans AND the Democrats have been gradually destroying this country from within for the past 50 years

          1. AmericanLore says:

            that is true. Dems gave Ronnie Reagan the programs he wanted. Clinton allowed the sale of a company that made a part for smart bombs to the Chinese – Bush allowed the Chinese to export the final manufacturing plant to China. The banking reform act (gramm, leach bliley) that created the 2008 economic disaster was written by Republicans and signed by Clinton. Citizens United – was revised and presented to the Supreme Court in order to allow funding to have caps removed and open to anyone. They claimed they would fix the ‘foreign’ access later — but,since the Supreme Court is not supposed to legislate they didn’t (SCROTUS – the Supreme Court (Republican appointed) of the United States. On the other hand, Democrats don’t run the nation like an ongoing business – where the legislation is created for an agenda of corporate control – which uses ALEC, KOCH ventures – Am for Prosperty , Tea Pots, Heritage Foundation, and more to reach one goal. Overthrow the American government and institute one party rule. Republicans pretend they serve God – slavery is in the bible – that is sort of their agenda for us — except slavery is too expensive. Servitude – with the carrot always out of reach – makes workers more malleable.
            In fact, when Democrats have not stood up for programs that cut poverty and helped communities, Republicans use that as fodder – see how the Dems don’t help [fill in whoever]. However, the Democrats can be pushed by the voters. Republicans can’t because they serve the money holder. I would prefer the Dems to be better — but they are not as sleazy as the Reps.

          2. livefree1200cc says:

            That is true to a point as well. The Dems like to hand out money to the poor. Over 40 Million on food stamps. If they work they lose them. Too bad that doesn’t really help them out of their rut. It locks them in with no will to work or earn their keep. Then they riot when they don’t get their way (democrats). The biggest fallacy in your ‘good’ Democrat theory is the POTUS himself. An America loathing, socialist loving, illegal usurper, hell bent on destroying this country. He gives the Dems an even worse name than they had

  • AmericanLore says:

    I am tired of Republicons raising MY taxes while cutting taxes for business. Of course, that is at the STATE level where they are raising taxes on the citizens to give hands out to small businesses to buy their tribute. They increased taxes even more for the working poor and for retirees. Republicons hate Americans that work for a living because they refuse to suck up for 60 hours of work for 30 hours of pay.

    1. livefree1200cc says:

      Its not just Republicans, its all politicians. The Democrats are even worse. Neither party can be trusted any longer

      1. AmericanLore says:

        No. the Democrats are not worse. The Republicans act in lockstep. They learned that from the Communists. They do their talking points — and it is a one party rule agenda and everyone stays on the same page. Republicans don’t want to take over business – they want to ensure that AMERICANS pay MORE for everything. They want to outsource or privatize —to raise the price and give less service. Democrats still have a Progressive Caucus that does things like — come up with a budget that pays the deficit off in 10 years! Unlike the Ryan Plan which says fuck Americans and take away SSI but doesn’t pay the bills because the Republican agenda is not about doing what our nation needs, it is about serving the unelected corporate rulers thru ALEC or other groups, or simply thru campaign donations and PACs designed to destroy their enemies — as SCROTUS legislated.

  • k_e_stewart says:

    He said “marginal tax rate”. That means anything above a certain threshold…NOT every dollar you make. And it seems that most of you have conveniently forgotten that it has been the Bush’s Administration that saddled us all with huge debts. NOT the Obama Administration. Two wars, bank bailouts because he let Wall Street go unchecked, and a prescription benefit that they NEVER PUT into the budget. Nice. The Democrats put all of that back into the budget which is why you saw the massive increase in debt.

    1. livefree1200cc says:

      Seriously? Bush left the debt at under 8 Trillion and now its 18 Trillion. Have you been asleep the last 7 years?? They BOTH belong in prison for treason!

      1. k_e_stewart says:

        Ah…if you don’t put it on the books, not sure how you can believe the 8 Trillion dollar amount. I wasn’t sleeping. Maybe you slept through Logic 101? P.S. Since Obama has been in the White House unemployment has fallen to normal levels, and the budget deficit has been reduced by 2/3 of what it was when Bush left office. And that’s with no support at all. From any Republicans or Tea Party members. Nope I haven’t been sleeping, but I bet you’ve been skipping your American History classes. And not listening to anything but Fox.

        1. livefree1200cc says:

          I swear you liberals all share the same brain cell. You think the budget deficit is shrinking? Now after adding 10 Trillion to the debt…NOW its shrinking?? lol By the way I don’t watch TV. I got tired of paying to be lied to. You should unplug yours as well. You are being misled. Oh and all the new jobs are government jobs which put even more strain on our fragile economy. Actual wages have been stagnant for over 20 years. We are not making any more money yet inflation ticks away year by year. We as a nation have far less money to use as we wish than we did 20 years ago as well

          1. k_e_stewart says:

            Too bad you don’t know the difference between the budget deficit and the National Debt. The budget deficit has been reduced by 2/3. Look it up. Research it. If that number is incorrect, post it here. But FYI they are not the same. Believe it or not, I am in agreement with your comment on wages they have been stagnant. The reason they have been stagnant is that corporations tired of paying a living wage ( read Union wages)and benefits to workers. So what did they do? They outsourced overseas; where wages and benefits and decent working conditions are nonexistent. That kept downward pressure on wages here in the states. Why? Because there were and are fewer jobs. So people take what they can get. Corporate CEOs know this! They fail to pay taxes here, yet are protected by the laws of this country. They have infrastructure from which to work, but they fail to pay taxes to help keep up that infrastructure. These guys have you and everyone else on the right busy blaming the democrats. And they’re laughing all the way to the bank. You don’t see that they’ve just diverted your anger (some of it justified) to a target that isn’t them! And the Republicans, (I used to be one) are big supporters of corporations. Democrats are usually for the middle class.

  • squeak says:

    Yea well, Bernie has the bucks which does not mean everyone else does… we are taxed to death as it is…” NO MORE NEW TAXES “: Period !!

    1. AmericanLore says:

      unless you are a millionaire == this tax rate will not effect you.

      1. squeak says:

        Hope you are right as I along with others did not get that, he probably forgot to explain that, right ? LOL !

      2. livefree1200cc says:

        right – because the government never lies

        1. AmericanLore says:

          he referenced an old tax rate that applied to income above 3.5 million. an easy fact to check if you think. while I find it amusing that the readers here have difficulty understanding tax rates that are not that old or unusual – perhaps it is your nose ring puller that leads you to believe this is all about taxing you! meanwhile, my republican state reps increased MY taxes and the RYAN BUDGET that Republican fawn over raises my taxes $2K. but dems are the problem? LMAO!

          1. livefree1200cc says:

            anyone sticking up for EITHER party is an idiot

          2. k_e_stewart says:

            No. You’re the idiot.

  • Melvyn Foster says:

    Sic semper America,liber et justia con Gloria Patri ad infinitum

  • Melvyn Foster says:

    He apparently suffers from dementia senilia and doesn’t know or care it is treatable.Tie him to a Vermont maple tree and pour the syrup on his head with four ant farms turned loose on him,finish the job of his going buggy..

    1. AmericanLore says:

      maybe you should read instead of attacking. apparently you are unfamiliar with basic facts and a reasoning mind.

  • Melvyn Foster says:

    Sanders is so full of shit his eyes are brindle.

  • Jacky says:

    It has to be obvious to every conserative in the USA by now.
    Reason and votes are not the way to dewal with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    Contact your legislators demand a national referendum on partitioning the USA.
    Probably the only way to prevent civil war.

    1. Melvyn Foster says:

      Civil War II is coming no matter what,led by the JCS itself with the active military and about 6 million veterans,and libverals and further left need to emigrate out of the US if they want to stay healthy or even alive,because that war to restore a constitutional republican democracy will have some of us knowing the old adage is true,”The only .GOOD progressive liberal/communist is a DEAD one.THEY can’t REPEAT.

      1. AmericanLore says:

        you mean the military that the republicans refuse to support? that they have legislated against. denied jobs. denied fixes for the VA. denied votes. denied access to health care. If you look at the record — republicans piss on veterans.

        1. squeak says:

          You must be a Socialist Democrat, you keep putting Republicans down & to blame… you need to get your facts straight ! Oh darn, another Troll, only 8 comments ? Hmmmmm ?

          1. AmericanLore says:

            no. and no. I watch who votes for what legislation and what it contains. if you do this as a citizen – not as a party — then it is easy to see who is screwing our nation. TPP – Republicans love it. Obama loves it. Too many Dems used it for a minor tweak – but fell in line. But this is a piece of shit gives corporations power over a State. Frankly, I was happy that some on the right figured out TPP is shit. Too bad they can’t get their reps to vote their way instead of them being told what to think. Even in my State – the Republicans are refusing to allow local areas to make laws that they don’t like . AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORS that can’t stand freedom or rights.

      2. k_e_stewart says:

        You’re so full of crap,misinformation, and hatred it makes my head spin. Pull your head out of your ass and read some facts. Civil War? Really? And I’ll bet you’ll be on the front line. Right. Give me an effing break. Want to leave the USA…please be my guest. You don’t have to wait for it to be partitioned.

    2. AmericanLore says:

      reason? you want to fight a war to keep millionaires from being taxed more ? bloodsuckers? that would be the banksters and wall street that destroyed our economy and bankrupted a lot of decent people and small businesses because they were gambling and scamming the system. you can ask people to join you — I’m sure there are a few brain dead idiots around.

      Pres Obama won the election and Republicons and Conservatives declared war on America and Americans. that isn’t reasonable. We still have a lot of Bush leftovers because of the filibusters to prevent Pres Obama’s agenda to fix things. Pres Obama is a centrist. I know that the ‘right’ can’t accept that. blind bias.

      Tell me what Pres Bush did to fix the economy he fucked up? Yes, Clinton signed the Republican legislation that opened the door to the bankster / wall street fiasco — but he was getting messages from 50 states to fix the shit! Nancy Pelosi tried to push legislation to fix it! but was filibustered.

      WHAT have Republcons and Conservatives done right? They have had the most control since Reagan with a couple of 2 year spots were Dems were in power. This is their mess that we can’t clean up because they refuse to allow it and won’t do it themselves. They are totally happy with selling Americans as serfs to corporations and letting a few small business people think they are free. Right to work — at the whim of your employer.

      Republicons and Conservatives hold up a cross while stealing , destroying and lying to get a few bucks. They have done NOTHING for this nation.

      1. k_e_stewart says:

        I’m right there with you American Lore. These people don’t read, except radical right wing pamphlets and Radical bullshit right wing websites. They are so full of misinformation and hatred that they’re drowning themselves in the river of denial.

        1. livefree1200cc says:

          It figures that you are the ONE person that agrees with him. I told you that all you liberals share the same brain cell

          1. AmericanLore says:

            facts are a common thing. used to be both sides knew the facts, but had different ideas. now only one side has facts. it is really sad to see people so ill informed and easily misled. highest marginal rate of 90% == is not the same as raising YOUR taxes to 90%. of course, the author suggested that too. misleading titles in news articles is the norm since we have 5 owners of the mainstream media.

          2. livefree1200cc says:

            I’m not arguing with your explanation of the 90% thing. I know how it worked. What I am saying is that it is UNIMAGINABLE that we citizens would let our representatives spend and waste so much money, that we would even consider taxing ANYONE that high of a rate.

          3. k_e_stewart says:

            At least I have brain cells. And being the only one that agrees with someone else doesn’t make them wrong. Da Vinci, Columbus, Einstein, Pasteur,….on and on the list goes. Not sure that you are acquainted with any of these names…but one can hope.

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    Another delusional idiot. Would some one please tell him that Communism doesn’t work !!!!

    1. The redhawk says:

      Took my words!! But I am with you… this Headsinass Socialist IDIOT needs to take a basic MATH course and actually see what that tax will do…. IT AIN:T GONNA MAKE ONE BIT of difference to the Economy other than Increase Unemployment, and have Money Move Out of the Economy..and the Country as happened in France and other places.. but then more Welfare Creates more IDIOTS voting for these Commie Bastards!…. Unless this Deranged Moron is “paraded” out to make Shitlery look better……………….

      1. AmericanLore says:

        yes, you could be right. Republicans and some Democrats are so bent on sucking up to corporations that they have destroyed the rights of people in many pieces of legislation. we need to reign in the artificial people (corporations) that don’t go to jail for criminal activity and simply pay ‘historic’ fines for criminal actions by fleecing their victims. they make massive profits while committing crimes so the fines are still only 25% of the profits they make. the basic math says you can’t pay corporation enough to do ‘good’. welfare creatures – the corporations – have collected more funding then any programs designed for people. the socialist idea – that you don’t screw citizens – it absolutely hated by Republicons and Conservatives who believe someone has to suck up to them. they vilify any terms that mean people should have rights, dignity and freedom.

        1. podunk1 says:

          …Can’t argue with what you said about progressives in total. Our progressives include Maoist communist fanatics and RINO global monopolists, hand in hand destroying the USA.

          However, the BLS average is calculated directly from BS published info & the current April numbers used in the calculations are published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics April employment including average wage and hours worked/wk. The illustration is based on their numbers as they reported. Check it out. It’s online available.

          My point was simple, if we simply bring the jobs back from China send the criminal aliens home and put 2/3 of the eligible workforce to work a 40 hours a week WE WON”T NEED ANY TAX INCREASES. INSTEAD we’ll have enough to CUT TAXES AND PAY THE DEBT OFF IN 6 YEARS.

          1. Melvyn Foster says:

            Podunk:You got that one right square on the head. Amen.

          2. podunk1 says:

            thanks… We need to turn the heat up! We need a frying pan on high… enough to turn these progressives to smoke when they hit it

          3. I Seigel says:

            And why did the jobs go to China in the first place? Answer: Corporate Greed, no regulations, flimsy tax laws and enforcement

          4. podunk1 says:

            AMEN… with no antitrust laws and access to the US treasury and banking system!

        2. Upward Trend says:

          I think your primarily taking about liberal Democrats. They love crony capitalism. It creats monopolies. It causes unemployment. It forces many to depend on the government all the while those congressment (and people like Obama) to set up deals that line thier pockets with tax paid gold. Obama is a Marxist. ried and Pilosi are confessed communists. They are democrats. Period. If they were republicans I would say the same if true. There have been some. But primarily you are talking about Democrats.

          1. AmericanLore says:

            actually, it is not the liberal Dems that love crony capitalism and monopolies. this is the Reagan legacy to the Republican party. regulation – stops monopolies – Ronnie said we don’t need to enforce these rules. No one has been able to get enough support to fight it since. Obama – has to have permission to fart from the Republicans – they filibuster everything – except crap like TPP. Reps just gave two massive tax cuts to the very rich! I am waiting to see if these get signed. the new Republican budget will raise my taxes $2k – because we are expected to pay for our ‘betters’ – the rich individuals and corporations. the deals to get your agenda in mean a lot of crap gets by in politics. I think you are clueless what a Marxist is, you confuse supporting our NATION first with communism – while Republicans have embraced communist policies – a lock step party with talking points that all members and the media push to the people to let them know what to think. You wish you were impartial – but you don’t go to the KKK for information on Black people, you don’t go to the Christians to hear about Muslims, you don’t go the party and their known puppets for info on the party. There are non-partisan options available. you should look them up. You obviously have not found a factual source of info. Drudge, Fox, Limbaugh, etc. – they are paid quite well to push the propaganda. If you really want to be impartial – study critical thinking. it will be easy to see the propaganda on the left, but as you get better, you will see it on the right. That is freedom.

          2. livefree1200cc says:

            Both parties are out of control. At least you see some of the light through the trees

        3. Melvyn Foster says:

          Am I reading “Das Kapital” or AMERICANism from AL
          above?That really squared on Marx’ mentally ill politics. Class warfare is divide and conquer,straight out of Marx.
          Ask me how I know.College educated and 5 years CIA black ops turns on lights a lot of people do not have.

    2. Terry Rushing says:

      The sad fact is that a 90% or more tax rate would be necessary to get us out of the debt that our muzzie loving “president” and his political cronies have placed on us. Who knows, maybe “good ole Bernie” might have the hint of an idea there.

      1. podunk1 says:

        Have the IRS start Taxing Bernie right now — He volunteered! MAKE HIM HAPPY!!!

        1. podunk1 says:

          April BLS data using a consistent 1997/2008 average 66.50066% @ 250,266,000 eligible population workforce is 166,429,000. 148,523,000 people employed @ 34.5 hours defines 128,101,000 (40/hr.) jobs available in the USA. The rounded difference is 38,327,000 joblessness… which is $2.58 TRILLION annual lost productivity (BLS 24.87/hr. with 30 % employer tax/fringes)!!!

          That’s $2..58 trillion snatched from the hands of US citizens and the US treasury by Maoist/RINO progressives who moved the US strategic productive infrastructure to Chinese Communist slave labor camps and tore down sovereign borders to let government subsidized criminal alien invaders steal citizen jobs to create criminal tax/regulation free employment zones within the USA. Here, RICO on steroids has surpassed the vilest forms of treason against Constitution, country, citizen, and every patriot who ever sacrificed life or limb to protect it!!
          Restoring that $2.58 trillion cash flow within the USA will eliminate at least $1 trillion in endless benefits and subsidies to un/under employed citizens and invaders who are looting federal/state/local treasuries.

          THINK… very roughly 6 years of just $3 trillion new cash flow eliminates $18 trillion… it’s as easy as putting 2/3 of the eligible workforce to work 40 hours a week and ending the looting! Prosecuting treason is as easy as congress honoring oath/duty rather than betraying it, which is treason all by itself! Prosecution leads to treble damages against US global monopolists and confiscation against criminal employment.

          1. Melvyn Foster says:

            Podunk if you actually knew what you’re talking abut it would be better.Yuj can’t be a Maoist (CHinese communist) and western progressive at the same time,that’s likke being a LITTLE pregnant,Doesn’t work that way.And for the record,progressives can’t find their ass with both hands in a clothes closet,being Democrats

          2. Upward Trend says:

            No podunk1 got it right. Please reread his post. He was discussing the mass exodus of manufacturing jobs to the communists. There were wolves in sheeps skins during much of that. Of course democrats are also just slimy liers anyway they just openly suck!!!

          3. Upward Trend says:

            Not bad. That is not bad at all. A productive and fully working workforce pay taxes. That supports system. Always has. From there they could reduce the tax scale on the most productive entities and be reliant onAmerican innovation and manufacturing creativeness. That will work.

            And you are correct it will move fast. Most of the current regulations could be lifted and remove many of the tax burdens simplifying the process ahead of the renewed American workforce.

            We need an actual American President with real constitutionaly based congress people.

          4. podunk1 says:

            Excellent response and use of info… YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!. BLS is filled with mind numbing pages of useless micro information, used solely to deceive, mask, and obstruct real solutions. If any senior manager falsified key operating data like Obama and his entire administration, they would be jailed and forced to pay reparations with penalty. Government officials ARE SUBJECTS TO ALL OF THE SAME LAWS (Article 1-sextion 1 last sentence, “);in no case exempt from treason or felonies (Article 1-6); BOUND to enforce all laws (Article 2 Section 3); and are required to be impeached (Articles 1, 2, 3, etc.) or simply disbarred from holding ANY US OFFICE (Amendment 14 -1, 3, 4, & 5) for any oath/bound official who engaging or aiding and abetting insurrection or rebellion against the Constitution. Evidence within government, the media, NSA, and literally everywhere one could imagine is OVERWHELMING! Defending the Constitution requires all judges and officials to do so without any reservation against anyone (Article 6 & oath/duty). All we need to do is file charges against any official who fails those obligations! 316+ million people can easily burry these rats in their nest!
            Consider the facts that baby-boomer retirement age increases are also overwhelmed with lost wealth, zero employment opportunity.

        2. Sally Bookwalter says:

          You didn’t read the article correctly. The tax is on the rich and corporations. Just like it used to be in the 50s and 60s when all was going well financially

          1. Terry Rushing says:

            Can you tell me please, why should a person who is a high wage earner should be “punished” by the government for being productive? In most instances such people invest both time and money to attain the ability to accomplish this and your mindset seems to punish production. Perhaps the unfair income tax should be abolished and replaced by a sales tax. Oh yeah, and the politicians should learn something that most average people already know: When the money runs out stop writing checks.

          2. Upward Trend says:

            Yes. Exactly. Some people act as if it is a discussed theory where there have been no consequences. They can’t see how communism or National Socialism is destructive to individual freedoms, liberties, will and conscience. They don’t understand entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

          3. Whatzrname says:

            The thing about socialism or communism that liberals (who call themselves progressives-what’s progressive about it?) don’t seem to get – and it’s not that complicated- is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.

          4. podunk1 says:

            Sorry about the confusion, but Bernie has no intention to solve the problem. If we simply bring the jobs back from China, send the criminal aliens home, and put 2/3 of the eligible workforce to work 40 hour weeks, WE WON”T NEED ANY TAX INCREASES because that will generate $2.58 trillion/yr taxable real productive wealth plus eliminate roughly $1 trillion state, local, & federal spending on welfare and subsidizing criminal alien invaders. We’d have enough to CUT TAXES AND PAY THE DEBT OFF IN 6 YEARS. (Detail posted blew earlier)

      2. tommie says:

        The problem is that even if those of us who actually pay taxes could pay a 90% tax on our income. The idiots running the asylum that we call “The Federal Government” would just spend the money on more socialist programs, bullets and drones but, not pay down the debt!

        1. Sally Bookwalter says:

          They won’t tax you at 90%. When George Bush came into office the treasury was in fine shape. Then his practices started the debt increase. I remember my husband and I got a check each for $200.00 It puzzled us that the govt. would dip into the treasury for that “incentive” to buy. See my first comment to squeaky.)

          1. livefree1200cc says:

            That was over 10 years ago. Obama has had ample time to erase the mistakes of BUSH. Instead he chose to more than Double the national debt

          2. Upward Trend says:

            Yes and that was about the time congress was controled by democrats. It wasn’t Bush. We have to pay close attension to facts. Democrats rand the senate early in Bushes tenure and again by January 2007. Boy were they mad. They screwed this country up good and continued well into Obamas tenure. They gave him a pen and a phone. They ramped up the debt amplifier so much we’ll have to repeal every stupid program they started and the one’s they have hosed up. We have debt well over $18trillion. Bush added $1.4t to the $5.6t, but it’s all democrats from there.

            And this dam EPA koko’s nest. What the heck is wrong with these people? Still claiming Global warming!!! In the face of scientist and data set after data set proving that they are just wrong, they continue to flap thier jawls about global warming. Just insane people (and greedy). The guy they all followed, Al Gore living in mansions and flying in huge jets. He expects everyone else to fly in cattle cars and live in cardboard boxes though. I mean REALLY. People were fooled by this ass. I never believed it ever. I questioned all of his models and data sets. I researched ever claim. There was just way for him to be correct nor his phoney scientists.

      3. squeak says:

        You are as bad as he is, most Americans can hardly keep their heads above water & you want 90% tax increase, you are living in a dream world, then all you socialist Democrats will have to come up with a new idea of paying for all your mistakes of the Deficit , WON”T YOU ???? Don’t depend on us while you all enjoyed doing what you desired ! Not going to happen !

        1. Sally Bookwalter says:

          Think carefully. Sanders did not say taxing average taxpayers at 90%. See my comment above to “squeak.”

        2. Terry Rushing says:

          Sorry you misunderstood. I was making an apparent poor attempt at humor.

          1. squeak says:

            Forgiven !

          2. livefree1200cc says:

            sarcasm rarely translates through the keyboard

      4. Sally Bookwalter says:

        In the 50s and 60s, I remember hearing on TV that the wealthy and corporations paid high taxes. I remember whistling and thinking “that’s high;” but since it didn’t nor would ever affect me I didn’t worry. The rich stayed rich and corporations hummed along with lots of workers who made more than sufficient wages. Maybe we should go back to “the good old days.”

        1. Upward Trend says:

          Hmm. Not really agreeing with that. It really was Kennedy that proposed and got a reduction of coporate tax, scaled the structure some so that the middle class had more $ in the pocket. lBJ blew that up!! Interestingly Kennedy was assasinated. It was terrible, but he realy didn’t enough; however he didn’t take any crap from the communists!!!

          We can tank the ass LBJ, a democrat, for every bad health initiative, welfare expansion, and tax increases that are ruining this country today.

      5. livefree1200cc says:

        OR our officials could start spending within their budget. The heck with the debt. We owe debt for money printed out of thin air? The debt could just be ignored but the spending needs to be controlled

      6. Doug Gonzales says:

        You must be one of the billionaires complaining because the tax rate would be what it was year ago when the country thrived and everyone prospered.
        We had a middle class then, now we have mega rich and then the rest.
        You must aspire to be them but they won’t give it up to you. They just want your vote and don’t give a rats ass about you or anyone else.

    3. squeak says:

      Right on, LOL !

    4. The redhawk says:

      may be BERNIE should go Advise the CASTRO brothers…

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