Biden Weighs His Future

WASHINGTON — Hosting a rockfish and crab lunch for a visiting Vietnamese leader, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. seemed subdued as he talked of a painful history and a promising future between the United States and Vietnam. He ad-libbed some remarks, made a few mild jokes and stared straight ahead when his guest spoke.

Six weeks after the death of his elder son, Mr. Biden has thrown himself back into his work, meeting with foreign leaders, giving speeches and even cheering on the women’s national soccer team in its victory over Japan in the World Cup. Unsurprisingly, in the shadow of tragedy, he is not his typically ebullient self. But by all accounts he is feeling his way forward and trying to figure out what comes next.

President Obama offering his condolences to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. during a funeral service Saturday for Beau Biden.Obama Delivers Eulogy for Beau BidenJUNE 6, 2015
Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., in 2012.Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s Son, Dies at 46MAY 30, 2015
Even without the heartbreak of loss, this was bound to be a crossroads moment for a vice president who has spent four decades in Washington only to find an uncertain path ahead. He has not ruled out running for president again, and some friends are nudging him to, even if the political math does not seem to favor it. But he has good days and bad days, his mind never far from his late son, Beau Biden, and his staff is not planning further than two weeks ahead.

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  • 7papa7 says:

    I hope he runs for president, then wins the nomination and then gets his butt kicked. I do NOT like old hoof in mouth biden but he is more honorable than hillary. That’s not saying much when you consider that the Iranian leadership is more honorable than hillary.

  • fred says:

    Biden never served in the Military, he and his comments are completely meaningless, just like his life!

  • Webb says:

    Biden enforced Obama’s policies and regulations…
    He played a part of the advancing demise of America the last 6 1/2 years.
    Retire…Mr. Biden, you caused Great Harm To America…

    1. fred says:

      He is now and always has been a DRAIN on our society, as far as i can tell he never worked one day in his worthless life! adios MF!

  • DocJimmy says:

    My condolences to you and your family. It’s time now to go home, Joe. Do so with what dignity you have left and don’t think about any more politics; you ain’t any good at it anymore; on the other hand, you never were…..

  • mike gunter says:

    He should go to the flea market and sell Confederate flags!

  • Jack says:

    If Mr.Biden wants to stay in politics and his home state would re-elect him to his previous U.S. position,it seems that would be his best strategy,but any person,who suggests to a/any woman,if you are home and are fearful for life,and you have access to a shot,stick it out a window and fire it into the air..Law enforcement officers are cautioned as to where the”lead” from their weapon end/stop at.

  • Holland180 says:

    Run Joe Run! Pull votes away from Hilliary, especially if another candidate surfaces besides the totally whacked out Sanders!

  • xingqin says:

    Go bathe your naked ass as your watch dogs are forced to observe. You always have been and continue to be boy wonder, blessed idiot, and a very stupid guy. You always open your mouth before you put your brain in gear and you come up with statements that makes the world shake their head in amazement at the stupidity of your words. You are at your peek now, Biden. and thanks to Obama who needed a dummy yes boy. you got the job. From here it will most likely be all downhill. Do yourself a favor and get out of politics while you can still lie and get some to believe you. Go pleasure yourself, if you still can, and leave important issues to someone who is not braindead yet.

  • marg says:

    we have enough of him too, worthless to help America, he should rest in his chair, have few jokes with friends and make some gaffs and make his friends laugh.

  • richard says:

    Joe Biden is a long time career politician (too long) with strong left wing beliefs, which I certainly do not support, he appears to be a happy go lucky guy, kid like not childish with deep feelings especially when it comes to family.
    Even though Beau was in his forty’s, it was his son, that he loved dearly, I am sure he will bounce back, however he is in mourning, which should be respected by all of us. My prayers are with him.
    In closing, I am saving my political views of Joe Biden and his political colleagues for another day,

  • Tom M says:

    Biden’s future is to depart the Capital in January 2017 and enter the old folks home to never be heard from again. The Old Communist Socialist Liberal fool.

  • VirgoVince says:

    What future does a useless worthless old brain damaged idiot libturd have?
    Go sit in your rocker and play with the grandkids, just don’t let them grow up like you!

    1. dick1935 says:

      Thanks for the REAL statement about a useless piece of flesh. From another Virgo. If this guy Joe Biden has a College degree he must have stole it. Maybe he got it out of a Cracker Jack Box.

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