Boehner Denies Rumors That He’s Leaving The Republican Party

by Breitbart
March 7, 2015

Despite the fact that Democrats are rushing to protect him from a potential brewing Republican coup attempt, House Speaker John Boehner—currently a Republican—has no intention of leaving the Republican Party to join his new friends in the Democratic Party, his spokesman Michael Steel tells Breitbart News.

“Speaker Boehner is a proud, conservative Republican, and enjoys the strong support of an overwhelming majority of the House Republican Conference,” Steel said in an email on Friday morning when asked by Breitbart News if the Speaker plans to switch party affiliations, given that several Democrats now say they’ll protect him from a Republican coup.

If Boehner did eventually leave the GOP, he’d be the highest-profile Republican in recent years to do so. Others who have switched to the Democratic Party after abandoning GOP principles as laid out in the party platform include the late Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

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  • Silver dawn says:

    Sad as I personally liked Boner. After his actions in the last years, I would throw his butt out myself if I could.

  • Girlie58 says:

    His career would be over if he ever switched. That would mean all along, he was working on behalf of the Democratic Party.

  • aldoro says:

    I thought Colin Powell switched. He sure acts like it.

  • Harold says:

    He can do more harm to the country if he professes to be a Repub.
    and acts like a democrat! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck , it is a duck. ( If they talk like a repub. and votes like a democrat, they are a democrat at heart.) Especially when they cave in to all of Obamination’s plans!

  • I Seigel says:

    The solution is so obvious: a Third Party.

  • sueaj says:

    Why leave. He’s already a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”!

  • deanna says:

    This world is going absolutely crazy and I keep praying to God to fix this mess, but I guess he is way toooooo busy.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Maybe He just doesn’t care. Or maybe He’s lost interest, embarrassed and disappointed that we’re turning out this way!

  • soldi says:

    He may as well he’s not doing a damn thing for the GOP – He supports Obama’s agenda

  • otoman says:

    So that means he would no longer be Speaker of the House! Do the repub party a favor. GO AWAY BOEHNER, we do not need you!

  • dextermassolettisr says:

    Spokesman Michael Steel sounds just like Boehner alright, just like the other lying democraps — rule of thumb is wash your hands after touching any part of them.
    Certainly the Dems don’t want to lose a buddy that is top-of-the-scale in the ‘opposing party.’
    Maybe we should let Iran nuke ’em, if we can’t do anything about it ourselves.
    Too bad the cratering will be horrific in any case. All for lack of due diligence.
    There will be …
    No Amnesty, No Immunity, No Prisoners. Take that for a restart.

  • Joe Wonder says:

    We need to take over the whole government with real conservatives that
    are for the American people. Not themselves or special interest groups
    like obmama is.

  • IllBeYour Huckleberry says:

    It would defeat the point of being a mole to leave the party.

  • Louise Goins says:

    Well he may as well, seems to be completing actions on their behalf more than on behalf of the conservative Republican party….. really GOOD move though was inviting PM Netanyahu to speak. Just needs to stop caving in to back door hidden maneuvers sneaking around

  • Pilgrim says:

    How long did it take for Benedict Arnold to switch sides after he switched loyalty?

  • William says:

    Boehner does more for the Democrat Party and Obama than he does for the Republicans and the constituency that elected him. He will stay with the GOP to continue to betray them while being a demogogue like those across the aisle.

  • DandBA says:

    He cannot leave soon enough. He is either a fool, coward, or a Democrat attempting to destroy the House of Representatives with his “Obama like” rhetoric and duplicity!! If the House Republicans have any sense at all they will throw this DAMN SOB OUT ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dwight Mart says:

    Boehner is already a democrat and running under the republican party, a wolf needs to be disguised to be in the hen house to kill, and Boehner is doing just that.

  • larry says:

    as far as Americans are concerned,this treasonist has already left the republican party.

  • Realist says:

    He switched parties a long time ago.

  • James Maxwell says:

    He might as well be honest for once in his life and admit he has been a
    RINO for many years. His total lack of action or standing for the principles
    of the GOP are so obvious that everyone knows he is a Socialist Democrat
    and has been for many years. Just drop the pretense and go join your
    other traitors so we can get on with the business at hand and save our
    Nation from total ruin.

  • GENE says:

    THAT’S TOO BAD!!! It would be easier and less messy if you resigned than our efforts to have you removed for failing to do the job you were elected to: represent American citizens!!! For all your talk about the turd…. you are actually in line for the title: TURD # 3 with Odumbass and Biden ahead of you!!

  • MidnightDStroyer says:

    “Rumors” of leaving Republicans? Oh, please (rolls eyes)…He’s left the Repubs a looong time ago, even presuming he ever WAS one in the first place. The only part about Repubs he’s hung onto is the name. Hasn’t he ever heard that the vast majority of civilian Repubs & Conservatives have already been referring to him as a RINO?

  • The Quadfather says:

    Who says he’s a conservative? There ain’t nothing conservative about him.

  • Harold says:

    Why would he have to leave he Repub. party, and become a democrat? At least he votes and acts like a democrat already.

  • Papabear Dilley says:

    Of course he’s not going to leave the Republican Party, that would cost him his majority leader post. He can do more damage to the conservatives from there.

  • William Walizer says:

    He is NOT a conservative, John Boehner is a liberal, a”wolf in sheep clothing”!

  • This would NOT surprise me in the least…..SHAMEFUL…..

  • robmanwiller says:

    He’s been a DemonRAT mole since he’s been elected and might as well be on the left side of the aisle.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    LMAO the 12 % of the Republican Party think they have a majority. You morons attempted your coup but had so few votes it was pathetic. Shut up and sit down and let the properly elected try to work on fixing some things. It is you imbeciles that are messing up this once fine nation


    Boehner is indeed a bad seed amongst people with truly conservative values. The very fact that he openly flaunts those who tend to support the GOP is a very good indication that for him, nothing is impossible. He is a “rat” disguised as a friend when indeed, he is a RINO just like many others, including John McCain and his liberal minions. Boehner cannot be trusted and he does not deserve to hold an office that puts him 3rd in line to the Office of the President.

  • ralph says:

    That is because the common trash is two faced and wants to work on the backs of the republicans and trash the new ones. Obama is just a Muslim transplant

  • Gerry Costa says:

    Might as well just declare yourself and about 10 other rinos as demoRATS !!! You all are certainly in bed with obama. Whether it is out of fear or being a traitor to your party doesn’t matter — the fact remains you have done NOTHING to stop the fraud in the WH from the destruction of this once great country and that makes you and the other rinos traitors to America.You all should hang your heads in disgrace but I know your lack of integrity and the love of yourselves won’t allow that. But one thing is for sure — AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL SURVIVE THIS ATTACK AND COME BACK STRONGER THAN EVER. Those of you who have sided with the traitor will be pushed to the side of the road where you belong — in the gutter.

  • Ray Martucci says:

    He might as well stay with the republicans since they both are the same . he plays the lying game well like Obama, and Pelosi does, and they do it well

  • Jacky says:

    Going to be a lot of republicans becoming dems after N0 2016.
    I have contributed money to the republican party every year since 1960.
    I have voted republican every election, since that time.
    But the RINOS finally convinced, that we will have to really hammer them before they start acting like republicans
    I will vote a straight liberal dem bloodsucker ticket in Nov of 2016, I urge all conservatives to do the same thing.

    1. The Quadfather says:

      Why do that unless that’s where your heart lies. It’s the primaries. Vote Tea party. I suspect the Tea Party will primary Boehner and all of his allies. That is the best way to get rid of them. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. I suspect there are a lot of Republicans that would follow good leadership if they had it. Never give power to a Democrat. Never. They can do way too much damage and they will do it quicker than RINOs.

      1. Jacky says:

        The Rinos have lied to us and done this for 25 years, they are operating under the impression, that we have to vote for them, because as bad as they are, they are better than the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists.
        Iast year they campaigned on repealing the insurance rape and the the criminal alien amnesty, we handed them the largest victory in 70 years..
        They got us thee time in two months .
        It has become apparent, that they have no intention of doing either, they looked us right in the eye lied to us, then gave us the finger.
        WE have decide that the only way there are going to listen to us is to hurt them very badly.
        that is what we are planning, no idea how many, but we re trying to persuade all conservatives to vote a straight liberal dem bloodsucker ticket.
        I have rented an apartment in Boehner’s district, we will be campaigning against him for the next two years

    2. arf55 says:

      If that happened it would be the final nail in the coffin of the country!

  • jimmy says:

    Conservative my ass

  • Jacky says:

    Let him no harm done he has been voting like a democrat for 6 years.

  • herb says:

    The only solution is to remove Boehner as Speaker.

    1. Silver dawn says:

      And remove any clown who rejected his removal a month or two ago when it was voted on. Fire anyone who won’t take a stand. The mistake of trying to please both sides, meet in the middle doesn’t work in today’s political world. Like an army we need to stand on principle without giving up any ground. That will finally fire up Americans to the point they’ll get the support they need to win.

  • Ole SC says:

    Boehner should switch parties…..the Democrats are the only ones that benefit from him being in Congress. He is a flaming liberal and a lying wussy!!

    1. Loangirl says:

      True….sad…but true.

  • Webb says:

    Boehner…You can leave the Republican Party Today…You will Not be Missed!

    1. Ole SC says:

      I’ll hold the door open for him!!

      1. Webb says:

        All Help Appreciated…

  • Michael says:

    Wrong! Boehner is a proud shill for the liberals in the demorat party. He needs to have a d in front of his name. I will not do anything to support the Republican party as long as they keep supporting turncoats such as boehner and McConnell.

  • bobnstuff says:

    The man did his job and protected the country from enemy foreign and domestic. The Congress is meant to work together, which is what he did. If you follow fools like the right wing extremists the country will fail. The idea that democrats or republicans are the enemy is the truly un-american idea and not what our country was founded on. Once they go to Washington they are to represent all the people in their district not just the ones that voted for them.

    1. The Quadfather says:

      Democrats aren’t representing anyone but the parasites and Karl Marx. They certainly aren’t representing the people who make this country work. Regarding Democrats as enemies unamerican? Nonsense! The founders referred to enemies foreign and domestic. Reckon what they meant by “domestic”? Anyone who wants to replace the electorate with foreigners (mexicans et al) is by definition betraying the electorate. They, the Democrats, are traitors, plain and simple.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You my friend are a fool if you truly believe what you say. We live in a democracy if you have forgotten. There are more Democrats then Republicans in our country, more votes for Democrats then Republicans in the last election. A majority of member of congress voted for a clean bill on funding. I guess you don’t believe in democracy. You have no respect for others views and fell that anyone that doesn’t see things as you do is an enemy. You believe a few should rule the many, 13.5% of the country are right wing Republicans. This may come as a surprise to you but Democrats work jobs, pay taxes, own business and create jobs. There is more welfare in republican run state the in ones run by Democrats. It’s the Republicans who have historically granted amnesty and it the Republicans that don’t want to get some kind of control on the illegals in the country today. They won’t fix the law or increase funding to enforce it. By your standards it’s the Republicans that
        are the traitors. Oh and by the way our founding fathers were themselves immigrants or children of immigrants and believed in immigration.

        1. Florio Vino says:

          You need your head ( if you have one) examined! Please do it quickly and spare the rest of us from Sheer Idiocy!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Just what did I say that wasn’t true?

          2. Florio Vino says:

            Darn near everything. Your colorsare Pinko, not quite RED yet , but closing in.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            You should get some help, I asked a fair question and get back hate. You are responding to a two month
            old story with no facts and you call me names. Get Help Now…..

  • David in MA says:

    Why switch, he can do more damage where he is. BUT, he has to be removed as Speaker and replaced with Trey Gowdy.

  • savage24 says:

    He might be a Republican by the establishment Republican definition, but to call him a conservative really stretches the imagination. The establishment Republicans have surrendered to the progressive movement, and Boehner represents the worst of that ideology.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Boehner (a RINO) never was a republican conservative! Boehner and McConnell betrayed not only conservatives, but the Constitution and laws legitimately thereunder! Sovereignty, wealth, and safety of the USA have been compromised by joining Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in sedition and rebellion to overthrow the Constitution and our government.

      Every loyal oath bound official must demand review of e-mail and phone conversations of traitors nefariously conducting the business of our nation to destroy it! Where have they hid the invaders and Trojan horses? La-Raza is an enemy of Constitution and country that IS very tightly entwined, aided, abetted, and engaged with the Obama administration, especially with Holder and Johnson.

      Boehner and McConnell body language was that of overwhelming fear and cowardice when they “decided” to finance Obama’s “Mexican Border invasion”! They empower and enrich aliens simultaneously by taking from and destroying “Americans” he demonically hates!

  • Errant says:

    When does he come up for re-election? What do those folks think of him? Wouldn’t that be something if he were outed that way!

    1. Steven says:

      Every member of the House is up for reelection every 2 years. The fact he was reelected in 2014 indicates that, as of 4 months ago, the voters in his district apparently didn’t thin he needed to be removed.

      Note: I am not defending HIM in any way. My comment is more a condemnation of the voters in his district.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Gee! who knew we had a sheep in wolves clothing, as our country flounders and the communist /democrats feel more empowered with him at the helm of congress than they did with Pelosi, we are doomed.
    “As you sow, so shall you reap”…Biblical

  • 4lifeandfreedom says:

    If people had just listened to him and looked carefully in his face when he was speaking to the CPAC convention before the election that found him to become the Speaker of the House, they should have seen what I saw. I stated then that he should not be elected again, let alone become the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. His lying eyes, his gulping(like Obama) and not being direct in his speech told us everything we needed to know about him. But, here he is now, having that same spineless, I need this job, they have something on me demeanor. Could it be true that he is not even eligible to be in Congress now, according to Ohio’s laws?

    1. David in MA says:

      The Ohio law regarding this is very specific, he is serving illegally, but the voters don’t know this because they don’t know their own laws.

    2. Loangirl says:

      I thought the same thing! After his acceptance speech and all the tears, I gave him a new name. He is disgusting! I call him Boo Hoo Boehner!
      He should be removed from office or at least Resign!

  • James in Texas says:

    O’Boehner abandoned the Republican Party, when, like most politicians, he was elected and found all of the power, riches, benefits, fame, perks, and notoriety of being a member of the Party of Me, Period! His rep says he has all of the “support” of the “other’ members in good-standing of the Party of Me, so let’s all fill his mailbox with our comments about about what “We, the People think of him. He a coward and a turn-coat that has shown the Country where he is on Obama……..”Down on his knees, in worship of his Emperor”, Period!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      He is the speaker of the whole house, both sides, He represents all the country not just the right wing. Forget the party, think for once of the country and everyone in it. This war between the parties is destroying the country, we are one country. Who is tearing up the country? Who is willing to let the country fail to provide for the common defense? Who is trying to black mail the congress and the president? A house divided against it’s self can not stand.

      1. The Quadfather says:

        The conservatives are opposing Obama and his followers because they are trying to turn this nation communist. That is an admirable goal. There is no nobility in agreeing and supporting enemies of freedom. Conservatives are preserving this country, not tearing it up.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You really believe that don’t you. You really should get out more and look around. I truly believe you don’t
          even know what a communist is. Just what would make you believe anyone in Washington want our country to be communist? We have a government for good reason and just because they on rare occasion do something to help people doesn’t make it communist.

          1. Loangirl says:

            Obama’s Grandparents, that raised him, did so as communists. The country he is from, and his Father, were communists. Obama was in that environment during his formative years. No surprise here.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            So what drugs are you taking? You are wrong on all your facts. His Grandmother worked in a bank.

          3. Loangirl says:

            Since when did working in a Bank have anything to do with personal beliefs? Both she and her husband were communists! You apparently can’t read or research, otherwise, you would know this as many others do.

      2. dextermassolettisr says:

        If you really think for one minute we have ‘representation’ going on in all this pretend ‘conflict’ you are near drowning in their propaganda there is near unanimity in the effort to rape the Republic and pillage the country. You are a pathetic troll, trying to sell Fascism.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          The man does one right thing. He passes a bill that does what it says it does and you folks want to nail him to a cross. No, I don’t believe that most of the government is in there for me. I know the republican conservatives have been bought. I believe most of the new congress is on the take from one side or another but this one bill gives me a glimmer of hope that there may still be a chance for this country to become a democracy again. As long as we have the best government money can buy we are in trouble. What bothers me is why we keep electing people who say they won’t give an inch. Governing is all about working with other people with other points of view. We have to many big ego’s in congress and not enough great compromise. Why are moderates so hate by the people here? They make up most Americans, they are the silent majority,

          1. sueaj says:

            WRONG! Most Americans are NOT moderate!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            All I can say is Republicans eat their own. They are loyal to no one and they had better watch their backs because they have no problem stabbing each other.

          3. Loangirl says:

            You amaze me! The Democrats eat their own at the drop of a napkin! They are totally brainwashed by all the money and power. If they cared about America, they would do what is right and not worship Obama! He is wrong! He wouldn’t be the first President that couldn’t run the country right! But, he is the Worst!

          4. dextermassolettisr says:

            Your ‘Life is Compromise’ philosophy has several names. We are beset with barbarians, should you be glad of that because it means a lot of ‘compromise.’ But more to the point, in a hostile environment, Principle cannot be negotiated — that’s what freedom really means, not to fall victim to the suicidal — the government does not give you anything that was not taken from someone else: how does it feel to be a partner in extortion and theft — where peace is only found in a graveyard?

            I have trouble thinking you are real; I know the situation is and very real; btw: we had a Republic, what we are getting is not even a Democracy. You need to find put what it is you think you are talking about.

            Know this my friend wherever you are: Americans just want to be left alone — we now do not have a government of Americans. — getting it now, or are you too stuck in what is now the 33% forming the abomination?

            I’m done. Have a nice day.

      3. sueaj says:

        It’s not standing…it’ crumbling! Haven’t you noticed?

      4. Loangirl says:

        You are right, but, this situation did not start with the Republicans! This really started when the Democrats and the Main stream Media, began to worship the Great Obama! This is what has divided the parties. The name calling in public forum has never been appropriate! The good of the country does not seem to be an issue. Our beloved Country is in major trouble partly because of this wedge that has been driven between the parties.

      5. Harold says:

        One name is sufficient . Barry Soetero, Barack Hussein Obama or what ever his real name is!

      6. James in Texas says:

        Mr. Bobnstuff, I still remember when Ms. Pelosi was the Speaker of the entire House……………….Oh wait, she wasn’t, she was all Democrat, all the Time. And I remember when Mr. Reid was the Leader of the entire Senate…………. Oh wait, he was all Democrat, all the Time! Where were all of those “Democrat voters” last November when the Senate was lost? I was probably a Democrat before you were old enough to even vote, I changed because in the early 60’s I realized that the Democrat Party was the Party of Jim Crow, the Party that held Black Americans to a “different” set of laws and rules. Sorry, I’m just old enough to to remember the truth! Good luck with all the wonderful things your Party is doing as the national debt grows ever larger and the “Free Stuff” keeps flowing right out of you’re and my wallet! Sad day when folks can see the wrong things being done, but, refuse to see the problem!

    2. Loangirl says:

      I agree totally! He needs removed from office! So does Mitch McConnell and a few others from Both sides of the isle! Corruption in this Administration and Congress, is running amuck!

      1. Ole SC says:

        running amuck at the least, Loangirl. IMO I think that they are complicit in the attempt to completely destroy this Country. They could not possibly be as stupid as there actions would suggest…..those actions have to be premeditated acts of destruction. It is time to clean Congress of all non-conservative members or our system of Government will soon be past the point of no return, if its not already!!

        1. Silver dawn says:

          It sure does look that way. Another point is the candidate choices that the press picks for us. I mean Chris Christie? Really? When we heard his tough straightforward talk early on, he did sound like a fighter. Then we found out where he stands. I like Ted Cruz. Rand Paul kinda scares me on a lot of issues but basically he’s not bad.

          1. Ole SC says:

            I’m with you on that Silver dawn, Ted Cruz would be my first choice and Christie was never in the running as far as I’m concern. But neither is Jeb Bush, we rode that train twice before and that is a plenty. Rand Paul scares me also and I don’t want surprises down the road.

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