Border wall funding solved: GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send home

A group of House Republicans on Thursday introduced the first major bill to fund President Trump’s border wall, saying the government could collect billions of dollars by imposing a 2 percent fee on all the money Mexicans and other immigrants send back home.

Estimates vary, but remittances from those in the U.S. to their relatives back home could top $130 billion a year. A 2 percent tax could net more than $2 billion a year if it applied to all money regardless of who’s sending it.

“This bill is simple — anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds needed to complete the wall,” Rep. Mike Rogers, Alabama Republican, said in a statement. “This bill keeps money in the American economy, and most importantly, it creates a funding stream to build the wall.”

Mr. Rogers and Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania are leading the effort.

50 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    US Taxpayers should not have to pay a dime.

  • TN River Man says:

    10% minimum!

  • cae973 says:

    10 per cent at least..considering all they take from, hospitals, ect

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    Lets just hope he gets it passed. I am getting so sick and tired of all these democrats trying to stiffel every attempt by our President to enforce his agenda. Just goes to show you that democrats don’t care sbout anything or anyone but themselves. Funny thing is that liberal supporters think that they care about them. Yeah right. They don’t care about anything but the money they shove in their pockets. They just use the supporters as their minions.

    1. Anouk says:

      You are so right Shelly! Shame on these un-American traitors.

  • Gary Groce says:

    I think a 50% is a fair share of taxes. Now we all know they will be able to bypass the US government on the tax any way. They can send cash to another illegal, sympathetic or relative and charge them 10% and cross into another country.

  • ketrout says:

    Sounds good to me! Personally, I think it should even be a bit higher, like maybe 10%. At the money from this to actually go to building the wall, paying for more ICE officers, Border Patrol Agents, and even detention centers. Plus, the costs for deporting ILLEGAL ALIENS back to their own country.

  • champion2211 says:

    For those illegals in the country sending money home half of what they are sending are counted as a wall tax or have them take it home. That means if they need to send it home there is no way to send it. They have to take it to them. So that means they have to leave the country. Their employers have to pay the 2% of what they make for the wall.

  • Michael Lloyd says:

    !) Good idea. 2) Not enough. Why 2% instead of 20, 25, 50%? 3) The idea has been around before but never went anywhere. 4) Where are these people getting that kind of money to send back “home” when working citizens are scraping to get by and have no savings for emergencies? 5) Why just to build the wall? The nation is $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. 6) Everybody seems to be forgetting that building the wall is only part of the funding problem. After it is built, it has to be maintained, abundantly guarded, personnel need to be hired and trained. It’s not going to be cheap. Tax the sh!t out of them – permanently.

  • Gail Davis says:

    I totally agree that 2% is not enough. We educate, medicate, house, EBT cards and more. If anyone is on our dole, no money should be sent back to Mexico. The average American can hardly save any money, but because we give these illegals everything, they can send it home. Oil is Mexico’s first first industry, second is the money that the illegals send back! This has to stop! With all this, no wonder they think our streets are paved with gold and we sure are stupid to allow this to happen. Our stupid politicians sure we’re not thinking of the American citizens. Americans first!

  • Tiger says:

    1.) Stop giving illegals benefits.
    2.) Stop bringing in thousands of refugees and stop giving them benefits.
    3.) 2% are you nuts? Tax them according to what they make like you do us.
    4.) Make Mexico pay for the crimes committed by the illegals.

    That alone would bring in the bucks. Beef up that border, round-up the gangs, round-up the drug lords, hey money saved.

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      And in the words of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

      1. Tiger says:

        Exactly and the pennies are now in the billions of dollars for people we don’t need and don’t want.

    2. Retired says:

      How would our Democrats get their drugs ??? Democrats keep proving how dopy they are.

      1. Tiger says:

        True that but then they already are minus a few bricks.

  • Alice Steinbacher says:

    Great Idea! I know our President was thinking along those lines when he said, The Mexicans will pay for the Wall.

  • justinwachin says:

    That sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t know how easy it will be to enforce such a measure.

    I would suggest we build the wall with no openings in it. If Mexico wants goods manufactured in its country to come into America they can purchase the openings in the wall. Those openings will be priced to pay for the wall.

    Another idea is to tax put an excise tax on everything that comes across the border.

  • Kenneth Hadler says:

    The amount should at least equal any fees added when a U S citizens visiting a different country uses a charge card to make a purchase.

  • maxx says:

    Wow!! And all along I thought my letters, emails and Faxes to my legislators were just thrown away. I sent communications months ago stating that the money being sent back to Mexico by border crossers via Western Union would be the perfect place to get the money to build the Wall. Looks like somebody was reading my stuff. Excellent solution but will they really have the “balls” to do it? That’s the real questio. i

  • calhar says:

    This won’t work.They found a way into the country and they will find a way for an underground money route.

  • Webb says:

    Democrats get on board with this idea…

    It will help our National Budget as well as Paying for That Wall and you will have no excuses for not voting for this type of legislation…
    GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send home…A novel Idea!!

  • Mort Leith says:

    Add a couple percent to fund shipping them all back home and also building a ton of Fire Ant colonies for those pesky tunnels too

  • Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

    Well, well, well so these immigrants, both legal and illegal have enough money to send $130,000,000,000 back to their home nations yet we constantly here from the demonrats just how poor these people are, what utter bull/shite!
    If they have just $10 per week to send home then $1 dollar should be their contribution to the America that allowed them to earn that money.
    10% should be the rate paid as an Export Tax that seems to be a fair and reasonable deal to me after all without America and it’s people those who send money home would not have any to send at all!

  • James Maxwell says:

    This idea has been proposed several time and never gone very far in the
    past. With the GOP in office now it has a better chance of becoming
    a Federal Statue and I would raise it to 5% minimum and higher for
    transfers over $10 thousand dollars. The Drug cartels and other
    criminal enterprises use this simple method to send money back home
    to the Cartels. The estimates of how much money is actually sent back
    across the border does make you wonder how much criminal enterprise
    is making off of it since this is a great way to laundry money and get it
    back to various groups in these countries. Much like the PAY DAY LOANS
    COMPANIES are used to laundry criminal money also.

  • Murph68 says:

    Great idea. Let’s get this passed a.s.a.p.!

  • Peter Pihun says:

    If you want illegals to self deport, how about taxing the money they send home at 75%. That will stop them. Any the wall will be built faster.

  • Deb Sunshine Hanna says:

    2% isn’t a lot, but it is a start. But we all know the democrats will start whining and bitching about it.

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      Aided and abetted by the idiots of the mainstream media –
      “Oh these poor helpless people, being penalized and marginalized by the mean old Republicans and heartless Trump, just for trying to make a better life for themselves.”
      The old communist/democrat strategy of divide and conquer.
      It makes ya sick.

  • Janthony132 says:

    2% will work out to be a bundle. It could fly. But I think anything higher would be rejected.

    1. BOC says:

      With the estimate of remittances back to Mexico by undocumented, i.e. illegal alien, workers somewhere north of $26 billion annually that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $520,000,000.
      You’re correct in pushing the percent too high as this type of strategy too high could backfire in a big way. Several year ago the state of New York came up with the bright idea to fund children’s healthcare with part of the cigarette tax. They pushed the tax to a point where the price of cigarettes was about $8.00 per pack. The result? People decided that was a threshold they were not willing to go and quit smoking, leaving this program with a tremendous shortfall.
      Overall this would be a great start for sure, but we have to remember the way our dysfunctional government works however, and would this money earmarked for the walls’ construction be spent in such a manner?

  • Pete says:

    NO! NO! NO!!! How dare you even think of it. The poor guy went to all the trouble of sneaking into the US and now you want him to pay for a wall. Then he can’t sneak back in when ICE finally kicks him out.

    1. truthseeker says:

      They want to be Kicked out. We pay for the Transportation . It is like Spring Break for them. They cross over to our Country, settle in and then get kicked out in order to bring in their entire family, so they can get their Kids Education, Medical care and look forward for us to pay for their Children to go to College on our dime. Then they become our Bosses and can control a company and we got to say Yes Sir/Mama and hope we do not get fired, what is worse is when you figure out that you will be training the New Employee so he or she can bring in their Idiotic cousin to be trained to replace us.

  • McFerguson says:

    Excellent idea. It’s not the specific percentage but the idea that the people causing the problem are going to be billed to help correct it. So, in a roundabout way Mexico will be paying for the building of the wall, just as the Trumpster had said. Ain’t Justice grand! Now if he could just get the Clintons to pay back every single dollar they swindled from the U.S. taxpayers and the corrupt Clinton Global Initiative, perhaps the U.S. could begin to gets it’s soaring national debt in order.


    2% is not high enough. 20% to 25% is much more realistic.

    1. Jerry says:

      10% would even be better then 2%

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    i think it should be taxed at 100%, go home and get a job,but then they will just send cash or slip it under the border

  • altonrobinson says:

    I don’t think 2% is enough, if I have to pay up to 35% for taxes to help support these illegals, then I think they should be charged at least 25% of anything going out of the country.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

      It might not be enough but its a start.

      1. Retired says:

        Every payday Western Union at our Kmart is very busy , that is also how drugs are paid for . Time for the money transfers to be controlled like the banks are .

      2. Rosiejlawrence says:

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    2. Dave Shiffman says:

      IF the 2% is DEDICATED to building, maintaining, upgrading, and patrolling the wall, it is ample. Not so, if everyone in Washington takes their usual cut.

      1. chock says:

        AMEN. Sorry but I am screaming. Sick of this.

      2. Retired says:

        Let the Seabees build the wall and it will only cost the material . Plus that would put 24 hour guards on the project so there is no hanky panky .

    3. chock says:

      At least 15% for all the welfare, healthcare, illegal refunds from IRS, crime, etc, etc, etc. Schools are drowning and straining to try to education the illegals and their kids.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Don’t forget they have to go to a Special Class to learn English. Look at that Eighteen Year old they tried to put in as a Sophomore .

    4. Retired says:

      Fine the Illegals $1000.00 for every year that they lived in the US and Ship them home with a no return policy . That would also help build the wall .

    5. truthseeker says:

      Considering that we have to pay a 7% tax and that goes to the Schools they are entitled to. Under the table money they make, Tax refunds they get, entitlements like Food Stamps, Social Security, Housing, Welfare and ADC., so they get all of these Benefits, pay no taxes, get refunds for all of their Children they claim. If they made $500.00 a week that would be like us having to make $1,200.00 after taxes, gas, lunch and the Rent. Not fare and yet the Liberals think they are here to be an American Citizen. It is not worth being a Citizen which would mean they would have to take on the responsibilities we have to in order to support them. We also pay for their College .

    6. Roger says:

      You know that when they send money to their family they don’t pay taxes!

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        Of course not. It is our money and we pay the taxes for them.

    7. David Mulloy says:

      Look at it this way; If it is Truly a Tax, than it will Quadruple in two years, like every other tax our Government has ever levied!!

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