BREAKING: Ben Carson takes major step toward presidential campaign

Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon turned conservative sensation, is taking a major step toward a 2016 presidential bid by forming a political action committee and selecting the man who would run his campaign, The Washington Times has learned.

Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should he run and approved the formation of a PAC called One Nation.

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary,” Dr. Carson said in a phone interview.

Asked about the likelihood he will run for president in 2016, Dr. Carson said: “I would say we are definitely a step or two closer that we were a year ago.”

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  • Brad Bryant says:

    Fantastic. RUN BEN RUN!

  • Robert Rios says:

    Now all Dr Carson needs is a guy like Tray Goudy as a running mate!

  • defiant1 says:

    This is great news. Dr. Ben Carson is a true and decent man of honor and I will support him 100%. I already have a “Ben Carson for President” sticker on my front window. Welcome, Ben Carson!

  • don archambbault says:

    unions suck

  • Death2Unions says:

    President Ben Carson!

  • Death2Unions says:

    President Ben Carson.

  • don archambbault says:

    Ben Carson and Allen West. That will drive them nuts!
    How about they campaign together. Col. Allen West for Vice President.
    Dr. Ben ate Obama’s “lunch at the breakfast”, now he can perform “emergency surgery” on the Country

    1. dtk1952 says:

      A good pairing. But, I would rather have it Carson/Rice. What a brain trust that would be.

  • I Seigel says:

    So much criticism of Obama being a “community organizer”. Now we have a neurosurgeon who thinks he can do a better job? What’s next, an ophthalmologist?!?! At least a governor – even of Alaska – has some executive experience. You know, actually LEADING?!?

    1. William C. Benedict says:

      Excuse you, but a syphilitic three-legged dog could do a better job than Moochelle’s pimp. As far Ben Carson’s executive experience is concerned, it would be the opinion of an absolute fool to believe that his experience as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, his leadership of extremely large surgical teams, numbering up into the 300’s of individuals of divers specialty, assigned dozens of tasks, and his extensive education in several complex fields, lends itself to being deficient in leadership abilities. Too, he has a fundament grasp of the reality of things in which Moochelle’s pimp is totally lacking.
      I Seigel, do yourself a favor and pull your head out of Moochelle’s pimp’s butt, clean out your eyes, nose, ears and mouth, and wipe from the rest of you the bilge of Satan’s rectum you have swilled from said pimp, and grow up, both emotionally and intellectually..

      1. I Seigel says:

        You seem to know a lot about pimps. Why is that?


        Ben Carson is famous in the medical world for being in charge of the team – about 50 people – who successfully separated twins who were conjoined at the head, the first time that had ever been accomplished.

        Dr Carson is undoubtedly a gifted medical man. Leading a team of 50 people – or even 300 people – all with a particular, common goal, is good work, but doesn’t compare with leading a diverse group of people with lots of different, competing interests. But whether that makes him qualified to seek elective office – maybe city councilman or mayor – is debatable. Heck, he hasn’t even served as the president of the hospital, much less held any kind of elective office. Even community organizer Obama was elected a US Senator.

        Dr Carson will implode, just like Herman Cain did. Sit back and enjoy. Oh, and waste your money supporting him.

        1. William C. Benedict says:

          Suck on, Seigel. Fools like you are a dime a million. As for my knowledge of pimps, I used to drive taxis and I met all too many of the slimy bastards like yourself.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Thank you SO much for such a meaningful contribution to this discussion. Your children (god help them) must be so proud of you!!

          2. Karen says:

            I agree with you, I Seigel. If you heard the breakfast speech, you could see that this man, though soft-spoken, has the guts and determination to follow through what needs to be done. Who else has the nerve to speak out, not only against the “O”, but directly in front of the guy and do it so well? He was not born of a wealthy family, but fought poverty to bring himself to where he is today. That’s determination and strength of will. He’s definitely got my vote if he runs!

          3. William C. Benedict says:

            Pardon moi, Karen . . . I think you addressed your “agreement” to the wrong fool. By nature of what you said following, you do not agree with Seigel at all.

          4. Karen says:

            You’re absolutely right, Mr. Benedict. I obviously wasn’t paying attention, and I apologize. He is most definitely a fool. I must have been looking at the wrong name when I posted. I’m sorry about that and will pay more attention the next time I post.

          5. I Seigel says:

            I’m sure you’ll be just as careful when you mark your ballot, too.

          6. Karen says:

            You’d better believe I’ll be careful when I cast my vote. I take that very seriously. As for addressing my agreement, I should have looked more carefully…my bad. You’re the fool! One of the biggest I’ve seen. I’m betting you’re a Liberal at heart…that makes you more of a fool than I thought you were. This country has seen more than enough of people like you. Open your foolish eyes, sir, and see what people like you have done to this country!

          7. William C. Benedict says:

            STILL playing the innuendo game, BASTARD? As stated before, FOOLS never learn. Keep it coming, true bastard fool of an ass.
            Again, you show your inability to understand what you read. The apology was clearly addressed to me, bastard, not you, and for you to make the same kind of innuendo to her, that you have made to me and others, shows just how morally deficient you factually are, and how deeply you have submerged your thoughts and wit in the dregs of Satan’s rectum.
            I would offer up pray in your name, but I seriously doubt that you possess the moral fabric for it to allow God to work on.

          8. William C. Benedict says:

            No apology necessary. Laugh, reload, and carry on.

          9. William C. Benedict says:

            Yes, Seigel, they are, and yes, God does help them. It would blazingly appear, however, that you have rejected that help and persist in speaking through the satanically inspired Liberal pretenses of attack and innuendo.
            I have previously stated my willingness to come back on a fool with a caustic reply. If you persist in making your little asshole comments, I will persist in lambasting your ass, ASS! I do not use innuendo, fool. I counter-attack frontally and with savage intent.
            If you are not a total fool, you will get a message out of that.
            By the way, bastard, when used in the address of YHVH, “God” is always capitalized.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Oooh yes. You’re SO savage! Since I’m not a “total fool”, I DID get a message out of that. The message is that you’re a self-delusioned, pompous, ex-taxi-driving frustrated little weenie. There, you see, no innuendo, so even YOU can understand it.

          11. William C. Benedict says:

            The level of civility declines, the fool resorts to the usual Liberal bastard’s witless reaction of name-calling, shows a complete lack of understanding of what is told to him in no uncertain terms, and persists in his denials of having but the wit of the crassly stupid. Innuendo, fool, is the same as implication.
            To give you a lesson in law, for instance, to imply a threat is just as much a felony under law as it is to carry one out. That, fool, is courtesy of the United States Supreme Court. Study it well, it might save your stupid ass someday.
            As to you, the “not a total fool.” just mighty damned close to it . . . the innuendo I refer to was several posts back:
            “You seem to know a lot about pimps. Why is that?”
            If you are incapable of understanding what the implication in that was, then you ARE a total fool, and one who, as Solomon, in more ways that one, informed us was incapable of ever understanding and accepting the Truth. And no, bastard, truth is not subjective, meaning whatever some witless piece of self-deluded humanity proclaims it to be.
            You show yourself to be the witless fool every time you react to one of my responses. Were you to be responding, yourself, you would be showing the trait of having thought things out sufficiently to make an intelligent reply, instead of a knee jerk reaction.
            Come on, bastard. Even you ought to be able to make a better showing for yourself.
            As to your concern on name calling, to label a “Fool” a fool is not name calling. It is stating a fact. To call a liberated Democrat, as what you have written so far demonstrates you to be, well, for over a century and a half now the Democrats have loudly and proudly proclaimed themselves to the donkey party. Donkeys, in case you were unaware, are members of the species Equus asinus, and are more correctly identified as “Asses.” Thus, a male Democrat is appropriately called either an ASS or a JACKASS. The female Democrat is either an ASS or a JENNY.
            It is not name calling to call one by a name they chose to themselves of their own free will.
            If being called an “ASS” bothers you, completely disassociate yourself from the political party thereof, and reconstitute yourself as something less brazenly braying, and more moderately corresponding.
            As for your being a “bastard,” your contempt for God is all too apparent. Read Matthew 12, with particular reference to 12:8, bastard. The shoe fits! Wear it, or put on a new shoe.

          12. I Seigel says:

            “The level of civility declines”??!!?? HAHAHAH LOL! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. You wouldn’t know what civility was if it, how did you say it – crawled out of “Satan’s rectum” and bit you on your jackass ass. Please don’t bother to pray for me, or anyone, for that matter. I don’t think the Lord listens to garbage mouths like you. Al Qaeda is probably better suited to your brand of latrine-based ranting.

            You haven’t contributed one word of an intelligent, reasoned sentence to this thread. Just a lot of savageness, which, of course, is your self-professed specialty.

            If you consider that innuendo – if I’m being too subtle for you – get out a dictionary and look up the words you don’t understand. Maybe a child’s illustrated dictionary would be helpful to one who only seems to use 4-letter words, or clever phrases like “Satan’s rectum” and “Moochelle”. Oh, you’re so clever. And savage.

        2. dtk1952 says:

          Maybe this is what we need. Someone that isn’t rotten from being a politician.

    2. Robert Rios says:

      Anyone but a politician, that’s the problem we have in Washington, too many politicians. Not enough real people like Dr. Carson. The problem with community organizer is this one lacks leadership qualities. You just cannot answer “PRESENT” for every problem.

    3. dtk1952 says:

      You dumb liberals voted Odumbo the Clown in twice and he still hasn’t learned how to lead. Ben Carson has my vote.

      1. I Seigel says:

        And you dumb conservatives haven’t figured out yet that a MAJORITY of Americans voted for Obama TWICE and you still haven’t learned how to swallow your pride and learn how to compromise with the winner, for the sake of the country. You’re all a bunch of sore losers, it seems to me. Just as you blamed the Democrats for being sore losers when Gore won the popular vote but the Supreme Court anointed W anyway.

  • conservativeandproud says:

    And, remember what they did to Herman Cain last time.

  • Robert Rios says:

    He’s got my vote!

    1. Mine too, Robert. Mine too!! America needs this man. Lord, hear our

  • Henry Eymann says:

    Ben Carson and Chris Christie are the Only Two candidates that I feel are worthy to represent the Republican party as the President of the United States…..The focal point is for All Americans to get back their Freedom in the Great United States of America…..We do Not need to continue to sell out Our Country to the entities overseas…….Have a nice day………..

    1. defiant1 says:

      Christie is a full-blown RINO, not worthy of running for president. Another Jeb Bush and Carl Rove type. Ben Carson is a true man of honor.

  • Jimmpeeh says:

    I donated one time a few months ago because I thought he is the only person I know of that could get our country out of this mess Obama and Reid have created. Rick Perry is the only other person I would even consider supporting in the whole scheme of things.

  • Jarhead64 says:

    Dr Ben Carson is no dummy, he knows what is in store if he runs. I am confident he can handle anything they try to throw at him. He is so far out and ahead of thier league they don’t have a single person who could touch him in an honest debate. This man is intelligent, honest, tough, soft spoken (watch out) he will run over you with a steam roller before you know what hit you. I watch his interviews and speachs whenever I can get them. He has real knowledge, common sense solutions that will work to restore our republic. I just finished his America the Beautful book and he blew me away I have never heard of any politician with his grasp of our national situtation and the solutions we so desperately need NOW, Watch his speachs, read his books if you arn’t impressed you are brain dead.

  • Eileen Spence says:

    Please run Dr. Carson, our country needs you!!!

    1. Henry Eymann says:

      I STRONGLY agree with YOU !!…..GO Ben Carson………

  • edna says:

    This would be so great!!! Hope it happens!

  • Monroe57 says:

    This ought to drive the Liberals nuts! There can’t be a black conservative in the United States, remember Clarence Thomas. I hope Dr. Ben knows the opposition won’t come at him with scalpels, it will be the long knives! Go Ben go!

    1. I Seigel says:

      Really!?! You REALLY think so? I don’t think the liberals will go nuts; I think they’ll be laughing their a__es off. As for the “long knives” – think back a moment: how did Herman Cain fare? It wasn’t anything that the liberals did; it was differing factions of the Republican party that caused his demise, during and after all those debates. I think the libs were entertained by Cain, as they’ll be with Dr Carson. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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