BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner Resigns

by Scott Wong | The Hill
September 25, 2015

Speaker John Boehner told GOP lawmakers on Friday he will resign at the end of October.

The embattled Boehner (R-Ohio) said he would resign from both his speakership and his House seat, he told GOP lawmakers at a closed-door conference.

“Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution and, as we saw yesterday with the Holy Father, it is the one thing that unites and inspires us all,” a Boehner aide said.

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  • larry says:

    what we need to is cut off this lucrative pension plans they have set up for them selves did you all know they serve one term and the get it we need to cut them off at the knees there is so much wrong down there the waste the fraud time get in there and clean this crap up it both side that are responsible for this garbage we see

  • Rats jumping ship. Going to a better paying job as a Lobbyist.

  • reggie says:

    He needs to go immediately before he can do any more damage. He has nothing to lose, we have even more to lose.

  • John McClain says:

    We are broken down to two means of regaining control of our Republic. We, The People, can choose to elect new members, plain citizens, at each election, thus returning citizens back to government, and destroying “government induced qualifications”, and stand firm on the knowledge, the worst idiot in office isn’t half as bad as best politician, with a goal not in keeping with the Republic, and only by this means can we end the government controlling the candidates.
    We lost this power during “reconstruction”, having no “government” while in the war between the States, and citizens of the north were happy just to go back to regular work, accepting the still imposed rule, while southerners were under the thumb of “reconstruction”, and we never chose to take control of our government back, in part because the north couldn’t do it alone, and in part because both government and northerners were still avid in “punishing the south” for causing the war, and we, too foolish to recognize those in power taking advantage of the extra time we allowed, to shore up their secure crony corporate government, and rule by fascist authority.
    When we pulled out of the depression after the war, the wealth of capitalism kept our collective minds off politics, the power of “party” having made the war possible, and reconstruction denying any party to the south, we have allowed the single party to assume ever more control, while posing ever more convincingly, as separate parties, while effectively remaining a single, government, party, which has controlled our elections ever since.
    Boehner was a “tea party candidate”, yet from his first day, he has worked for the government party. He made no effort to break zero’s planning, his clear and open destruction of our Nation’s ability to engage with true allies, his successful work bringing down secular governments in the mid-east, nor has he made any attempt to act, to stop the budget and return our economy to the full control of “The People”, as was the basis of the tea party planning.
    We can do everything else, but if we don’t restore ourselves to being “sovereign citizens”, meaning self-educated, not indoctrinated, and maintaining total control of government by keeping every office fresh, and burning down every caught criminal, we will never be “that Republic”, we swore to maintain “to ourselves and our posterity”.
    We lost our power as citizens, as we gave that power to government, to wage war, to end the dichotomy of slavery which brought us to breaking up the union. I won’t speculate on outcome of any other way, however, having arrived where we were, we now must choose to first, become qualified to rule ourselves by educating, and disabusing ourselves of indoctrinated foolishness, and at the same time, accepting as a responsibility, we must serve, all of us, if we would have a free nation.
    We can never again allow any regular citizen be seen as “especially qualified” for any office, but must note that is the first sign of dictatorial desire. We must be willing to die for our rights, and our freedom.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    1. I Seigel says:

      Why is electing “plain citizens” the answer to everything that is wrong in government? What are the qualifications of “plain citizens” to write legislation, operate in committees, negotiate legal documents, avoid (or deliberately build in) loopholes and form coalitions?

      Would you have “plain citizens” be your kids’ teachers without any additional training or qualifications? How about “plain citizens” as a passenger jet pilot, or a Marine Gunnery Sergeant, a major league shortstop or a brain surgeon?

      Just because you’re a “plain citizen” doesn’t make you qualified to do ANYTHING except vote. I’d rather have knowledgeable, experienced and successful people at the helm of any ship, rather than just some yahoo that jumped aboard after wandering around on the dock.

      Or are you demeaning and degrading your own military training and success and that of all your fellow soldiers by claiming that any “plain citizen” can do what you do? Ca any “plain citizen” successfully go thru the training and have the courage and fortitude and honor to be a Marine, much less a Gunnery Sergeant?

      Ignore the politics for a moment. Is Fiorina or Trump or Cruz more of a proven leader under fire than a Petraeus or a Romney? You tell me.

      1. Webb says:

        “plain citizens”…Yes!

      2. Daniel Wright says:

        There was a time when regular people ran for office,served a few terms and went home. Now there is a class of professional politicians who end up being more and more corrupt by a corrupt system as time goes on. They have to toe the line or they will never get on any committees and their party will see that they lose to a hand picked successor in the primaries. They also give in to the constant lobbying by special interest groups who provide gifts and campaign contributions in exchange for favorable legislation. If military professionals who sold out America for bribes from foreign countries or doctors who killed people for profit was common practice would you trust them as much as you do the professional politicians? As I said in a previous post. Senators are supposed to represent the states and house members are supposed to represent the people in their local districts. There are too many politicians willing to sell their votes to the highest bidder. There are too many politicians loyal to their parties over the people. This corruption must stop before it destroys America!

        1. Mae says:

          You’ve called out term limits, lobbyists, selling out to highest bidder, campaign contributions, and party loyalty over loyalty to constituents as problems.

          To your list, I would add people voting who don’t have a clue or who also put party loyalty over loyalty to our country.

          Does anyone have suggestions for how ‘we’ can ‘fix’ those problems?

          1. Daniel Wright says:

            There will always be uninformed people who have the right to vote. Do you suggest requiring people to pass a test in order to have the privilege of voting? In the beginning only wealthy land owners could vote. Do you advocate returning to that requirement? People like I Seigel who are loyal puppets of the left will always be with us. He thinks that he should be in charge of who can and who can’t hold office. I don’t agree.

          2. Mae says:

            What I advocate is accountability for truth in politics. When voters are fed misleading, often outright lies, in campaign ads it leads to misinformed votes.

          3. Daniel Wright says:

            Have I posted an opposing view?

          4. Daniel Wright says:

            Have I posted an opposing view?

        2. I Seigel says:

          As Mae here responded, you’ve listed a lot of things wrong with the electoral process, but fixing them by electing “plain citizens” you haven’t explained. What prevents “plain citizens” from becoming the power junkies they all seem to become, going back on their own promises to only seek 2 terms max? Why not advocate for strict spending limits and limited campaign cycles, like those in Canada, the UK and elsewhere? Look how much the media profit from a 2-year campaign!! Look how much PR companies and “non-profits” benefit from these lengthy campaigns with unlimited spending.

          There are ways to change this broken system, but it doesn’t include electing inexperienced, unknowledgeable and incapable fools whose only qualification is that “you can have a beer with him”.

          Follow the money.

          1. Daniel Wright says:

            So you advocate leaving things as they are? Who said anything about electing ignorant uninformed people. The current political class is corrupted by the system. That can’t continue!!!!!!

          2. I Seigel says:

            John McClain here suggested that we elect “plain citizens” to fix the problems. I’ve given (and Mae, too) several reasons why I don’t think that’s a good idea.

            You’ve said that the political class is corrupted by the system. I agree. And I advocate changing the system – greatly reduce the amount of money allowed into the process, and shorten the entire campaign cycle – and many of the problems will go away. The political class is just following the money. We should, too, to fix the problems in the system.

          3. Daniel Wright says:

            Mae didn’t disagree with me, she suggested adding to my list not replacing it. You believe what you want. I want to return to citizen statesmen not keep the corrupt professional political class we have now.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Citizen statesmen will not get elected without the blessings – and money – of people like Adelson and Koch. And once they do get elected, they will be tied to the money just as assuredly as the heroin addict is to his or her supplier.

            But if I makes you feel good to support “citizen statesmen”, then do so. At the very least, you’ll know you can enjoy a beer with them.

          5. Daniel Wright says:

            So I see that you are a champagne liberal. The regular guy is below your dignity. You mention the Koch brothers but fail to mention the Teachers unions,rich Hollywood elitists,environmentalist nuts or George Soros. You don’t believe in big money in politics unless it supports the causes you agree with. PS,I don’t even like beer. I leave the beer summits to Obama.

          6. I Seigel says:

            In my previous answer, I had in mind the current group of Republican candidates, so donors like Soros and “environmentalist nuts” didn’t come to mind. But I thought I was clear that I advocate for money from ALL sources be severely curtailed. And the length of campaigns shortened.

            The SYSTEM is too full of money. Money = Corruption. Left or Right, it doesn’t matter. Money matters, and it has the same value whether spent by a progressive or a conservative.

            PS It wasn’t Obama that was marketed as being someone you can have a beer with. That ingenious marketing ploy belongs to Karl Rove.

          7. Daniel Wright says:

            I can’t disagree with getting big money out of politics.However,wanting that to happen and making it happen are not the same thing.Big money is so embedded in the electoral process that it may be impossible to correct the situation. Do you have any practical solutions to correct the political process.I have suggested several that you have rejected off hand. I have another that you will probably also reject but here goes……………

          8. I Seigel says:

            Yes, I have a practical solution. Overturn the Citizens United decision. I think it’s more practical than electing “plain citizens” under the same insanely-expensive, corrupt system.

          9. Daniel Wright says:

            Tell that to the supreme court. Your idea of keeping an elitist political class in charge is a bad idea. These people have developed a sense of entitlement believing that they are better than the American people. They have become so arrogant that they act more like royalty than public servants. Those are the people you want to keep in power because they are “trained” politicians.I would rather have smart people who know their place as public servants rather than trained professional politicians who think they have the right to RULE rather than GOVERN.

          10. I Seigel says:

            My “idea of keeping an elitist political class in charge…”???!!!?? Huh? How could you possibly get that from what I’ve written.

            The “elitist political class” is enabled by all the money. Get rid of the required zillions in order to campaign, and you MIGHT, just MIGHT, get more “plain citizens” to be able to consider running. As it stands now, only the “elitists” are able to cozy up to the 1% to suck on the teat of the wealthy.

            Do you think Carson or Cruz could compete in a general election without the support of extremely wealthy Republican donors? Could Sanders or that ex-gov from Maryland compete without wealthy Dem benefactors? The little $10 donations from email won’t cut it, not when the opponent can raise hundreds of millions. So – even the playing field by limiting the money spent. I don’t see how that’s an infringement on anyone’s right of free speech.

          11. Daniel Wright says:

            How could I believe that.?By reading what you said. You want to keep the “trained politicians” where they are as opposed to replacing them.Like I said,you need to talk to the supreme court. Do you have another way to rid America of the citizens united decision. The supreme court has spoken. I’m sure that you agree with their ruling that Obamacare is constitutional. Why do you now doubt their wisdom in this case?

          12. I Seigel says:

            I can agree with something and disagree with something else. That’s the benefit of being an informed citizen who reads and listens to a variety of sources, rather than those who live in an echo chamber and only hear and believe sources that already support their mindset.

            And please tell me where I used the phrase “trained politicians”. Someone like Gov Walker maybe? Or the Bushes?

          13. Daniel Wright says:

            You equated citizen statesmen with people with no training performing surgery or flying an airliner. You never used the phrase “trained politicians” but you obviously don’t want them to be replaced with “untrained” ones. As for Walker. He is out of the race and Bush is my last pick.As for your crack about me being uninformed. PULLEEASSEE. Give me a break. You don’t know jack squat about me. You are the one with your head planted up Obama’s anal orifice.

          14. I Seigel says:

            Wrong again. You’re reading words that aren’t there. I never accused you of being uninformed. Like you just said, you know nothing about me either!

          15. Daniel Wright says:

            This is a direct quote from your last post.”I can agree with something and disagree with something else. That’s the benefit of being an informed citizen who reads and listens to a variety of sources rather than those who live in an echo chamber and only hear and believe sources that already support their mindset” If the former reference is not about you then who were you referring to? If the latter wasn’t aimed at me then who was your target?

          16. I Seigel says:

            “those who live in an echo chamber.” It’s as plain as day. If you’re so sensitive or feeling guilty, then that’s something you’ll have to deal with.

          17. Daniel Wright says:

            It’s as plain as day that you consider yourself well informed and you consider me uninformed. You can’t deny it. I used your own words to show how full of male bovine excrement you are. The truth hurts doesn’t it liar. I’m sensitive to unrepentant prevaricators. What should I feel guilty about,having core principles and a sense of right and wrong?

          18. I Seigel says:

            I consider myself well informed. I’ve made no value judgement about you, nor have I called you any names nor attacked you personally in any way. I have kept my comments generic purposely, because they could pertain to many people on this forum, not necessarily you. Reread your own posts and see if you’ve been as polite as I have. (Answer: You haven’t)

          19. Daniel Wright says:

            I have been insulted in the same off handed manner too many times to count. If you weren’t comparing the two of us that is news to me. This is a discussion forum not a mutual admiration society. I have been called the most vile names that anyone can be called in this forum without the name callers being banned from the site. I have developed a thick skin to the vile names a person can be called. I suggest you do the same.

          20. I Seigel says:

            I have, too. But thank you for the advice.

          21. I Seigel says:

            I’ve reread your posts here, and I must have missed the list of suggestions you said you’ve made to solve the problems. I see lots of descriptions of the problems, but no solution which I’ve rejected out of hand.

      3. Mae says:

        Aww, shucks.Plain citizens can just go to and learn all they need to know to run our government. It’s elementary. You don’t even need a h.s. diploma.

    2. Arbie Viau says:

      John McCain, you need to resign too. Your thoughts are self-serving, you don’t serve “we the people” anymore, your thoughts are in the liberal category and you are a RINO!

    3. reggie says:

      Yes, thank you, for your post and for everything. Our battle now is in the voting machine. Who counts your vote? So ros? Are the true votes being counted or manipulated. We need to station people at the booths, and vetting the company hired to count is imperative. When a felon like Melowese Richardson votes 6 times and nothing is done, and she works at a polling place year after year, Houston, we have a problem.

  • jdbixii says:

    Protecting the institution…..of congress? of government? of the unity of catholics? How does an $18-trillion dollar debt figure into “protecting the institution?” Ironically, it is merely “thinking” for which people in government actually get paid. Being thoughtless is really expensive!

  • GQ4U says:

    Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution…”

    This is why he needs to go, he has no idea why the House of Representatives exists — its to represent we the people of the United States.

    1. podunk1 says:

      The words “treason and sabotage best describes ”Obama’s dedication and allegiance to God, country, truth, or any other covenant! Fecal sodomy engagement isn’t near the sin of demanding society bow to it by enforcing it upon a society! Butchering and selling baby flesh like a supermarket doesn’t comply with any religion except satanism. Arming ISIS and other terrorists, giving Iran money and nukes, and sacking the military isn’t protecting the USA or citizens. One could rant for days and never begin to cover it all…. so, why not call it what it is… SABOTAGE AND TREASON OF THE HIGHEST ORDER… all made possible by a “progressive conspiracy” within congress and SCOTUS!

      Prosecute McConnell, remove him and any like him from the Senate and Supreme Court… Make oath/duty mean the same thing a higher duty for those who send citizens to war than it is for citizens who lose life and limb without reservation or evasion… and begin to save the USA from certain overthrow, absolute plunder, and terrorist tyranny!

      1. reggie says:

        Start by finding out who has the contract for your vote. Is it So ros’ co in S pain? Too much voter frau d.

      2. GQ4U says:

        Obama is not really our president because he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as required in Article-2; Section-1; Clause-5; of the US Constitution. Barry is a fraud and a traitor and congress knows it.

        1. podunk1 says:

          I doubt there is a minute in any day that anyone could find that Obama and his direct appointees aren’t openly mocking and betraying the Constitution.

          1. GQ4U says:

            Since he serves illegally his entire sham “presidency” is a mockery of the US Constitution.

      3. Bonnie68 says:

        podunk1 – Really! Do you really not have any idea that every reputable source has proven that the words that Fiorina uttered are lies! Have you not heard that yet? She lied to get a response. To make everyone get repulsed by the thought that Planned Parenthood is doing that with our money.

        Here is a fact for you. Planned Parenthood is not allowed to performed an abortion on ANY embryo that is over 12 weeks. Did you just read what I wrote. 12 weeks! That is it. If an ultrasounds prove your are at 13 weeks you can not get an abortion at Planned Parenthood. They WILL NOT do it. PLUS the law prevents Planned Parenthood from doing a abortion with federal money. They have other money for that and the client also has to pay to some to have the abortion. So go ahead and continue to spread this lie, because that is what republicans do so well.

        You have so much HATE in you for things this president never did, you really should look up things before you talk like you do. Because the majority of the stuff you state have been lies, the republicans and tea party have spread to get people so pi$$ed off that you hate the democrats and the government and it sure did work.

        1. podunk1 says:

          Having bad dreams or is it a little too much weed? Sorry… I didn’t mention Fiorina!

          We both know what a heart is and the fact that it stops beating when some satanic animal pokes a knife in it; whether it’s in a womb, a cop, or a little old lady being killed by a drug addict or muslim enforcing the koran against Christians. We also know there is an endless free supply of condoms, morning after, and endless other easy to use pregnancy avoidance available long before hearts start beating and life begins.

          Progressives feed poor ghetto dwellers, who give progressives their babies to mutilate and dissect like frogs, searching for a ways to create life like God, by satanically taking life like satan… as both celebrate their powers to create and destroy life!

          Watch the Planned Parent-hood movies & see how “turned on” you get. God forgives “repenters”. Progressive is hell!

    2. Daniel Wright says:

      Exactly! The Senate is supposed to represent the states and house members are supposed to represent the voters in their local districts. Too many of them side with the federal government or their parties in stead.

      1. GQ4U says:

        Its time to repeal the 17th. amendment.
        Its also time to remove the unconstitutional cap on membership of the House of Representatives — a self imposed cap by the House — and return to one representative per 50,000 constituents to restore the people’s house to the people.

        (Currently each congressman represents +/- 750,000 people which dilutes the voice of every citizen)

  • I Seigel says:

    Is this part of the Super Blood Moon Prophecies? The Apocalypse? The End of Days?
    Yeah, pretty much. And those celebrating the loudest will be the Tea Partiers and right-wing fanatics right here.

    1. Webb says:

      And The Left Wing Speaks…

    2. Daniel Wright says:

      Why do you defend a Republican now? Was he to valuable an ally of the Democrats to lose?

      1. I Seigel says:

        I am not defending a staunch Conservative like Boehner. What I regret is that ANYONE interested in actually governing, in actually wanting to be in Washington or be elected to government to get things accomplished for the good of the nation, is being beaten down, disillusioned and retiring or losing their seats because other people want to be in government for the ONLY purpose of dismantling government.

        Boehner was very Conservative, like Trent Lott and Bill Frist, but all these guys knew that to get at least a little of what they wanted, they had to give the other side a little of what they wanted.

        Does Cruz understand that? Does Gohmert? Does the Tea Party?

        1. Daniel Wright says:

          He is a conservative?? Do you think that McCain is too?Do you think that Harry Reid is? How about Pelosi. Only a Marxist would see a RINO like him as conservative.Your Idea of governing must be sitting on your hands letting Obama do as he wishes putting up only token resistance in order to look conservative.

          1. I Seigel says:

            And evidently YOUR idea of a conservative is someone who believes in the axiom, “my way or the highway”. Someone who believes that the best way to get what you want is to stomp and scream and hold your breath until the other side caves. Someone who believes in burning the house down instead of changing the linens and washing the windows. Compromise is the art of governing. It’s not a weakness.

          2. Daniel Wright says:

            My idea of a conservative is following the constitution and being honest. I don’t believe that reelecting crooks who have learned how to game the system should be rewarded for their corruption by giving them permanent cushy jobs with the best fringe benefits on Earth.Tell me bud,do you think that Obama legislating with his pen and his phone is anything other that saying “My was or the Highway” I do. Something has to be done but the status quo is just fine with you.

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