RNC announces McDaniel as Trump’s pick to head RNC

President-elect Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that Michigan GOP chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel is his choice to succeed incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus as chair of the Republican National Committee.

McDaniel, the niece of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and a Priebus ally, is expected to take on the role next month, when the 168 members of the RNC hold a leadership election during the committee’s winter meeting in Washington, D.C. Until that time, McDaniel will hold the title of deputy chair.

She will become the first female to hold the RNC chairmanship since the 1970s, when Mary Louise Smith oversaw the committee.

“I’m excited to have a highly effective leader in Ronna McDaniel as RNC deputy chair and I look forward to her serving as the Party’s chairman in 2017,” Trump said. “Ronna has been extremely loyal to our movement and her efforts were critical to our tremendous victory in Michigan, and I know she will bring the same passion to the Republican National Committee.”

Trump also announced that Republican strategist Bob Paduchik, who led his campaign in Ohio, was his choice to serve as RNC co-chair.

The announcement capped weeks of jockeying, speculation, and behind-the-scenes intrigue as to who would lead the committee. It culminated in a proxy fight pitting Priebus, a longtime party insider who favored the establishment-minded McDaniel, against Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, a populist firebrand who backed Georgia-based GOP operative Nick Ayers. Unlike McDaniel, a current member of the RNC, Ayers is a committee outsider.

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  • Not A Farmer says:

    Well know we know why Trump was seeing Mitt Romney. They were discussing McDaniel’s.

  • Tiger says:

    Do I smell a deal? Trump listened to voters and turned Romney out so bit of a prize here to comfort the feelings? Ahh who knows. Just get rid of the refugee program, deport all the Muslim men here from the worst countries and build that wall and get rid of the illegal criminals and I will be happy. Otherwise my guns will be to the ready as my family.

  • James in Texas says:

    Mr. Trump understands the oldest rule of leadership………”Keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer”! The GOP has been damaged by the “established RINO Party” and Mr. Trump is doing all he can to pull our Party back together. What can we do, support Him, make Him know that we have His back and always remind Him that we “Are Watching, closely”!

    1. NJ Lady says:

      James, I agree with your message, but I feel obligated to tell you that we only capitalize “Him” when we’re referring to Jesus or some other sacred deity. No offense intended here!

      1. leisureal- says:

        wow! why bother to respond? Just trying to show your intelligence? So correct my use of caps.I USE CAPS BECAUSE I HAVE TROUBLE TYPING! PERHAPS U COULD USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE MORE EFFECTIVELY IN ANOTHER WAY?

      2. James in Texas says:

        None taken! But, I would only refer to the Most Holy’s with deep love and “fear”! As for Mr. Trump, I just used “Him” so the Dem’s may get the point! We should always be “watching them”.

    2. Tiger says:

      Indeed but not in your skivvies. So walk slowly, looking behind you and carry a huge stick.

      1. James in Texas says:

        Well, as for my “skivvies”, nobody is watching them but me! As for the “big stick”, I’m of Irish descent and my Father always told me that it should be “against the law” to put a “stick in the hands of an Irishman! I find that a .380 works just fine!

        1. Tiger says:

          LMAO well too bad you are the only one watching your skivvies, as to the big stick I walk everyday carrying a big stick and I have had to use it a couple of times on the noses of some dogs who didn’t agree with my being in their neck of the woods.

          As my mother and father taught me carry whatever it takes to keep the enemy at bay. For me nowadays with BLM and all it is an arsenal in my purse when out and about and a stick and a few other things when walking where I live.

          1. James in Texas says:

            As I remember I must say, “Thank You for your service”, Our nation remains free only because of our warriors! In my “neck of the “woods” everyone is carrying and many “sticks” are available. Take care and have fun watching the continued melt-down going on in DC on the left-side!

          2. Tiger says:

            You are welcome and we may live in the same neck of the woods. You also and Merry Christmas.

          3. James in Texas says:

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Years right back at you! You would be welcomed in “my neck of the woods any day”! Here in Texas most of the Ladies are packing, and all of them know which end the “bad news” come out of!

          4. Tiger says:

            I was born in San Antonio and from age 13 onto finishing college at North Texas State, in Mckinney, Texas. I pack you bet. ;p

          5. James in Texas says:

            Well then, come on home to Texas! I did.

          6. Tiger says:

            Not the same Texas I remember. Filled to overflowing with Muslims including Dallas. Don’t know where we will end up if this Muslim problem not solved. Our Founding Fathers warned us about putting them into our government, said the day we did our Christian Country gone, they were right.

            We live in Florida now. We have a sea worthy boat and the Islands looking better all the time. Lived in Europe for close to 4 years the Orient for 6 and been to the ME, these Muslims have no business in our country. They need to all go back to the ME and far as I am concerned we can leave all those countries, no more business with them, no more immigration from there, just leave them to kill themselves. They are good at that.

          7. James in Texas says:

            I do not believe that Muslims are “overflowing” in Texas. Yes, they are here, but most Texans still understand that anything worthwhile must also be worth “fighting for”! I came home to Texas 16 years ago from CA, and I find that Texas remains miles ahead of where I once lived. Every state has this problem, and only the “peoples” can resolve it! One of the reasons that caused the Trump election is this issue, and “We” must make sure that he does what he said he will do! Only the “big cities” in Texas have problems with this issue because, like most big cities, they are Lib”s, aka: Fools!

          8. Tiger says:

            I love your attitude and I know that you are one of the best Texas has to offer but you are in trouble in Texas as is Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota and I believe your problems stem from Governor Rick Perry, who I love who exposed the border and the problems of immigrants on TV. Seems O loves to punish those who fight his sorry ass. Like in Florida when our Governor said on National TV after Pulse that he like others don’t want the refugees but O sends them anyway and he did so right after Pulse, O is a wicked SOB that needs a lead projectile.

          9. James in Texas says:

            Tiger, I agree that the country is under stress and something must be done! Unfortunately, only our federal government can do what needs to be done, or we will have the same things happening here that is happening in many countries around the world. I am putting my faith on Mr. Trump and his new administration to “step-up” and do the right thing! Nothing scares me more than a bunch of civilian groups running around killing everyone they think or believe are “the enemy”! If the Fed’s don’t step-up, all bets are off and Texas will do what needs to done and to Hell with the Federal government!

          10. Tiger says:

            Agreed and that is what I am hearing all over the country.

          11. James in Texas says:

            Yeah, you are right! The really “Good News”, Odumbo is Gone, soon, and his useless butt can now continue to destroy his own family and the remains of the so-called Democrat Party! My greatest hope is the “Politically Correct” becomes a crime against the Constitution and the basic sentence should Life, plus 100 years! “Safe Space”, sounds like the script to a new science fiction movie!

          12. James in Texas says:

            Tiger you the “Gal”! That made me laugh so hard I almost did a “Buick”! I still to this day think that all young (18 & over men and women) should be drafted and service at very least 6 months of service. The “attitude adjustment” of Basic Training would do all the good in the world for them, and I believe that we already have enough “snowflakes”! And we have more than enough “Ms. Stool Samples” in our government!

          13. Tiger says:

            “Ms. Stool Samples” LMAO. It is getting worse daily. Now they are saying they will have an outside investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and if they find any or in his campaign and Putin preferred one candidate over the other they will go from there.

            We know where this is leading and we have nobody the DOJ and AG still crooked and you know damned well they will come up with ties and lies. Even though Hillary shot herself in the foot and Comey shot her also.

          14. James in Texas says:

            Hey, all they have is their next “whatcamacallit”, and maybe another of the same. I guess that entering the year of my 3/4 of a Century birthday I am a bit more slow to jump into things than I was when I was 20-something and still learning the difference between “stand-up and shut-up”! We, the Peoples, are going to win this thing and Mr. Trump will be our “next President”, and all they can do is cry more and make-up more “whatchamacallits”! If I had another chance, I would vote for Trump more times than I did last time!

          15. Tiger says:

            Excellent as always.

          16. Tiger says:

            James we are all in trouble my friend. O has brought over 100,000 a year into our country from the worst countries and he has doubled down now. We are in a situation that puts us in a spot. We have to get rid of these people, all men, single men here from Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan must be rounded up, put into the 800 Long Term Detention camps built via H.R.645 and deported.

          17. James in Texas says:

            See my comment below, same answer! We don’t need untrained folks, with guns, giving out justice as they see it! Our current Governor is also “one Hell of a Leader, and will be leading the state from the start of any form of resolve”!

          18. Tiger says:

            Great news the 37 Republican Governors will take care of business.

  • florida3guy says:

    Why is Trump kissing up to Romney? After what Romney said and did the only job I would offer him or anyone associated with Romney would be dogie poop cleaner upper on the White House lawn.

    1. Bob says:

      I don’t think he’s “kissing up” as much as trying to re-unite the Party. He has been showing that he is the bigger man in this soap opera and trying to rally the party against the real opposition, the lefties spreading lies and half truths. And I don’t think the sins of the father, or in this case uncle, should preclude her from office if she is qualified.

  • Rock says:

    NO Romney would be chosen for anything, not even a White House DOG CATCHER ! Mitt burned, no NUKED, any bridges left….

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