BREAKING: SCOTUS sides with Hobby Lobby

June 30, 2014

The Supreme Court holds that the government cannot require ‘closely held’ corporations to provide contraception coverage. According to the decision, the government itself can pay for the coverage so that women can receive it.

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  • mudguy1 says:

    Good SCTUS got this one right but we are just one retirement away from the SCOTUS destroying America and our Constitution. Suprised that Roberts didn’t side with the liberals like he did with Obamacare.

    1. patgo says:

      A lot of people don’t seem to understand what Roberts did with the first ruling on Obamacare. I’m betting he outfoxed the lot of us. I can see a reason why his ruling could destroy Obamacare. If it isn’t obvious, wait and see.

  • patgo says:

    Helps, but doesn’t fix the problem. They’re still giving taxpayer money to abortionists. Women deserve legal protection from abortionists.

    1. awegweiser says:

      Contraception is NOT abortion and a huge number of Catholic women, who would never have an abortion, take the pills or use the devices constantly to determine and control the size of the family they can afford and properly raise. SCOTUS has given permission to an employer to control employees lives by inventing any sort of bogus religious reasons. Women need legal protection from extremist GOP and Tea Party.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        No how about women taking responsibility for themselves. Why should everybody else pay for pills.

      2. patgo says:

        Hobby Lobby supplies contraception. Some contraceptives are actually abortifacient. I don’t care what Catholic women do. I’ve never been one, nor would I ever agree to be one. If you believe what you wrote, then somebody lied to you. If not, guess who lied! Women get pregnant against their will in the first place because they FAILED to control their own bodies. I should not be penalized by having to pay for their irresponsibility. You think a truly strong and autonomous woman has to force other people to pay for their mistakes? We don’t need legal protection from other people’s political viewpoints. Sorry.

        Kudos on mudguy1. Exactly right.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I shouldn’t have to pay my property taxes that help go to pay for other children’s education.

          I shouldn’t have to pay state taxes that help to pay for roads I’ll never drive on, sewage systems I’ll never use, police departments that will never serve me, or parks I’ll never play in.

          Welcome to living in a SOCIETY, where we all pitch in together to live together. If you don’t want to live in a SOCIETY, buy your own island somewhere and live there.

          Or move to Texas and hope they secede soon.

          1. patgo says:

            I am not interested in the kind of society you are describing, one where the majority can gang up on individuals and compel them to do stuff that is against their religious convictions.

            My view is like that of the Founders, but yours is not. The Founders never anticipated people being forced to submit their children to Government Indoctrination Centers where they are taught to be sheeple and do whatever the government tells them to do. I pay for a lot of services I’ll never use, but they don’t make me feel a sense of outrage like this particular one does. And FYI, we raised seven children outside the public school system.

            The only valid things government can do with tax money from your list are roads, police (and courts). Even sewage systems can be privately owned and run. There’s no reason not to do it that way. Parks should be owned and managed by Nature Conservancy. No need for government involvement there. And when we saw the petty way Zero shut down the park system because we didn’t do what he wanted and he felt like throwing a temper tantrum, I can assure you there is no comparison between the way the government manages parks and the way Nature Conservancy does.

            Our country is founded on the notion that society is not wiser than the individual, and the individual has a God-given right to dissent. That has been warped by the likes of you, and the current morass with almost no freedom left is the result. YOU go buy an island. You don’t fit in here.

          2. CTH says:

            You must have overdosed on the koolaid and reading Das Kapital. Go sing cumbaya somewhere else.

          3. I Seigel says:

            It’s not necessary to drink Kool-Aid or believe in any particular ideology. I am only stating the FACTS as they exist on the ground, right now, today, in this country.

            Like it or not, the entire tax system, if you think about it clearheadedly, is a socialist system. That’s the reality. No Kool-Aid necessary. When everyone contributes to the common good, THAT’s socialism.
            You can go kicking and screaming and calling me names and beat your head (or my head) against the wall, but those are the FACTS.

            YOU benefit from everyone else’s tax contributions, whether it’s the sidewalks you walk on, the roads you drive on, the airports you use, the clean water you drink. You don’t think you actually pay for everything you use AND ITS INFRASTRUCTURE by yourself, do you?? Do you think your bus fare actually pays for the full value of your bus ride, wherever it may be? If you’re on your own well and septic system, great, but if you’re on a municipal water and sewage system, your tax dollars and fees combine with everyone else’s to provide those services.

            You may say (as does “Patgo”) that you don’t want to live in that kind of society, but HELLO! you’re living in it!

            I don’t know why your ideology blinds you to the obvious truth AS IT EXISTS TODAY, plainly observable for you to see.

      3. CTH says:

        We all need protection from dumbasses like guess who. If you really believe that the court gave permission to control employee’s lives, you are even stupider than you appear to be and leave read what you were told to see.. I would bet that you just can’t wait for obungle to fit you with a meter to control how much air you can breathe.

  • savage24 says:

    This is another of their decisions that should have been a 9 to 0 if they really believed in the Constitution instead of political correctness. I’m happy for Hobby Lobby, but it was another political win rather than a judicial win. If a couple of more liberal judges get appointed, this decision could very well be overturned.

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