Bush Operatives Vow To Get Nasty On Rubio

by Associated Press
April 18, 2015

Bush allies have started quietly spreading negative information about Rubio’s record. Also, supporters of the two Miami politicians are drawing contrasts between Rubio, a 43-year-old son of Cuban immigrants, and 62-year-old Bush, a member of one of the nation’s most powerful political dynasties.

“Sparks are going to fly,” said Al Cardenas, a Bush adviser who is also close to Rubio. “For the first time in our country’s history you’ve got two guys from the same town in the same state from same party running in the same primary.”

He added: “You can bet that regardless of how nice Jeb or Marco wants to be, their staffs are going to do anything they can to win.”

As Bush tries to convince Republicans of his conservative credentials, supporters are asserting that as governor, he was far more conservative than Rubio when both held prominent state posts. Rubio served as Florida House speaker in the two years immediately after Bush left the governor’s mansion.


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  • Sheileagh says:

    This really sounds like someone is ‘running interference’, but for whom? It’s ridiculous to believe that Jeb would start ‘slamming’ Rubio, the young man whom Jeb took under his wing & guided along in his career. I do not believe the people who are claiming that the ‘sparks will fly’ or that’s it’s going to get ‘nasty’… that is just HOGWASH! If Jeb, or any of the candidates for that matter have not learned their lesson about devouring one another in public, by now… they might just as well stop wasting our time & their & the country’s monies & curtsy to Hillary, hand over the country to the Democrats & go home.

  • podunk1 says:

    Let Bush & Rubio destroy each other & save the country from more tyranny!

    1. Joseph says:

      I have been a Bush supporter since the 1980 GOP primary. If Jeb gets nasty and degrading with Rubio or any other GOP candidate, I will join his main opposition to campaign against him.

      1. MARY WHITE says:


    2. gordon says:

      They both want to open our Borders. This does not sound so bad until you realize that without border you are no longer a Country. We are flying them in and want to give them all the opportunities we the tax payer can pay for. They both can speak that Spanish language real good, so let them go South of the Border we do not need them.

  • Pam says:

    Jeb Bush needs to wake up and realize he will never be president. His stance on illegal aliens is proof that he will cater to the media and does not care about 80% of our citizens. His stance on Common Core is proof that he does not pay attention. Even the lightest research shows that CC is nothing more than socialist/PC indoctrination with an emphasis on ignoring/rewriting our nation’s history.Those two things, alone, I believe would be game changers for most “regular Americans”. I know they definitely are for me and most people I know.
    And with regard to Loretta Lynch, the woman is on record at her previous confirmation hearing stating “basically” that she sees nothing wrong with the way Obama and Holder are systematically destroying our Constitution and would continue down that same path if confirmed. SHE MUST NOT PASS!

  • a.i. marvin says:

    Remember Jeb’s mother, Barbara Pierce Bush is also the cousin of Franklin Pierce. Three presidents from G.W. ‘s family. I gave up believing that they count the votes anyway, a very long time ago.

  • John says:

    Jeb, there is no need for you to be a presidential candidate. Point your operatives on skunk Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

    1. 63Marine says:

      America has had it’s fill of Bushes, obozo’s, Clintons….Give a new face the chance to clean up the mess created by these other idiots….It might surprise everyone.

  • Robert Ross says:

    The Bushes have had their turn at ruining the USA. It is about time for them to get the hell out of dodge and go find some ocean front property in Utah or Arizona, maybe even New Mexico. Beat the rush, Bush, I can make you a hell of a Family deal. Just get out of WASH.D.C. and stay out. Get a volunteer teaching illegals how to swim, maybe that will fail also !!!!! Then you can sell cemetary lots

  • Christina says:

    Jeb Bush was the best governor that Florida ever had. As far as his views on education it is for the good of all Americans that both teachers and students are held accountable and that one part of the country has lower, or different educational standards than another. When we have to import individuals from other countries because they are better educated, we need to take a good look on our education system. I don’t think some of the younger candidates are qualified to run a country and need to get their “training wheels” by a term as Vice President. At least, as a former governor, you know the basic ropes. Jeb Bush is not his brother, or his father; however, being such have given him insight that no other candidate (except Hillary) will have. Knowing how things work in the “oval office” is half the battle. Jeb has no problem reaching across the great divide of partisan politics and I don’t think he will ever waste the tax payer’s money reading Dr. Seuss, or not show up for work because he has decided to run for a higher position! He is level headed and will do the best job for American citizens and America. Years ago, when he was running for Governor and his father was President, I called his campaign headquarters to ask a question. His staff had left for he day and the call rolled over to either his office or home phone. I was shocked when he answered the phone and took time to have a real conversation with me. He could have put me off and told me to call back the next day when his staff was in, but that wasn’t the case. He treated me with respect and after we discussed the problems of juvenile delinquency and education, he took my name and address and sent me some of his plans on issues. Being a President is not an easy job. You are judged on how you handle issues and the decisions you make may be based on information that cannot be disclosed, so the media can hang you by replaying something you did based on knowledge you had, that the general public will never know. I may not agree on all the issues with Jeb Bush, but with him as President, I know I would sleep well at night!

  • Rocky says:

    Jebbie needs to go back to “the bushes”. He is not only nasty to Rubio, but to everyone. At least Senior and Junior George W’s were decent men. Jebbie is a filthy-mouthed, nasty charactered brat who demonstrated those characteristics even while in elementary school. His language as a third grader made little girls cry, other boys laugh (at his filthy mouth and jokes) and the teachers get upset (but could do nothing because of whose son he was). If America wants a foul-mouthed, filthy joke telling, and later sex pervert in the White House (i.e. Obama-lite) they can have him. His claim to be Hispanic makes me sick as one and his claim to be a Catholic makes me throw up. He is a Hitler in disguise.

  • Gerry says:

    As far as I’m concerned, bush might just as well go become a ranch hand on his brother’s ranch and just fade away. His 3 stands on amnesty, common core and caving to obummer’s nomination for AG, I believe has already buried him. So he can jump up and down, throw temper tantrums like obummer does, or criticize and slander other candidates like the demoRATS do all he wants — it won’t help unless of course he wants to run on a demoRAT ticket.

    1. Linda Sanders says:

      Good idea… let all the phony, establishment Rs join the Democrat Party; that’s what they are, at heart. If the Republicans want to lose AGAIN, put Bush up!

  • outdoorjohn says:

    With the Repub Establishment (by design) diluting the field of both RINO’s and Conservative candidates, there is no way Jeb does not win the primary. (so long as the press is having its’ way). This would be no different than if they “planted” a Democrat in the primary race.
    The only way this works out in the interest of the American people is for the people to demand, -and get-, a runoff between the top two Republican primary vote getters.

  • Helen Allen says:

    One more reason I will not vote for Jeb. His father and brother were gentlemen. They never talked about their opponents the way Jeb does. Jeb, grow up and act your age.

    1. Peatro says:

      Let’s taka a real close look here. Is anyone not considering , how very much, this to be a staged ploy on the part of the Establishment. ? So as to elect either or. Both of these’s Candidate’s share the same freaking amnesty veiws. Both share so very simular political veiws as to be nearly Identical veiws on most every political issue. There is not a Natt’s ass differance between the two of them. It is all political theater. Planned way in advance of oof their anouncements. 8 would suggest we all look to the only true other side and the only serous Candidate DR. Benjamin CARSON. NOW HERE IS NO A NO BULLSHIT KIND OF MAN. NO,THEATRICS,
      NO GAMES, HONOR, INTEGRITY, HONESTY PRINCIPLED. HIGH MORE , HIGH EITHICS. This is the man who shall and will lead this nation 8n to a brighter future for all our people.

  • David in MA says:

    “Rubio, a 43-year-old son of Cuban immigrants, ”

    True, but his parents did not become naturalized American citizens until Marco was around four years old, Marco is a native born American citizen, BUT! he is not a Natural born American citizen….

    Marco is NOT Constitutionally qualified to be president.
    (Neither is Cruz, Jindal, Santorum and I even question if Romney is/was.)

    Now, Jeb Bush has filed official documents stating he is Hispanic, he must be investigated, how is he Hispanic and if he is, what is the line of ancestry and would he be in violation of the constitution? And, was “W” and big daddy also not Constitutionally qualified to be president?

    America, wake up, read the Constitution and become educated, reverse the dumb down trend.

    The way America is headed, Putin or Kim jon could become president………

    1. Helen Allen says:

      Obama is an illegal. He admitted he was not born in the US, he was born in Kenya. So, if Obama, an illegal can become President not once but twice, commit high treason, steal a deceased persons social security number, then why not?

      1. Joanne Marie says:

        This is ridiculous. Obama never admitted he was not born in the U.S. and all evidence points to his having been born in Hawaii. He’s a terrible president, but lying about his birthplace or anything else doesn’t do conservatives any good.

        The lies about Jeb don’t do any good, either. You can disagree with his positions, but he was a good governor and has a lot more integrity than most politicians. He has never claimed to be Hispanic, ’cause he isn’t!! His wife is Hispanic; his kids are therefore Hispanic; he speaks fluent Spanish; but he himself is not Hispanic and doesn’t claim to be!

        Republicans/Conservatives should wise up and realize that ANY of their potential candidates would be way better than Obama has been or Hillary would be, or any other Democrat/liberal for that matter. So we should stop destroying each other (which just plays into the hands of the Democrats) and do what’s necessary to make sure that a Republican gets into the White House; otherwise the country will complete its journey down the drain. Saving the country is more important than each of us holding out for our own version of ideological “purity,” which will just end up giving us another Democrat President and more shredding of the Constitution.

    2. 63Marine says:

      Rubio is a hell of a lot more qualified to be POTUS than that illegal, muslim, queer that’s in the White House.

  • durabo says:

    Both are RINO wimps. If either wins the nomination, conservatives will stay home, and we will have Marxist Shrillary as Dear Leader.

  • Steve says:

    Yaaaaaawn……oh well…..”honey where is the remote can we find something more interesting and relevant. Looks like 2016 politics is business as usual.”

    1. David in MA says:

      Only if America does NOT get out and vote, lets not have another Obama by default.

    2. Gerry says:

      Sounds to me like you are the boring one.

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