Busted: Key Obama Adviser On Iran ‘Deal’ Worked For Pro-Iranian Lobby

by WesternJournalism.com
April 1, 2015

Today we have even more news that has come to light of Iranian subterfuge in conjunction with the White House in order to weaken the national security of the United States.

It seems that one of the advisors to the White House and Secretary Kerry on the Iranian talks formerly worked for a lobbying group that promoted Iranian interests.

Breitbart reports: “The White House released a list of its high-ranking officials who took part in a video conference with President Obama late Tuesday. Among them appears Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who apparently has formerly worked for the National Iranian-American Council.”

“The White House brief, which was disclosed by The Daily Beast, listed Sahar Nowrouzzadeh as the National Security Council Director for Iran. Nowrouzzadeh appears to be a former employee of the alleged pro-Tehran regime lobbying group, NIAC (National Iranian-American Council).” …

Read the full article: http://po.st/RGLPeT

36 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • ron cassano says:

    we the people,who are the real government.forget any help from mr politicans there all in on it,with a very few exceptions.they are either with ovomit/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh,and add the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood,and la razz and with open borders so ovomit/satan can saturate the usa with illegal{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists.we have been to 5 rallys in 6 years,and have emailed and called our local politicans who are charles traitor schummer/kristen gillbrand/grace meng/nydia vesquez{not sure if she is a legal americian citizen.and all we ever get back.if we get back anything at all is thank you for your views.and thats it.they are either being blackmailed or threatened or are in with ovomit/satan.now we have the talking part well covered now its time to gather and get the walking part well covered.we have asked the big groups like the nra with over 6 million members to gather the members.we realize not all can be there do to age/distance/monies/disabilitys but if 10% show up.we can with other large groups show real force and numbers.remember nothing over till they throw dirt on you.and don,t listen to or believe the lame stream bought and paid fro treasonous medias.be your own medias.and don,t let anybody or group jam anything down your throat.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  • ROY says:


    1. Kathy Baratelli says:

      I agree. How can we get Obama out of the White House? He needs to be gone immediately.

      1. Dee says:

        There should be enough on obummer that we can get him on treason. The best plan if convicted on treason is to execute him for treason.


  • Ed Stahl says:

    Come on! Nobody is going to do a damn thing! We are already under Socialist rule! Turn off the fire,- the frog is already cooked!! You just don’t know it,- as the “liberal sycophants” are telling you how good the economy is, how great the employment numbers are, how much freedom we have (?)! Even FOX news is afraid to report much anymore (they like to keep operating)! … But you “can rest easy”, as it appears from what I read that this and more will be revealed towards end of summer– (July – Sept?) When that “marital law” exercise is practiced and Utah, and Texas are crushed as “particular un co-operative participants”! .. And then there are the “UN troops”! Don’t look at me, I am 76 & disabled I can’t run, or even walk, so I am of no use on battle field! And yes I expect my head to “fall off” in future! But warn you “librotards” That a major percentage of you will also get to participate in the “head rolling games”! If you helped to get country in this fix, — do you think that they will let you hang around, — (if you caused it,- maybe you might get 10% of a brain, and not like it??) (You might launch a try at fixing it again!) … Hitler didn’t risk the chance,- those dissidents were rounded up and executed! “Hope to GOD” that doesn’t happen, but it is just a repeat of history! Maybe I will die before it happens,- so I don’t have to watch it! I know where I am headed anyway! (No “pun” intended).

  • 24volt says:

    Issue #1 who is willing to take full responsibility for Iran when they begin to hand out nuclear material to be hand carried everywhere. You see this possibility is really a reality they plan to destroy “The West”. If they use a nuclear missile and launch it at some country the possibility of them being attacked in the same way will most assuredly happen. Just 1/2 lb of enriched uranium properly distributed could shut down the financial district of New York. Folks even if the Iranian leadership doesn’t intend to use this as a bomb make now mistake the Left leaning Iranian terrorist will execute this form of terrorism by smuggling this stuff out and the main leadership then can claim “Oh I didn’t see this until we saw it in the news paper” You get my drift. Ignorance has been the defence of choice as of late.. Just look a Washington….It’s working wonderfully!

  • 24volt says:

    Okey everyone can call or name each other and fight among your selves. Step one to gain control is first to divide. Step two is to work towards convincing each side that the other is evil! Step 3 is to conquer. So far so good everyone on this blog is falling into place.

    1. yorm says:

      bho has already done all this,IDIOT

  • Dallas Freestone says:

    It is all slip sliding away! Slip sliding away!!

  • 7papa7 says:

    You can be sure that valerie jarrett also had a lot of input. I wonder if any pro American’s had any input. I will bet that is a resounding NO. Only terrorists need apply.

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    There are no negotiations going on, this is a give away program initiated by Obama administration. Congress will do nothing but send a strong worded letter. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, but words are all we ever get. This administration is the greatest threat to what is left of the free world since the rise of the Nazi Germany.

  • David in MA says:

    Maybe, just maybe, when those in congress and government agencies come to the realization that once Obama’s agenda is fully in place, they, as useful idiots, will be eliminated, maybe they will remove Obama, his henchmen & henchwomen and try them for treason and other crimes and clean up America…. THIS is the only way they can save their own azz’s! Maybe.

    1. podunk1 says:

      Amen to that. LGBT (whatever its called) needs to reread the Hitler story & think about it every time they see a rock. I will not be there to defend an enemy of my country and God!

      Think about it. Pray for the Indiana pizza maker. GO THERE and defend that family and the Constitution of the USA. Surround their business with peace, kindness, support, and good will with the resolve to subdue and arrest anyone who threatens them or their religious rights. Free exercise of religion is Supreme law above any statute, or judicial ruling (Article 6 & 2nd oath duty of every official or judge or law enforcer!!! The offense includes “TREASON”!

      1. olprof says:

        Wrong! Constitutional law is the supreme law in this nation and the various religions are free to exercise their various and sundry “laws” only because the Constitution protects them. The Constitution gives “Equal Justice and Freedom from Tyranny” for all. Equal that is, not discriminatory, not preferential, equal. Neither a religious belief nor a personal orientation of some kind can supersede the Constitution. Someday either the country will fall or some Congress will restore the Constitution, but tyranny will never succeed – not by any religion, not by any personal orientation, not by any political party, not by any group of individuals for their selfish personal benefit.

      2. Lorette Drew says:

        Militant domestic terrorists are as much a threat as Muslim Islamic terrorists because they undermine our Constitution, our moral fabric and our traditional values. I stand with Memories Pizza and all other businesses who are being harassed, intimidated and damaged by these radical hate-filled un-American groups.

      3. al says:

        podunk1: you surely have the correct posture re: those being negatively affected by the atmosphere of this mischievous underhanded ‘leader’ that we presently have in the WH. however, the real threat is, in fact, his daily presence in that position. rups do not have the votes to impeach w/o cooperation from the dems. the dems because of perhaps fear/threats from ‘leader’ or because they are clinging to the ‘bennies’ and the ‘power’ of being ‘praised’ by this ‘impostor’ persist being un-cooperative to remain being ‘safe’. it is not possible, legally, to arrest the ‘leader’ because he is ‘considered’ to be the supposed President (which he is not, by virtue of his actual actual, words, and proposals).
        the only real hope that we actually have (w/o waiting desperately to achieve a rub president in 2016 [lots of laughs, considering what he is capable of!!!] ) is to forgo all instituted channels and rely solely on the ‘people of the land’.
        we are the negatively affected, but more so, the children today and their grand / children. we need to realize … the burden falls squarely into OUR hands now: not down the road, while w a i t i n g for a magic elixir!
        we need several of the ‘retired’ high-rank military to assist us to put our collective minds, guns, and hearts into organizing a significant ‘posse’ of patriotic citizens and ‘a supportive military (army)’ influenced by the ‘r-h-r-m’ to forcefully ‘drag’ this person from his current position asap. this is an action to be done cleverly rather than brazenly. it needs to be planned carefully and executed deliberately in a most swift maneuver while simultaneously taking down the present dhs johnson.
        we can easily place him immediately outside the usa for a l o n g detention in ‘abdication mode’ until we purge enough dems both in the senate and house to start rescinding/replacing appropriate laws. we will initiate, by virtue of our ‘we the people’ mandate, install an interim leadership … biden will be sworn in as acting pres reporting ONLY to the ‘leader’ of our ‘troops’ so as to sign all bills passed by congress, BUT always over-signed by our ‘leader’. with cooperation of the military and control of dhs, we will swiftly move to arrest jarret, susan rice, pelosi, reid, schumer, mrs. o, two children to protective custody (they were adopted, but will be dissolved because of mischiefous plan to act as ‘wonderful’ family … will be shortly w/loving family), luis gutierrez, rangel, irs head, fcc head, mc-cain, soros son, al gore, soon the current and past chief of fda, epa head, dept of education chief, i.c.e. head, INS head, and many more.
        we have literally thousands of ex-vets more than willing to assist … we will pay them fair temporary fees taken from the budget to the illegals. we surely need these vets to safeguard other very key areas quickly, once the word is made known to our nation (and spread around the globe by the wonderful media).
        o’b will not be spoken of again nor will he be seen … he will be a ‘lost’ person … as far as everyone will know; no questions to be answered! no presidential library!!!!
        sleep well… while you each think carefully. God Bless and peace. love to America!!

    2. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      Silly me I would prefer people that had an understanding of Iranians would serve in an advisory capacity when dealing with Iranians. Tea Party Christian Conservative Confederate morons prefer working out of total ignorance. They prefer to work out of irrational fears, bias and bigotry and I will confess they are good at it. Note I said good not successful. The closest they ave come to success in six years is the traitorous letter to Iran botched up the talks being conducted.

      1. Doug says:

        I suppose you like the 6+ years of dictatorship actions. Bypass Congress at every turn, lie, cheat and steal from America…….. Non-transparent administration……undermining Israel’s PM. Give the Iranians nuclear bomb capabilities even tho they are yelling Death to America….. It appears that the ignorance is over flowing from your pockets

        1. Mark says:

          To hell with Netanyahu and his BS propaganda he has pushing for 25 years. Furthermore, are telling me that nobody cares about our Jewish (AIPAC) controlled Congress, talk about a Pro-Lobby…

      2. You are lost, no Iranian can be trusted, it’s because of people like you that this country will go down.

      3. ROY says:


    3. Dee says:

      I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for congress to come to the realization that Obama is no good. John Boehner seems to go along with Obama every time. Wonder if he’s protecting his own arse or if Obama has something on him.

    4. pompey says:

      If you are waiting for Republicans to take decisive action against a president that they agree with more than they disagree with you have a very long wait.
      The American people are more accustom to Republican “cave in” and Republicans “running for the hills” than they are any thing else.
      Always remember this: the term “principled Republican” is an oxymoron…!

    5. yorm says:

      never happen!

  • Jim says:

    Why is nobody surprised? Logic would determine that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is probably a duck, right? Obama has demonstrated, not only that he is an Islamist, but that he is of the Iranian stripe Islamist. He is totally un-qualified, constitutionally, to hold the office of president of the United States, but was groomed for that position by the Communist Party USA, and was placed in the position by, you guessed it, the Communists in our own government. You know who they are – Nancy Pelosi was the Democrat/Communist who verified Obama’s qualifications to be placed on the ballot in the first place. There is just a mountain of evidence of who and what Obama is, as well as what he is NOT, but none of our politicians, or very very few, are willing to say one word about it. Why? Do they all want our country to be destroyed? Believe me, when you have the problems that exist in our government today it is totally because the politicians in government want it that way. It is long past due to hold a Constitutional Convention of States to fine tune our Constitution to put a stop to the lawless politicians and give the power back to the people. Pay attention people, it is better to peacefully force the politicians to do what they have sworn to do, as opposed to engaging in a civil war to get our government and freedoms back.

  • Leon says:

    I never hear anyone talk about how all this began with Ishmael and Isaac, and most people probably don’t even know who they are, but the war between these two brothers rages on… and will continue. The various islamic groups are riddled with interior hate and they will fight each other for power until a caliphate can be established to impose Sharia. Then the followers of Ishmael can concentrate on killing the followers of Isaac. One of the main players in all these “end times” machinations is Obummer who thinks he can unite them all with his stupid smile and bringing a plethora of islamic “advisers” right into our Government . The net result of which will be the saturation of America with an islamic presence like fly specs in pepper which cannot be removed as they continue to destroy America from within just like all the mullahs and imams promise daily. SO MY POINT IS THIS: how much longer will the people of America, especially the leftist democrats, tolerate this Constitution destroyer as he tramples this great nation… before the call for IMPEACHMENT becomes a crescendo of demand from the people… including the entire legislative branch of our Government…??

  • rafael says:

    retarded imbeciles of congress could care less about anything ; their pockets and interests are first .

    1. yorm says:

      you are so right!

  • Gerry says:

    How much more of this f—–g deceit is this country and Congress going to take before they take action against the biggest threat to our country —– O f—–g bama. Get over your politically correct BS, get over your he’s the president– what can we do BS, get over your being afraid of being called a racist BS, get over protecting your cushy jobs, C O N G R E S S you need to get off your azzes and take care of this muslim brotherhood traitor before it does become too late. You must realize the longer you wait the worse it gets and the more lies and deceit we see. You have given this fraud enough time to prove he has the best for America in mind — it is painfully OBVIOUS he DOES NOT. Now do your f—–g jobs.

    1. yorm says:

      my god i think just like you,how do we convince the commie congress to do this?

  • joan says:


    You are spot on! Thought when congress had republican control that we were going to see action! Guess not! What in god’s name are our taxpayer dollars doing. We deserve our money reimbursed! Action…we need action…..talk is very cheap!

  • joan says:


    You are spot on! Thought when congress had republican control that we were going to see action! Guess not! What in god’s name are our taxpayer dollars doing. We deserve our mone reimbursed! Action…we need action…..talk is very cheap!

  • Retta says:

    What the hell is it going to take to get congress (small c on purpose) to put on their big boy and big girl panties and do something. It does no good to contact them, illegals and machines vote, bribery is the name of the game. As long as they have theirs f**k the rest of us.

    1. yorm says:

      you are right but how?

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