Call the Wambulance: Disgraced DNC Chair Blames ‘Voter Suppression’ for Election Losses

Democrats have a lot to be pleased with after this month’s elections, interim party Chair Donna Brazile said Tuesday, pointing to small pickups in the House and Senate and Hillary Clinton’s moral victory in the popular vote as evidence things aren’t as grim as some have said.

Still, she said she’s asked a new advisory group to study why Democrats failed to win the White House, and said another commission is looking at how to make the nomination process more reflective of party voters, rather than the superdelegates who dominate the process.

Ms. Brazile, who took over as chair after a scandal ousted her predecessor, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said Democrats’ chief problem this year was voter suppression. Ms. Brazile said that may have cost Democrats presidential vote victories in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Ohio.

“In many swing states, voter suppression succeeded in its ultimate, if unstated goal: diluting democracy through disfranchisement,” she said in a post on

While many Democrats are reeling from the losses, which saw their party lose control of the White House and fail to regain control of either the House or Senate — despite bold predictions of both — Ms. Brazile said things aren’t so bad.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:


    Supporters must remember to listen to the REAL news and NOT the FAKE news and FAKE polls that our complicit MSM publishes.

    That way you will not be lulled into a false sense of security, stay home and not vote!

  • Mike says:

    News Flash my democratic 84 year mother voted for Donald J. Trump, , she told me Hillary is a low down scoundrel, and needs to be put in prison… Way to go Mom !

  • Catherinemstubbs says:

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  • ONLYJB1 says:

    Not bad? You got fired from your job, idiot!

  • Original Anna says:

    I would like to know why there is still voting going on. In what states? Every night the news announces that the popular vote for Hillary is higher, much higher than Trumps but they never show Trump getting any more votes. Where is this voting coming from. The election was November 8th, it is done. No voting should be done after Nov. 8. How can you call an election if the voting is still going on. In this day and age with computers why is voting still coming in and still being counted sixteen days after the election is called and the voting day is gone. Why don’t we just vote all year and keep claiming Hillary is getting more and more votes all year. What is with the computers in the states still voting, aren’t they up to date. I have never in all my years heard of voting still going on so long after election day. What is this. And how do illegals get to vote, that number should be disqualified no matter what date the vote is made and counted on. The election was called at 3:00 am on the 9th. Why is anybody still voting.

  • Louis Baldovino says:

    still crying over spilt milk.. you slimy democrats caused the election failure.. You leaked info about debate questions to Clinton. DWS tried to influence electoral college to vote Clinton. There was as much if not more lies made up to smear Trump. People saw through that and voted Trump. You folks need to get over your Trump bashing. There is no one to blame but yourselves for the loss of the election. If there was a shady reason. Face it. The people voted, the electoral college did it’s job and Trump won.

  • Philomena says:

    Donna Brazile is a liar and a con artist who gave questions to the Clinton Campaign before the debate with Bernie Sanders. We also need to know how many non citizens or dead people were allowed to vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • M. D'Souza says:

    Voter suppression??? Where was this woman when the Black Panthers hindered & threatened voters from entering the polling place in Philadelphia, in 2008? What about the swing states which did not require voter IDs to vote this time around? Where did she get the rose colored glasses she’s wearing?

  • Wolfman says:

    While voting is a right to ALL citizens…that does not mean that you have to coddle someone so that they CAN vote. ALL rights carry the responsibility of those excercising a right to be mature enough and competent enough to actually perform the actions required in a legal manner. For example, having the right to own a gun, even if it were truly uninfringed, does not give you the right to just shoot indiscriminately in your neighboorhood, nor does it mean you are forced to buy a gun if you choose not to.

    People seem very capable of doing whatever it takes to be given their ‘free stuff’ ( that actually costs others money in order for them to have anything given to them), including traveling to an office to complete the application process….and yet the argument from the left is that these same people could not go to that same office to apply for and actually acquire their free voter ID cards . ( why the application to acquire the ‘free stuff’ and the choice of getting a voter ID cannot be done as one joint process has always been obvious to me…can’t cheat if you make something impossible to not do)
    The definition of disefranchised is to deprive of a franchise, legal right, privilege or immunity.

    The definition of right to self-determination is a right that all people have to freely determine their political status and freely make decisions in how they pursue other life goals.

    The definition of bum is a person who avoids work and sponges on others.
    The definition of lazy is being averse or disinclined to work,activity,or exertion.

    So is a person who has the right to vote and the right to self -determination …that freely allows them to choose to abide by the rules to vote…and yet they determine that they do not want to perform the steps that are necessary to vote …forcibly disenfranchised OR are they a lazy bum that exercised their right to self determination and actually chose to not qualify to vote, thereby voluntarily abrogating their right to vote ????
    Which brings us back to the Second Amendment analogy, no one on the Left argues that because you have the right to own a gun that you are entitled to be given a gun whether you want one or not . However, the Left constantly argues that because you have the right to vote you are entitled to be given a ballot whether you want one or not. No right is any more sacred than another…they are all given to us by God and are to be exercised by each one of us of our own free will.

  • NM Leon says:

    They need to do a nationwide investigation. Verify every vote, cross-check between states, etc, then prosecute every violation to the full extent of the law.

    When a bunch of Dems go to jail, others will be less likely to cheat next time.

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