Carson answers Trump attack, says won’t be dragged into the ‘mud’

November 14, 2015

Ben Carson answered Donald Trump’s highly personal attack on Friday by saying he won’t get into the “mud” and engage in the “politics of personal destruction.”

The retired neurosurgeon addressed Trump’s extensive remarks — in which the billionaire businessman likened Carson’s story about pathological anger to a “child molester” mentality and asked how “stupid” voters are to believe Carson’s personal narrative — during a campaign stop in Greenville, S.C.

“I expect that kind of thing,” Carson said.

Of Iowa caucus-goers, he said they’ll be able to make a decision about whether they want to listen to the “usual politics of personal destruction.”

He suggested political trends are dragging the country “into the mud,” but added:

“I don’t have to get into it.”

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  • luvzforplay says:

    I do know that photographers are told not to take Michelle/Michaels picture if it is faceting into the wind because it’s “package” sort of gives the lie away ! Why do you think she/he has such a large staff to make him look more feminin and they still miss by a mile !!

  • luvzforplay says:

    Do you think the people liked the fact that property values increased and people started living up to their potential , because of Trump , sot of like Obama committing murder of innocents and no one saying a word , only difference is Trump was helping the people and Obama has the country living in fear of the mass coffins and FEMA Camps !! Good thing he couldn’t get rid on gun or we may all be in a FEMA Camp or coffin !

  • luvzforplay says:

    He is a very likeable guy , but Trump is the one talking about doing away with the lobbyists and stop doing back door politics. Obama seemed ok to a lot of people too , blacks thought he was their Messiah, Unfortunately they found out rather quickly he was Muslim and not really black ! His attempts to get a race war going on in this country failed , I am not putting Carson in Oblunders category , I just don’t see the mean streak in him !!

  • messup says:

    Donald Trump has embraced Saul Alinsky’s tactic of: destroy the “messenger’ and the “message” goes “POOF!” As for debating America’s core issues, Which it seems Dr. Carson is trying to put forth, Mr Trump will pursue his tactic of destroying the “messenger” so as to prevail over Mr. Trump’s narrative which is? “I am the best thing since Rice Krispies and really good for all Americans.”
    So, Donald Trump wants every American’s breakfast table set as a feast of (and for) Donald Trump. Mussolini had this behavior, too. Love of thy self. Humm! Vanity, one of the cardinal sins of a pagan secularist. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and all Americans. Read A Bible.

  • Original Rebel says:

    Trump started off great, but the more “polls” he wins, the nastier he gets. I don’t think I want someone like him as my President; I don’t care what he promises. Someone like that without control of his big mouth makes me very suspicious. After all obamascum started out blowing his big mouth off too and look where we are now!

  • I Seigel says:

    Trump’s REAL threats are from Cruz and Rubio. If he feels the need to bash, he should go after them. Carson is a non-starter and is only interested in Carson, Inc. His motivational speeches and books are where his interests lie.

  • VM Sheppard says:

    I think we can all agree that we’re sick and tired of the “Jerry Springer” politics (from both sides of the fence)! People attack the ones that scare them the most.

    Trump has good reason to be afraid. So does Obama, and so does Hillary! They’re afraid that (we) the people will see the truth spoken by these candidates and vote for the one that best represents us. The drama queens are losing, and they’re scared!

  • Walter H WILSON3rd says:

    Trump ‘s attacks , are the weapon of choice by his people. He was , is and ALWAYS WILL BE a Democrat. He fancies himself the ” King ” of the business world . So , the last logical move is too 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Mrs. O says:

    Trump will hurt himself by attacking and criticizing Dr. Carson cause Dr. Carson has the respect of most of the people. Trump should stick to the issues and what HE plans to do and stay far away from attacking other candidates. Another thing that accomplishes is showing that he’s getting desperate and considers Carson a threat.

    1. luvzforplay says:

      You havn’t been watching all that close because Carson hit Trump first in this battle of words !

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:


  • Fed Up! says:

    You tell them Ben! Hang in there and don’t drop to Trumps level of nastiness!

  • luvzforplay says:

    Carson could be the best brain surgeon there is but that does not make him a good President, they have e be deal makers and one experienced enough to get this country the best deal possible , a man who realizes the need for a defense force that no one would want to go up against should the need arise and they should not be hobbled by rules of conduct , the should have one goal , win and come home safe ! In fact I think our soldiers should be permitted to use silencers on their weapon’s preventing hearing loss for our guys , which I am having problems with for some time now ! Who ever heard of fighting a war with rules ? I sure sign of losing our peoples lives !

  • marlene.langert says:

    God bless you, Dr. Carson. You are a man of the highest integrity. I pray that you will be our next president.

    1. luvzforplay says:

      We are in the times where integrity may well get you dead ! we are dealing with people that sort of like the thought of dying for there Allah because of the promised 40 virgins and an afterlife in Utopia , We have to be even more ruthless then they are ! and as a Marine Combat Veteran with 2 tours in Nam I can tell you if you get to know your enemy like we were trained to do , you get to know just how devious these people are and what lengths they will go to make this a Muslim dominated world ! So take integrity off the table and find a new George Patton or William T. Sherman to lead our Armed services and let Trump take the Oval Office and get rid of the lobbyists , and big money deals that make positions rich ! These people spend millions to get a job that pays $ 250.000.00 a year for President and half that for Congressmen , and that is a lifetime pay check , They don’t want those positions to lose money !!

      1. marlene.langert says:

        Bi integrity, I do not mean political correctness. If you follow Caarson at all, you will find that he cannot stand political correctness either. I do believe he would be strong and forceful in all his goals. I understand what you mean by the Patton’s and SHermans and I love that kind of leader, but I do believe that Carson could be that forceful, not afraid to offend, but a more skillful dealing with the enemies.

  • a flag waving AMERICAN mike says:

    DR.Carson you don’t have to get down in the mud. your a better man than that. the best thing you have going for you is the fact your not a politician. don’t let them bring you down to the level of politician I am with you 100%

    1. runnindeer says:

      Neither of these men are politicians. As for the remark that said “your a better man than that”, should have been you’re or you are , but I don’t agree. Mr. Carson is just a man. Not so much better than any other and not as well qualified as Mr. Trump

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

        Trump is a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, a ring master

  • Roy Clingenpeel says:

    By slinging mud. which vowed not to participate in, Trump will go down in a ball of fire and one of the senators will become the GOP candidate.

    1. Brother says:

      Good and I’m hoping for Ted Cruz.

    2. luvzforplay says:

      We have to get someone in there who can break the hold the lobbyists have on our political system , since Trump does not need their money and the Congressmen we have are so used to having their palms greased it will continue if we continue with the same old thing !!

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

        Trump , PAYS THEM the money to get what he wants. All who can’t see what he is, must have voted for the ANTI-CHRIST! !!!

        1. luvzforplay says:

          I saw Trump on Opra about 20 years ago and he is saying the same things today as he said 20 years ago , tell me any other politician that keeps his the same for 20 years , check the clips I have attached !
          20 years ago, Donald Trump told Oprah he’d only run for …

          CachedJul 29, 2015 – HuffPo tracked down this clip of Donald Trump appearing on a 1988 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote his book Trump: Art of the …
          Oprah Winfrey Interviews Donald Trump in 1988 – YouTube
          ▶ 3:11

          Jul 30, 2015 – Uploaded by Andrew PhilbrickOprah Winfrey Interviews Donald Trump in 1988. Donald Trump for President 2016. Suggested by OWN …

          1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

            Oprah, REALLY ! 20 yrs ago I was 47. Having lived in the garden dem/libers state ALL my life , I have had a birds eye view of the saver of Atlantic City. He is now and ALWAYS will be for Trump. With all do respect, I just don’t get it . Where are all the investigations on Trump? WHY would the press give him , and a few others a PASS . As they have done with ALL who are within their favor . The attacks on Carson, should CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE the DISTANT THEY openly display for the man ! Last , you elect Trump, your putting a WHITE ob back in the WH ! The ONLY DIFFERENCE is Trumps god is GOLD!!!!

  • Peter Smith says:

    I do not vote for personal attacks or rebuttals. I will vote for the candidate that has the platform and ideas that I can support. To date, Trump and Carson have spoken well when discussing general ideas. What is the PLAN? What is their PATH to making this the greatest nation in the world once again? When will these guys follow the lead of Reagan and save the vitriol for the Democrats. Stop slinging mud in OUR house. If the liberals win again, we are all f-cked. If a Democrat is elected, I just hope my state of Texas, secedes before the end.

    1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

      Trump, never gives detail in any questions asked . He replies with the same thing every time. He truly believe that the issues arn’t important. Once, he said, I may not know the answers but I have good people, good people that know how to handle it. He feels the heat Carson is burning him with. Have you ever wondered why he attacks the voters? That’s a dem/libers trick used to SHAME the people, into changing their minds. Carson has detailed answers. He’ s answer for receiving votes is, if the people want me , I’m ready to serve , THEM!

      1. Peter Smith says:

        Still a long way to go and a lot of unanswered questions. I have my doubts about Trump and Carson, but I agree with your assertions. Right now I am siding with the man I know the best and that is my Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. But as I said, still a long way to go.

        1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

          Like Cruz, for the most part. But, who will fight against the powers that be if he leaves he’s seat.

          1. Peter Smith says:

            Texas is a Conservative state. If Cruz were to be elected, I feel it would be an easy task for the residents of Texas to replace him with another Republican Constitutional Conservative.

          2. Walter H WILSON3rd says:


  • jdbixii says:

    Whether he can “afford it” or not, Trump’s image has been very seriously damaged by what he has said. Reverting to this kind of tactics instead of emphasizing the political issues of difference with the Democrats is really destructive. Trump is looking more like the apprentice than the master.

  • Cynthia Laughrun says:

    Trump is out of control. Please. He cannot be the nominee. Not more than Onama should have EVER gotten in the White House. (At least? The second time). Voter fraud there.

    1. Fed Up! says:

      Voter fraud is how Obuttma got in office the second time. What I’m afraid of is if Clinton doesn’t get the nomination he will call for marshal law and stop the elections!

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

        If, he goes there, that would set this country a blaze. Police Officers will then pick who to PROTECT, him or “OR WE THE PEOPLE ” !!!!! It will be ,CIVIL WAR! !!!!! IF, THEY ARE AGAINST US!!!

        1. Fed Up! says:

          I agree. I don’t know what I could do to help to defend my country again, (ex-navy) but I would do everything I could.

          1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:

            I can tell you what you need to do! Talk to everyone, who will listen. Put reality in their face and pray they hear you. We ended up here because we stopped caring. It started with the will full compliance in mass murder of the yet to be born!!!!!!

  • keepyourpower says:

    Trump was projecting…like all narcissists do! Narcissism cannot be cured!

    1. runnindeer says:

      Mr. Trump doesn’t love himself abnormally. He isn’t mentally ill with the personality disorder that you would like to say he has. Donald Trump is too generous to a fault and absolutely has every right to be proud of his accomplishments. That isn’t narcissism- It is fact, plain and simple. Ben Carson used his own words, the words from the mind and mouth of a brain surgeon – to tell the world that he is mentally disturbed to a fault.

      1. Walter H WILSON3rd says:


      2. keepyourpower says:

        @runnindeer, for every lie you tell about Carson, God is writing in His book. Trump meets every symptom of narcissism.

  • The Redhawk says:

    Carson’s SUPERIOR INTELLECT will Really put the Narcissitic EMPTY TANK in a Refuse PILE!

    1. luvzforplay says:

      Intellect is not going to be worth a fart in a room of fans when it comes to dealing with an experienced person that is used to making deals that will make our country strong again ! If I was in an Or with a brain injury I would be pleased to see Carson there , but Trump is used to getting the best for his people , That is the guy I want fighting for my family !

      1. The Redhawk says:

        I would nOT want to go into COMBAT with this Egomaniac….He’d ONLY watch HIS BACK… We need a HIgher Principled MAN/Woman to LEAD as a CIC not as a the current ClUELESS, INcompetent , Clown like Odumbo

        1. luvzforplay says:

          Not in combat , Trump is used to the infighting that goes on in high level deals , the kind we need to get this country back in the black again instead of in the red where Odombo and his band of cockroaches have put us with their almost weekly lavish vacations !!

          1. The Redhawk says:

            ” Infighting” with Bankers and Employees….. Fighting Vs International “EXPERTS” like foreign Countries is a totally Different “FIELD OF COMBAT” Trump Ultra Ego and Narcissism will SINK HIM…and he is already going CRITICAL MASS….and a CIC is SUpposed to sometimes Inspire the “folks” to go into COMBAT…and he could not Motivate me to get off the COUCH

          2. luvzforplay says:

            I don’t know about that Trump does this stuff every day and from the looks of things he doesn’t lose many , Had he been negating with Iraq I would bet my last dollar we would not be giving them the method to our own destruction … But then with Oblunder being a good Muslim he is trying his best to get his 40 virgins, in his case they would be men I gusee him being the bottom !!

          3. The Redhawk says:

            Well Trump is TRUMP …but regarding that Delusional Flacillator Odumbo…First of all the Only “virgins” he can get are 47 USED Camel nose Types but above that he may be Declared a Transgender so I wonder as he must, WHAT IS HE REALLY??? HUUU-RAHHH

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