Clinton doubling down on transcripts

by Amie Parnes
April 23, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is doubling down on a strategy of not releasing transcripts of speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and other investment banks.

Clinton has refused to release any of the transcripts in the face of a pressure campaign from rival candidate Bernie Sanders, who has relentlessly attacked the Democratic front-runner as being too closely tied to Wall Street.

“She’s not going to basically create a standard that isn’t applied to anyone else in this race,” said one longtime Clinton ally and confidante of her position on releasing the transcripts.

The issue has been an effective line of attack from Sanders, who has closed the gap with Clinton in national polls.

It also appears to have hurt Clinton, who has seen her favorability rating in polls drop below 50 percent. Just as bad, Clinton has seen her marks fall with Americans when they are asked whether they trust her or see her as honest.

47 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Why is it the cover up is worse than the problem.

  • Harvey Thomas Creech says:

    To say that Hilary is not going to do something unless the other four candidates also do it is ridiculous in that the other four haven’t given speeches to Wall Streeters for $ 250K. Bernie wouldn’t do them or he would be branded a hypocrite, Trump doesn’t need the money and wants to be considered as an ‘outsider’; it would be against Cruz’s moral/Christian values + his wife used to work for Goldman – Sachs; and I’m not sure about Kasich but. as governor of Ohio, would probably be prohibited by Ohio’s constitution and by-laws from giving those type speeches. So Hilary’s words are just a smokescreen

  • J.B. says:

    Hellary stuck her foot in her mouth this time. She has now said, she will release all her speech transcripts, if other candidates will release theirs…..What? Other candidates were not Sec o’ State pimping out govt contracts, and other candidates did not have a slush charity execs could contribute to, legitimately, in order to get otherwise legitimate govt favors. Seems like someone said one time of hellary that she was the smartest woman in the world. That doesn’t speak well for the rest of the women.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    I do not care for the transparency of Cruz or Trump because I never will vote for them. But Hillary is my real concern. She is not transparent because she is a crook.

  • nokabosh says:

    Hillary is up to her bulging eyeballs in public corruption.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    We don’t need to be rocket scientists to know that what is hidden is double speak, with a well forked tongue. Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Nazis, and Fascists are infamous for doing this kind of thing, they couldn’t get to power otherwise, unless extreme violence, the revolutionary kind were to be used, in a very serious way.
    It is obvious that she is telling/promising the power brokers, the money people, the movers and shakers one thing, while telling her mass of useful idiots something completely different.

  • Triple J Jackson says:

    I love how stupid everyone is acting. We have a perfect time to join together and Beat that hag. But you guys want to bicker about Trump this or Ted that. By themselves they will loose(because of us not standing behind) but Together they Can and Would WIN!
    But of course They HAVE TO SEE US join together first and demand them to win. And if you don’t think they know what is being said on these forums your crazy as Hillary or Bernice! Now come on guys don’t you want to WIN? Don’t you want to see our country be America again and not turned into a 3rd world shit hole where You can’t understand any one. Scream it Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump . either way we as American’s Wil WIN. Every one will WIN not just the Muslim and homos . Cruz will protect the constitution and Trump will protect Us. You people know our armed forces are down to 1,350,000 people? That’s Nothing! Hell China could walk right in if we were disarmed like Hillary WANTS TO DO. TRUMP/CRUZ NOW!

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    This is amazing. Retarded politicians for centuries hide something and spin it comes back to bite them in the ***. HOW DO YOU FIX STUPID?

  • downs1 says:

    Even under an electron microscope, it is difficult to find one redeeming honest personal quality concerning Hillary Clinton! That goes for Bill also! It must be in the genes . . . and that makes me weep for Chelsea! After all, she’s now involved in the Clinton Foundation also!

  • dennis w says:

    cruz, his wife and hilllery are all CROOKED COMMUNISTS…….
    they should all be in prison………


    1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      Get off the Internet with your accusations about the Cruz’s and Hilary. I definitely don’t think the Cruz’s are communists and though I despise Hilary I don’t think she is a communist. You sound like Sen. McCarthy from the 1950’s and you know(or maybe not)what happened to him.

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    Hillary is not honest. I never will vote for her because transparency will not be a feature of her office, worse than denying a FOIA request. And now much less that she is creating her own Gestapo to take down the sites of her critics. If you think that Trump and Cruz are fascist, and indeed are, is because you have not seen yet the mother of Genghis Khan in action.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Transparency works both ways. In Trump’s case, it allows you to discover that he doesn’t have a clue what his policies are or how he will govern. In Cruz’s case, IF he allows transparency at all, it will show that he’s not eligible, and that he has lied about his finances during his elections for TX AG and Senator, and it will reveal his deep ties to Wall Street.

  • itsfun says:

    The transcripts probably would be bad for crooked Hillary. Otherwise she would have released them long ago.
    Probably wouldn’t matter anyway because some are going to vote for her even if she is in prison where she belongs. She is proving herself to be above the law and she knows it.

  • kbfallon says:

    Hillary’s basic defense is to just point the finger at some-one else…..these transcripts will NEVER be seen—if they are shown to the public it will expose her as a complete phony and liar….wait–we already know this!

  • Ken says says:

    Has anyone asked Heidi Cruz to get the video of the speech out of her desk drawer at Goldman Sacks?

    1. itsfun says:

      Heidi Cruz is not running for President.

      1. Ken says says:

        Neither was Hillary in the 1990s – or so we thought. You forget the Bush Family trained Ted and Heidi – supported them and placed them. Ted was the “Conservative” Professional Politician and Heidi the Establishment Power Broker. They are both Establishment Puppets

        1. itsfun says:

          So? When you run for public office, you forfeit your right to keep your ideas on issues private. Hillary wants to be President, therefore we as Americans have the right to know what she is saying about issues that come up in the campaigns.

          1. Ken says says:

            Ted and Heidi trained together – are a TEAM just like the HILL-BILLY Team.

          2. itsfun says:

            Heidi is still not running for President.

          3. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            So where did Ted and Heidi ‘train’? And what’s wrong with a wife supporting her husband? Besides I don’t think Heidi has any political ambitions at the national level. Hilary has always had political ambitions. She couldn’t wait for Bill to get in the WH so she could bring about HilaryCare; and she couldn’t wait for Bill to leave the WH so they could move to NY, establish residency, and run for the Senate. Betcha the big Wall Street firms financed her campaign then cause she and Bill were so “broke” when they left the WH.

          4. Ken says says:

            Are you supporting Cruz? If you are – you don’t know anything about Ted and Heidi – research them and get back to me – you will be able to answer all your questions – but you have to get off your butt to do it.

          5. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Don’t like the butt “crack’ (that’s a joke for you Trump supporters). ? do you do all of your research standing up? I have to sit down in my computer chair to do my Internet research. Maybe you’re different than me in that regard. I can tell you’re a Trump supporter. Kasich supporters either don’t look for dirt on the other guys running for POTUS or they’re busy doing constructive things trying to get their man in a position to win on the 2nd ballot at the RNC. I personally don’t care for Gov. Kasich(e.g.. he would not be effective at protecting religious liberty and speech of conservatives)but he’s a hell of a lot better than a rich bully who changes positions about as often as a weathervane in a hurricane.

          6. Ken says says:

            Don’t like the butt crack?? it wasn’t a joke – you obviously don’t have a clue, especially about Kasich’s last 23 years at the public troth. You talk about Religious liberty and speech – you should get to some of his major problems and stop sloughing around the edge.

          7. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Obviously you didn’t read my entire comment or else you didn’t understand it. I was not defending Kasich; I don’t like his views on religious liberty and free speech and I am big on that. I want a President that will defend the religious liberty of all American(unless of course they’re hiding behind their religion and trying to kill us, e.g. ISIS) and the right of all Americans to voice their disagreements with the liberal elite and the PC’ers without being censured or punished(and there’s plenty of examples of that if you’ll do your research). By the way the butt crack was my joke. Obviously, being a Trump fan you are not allowed to have a sense of humor and wouldn’t understand sarcasm and satire unless a comedian wore signs around his neck. Lighten up a little bit and look for irony in this political campaign that’s been going on for far too long. Sayonara

          8. Ken says says:

            OMG!! Our borders are open and we are being invaded – employment is a quagmire – taxes and government regulations are driving business out of the Country – the Establishment has controlled the Government for the last 27 years – the National Debt is beyond anything real – the US Dollar is about to implode and we won’t be able to continue the scam of printing more money to pay the National Debt – on top of all that the “bubble” is about to burst and you whine about Religion and free speech that is provided to all Citizens. God help you – you really need it.

          9. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            I am not whining about religion and free speech like Trump whines about being robbed of votes and other things. Btw, religious liberty and free speech may be “provided” to all citizens through the 1st Amendment but those freedoms are being breached nearly every day, week, month, and year by the liberal PC elites with Obama and his cohorts in the Cabinet, the ACLU, Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the Human Rights Campaign(HRC)being the chief offenders. Since you are so big on research, why don’t you go to the websites of the Family Research Council, the American Center for Law and Justice(ACLJ), Liberty Institute, et al. conservative groups to read about the things that I’m talking about. The mainstream media is not going to tell you these things unless they’re trying to make us Christians look bigoted, regressive, or out of touch with society.

          10. Ken says says:

            Nice whining post Harv but if the Country implodes while you’re farting around you won’t have to worry about free speech or your tax free Church.

          11. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Two comments here: 1)Why is that when conservatives and Christians post their concerns about the erosion of 1st Amendment freedoms it’s considering whining but when Hilary talks about the “faux war on women” or Bernie complains about the big banks/Wall Street fat cats and the eroding middle class, it’s considered ‘progressive'(as far as the original definition of that word is concerned)and brilliant. Why is it that when the transgendered whine about not being able to use the bathroom that they ‘identify with’, they’re applauded and seen as victims of an intolerant society? 2)What do you mean by “if the country implodes while I’m farting around I won’t have to worry about free speech or my tax free church” ? Do you believe that the country is going to implode if a certain candidate for POTUS gets elected. Pray tell, who might that candidate be? Is that a veiled reference to Ted Cruz? 3)What is wrong with free speech for everyone in the USA and what is wrong with tax-free churches. I think you have a beef with Christianity in general and churches in particular. Apparently that resentment colors many of your views. No one who’s elected President can establish a theocracy, if that’s one of your concerns . There’s too many constitutional checks and balances. Of course, we have a current President who would be King or Emperor if he could. There’s currently a case in the Supreme Court about Big O abusing his power to issue executive orders. He was checked in a lower Federal court but of course he challenged that ruling so that’s why the matter is now with the Supremes(without Diana Ross). If you’re an atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist why don’t you come out and say so so that I know where you’re coming from. You are a dangerous person if you want your anti-Christian speech to be protected but not Christian free speech. Challenge that my friend.! .

          12. Ken says says:

            Being a Constitutional Government Conservative and a Christian my issue lies with the minority group of Religious Zealots/Bigots that claim to be Christians. That small noisy group give Christians and Conservatives a bad name. Being a Conservative I am also very aware that to regain Our Government we have to start somewhere. After 27 years of Establishment control of the Government Voters are finally aware that voting for the 2 Establishment Candidates available to vote for accomplishes nothing more than changing the name of the Party on the office door. Nothing else changes – they lie to get elected – go to Washington DC and flip off the Voters that elected them. If you like Lying, Crying, Bible Toting Ted Cruz go for it – that is the great part of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights – it gives you the Right to do that just like every other Citizen has all the Rights provided – that you and I enjoy.

          13. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            It’s interesting that you now claim to be a constitutional govt. conservative and a Christian when previous posts did not indicate that. What minority group(s)are you talking when you refer to religious zealots/bigots that claim to be Christians? You may be confusing zealous with zealots. The former word has a positive connotation; the latter a negative one. If you are indeed a Christian and a conservative you have to know the Bible verse “by their fruits shall you know them, i.e., true Christians”. So Jesus allows Christians to be ‘fruit inspectors’. By that standard, which of the two Rep. candidates that claim to be a Christian and speak to evangelical, conservative crowds have the ‘fruits’ to match their rhetoric. A careful study of Trump and Cruz’s statements vs. their works since last August should tell you the answer and you know which one I support and believe in. If Trump is a true Christian who would support the 1st Amendment rights of Christians why does he constantly insult his fellow candidates, the media, etc. WWJD – I don’t think Christ would ever go along with those tactics. And Ted has continued to turn the other cheek with all of this “lying Ted’ crap except to defend his wife from crude attacks by the Trumpster. Ted takes the high road and Trump the low road. Hope Ted gets to Scotland before Crude Donald.

        2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

          Obama was the puppet of the Democrat establishment back in 2008. Every candidate that has run for POTUS probably since 1960 has had to have support from wealthy people, big corps., big banks, unions, lobbyists, etc. It’s the American political way of life. For a supporter of one candidate to accuse the candidate of another party of “dirty tricks” or “following the money” and claiming/insisting that his or her candidate is pure and angelic about fund-raising is just deceiving themselves. The only candidate( a hypothetical one)that could run on a pure record is Jesus Christ.

  • These transcripts must be damning! And the Goldman Sach’s folks are not talking either, which means that Hillary and GS must really know they are damning for both of them and would hurt Hillary’s chances. And this confirms that GS owns her.

    1. Ken says says:

      Just like they own Ted and Heidi Cruz

      1. Right, right. Trump’s got a hellava lot more involvement with GS and all the other big banks. Check out his financials.

        1. Ken says says:

          “Involvement” of Big Banks is vastly different. Trump’s involvement is BUSINESS loans – there is a BIG difference when “Poor Boy” Ted gets unsecured multi million dollar signature loans to “fund his campaign” (GS and CITI) + Heidi Cruz is on the Board of Goldman Sacks (2006 – present)

          1. Cruz’ loans were not unsecured, but used retirement investments for security. The big banks have $250 million minimum leverage over Trump.

          2. Ken says says:

            Follow the timeline – Ted originally did not list the loans on his campaign financial disclosure (Ted claimed he “forgot) how can a poor boy from Texas “forget” he has million dollar loans? Then he lied and said the money was taken out of his wife’s retirement package at GS. Then the CITI loan was discovered. Then he finally admitted they were loans and GS had no choice except tell the truth because of a pending investigation that would be embarrassing for all.

          3. djm4706 says:

            Right on Ken says! Heidi also is on the board of the CFR which Lyin Ted has said was an abominable organization but his wife was on a committee to do away with borders between Mexico, US and Canada. One world government advocate. SO Andrew Cuddy, I’ll say it LYIN TED.

          4. Ken says says:

            Hey djm – happy to see some other voters that take the time to research the candidates. BTW the name of the “new Country” is North American Union just like the CFR planned the European Union. The NMU includes Canada, USA and Central America all without borders. Ted is not only sleeping with the enemy – Ted and Heidi Cruz are the enemy.

      2. Here you go. Now you can reply and tell us all why your double standard applies. Or do the other Trump thing and just call me a name.

        1. Ken says says:

          You’re right – here I go – no more time to waste. I don’t have to call you names – your posts say it all.

    2. 7papa7 says:

      You can be sure that there are some back room deals with them. She has never done anything honest in her life so this should be no surprise to anyone. Integrity and Clinton is an oxymoron.

  • Defend America says:

    If Hillary did no wrong she would have never band the media from being there. She likes the exposure to much. She also would produce the transcripts now. She made a big deal over Trump and his tax returns stating he should produce them and implying he had something to hide.

    Well Hillary I am stating what are you hiding? We do not want to hear when everyone else does it I will follow. Be the leader you falsely claim to be and be the first to produce them. The rest may decide to follow.

    1. itsfun says:

      Just another case of her saying “do as I say not what I do”.

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