Clinton interviewed by FBI as part of email server investigation

by Harper Neidig
July 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by authorities Saturday about the ongoing investigation into her email server, her campaign said.

“Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was Secretary,” Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement.

“She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview.”

A campaign aide said the meeting took place at FBI headquarters in Washington and lasted about three and a half hours.

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  • Lordknows says:

    Just days before, the AG meets her husband and they just talk about grandkids and golf which is “probably” correct, “talked about” , all the while he picked up a thumb drive with all the questions. They play with words, Now AG: did you give him anything, did he take anything??? Did he see anything??? Pure lies and we the people accept this, we have lost our way

  • Gail says:

    Oh please give us all a break ! She seems to be made out of rubber. just when you think we have gotten rid of her she bounces back. Her day will come and it might not be anytime soon But she will bow before God for her treacherous life of crime , murder , theft and for impersonating a human . There are seats reserved for Bill/Hillary/Obama right next to Ted and his whole family .

  • justinwachin says:

    It would be interesting to know whether she had another case of amnesia hit during questioning.

  • ricktenny says:

    She already ticked off James Comey once with her “security review” label. I’m guessing Mr. Merrill will be next to learn it is a Criminal Investigation.

  • BILL3000 says:

    These Hilarious,though Obscene thing is that this rag is called “1776 Coalition”_ALMOST as funny Phil Duck Dynasty ‘s pretensions to being Christian!!

  • IMJSBNME says:

    I am so proud of HilLiary taking the time out of her busy schedule to voluntarily “help” out the FBI during their “security review”….on a Saturday morning no less! Her “patriotism” almost makes me want to vote for the treasonous b*tch.

  • Sharo says:

    Despite all the back and forth from posters, every decent and patriotic American should be APPALLED that someone with such a scurrilous history would actually put herself in the limelight. If I were her I would bury my head in shame, and certainly not parade myself in front of the good people of this nation. I truly feel sorry for this prideful woman. Someday she will pay for her indiscretions, and evil deeds.

    1. Blue 3 says:

      That’s what I said to my mom. If I had ever done anything like this with America’s secrets she would excoriate me for it. However, Hillary has earned her vote. I see exactly how families split in the civil war.

  • Gloria Bouillion says:

    And Bill gave Loretta a few millions so she can retire from office. Thus no need to prosecute Hillary, everything she says is the truth. ONLY IN AMERICA. VOTE TRUMP 2016.

    1. Timothy Raffety says:

      Remember that back in 1999 Slick willie appointed lynch as judge, he just went on her plane to remind her who she owes a favor to (him and killary).

  • Lordknows says:

    There is never, ever anything done in DC by chance, everything is well planned. Just watch the news cycle and how well their staff controls the release of various issues to change the reality. Killing in Orlando, guns, blacks killing cops, Black Lives matter, Iranian deal, gays , Hilarious emails, republicans issue, Hilarious being questioned by FBI again plus the Supremes tied vote seeing lower court ruling on illegals, switched to transgenders in the military. They have one plan after another to redirect the media. Without Abiding Laws We Don’t have a Democracy. Obadman gave us greater “Hope”he would fail and “Change” into socialism.

  • Gene Carroll says:

    Maybe she and Hanoi Jane should have been blindfolded and put against a wall for treason……. Both are great examples of stellar American women of integrity with nothing to hide nor feel guilt for engaging in…..
    Yep ! I’m a V/N vet who actually took an oath and still do my best to fufill that obligation even in my day to day actions and dealings.

    1. Timothy Raffety says:

      Thank you for your service and welcome home. They need to put killary and loretta lynch in a tiger cage somewhere in Cambodia until they tell the truth.

  • Gene Carroll says:

    Another fine example of the current administration’s promise of
    transparency ….just more behind closed doores crap the American public will never get too hear

  • robert sanders says:

    I have a real feeling that if the beast is not indicted: ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOSE IN THIS COUNTRY.

  • Gary Smith says:

    The fix is in

  • Mister Vice says:

    She will not “comment further” on this investigation because the FBI has ordered her to remain silent. She doesn’t want to argue with them. In addition, an “interview” is what happens when we apply for a job unless she is applying for a permanent post with the FBI then she was “questioned or interrogated”, not “interviewed” as the pro-Clinton MSM would like to paint this picture as favorably as possible for a traitor guilty of violating the Espionage Act. What say we call it like it is????

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      Great point and wry observation. Maybe she was applying for a managerial position in license plate making.

  • Webb says:

    25 or 30 years of The Clintons…
    They are followed by Death, Destruction, Lies And Deceit and Have Lived Off The American Tax Payer, indirectly or directly, and are Always Above The Law!
    The FBI investigation will produce exactly…Nothing, once again beating the System. The average citizen would have long ago been incarcerated and this story would be history, but WE are not above The Law!!
    Vote Republican in November…Or Lose America For Good!

  • tarbella says:

    How convenient for her, her husband, Lynch, and the man that was to testify about her that just happened to have a heavy bar bell land on his throat and died. That one, by what I read is under investigation. I’m totally at awe as how some can get away with much until someone stands up and stops them.

    1. Timothy Raffety says:

      And Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who just got a clean bill of health, died of a supposed heart attack, and was found in his bed with a pillow over his face. Old killary and dick-tator in chief hussien thought that they could just push their choice for his replacement on the American people without any resistance. It’s amazing how many people just up and die when they become liabilities to hussien and killary and pelosi etc., etc.

      1. tarbella says:

        Does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • snowyriver says:

    This is simple.. Are there rules about top govt officials using non secure email service? Answer Yes… Did Hillary use a non secure email server while she was in office? Answer – Yes…Is ignorance an excuse for crime?? Answer – NO…Should she be indicted?? Answer – Yes… Will she be indicted?? Answer – This is the test of the great “hope and change” that obama promised while campaigning.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      It’s also a “Test” of “His” promise of “Transparency”, as well as her honesty. As Woody Guthrie would’ve put it: “Mighty thin stew, though, You could read a magazine right through it”.

  • Glenn says:

    A chance meeting in Phoenix? And each travels by plane for x amount of miles just to speak about family? Another Bengahzi statement that the terrorism was caused by a film.. OH, wake up America. Clean up our government. Do YOU trust these people?

    1. PC Bob says:

      I trust them ALMOST as far as I can throw them! Meaning, no much.

    2. snowyriver says:

      Chance meeting myass ! ! !

  • conservmrs says:

    I wonder if she brought her “CLOTH” with her as evidence that she wiped it clean???

    1. Mister Vice says:

      She pretends to be so naive when she is really quite clever and sneaky. She missed a career in espionage…or the Mafia!

      1. PC Bob says:

        The Mafia wouldn’t HAVE her, because she LIES too much!

  • conservmrs says:

    To prove how DUMB, IGNORANT, DEVIOUS, STUPID, LAWLESS, OBLIVIOUS, ETC…………..she said the communications were not marked “CONFIDENTIAL” or “TOP SECRET’ or WHATEVER therefore she took care of them as she pleased!!!! Does it REALLY take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to KNOW when a communication is TOP SECRET!!!!????? Should we TRUST that a TOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL would know from the get go what was TOP SECRET (apparently NOT!!!!)????????????????????????

    1. PC Bob says:

      Those documents are clearly marked as to their security level, and the marks are ALL OVER them! Did someone do a cut and paste? THAT, too, is illegal! Someone in the State Department? LIKELY! It’s still treasonous!

  • itsfun says:

    When did the criminal investigation become a review? Doesn’t matter though, she will skate on this. She is above the law. Lynch says she will follow the FBI and career prosecutors. Problem with that is she is the boss of the career prosecutors and the first thing all lawyers learn is to never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. Anyone want to guess if the career prosecutors who work for Lynch have already answered that question for Lynch.

    1. Mister Vice says:

      Instead of predicting the worst possible outcome, how bout if you join the voices crying out for JUSTICE? When we act as though we are prepared to accept injustice then we are pushing the reality forward instead of the righteous finality they deserve!

      1. itsfun says:

        I am and have been crying out for justice. Its just that the Clintons have always found a way to beat the law. She got out of trouble in the whitegate scandal by a legal technically. Ole Billy getting on Lynch’s plane was probably a plan by them to get another way out. They are smart and too many people are afraid of being murdered if they cross them.

    2. PC Bob says:

      The FBI doesn’t DO ‘reviews’! The only ‘DO’ investigations! Hillary wants us to believe it’s just a simple failure to communicate! Just a misunderstanding! Well, when the ‘review’ is over I fully expect the FBI to indict her! Nothing less will do!

      1. itsfun says:

        Right; remember when the FBI director told the press he wasn’t familiar with her term “security review”. I guess I have just seen to much of Obama ignoring the Constitution and the left defending that kind of stuff to actually believe she will be indicted. I think Trump has given her the correct name in crooked Hillary.

        Just imagine how the media would be all over this if a Republican had pulled the crap Obama and Hillary have.

        1. Blue 3 says:

          Don’t have to imagine. Numerous others are in jail now or had to plea bargain. Patreus is still on probation and they took 100k out of his pocket.

          1. itsfun says:

            You are right. Patreus only allowed confidential documents to be seen, while Hillary has allowed secret and top secret documents to be compromised. She is still campaigning to be President. It will be very hard to convince me we don’t have a double standard going on. Reminds me of the book Animal Farm when they say ” all animals are created equal, some are just more equal”.

  • Peter F Simpkin says:

    The founding Fathers of our great Nation,would turn over in their graves;If only they knew, a corrupted democratic candidate was running for the Office of President of the United States,of America.Such a travesty of Justice for all.

  • Mike Tanco says:


    1. Darkman says:

      Mike Tanko- Can you believe that? After all the shit she’s done and her zombie supporters think she is heaven sent! What a bunch of losers and idiots.

  • Luke says:

    obama’s lapdog loretta lynch is between a rock and a hard place now, if she don’t indict the beast then she had better resign in disgrace..

    1. Mister Vice says:

      She has gone on record saying she’ll comply with the recommendations of the “career investigators”…meaning the FBI and director Comey. Let’s see if she does.

      1. Luke says:

        She should resign, what she has done is completely unethical, but isn’t that so typical of a liberal.
        If this had been a Rep there would be no end to the wall to wall liberal media insanity..

    2. Retired says:

      She was in over her head in that position and not qualified.

    3. Darkman says:

      Luke- She won’t resign. These people have no self respect or dignity!

  • 7papa7 says:

    Well there is voluntary and there is voluntary. She only volunteered to avoid being subpoenaed and really looking bad. Based on what her people said I would have to say that the questioning didn’t go real well or she would be talking about it instead of them saying “Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview.” When did they ever respect anything? Could this finally be the end of the hildabeast? I hope to God it is.

  • raynbene says:

    And at this point – what difference will it make ? But I can’t wait for hitlery and her equally rotten husbin to disappear from public life, and I hope I live to see it happen ! !

    1. snowyriver says:

      Have you seen this? “Clinton dead pool – nachumlist” ?? If not look it up.. thank you

  • champion2211 says:

    I watched about half of the interview. It seemed that Hillary was not really concerned about anything that was going on. She answered some questions so as to not care one way or the other or I don’t remember or some other non caring answer. As though Obama would get her out of what was going on. Just having an unsecured server is a crime. She left American secrets just hang out in the open for anyone. I guess we have to wait until Russia posts them before they think she did wrong, if then at all. It really looked like those that were doing the questioning have been paid very well to make it look bad and then do nothing. Trey Goudy at that time I thought did a good job of questioning but either way we still get the same outcome;.

    1. Rick Gordon says:

      Of course she doesn’t care. When you’re assured of no consequences, it really doesn’t matter how you answer.

    2. itsfun says:

      When you above the law, why worry or care?

      1. Mister Vice says:

        I can’t figure out how she is ABOVE the law. That is pretending to be more important than the US Constitution. She is lower than whale snot if you ask me…

        1. itsfun says:

          and whale snot is at the bottom of the ocean.

        2. PC Bob says:

          By being a Democrat with a Democrat potus, she thinks she IS above the law! With so many crooks in the WH, now, she no doubt IS above the ‘law’! They are ALL corrupt, now!

  • Lordknows says:

    Susan Rice passes along all the questions on a nice thumb drive to her husband Bill, on a tarmac, just days before his wife’s questioning. Am I missing something here??? Now who should we get to play the role of 007 who saves the country from pure corruption…???

    1. PC Bob says:

      Sorry, but it looks as though even 007 is on the team! WE the People don’t stand a chance!

  • johncq1 says:

    I like how “investigation” turns into “review” in liar speak.

  • Tiger says:

    Sorry Billy meets with Lynch, my guess he found out the outcome and then shortly after Hillary with FBI she is in, they will do nothing to her.

    But she is still a liability to the party and she best watch out for pillows and dumb bells.

    Of course she has nothing to fear from the dumb bells in this country.

    1. Timothy Raffety says:

      Tiger I was thinking along a line that goes like this: If they do decide to indict killary, slick willie will say that lynch was compromised in her integrity for meeting with him on her plane, thus they need to remove her and start the whole process over again. That in my humble opinion will be after November election time when they hope she’ll be POTUS then she can stop the investigation in its tracks. Just thinking I am.

      1. Lordknows says:

        very possible, she steps down and the process for a replacement takes months of further delays. And the replacement is Hilarious’s chosen one……

      2. Tiger says:

        Lots of possibilities Timothy. Saddest thing of all up in our faces and no shame about any of them.

        That tells me we are goners.

        1. Mister Vice says:

          Speak for yourself! I am not ready to give up and you shouldn’t be either. Too many have sacrificed their all for us to just lay down and bemoan the fact that we are weak and ineffectual.

          1. Tiger says:

            Hey back off buddy. I am an Army nurse since 1988 and served in two wars, nobody said anything about hanging it up.

      3. itsfun says:

        You may be right on.

      4. PC Bob says:

        I’m sure they are plotting along these lines as we speak! They are nothing if not careful! Slimey, but careful!

  • Dan says:

    What a crock..,.she’ll skate….That little visit in Phoenix between Slick Willy and Loretta Lynch gave new meaning to “snakes on a plane”…..

    1. Tiger says:

      LMAO then the FBI visit my guess you are right.

    2. CDD says:

      I’m not so sure she’ll skate. She’s definitely NOT Bill…

      1. theseer says:


        1. rockcut says:

          Glad you are not running the FBI. In fact I bet you have problems being in charge of yourself.

          1. Mister Vice says:

            Another pro-Clinton bozo voices his mindless opine…

          2. rockcut says:

            I see you have nothing of value to say except your grade-school attempt at a insult. But, it is expected when people post like you.

          3. Lordknows says:

            So Rockcut is probably one of the hundred’s of paid gov’t workers Obadman has responding to real facts to control the media. Its oblivious as you started personal attacks…stick to the facts. Don’t change the dialog, add to it, defend your position. If not- don’t waste people’s time.
            Justify Hilarious actions for us, defense her husband for us. Just in the simplest terms- a replacement of our Attorney General delays the process further. Stick to the facts , justify your position. Explain how the AG can just laugh with a reporter over her actions, was this professional, legal action?

          4. rockcut says:

            You start out with an “assumption” I am not a government worker. I had to laugh out loud with your assumption. AG made a very bad optical decision to meet with Bill Clinton. However, she did the right thing to accept the recommendation of the FBI Director. I see no train wreck here.

          5. Lordknows says:

            I rest my case

          6. rockcut says:

            What case? your comment makes no sense to me. I just wanted you to know it.

          7. SDofAZ says:

            You reek of troll. Too many of you have done exactly as you are doing. Same stupidity!

          8. rockcut says:

            When you have something adult to say get back to me. You post makes no sense.

          9. Robert Brumley says:

            Why don’t you read the article stupid before making comments.

          10. BILL3000 says:

            CORRECT,Robert Brumley! The article is Very Stupid!!

          11. Robert Brumley says:

            Ahhh baaa dee bhaa doo!

          12. BILL3000 says:

            SDofAZ REEKS of SDofAZ,Republican Elephant with Diarreha Shit,that is.

          13. Lordknows says:

            Of course it doesn’t make sense to you, you only see a forest, you don’t see the trees. Sympathizing with your ignorance, I will reinstate the same question: (Don’t change the dialog, add to it, defend your position. If not- don’t waste people’s time. Justify Hilarious actions for us, defense her husband for us. Just in the simplest terms-stick to the facts , justify your position. Explain how the AG can just laugh with a reporter over her actions, was this professional, legal action?)
            Come on big guy your smart, you have intent, explain yourself; I’ll help you a little. Just think of what you said, “she did the right thing accepting the FBI director’s recommendation.” HELLO, would she of had an option??? SO what does OBADMAN pay people like you considering you add nothing but deceit, so transparent….

          14. ABO says:

            Don’t you think you’re asking a bit too much there, Lordknows??? rockcut is after all a simple minded liberal lemming. he won’t be capable of following the suggestion.

          15. rockcut says:

            I am not impressed at all with your child like attempt at an insult.

          16. ABO says:

            Well, now. Seems you can give it out but you can’t take it. Typical brainless liberal clown.

          17. rockcut says:

            I am just telling you the quality of your insult which was childlike.

          18. rockcut says:

            You are all over the place on this. I guess you dialog with what is inside your head. Look, because of the optics, the AG had to come out and say she will accept the findings of the FBI Director. That is not that hard of a concept for you to understand. Then you come up with this wild idea I am paid by Obama. That is so silly. Come back to earth !!!

          19. Robert Brumley says:

            Are you really that stupid? Read the article moron before making stupid libtard comments!

          20. ABO says:

            Not real good with reading comprehension huh?

          21. rockcut says:

            Again, you fail like a child with this attempt at an insult. Will I ever get an adult post from you???

          22. ABO says:

            Pathetic idiot.

          23. rockcut says:

            Again, you post with a child like insult and name calling. Nothing adult about your post. Grow up !

          24. ABO says:

            So what’s your opinion regarding Mrs. Clinton’s ‘interview’ Saturday? Did you even bother reading the article? What do you think of the FBI’s ‘security review’? Do you have an opinion on anything or do you just get paid every time you manage to get a response? What a great career you’ve managed to secure for yourself. You must be so proud.

          25. rockcut says:

            The FBI was right to do the review with Hillary and Hillary was right to answer the FBI’s concerns. I am totally amused that
            You think I am a paid poster. LOL.

          26. ABO says:

            I’m totally amused that you are pretending that you’re not.

          27. rockcut says:

            Step away from posting…….You have fallen of the cliff of reality when you persist in this childish claim. Move on you are no match for me.

          28. ABO says:

            You were one of the first to post on this thread, with an insulting remark of course and I have yet to see you post a word on the subject of the article. sounds pretty childish to me but when I throw it back to you, you get your little panties all in a twist. As I said typical liberal clown.

          29. rockcut says:

            My first was in response to someone’s remark . The rest have been responding to your childish insults and name calling..

          30. ABO says:

            Your first response was to someone’s post that had nothing to do with you, I did not respond to you until your sixth post here. Better get your story straight or someone might think you are a liar as well as delusional.

          31. Blue 3 says:

            What recommendation has she accepted?

          32. Robert Brumley says:

            Ahh bahh dee bahaa dooo!

          33. Blue 3 says:

            What the hell does that mean? Does anybody speak nonsense?

          34. Robert Brumley says:

            Makes as much sense as all the other comments do.

          35. Blue 3 says:

            That’s funny as hell man. I was sitting here kinda bummed out. Thanks.

          36. ABO says:

            Brilliant comment from a typical liberal. Somebody help you with that Bobby???

          37. BILL3000 says:

            Lord Knows Lordknows is a Hopeless Paranoid Schizophrenic,and WORSE:a Republican.

          38. Lordknows says:

            Disqus commonly has contributors that adds value, it is unfortunate that we have to see someone like this. Another entitlement person needing the gov’t to feed himself, living off our hard earned compensation. Obviously, an illiterate, sucking on the system to exist. Its sad to see someone that is trying to express themselves so fearfully that they may loose their free ride. Are you scared, don’t know what you will do if you don’t have your entitlement. Who or what should we blame for your standings, was it your parent or your confused lovers or just the lack of energy trying to improve yourself. Just another scab on our great country and the values we stand for. We won’t label you and we won’t pity you, we accept you as the weight we have to carry.

          39. ABO says:

            Billy Boy 3000 is a well known liberal troll who posts nothing but vile slurs and baseless accusations. He’s a complete waste of space on the planet. Nothing but an obnoxious blowhard.

          40. BILL3000 says:

            W.T.F. ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!

      2. BILL3000 says:

        Oh,pamrlangford and her room mate Eleanor will do ANYTHING for $1.75[each]!

    3. theseer says:


      1. pamrlangford says:


        1. BILL3000 says:

          pamrlangford and her[?] roo mate Eleanor are REALLY CHEAP Whores who go down for $1.50 !

    4. Retired says:

      Slimy ones on top of it.

    5. grandmary42 says:

      It was intimidation, pure and simple!

      1. Blue 3 says:

        That’s what I think too.

    6. Sharo says:

      But Dan, they were only discussing their golf scores and grandkids. How harmful is that? Right? My first thought upon the news was OMG Clinton in a clinch with Lynch!

      1. Robert Brumley says:

        They both go caught with their underwear down and are tap dancing now.

  • Elaine Morris says:

    New State Department Audit Disqualifies Hillary Clinton From Running For President. ​


    1. Tiger says:

      That would be under a REAL AMERICAN POTUS.

    2. champion2211 says:

      Just where she belongs, not running at all.

      1. Mister Vice says:


    3. Triple J Jackson says:

      But the key word in that is by Law! And we all know that ain’t going to happen.

    4. Mister Vice says:


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