Congress ‘deserves’ a raise!

by Cristina Marcos
May 27, 2015

House Democrats are defending Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s (Md.) call for a lawmaker pay raise, saying he’s right to warn about Congress becoming dominated by the wealthy.

Rank-and-file members said people should pay attention to the second-ranking House Democrat, calling him an “institutionalist” who cares about the long-term health of the legislative branch.


“I think it shows he has a real commitment to this institution. One of the things that I admire about Steny is that he’s willing to defend the institution and push back when members demagogue this place,” Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) said.

Still, Democrats acknowledge that a salary increase is a political nonstarter, particularly given Congress’s unpopularity.

“I think he was honest and correct,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said of Hoyer’s pay-raise plan. “But in the practical political world? Ain’t gonna happen.”

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  • Dave Batz says:

    Simply put…A senior with SS monthly benefit of avg $1100 gets 1% COLA which amounts to $11 raise before Medicare premiums of over $100. A Congressman’s monthly salary of $14500 gets 1% COLA which amounts to $145 raise with 100% healthcare paid for by taxpayers. Seriously, who needs a raise?

  • Goodfela says:

    When they join Congress, they are paupers, but the depart millionaires!!! Amazing!

  • DEW says:

    A RAISE ???? They should ALL be FIRED immediately IF NOT SOONER !!!

  • homegirl says:

    Term limits and a salary that is the median American workers income. NO retirement, no health insurance and it is time for publicly funded campaigns, limited to six weeks.

    The media is already second guessing the 2016 election which they started doing immediately after the 2014 mid term election. As long as the media outlets are making millions on campaign advertising we will be subjected to inadequate coverage of the real workings of government.

  • james urban says:

    these CROOKS everyone of them should get minimum wage, they should LIKE I, pay all their own business expenses, pay social security, work all year without any vacations or breaks, pay their staffs out of their own pockets and not get any tax returns. Until these people are held accountable they get no raises. ACTUALLY they should not get paid until they fix the mess and they should all have term limits

  • Melvyn Foster says:

    Hoyer et al shoud be VOTER-given a flat salary of $40,000 a year to pay taxes on and live like a majority of US have to,including coughing up to cover OBAMACARE costs.They don’t like that,they can suck it up and live on it or resign from office and no one among us will snivel for them.

  • theresa anne says:

    I was going to make a few comments but the others have pretty much covered it. They need to have a serious pay decrease and work more hours for it.

  • These Lazy, Anti-American DemonRats need to find a hole to crawl into and die! Overpaid buttwipes is what they are, who are working against We, the People! I was a Democrat all my life until Obama, then the Demons showed their true colors, which was not Red, White, and Blue! They have proven to be a group of criminals more than leaders, and that goes for the GOP RINO’s as well! Congress needs a set salary and benefits that are no better than our Military, otherwise, give our military the outlandish salaries the Congress Cowards are getting and give Congress what our military are currently getting! And put Term Limits on Congress. These Jackass’ start working for themselves after two terms, so they need to be limited to Two Terms, just like the President! No more setting up housekeeping for three decades on the taxpayer’s back!

  • KentS says:

    Congress “deserves” squat!

  • Bob2002 says:

    These primadonnas are making at least twice what the average worker makes now. We need to get back to where the founding fathers expected of our elected officials. We need a citizen force to serve one term in the House and Senate, then go home and do what other citizens do; work. No more career politicians.

  • ZACAL says:

    2&2 is 4 – – spending Millions to get a job that pays About $150,000. does not sound too smart. If they wanted the job so bad, what are they bitchin about?

  • 63Marine says:

    Delete ALL of them and start over with ALL fresh…..

  • Joe the Nobody says:

    Well so much for being the”1776 Coalition”. I guess we can’t express our first amendment rights on your POS web site. Fear not… I’m unsubscribing from you as I post this. Fuck off!!!!!!!!!!In case anyone is wondering I posted something earlier which was taken down.

  • Joe the Nobody says:

    A Raise???? Lol. You all suck. Your not in it for us, your in it for you. Piss off…

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