Conservative group calls for Boehner’s head

The Senate Conservatives Fund says that it is time for House Speaker John Boehner to go and they will keep track of the GOP lawmakers that support their effort to oust him from his leadership post.

The group, which is targeting several incumbent Republicans in primary races this year, said Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, has sold out small government principles on too many occasions and the last straw came this week when House GOP leaders signaled they were going to support a bill to increase the nation’s borrowing limit without attaching any strings to reduce spending.

“There’s only one solution. John Boehner must be replaced as Speaker of the House,” said Matt Hoskins, group’s executive director.

“Conservatives helped Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives, which made it possible for John Boehner to become speaker. Unfortunately, he has chosen to ignore us and help President Obama enact his liberal agenda.”

Mr. Hoskins said Republicans should block him from the position at the beginning of the next Congress.

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  • Brer_Rabbit says:

    Even if Boehner wins election in his Ohio district, the republicans in the House should oust him as speaker.

  • rickouellette says:

    Boehner is in a tough spot. The TEA party wants to push hard for spending cuts at a time when they do not have any muscle to flex. Boehner knows that if he resists the democrats they will shut the government down and blame the republicans. The republicans, rightly or not, were blamed for every shut down thus far. The liberal media makes sure that the word gets around. The republicans will be in a better position to exert pressure if they can capture the Senate. You cannot force anything when you control only 1/3 of government.
    For the republicans to take a strong stand right now could cost them a chance at regaining the Senate. Without both the House and Senate they do not have any clout especially with a lawless president who views himself as King or Dictator rather than a president. Good Luck America !!!

  • frankenbiker says:

    We need a strong leader, one thats willing to stand up to the goatfcker, and reestablish the Congressional powers. We can say NO to executive orders, we don’t have to honor them, we can over ride them. THEY ARE NOT LAW. We need congressional leaders to step up and tell his royalty to fck off eat sh!t, and die. To use my own vernacular. You see the only reason why congress doesn’t do this is because of tradition. Can you believe it? They’re afraid that if they over ride one party’s EO’s then the next time around it’ll come back to haunt them. Meanwhile we’re stuck with ILLEGAL so called laws, that hinder our pursuits of life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Executive orders like what? Like raising the minimum wage for some federal workers to $10.10/hr? Yeah, we don’t have to honor that. Fck that sht. To use your vernacular.

      1. frankenbiker says:

        Seriously, that’s the one EO your going to harp upon? Man you are truly slow if that’s the case. By the way, that’s one EO he’s actually authorized to do according to the Constitution, however many of the other thousand he’s signed are not.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I’m SURE you are deliberately exaggerating to make a point… but for those reading this that might actually believe your statistic, let me set the record straight – Obama, now starting his 6th year as president, just surpassed George HW Bush in the number of EOs he has signed: 168 to 166. He issued fewer EOs in his first term (147) than any president in the 20th or 21st century. FACT.
          And I’m sure that he has all his lawyers making sure that any EO he issues will be Constitutionally valid. Just like Bush II did with his “extraordinary rendering” policy and others. W, by the way, issued 291, so Obama has a long way to go to match that.

          1. frankenbiker says:

            Absolutely right, but sometimes an exaggeration is what it takes to get the point across. Just call me MSM, its about the same thing. Except I’m only read by a few dozen people. I don’t influence how intelligent people get their news sources. Its up to them to investigate. Just like you have.

          2. I Seigel says:

            And how many do make the effort to investigate and educate themselves? Or do many people – on the right AND on the left – simply listen to the opinions they already agree with and don’t learn anything or try to have a meaningful discussion?

          3. frankenbiker says:

            I think its a practiced a lot more lately, with the easily accessible information on the internet. I would hope so at least. Its a lot easier to listen to people that agree with you, its not always the best course for getting accurate info, as you well know. I watch Fox, MSNBC, CNN, to get the news, then I pool that information and go to the web, check the democrat party web site, and the RNC website. Then try to make an informed decision. And yes, sometimes when I blog, I exaggerate, as do most other bloggers, I would hope that they don’t take what is said as fact.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Thank you for your thoughtful responses here. I can see you’re a reasonable person and try – as we all SHOULD – to educate ourselves, which is certainly a challenge when there are so many sources of information, many of which are pushing their own agendas.

            However, as I’ve thought about your responses over the past day and considered if and how I wanted to respond, I’ve read other posts in other sections of this website that encourage the assassination of the president, or compare him to Hitler or call anyone that receives a “handout” from the government a “liberturd”. And the problem is that it’s difficult sometimes to figure out who is exaggerating in order to make a point and who really believes the stuff that they write. When you have a group of people in a room all yelling at the top of their lungs in order to be heard, and all yelling ever more outrageous things so that their message stands out over everyone else’s, we all lose perspective and there becomes no reasonable basis for a conversation, which requires people willing to talk reasonably and listen thoughtfully.

            Maybe everyone here shares your desire to get to the truth of an issue and influence “fencesitters” to their point of view, which is a legitimate reason to blog. But it’s hard to tell, without an earnest effort to trade opinions instead of simply shouting insults, who the thinkers are here and who are simply fanboys of FNC.

          5. frankenbiker says:

            Once again, your right. I’ve been told that on many blogs I have very relevant points, but that my name calling distracts from those points and offers a way for others to dispute my blogs in a similar way. I’m working on it, that’s the best I can say right now. I value anyone’s opinion that can show me the error if any that I’ve made, and I will either dispute that claim and show evidence to support my claim, thus having a decent debate. But the problem I’m finding is that no one on the left is actually willing to debate my blogs, instead they resort to the name calling, and its at that point where I debase myself by lowering the content of my response to the same level as theirs. In other words, my anger gets the best of me. lol. But, like I said, I’m working on it. You’ve been someone I can honestly debate. I admit when I’m mistaken and move on. You will also be one that I follow, because of your honest responses. I don’t mind being criticized, as long as its constructive criticism.

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo says:

    Tea Party time to sweep the house clean by getting under the rugs!

  • mudguy1 says:

    The sad thing is that Tea Party members like Michelle Bachman whom the GOP chose not to help her in 2010 voted for Boehner. When will the Conservatives learn the Rino’s are like Democrats “You Can’t Trust Them”

    1. Jimmy the Greek says:

      Michelle Bachman is a nut case ! she should become a democrat !

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