Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Pile On Jeb Bush

by Politico
March 23, 2015

“He’s not a conservative.” That’s Rush Limbaugh talking about Jeb Bush. “The ideal, the perfect ticket, for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush.

Now, they can figure out who’s on top of the ticket on their own, but when you compare their positions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the key, important issues, they are two peas in the same pod.” That, too.

“You know what Jeb Bush is? He’s an old-time liberal Republican.” That’s Mark Levin.

“If I had to bet right now, he’d be the nominee; and if I had to bet right now, he’ll lose.” And that’s Laura Ingraham.

This is what people mean when they say the man who would be the third Bush president has a talk radio problem…

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  • John Mitchell says:

    History lays it all out as to where these people stand. You need to be informed, which wouldn’t be by any of the media. Any person who was a mediocre governor and began running the state down the toilet would be even more mediocre asp president, and “Jebbie” would likely have the same advisors as his dumbass brother. I personally don’t feel there is a single potential candidate who will he his own man and not be beholden to the banks et al. As long as we keep running and stupidly electing 1%ers and that ilk no one up there will ever have even a clue how a working Amer-
    ican feels about anything. And they likely certainly don’t care either.

  • Dee says:

    No more of the Bush family. I have a good friend that is a teacher and she said that common core is nothing but crap. I don’t remember the name of the publisher but it would make the Bush family even richer than they are.

  • Rebel says:

    I WILL NOT VOTE FOR jeb bush !!

  • pompey says:

    A Jeb Bush campaign would find it difficult to convince the American voter that the country needs two Democrat parties.
    I think that the country is “Bushed” so I would not count on a Bush presidency even if he is nominate. Frankly I would much rather have more conservatives in the house and senate than Bush in the White House.

    1. Frank says:

      You are completely right. I have sais and will continue to say, if Bush or Clinton get elected it will only be an Obummer third term111111111111

    2. Terry says:

      We don’t need any more Bushes or Clintons as we can’t survive them! They have sold us out and corrupted our system more than we know! Sorry but this scumbag should never get the Republican Nomination instead elect Dr. Ben Carson a true American who has great ideas and is not bought and paid for!

      1. JOSEPH says:

        Calling Jeb Bush a “scumbag” gets us nowhere. The country is in the gravest danger that it ever has been. If the Republican party doesn’t get its act together and get some great leadership, the clocks will be ticking for end of the Great Experiment at an accelerated pace.

  • ROBERT MUNRO says:

    My preference is TREY GOWDY. Plainspoken, direct and not confusing. The person who prepares to lie to him will find their knees turning to jelly.

    1. Dan S. says:

      I agree with you. When I have seen him interviewing/questioning people on the House committee on Benghazi there has never been a doubt in my mind that he means business and will only stop when he gets the job done and is satisfied with the findings of the committee. I am sure he would make a very good president and would be hard at work setting this country back on the right track after Obama had made every effort to completely destroy us. We all know full well that is his unwavering agenda.

    2. Terry says:

      I am sorry but he is a career politician and the person to elect is Dr. Ben Carson who is a very intelligent black man with the right agenda for this Country!

  • Paul Bastin says:

    Please, not Jeb Bush. Compromiser, liberal minded, “get along with” big Republican. We dont need another caver . We need a Ted Cruz with some guts.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Sorry to tell you this Paul but we need somebody with a working brain not a braindead one like the Canadian Exile,Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz! Stop listening to Cruz BS!

      1. Terry2 says:

        Ralph- you need to do your homework and find out who Ted Cruz really is- He is the only breath of fresh air in the hunt- Trey will not be running- Ted actually has all the accolades that the Left has been trumping about Obama, only he has actually done them. You have not listened to him or you would not be so caustic. Maybe you are a Democrat who goes by what is served to them every morning.

  • podunk1 says:

    Another Bush?? Our unholy global Maoist/RINO/ progressive government tyranny uses many economic indicators and pseudoscience, but has no individual solutions for the sovereign USA that they’re looting. Employment and workforce information does provide historical measures to determine national economic wealth generation as well as national success or failure! Our nation is in a death spiral because that is exactly what progressive “fundamental change” is designed to do!

    The January, 2015 BLS 249,723,000 eligible workforce population would have generated a 166,067,000 workforce at the 1997/2008 pre-Obama 12 year Bush Clinton 66.50066% workforce average. The 1997/2008 average 4.994% unemployment (8,293,000) would establish 157,764,000 fulltime workers generating $10.33 trillion/yr economic productivity @BLS fulltime $24.22/hr wage with 30% tax/fringes! January employment was 148,201,000 people (34.6/hrs/wk) ($9.71 trillion potential) which is 128,194,000 full time jobs generating only $8.40 trillion economic output! January 37,874,000 joblessness costs $1.93 trillion/yr vs. the 1997/2008 with average 5% unemployment! (Numbers rounded)
    This $2 trillion productivity sabotage is but one of three colossal “employment/productivity” scandals that are easily solved by prosecution and pointing the way to prosperity!!! SAVE AMERICA! EMPLOY CITIZENS FIRST AND BEFORE ANY OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING OR CRIMINAL ALIEN WORKER INVASION!! Sabotage is treason!

    1. Terry says:

      We need Dr. Ben Carson a true conservative and someone who realizes that this country needs help! He has the right ideas and is not afraid to attack both parties for their incompetence! He is right for the people of the U.S. and should be the one to represent us and turn this mess around!

      1. Rattlerjake says:

        NO! NO! NO! Carson has already made statements in opposition to our Constitution, and when confronted pulled the typical apology/recant! Carson also only appeared on the scene AFTER Ovomit was elected the second time. His negativity towards Ovomitcare is only because of the affect it will/is having on his profession. Make him the Surgeon General, but we need a real leader in the White House, not another spineless black guy!

  • Debbie says:

    The country is tired of the dynasties of the Bush’s and Clinton’s. Carl Rove and his liberal pact is the one who gave us McCain and Romney! His candidates lose because all the conservatives stay home. We need a true conservative with some guts to state it like it is! Obama has ruined our country, and we need to go in a different direction! Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are liberal candidates that if either are the nominees, will lose!

    1. Terry says:

      Debbie you are right but that is because they are all in bed together! We Dr. Ben Carson who is the best and most intelligent candidate that is out there. I have donated twice to his campaign so far because he stands for us! Look at this man and he is black but Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson called him racist even though he was black! What does that say. Listen to this man and he is right! I am not rich but every time I have a great week I send him money because he is for us!

  • Delta1 says:

    RINO, RINO, RINO. We need a REAL conservative running. You know, one who has principles, one who is loyal to the Constitution and rule of law.

    1. Terry says:

      I agree with you but the Bushes are not that! We need Dr. Ben Carson who is a conservative and his family was on welfare but he still became a Neurosurgeon but actually heads that department at a major hospital! He is totally common sense. He is a very intelligent man and is for the average american citizen and will not compromise on that!

  • James in Texas says:

    Yes, true, and it will be this way! The GOP does not need another “Compromise-in-Chief” in the White House. Our nation stands on the very edge of becoming just another Third-World country. We are so deeply in debt that our Great-Grandchildren will be paying off the debt, if this country still exists! GWB lost his way when the Dem’s gained complete holding of the Congress, and look what that gave us! He was a Conservative, then he became a “Compromise-in-Chief”, and We lost, Big!

    1. Ralph Long says:

      NO More Bush Crime Family and that means you Baby Bush-Jeb Bush ever again! PERIOD!

  • Stephanie Fakier says:

    Really. Is this the best we can do? Another Clinton or another Busch in the White House? Geez. Get over yourselves guys.

  • his pro stance for Common Core, first it is up to the State and local communities to decide the best ed curriculum for their towns. so therefore it is against the law, also a socialist/Marxist way ed our children. after all each has their own pace and style of learning, That is why church run schools turn out highly educated and motivated,including polite students

    1. Terry says:

      I am with you! Let’s go back to our old ways of teaching when our kids were #1 in Math and #1 in science! It was George W. Bush who Destroyed our education system and I am sad to say I voted for him the first time! I didn’t vote for him the next time as I chose not to vote! He sucked but his father was better when the government didn’t interfere with the economy. Bill Clinton got 6 years of it before he interfered and screwed it up!

  • Joe says:

    I simply cannot believe our STUPID, NAIVE
    Republican Party will try everything they can to make him our candidate! I live in Florida. He did an “OK” job as governor, but I have HAD IT WITH BUSHs!!! NO MORE. And HE is the most liberal of the clan! The RINOs will beat the drum for him because he will satisfy their liberal longings, but IF this man is their choice, I WILL VOTE, LIKE I ALWAYS DO, BUT I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!!!!! I hope the Republicans will FINALLY come to understand that their base is CONSERVATIVE…NOT moderate, NOT liberal!!!!!!!

  • Don says:

    As FL Gov. he denied the oil of the Gulf, giving it over to the Chinese. Nobody is mentioning that, with all the other liberal traits he shows.

  • James Maxwell says:

    His stance on to many thing turn Conservatives off, Not just in the Republican
    party either, but among the Independents as well. His stance on Immigration,
    Common Core and other issues leave a sour taste and when you listen to
    him speak you do not hear the values nor fire in the belly that is needed to
    be a leader of the Nation.

    1. RBStanfield says:

      Surely, you do mean The Nation you pinko.

  • The Bob says:

    Bush is not the one we need. But, he may be the one the Republican Leadership gives us. Will Republican Leadership learn what the people want, or do we get another McCain, or a Romney?

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