Conservatives Fight to Stop ‘Obamacare Lite’

The draft repeal of the Affordable Care Act is already so controversial — with Republicans — that it is being held in a “secure location.”

And even Republican senators are barred from seeing it by GOP leadership.

Locked in a room in the U.S. Capitol, where only members of the U.S. House of Representatives can see it — the bill sits, aflame in controversy.

Republicans have said for years they were on the same page on repealing and replacing the behemoth health care law, better known as Obamacare. Now, with complete GOP control of Congress and the White House, a path forward appears jeopardized by intra-party squabbling.

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  • Bob says:

    Govern it, don’t provide it. Obamacare is the camel’s nose under the tent. They have their foot in the door and now they’ve got this idea that government should continue to provide health care coverage. Repeal Obamacare! No replacement necessary. Get government out of healthcare.

  • Whitelight32812 says:

    Healthcare needs to be put back into the private sector. We should be able to buy it across state lines, put a cap on Tort, Mandate that insurance companies cannot discriminate against pre-existing conditions, reel in the cost of drugs and medical devises, it really isn’t that difficult.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Repeal totally. Write a new and simple bill and pass it.

    1. David Stovall says:

      Better yet, don’t write a bill. There is no bill for auto insurance or homeowners insurance. Let the states , insurance companies handle it just like auto. Politicians think ” I am the power and the glory and the center of the world. Forever & ever. Amen”

  • Cadfael says:

    Uncle Sam needs to get out of private business, i.e. railroad (Amtrak), delivery (USPS), flood insurance, medical insurance (Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare), retirement investments (Social Security), broadcasting (CPBS), airport security (TSA), hospitals (VA), farming (farm subsidies). All of these have private competition available; if the government only would get out of these businesses and would let them freely compete the consumer/taxpayer would reap the benefits and lower costs.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • The Redhawk says:


  • David Stovall says:

    Why Obamacare2 ? We don’t have a federal plan for our auto insurance or our homeowners policy. Turn loose. If you want to give people money go ahead and do it honest, transparent. Quit screwing up everything and let the states, Insurance companies, medical experts and patients be free.

    1. Shirleygirl says:

      100% agree. What happened to opening up the insurance options with being able to buy across state lines to help lower costs? There is no need to keep kids that are 26 years old on your health insurance policy. They are adults and should be able to purchase their own. Isn’t that what they call leaving the nest?

      1. Dee says:

        I was wondering the same thing . They should have never said they would keep that ” till you’re 26″ . It was partly with stupidity like that in bummer care why it’s falling apart . Partly .

        1. The Redhawk says:

          yes another Ill conceived plan …but then WHO READ it BEFORE the MORONS VOTED it IN?? just take Poglosi’s BS that she knows ANYTHING!

          1. A natural born American says:

            She even admitted to not reading 99%(?) of the law before MAKING it a law that she rammed down America’s throats AFTER making sure she and her cronies were made EXEMPT.

          2. The Redhawk says:

            Two possibility that the AIR HEAD filled with “strange Voices” has Admiited via this DUMBASS Statement
            1) She cannot READ
            2) What she Reads does not REGISTER in her AIR filled Empty HEAD….. and dshe is one of the “ledaers” of te (D) Anarchy aprty .. Go Figure!!

    2. gvette says:

      I laugh. The first thing Hitler did was, government mandated insurance.
      Remember, it was the DemonRATS that wanted this!

  • David Stewart says:

    Same old, same old; too many palms got greased to ever “reform” health care on a nationwide basis, cannot tax the rich to pay for the poor; eight years under a Communist dictator saw the end of most of the wealthy..

    1. bobnstuff says:

      What country are you living in? The rich have never been richer. The so called recovery was mostly the rich getting richer. You use the word communist. Could you please explain just what action was communist in the last 8 years. Words have meanings and I’m pretty sure you are miss using that one. If you feel a need to rant that’s OK. If you feel life has passed you by you might want to look with in yourself instead of blaming the President. If you are not making enough money the right wing would say it’s because you are lazy and need to work harder. In the last eight years my wealth has doubled thank to the stock market and return of the value of my real estate. I’m sorry if you aren’t doing well but trying to blame it on anyone but yourself is only a lie you tell yourself. The healthcare system needs fixed. We as a country pay to much and get to little. You can’t have a strong country if you don’t have a healthy nation. I don’t care what the Republicans call it or even how they do it I just want the system to work for everyone including you.

      1. Bob says:

        There you go, demanding that someone else pay your way. It is certainly communism to force another to give you his money and armed robbery too, at the point of a gun. We need health care that can be afforded by the masses, not provided to us by the rich. Most Americans want to stand on their own 2 feet and not have to rely on a handout. Basic health care shouldn’t be something that requires government assistance for the average Joe to be able to afford. The costs are inflated because of the government and insurance companies. Get them out of the equation and you’ll see prices fall. The market is being manipulated.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          There you go saying stupid things. That isn’t communism. Words have meanings. If it was communism everyone would have the same healthcare. There would be no rich or poor. Communism means no private property and everyone gets the same as everyone one else. Everything is own in common.

          I agree that people don’t want handouts and that basic healthcare should be affordable to the average Joe. I kind of hope that’s what we get. The cost is inflated because of the profits of the insurance companies and the drug manufactures. Just so you know that’s how capitalism works. You are right about the market being manipulated by the big insurance companies and the elected officials they have bought. If you read my post I demanded a healthcare system that works and that we get the value for our dollar in. I said I don’t care how they do it or what they call it, it just needs to work for everyone. Basically we agree on what we want.

          1. David Stovall says:

            “every one would have the same healthcare” you stated the problem and didn’t know it. Almost Everyone wants everyone to have gold plated healthcare. The very best for the very poorest. Very noble emotions but unattainable, until we get that gadget that the doctor on Star Trek cured people with. The only solution is == you get the treatments you can pay for, and that will never happen , so we have no solution. Medical Inflation forever.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            The funny thing is we almost have the best healthcare for the poorest right now. Medicaid covers more with no copay. It’s about the best insurance plan you can get. This is what I wish we would give to our Vets. I wish my plan was as good, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. The cost to the government to pay for medicaid is in fact less then I used to pay for much less coverage. Medicaid is run through private insurance companies but their profits are limited as are the profits for the providers.
            It costs the government less then $500 per month for insurance that would cost you close to $1000 per month.

          3. David Stovall says:

            Medicaid is good and cheap due to “cost shifting”. The hospitals, etc. charge Aetna $10.00 for an aspirin to make up for the loss on Medicaid, etc. And covering illegal invaders is about to burst the whole thing. Must have the wall , little children have been invading and it is so obvious that we can’t support the entire population of Earth in our borders. We have big hearts but when we destroy our country the way Sweden and Germany are , our own children will suffer. England saw it coming.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            How are you in math? the population of the US is around 322 million with 11 million illegals. so around 3 percent are illegals. These people avoid calling attention to themselves as a rule so they only go to the hospital when they really need it but even if they use services just like everyone else the most they should raise costs is 3%. Now remember a lot of these people work on fake social security numbers, they pay in but can’t get refunds or collect social security. They pay taxes but don’t get the full services. They aren’t the freeloaders you have been lead to believe they are.

            As far as Sweden and Germany go, they are safer and have stronger economies then the US. They have 1 immigrant for every 5 people, we have on immigrant both legal and illegal combined for every 10 people. They have a lower crime rate.

          5. David Stovall says:

            The subject was the influx, the inflow, the invasion. The ballooning not just the millions here illegally and crushing facilities in some locations. And you know that Sweden, etc. have strangled free speech. The people are afraid, and dare not come out at night, but the government denies it and prosecutes anyone that says it,. Brexit was a big surprise , but that is what it is about and the liberal government is trying to defeat the people’s vote and their speech.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t know where you get your facts but you have been mislead. Sweden values there free press and free speech. If you take the time to check you will find that the Swedes are handling their influx better then we are.

          7. David Stovall says:

            Wrong! Free speech and free press no longer exist in Europe. You can be prosecuted for speech that is prohibited. Surely you know that.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            You know that the program that Fox did about Europe was full of misinformation. Trump was mislead and my guess so were you. If you rely on tabloids for your news you will find yourself believing many myths and lies.

          9. Bob says:

            Just because it’s not exactly the textbook definition, doesn’t mean that Obama’s efforts in the last 8 years weren’t communistic. Was the USSR communist? Do you think everyone (government officials included) had the exact same health care there? Obamacare is a government spnsored redistribution of wealth. I think that could be interpreted as an attack against private property =communism.
            I agree with David Stovall… you get the treatments you can pay for.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            The ACA was set up through private companies and in fact was anything but communist, not even close. So you support the idea that the poor should just roll over and die because after all they are poor? The people the ACA helps are not the ones on welfare but the working poor, you know like the ones working at Walmart and Mcdonald’s.

            The SCOTUS said it was a tax. As taxes go not even much of one for the rich who are paying some of the lowest taxes in our countries history. The fact that this tax would be paid by 80% of the people even if there was no law requiring them to makes your case weaker. I bet you have carried health insurance for years before the ACA and will continue to no matter what.

            Contrary to the myth put of by some people it’s not the ACA that’s driving up insurance rates but the cost of healthcare. Drugs that cost $100 three years ago now cost $500. When you go into the hospital they are going to give you a MRI even if it’s just a hangnail. If you think your rates are bad now just wait till the new program is in place.

            If this is a redistribution of wealth it sure isn’t much of one. Giving coverage for preventive healthcare makes sense unless you plan on just leaving the poor to die in the streets. It’s cheaper to send them to the doctor then wait and have them end up in the ER.

          11. Bob says:

            So the price of drugs went from $100 to $500 over the last 3 years….. when did ACA go into effect? (most major provisions were phased in by 2014) The mandate is what makes it communistic and a redistribution. Why should the government make the rich and middle class pay for the health care of the poor?
            Yes, the middle class… their health insurance coverage has gone up so the uninsurable could be covered. ACA doesn’t work unless healthy folks pay premiums. I know it sounds uncompassionate but there are downsides to being poor. What makes this country great is the fact that you can get out of poverty.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            “The poor will always be with us.”
            Do you support raising the minimum wage? Do you believe that a person who works 40 a week should make a living wage? I guess you believe that if a person is poor it’s their fault. No matter how you look at it there will always be hard working people who don’t get paid well and there will always be people who through no fault of their own just can’t do a good paying job. Do you believe we should just let them die?

          13. Bob says:

            Raising the minimum wage hurts the poor. It might not be their fault that they’re poor but I’m pretty sure fault lies in their lineage and I’m positive its not my fault. It’s called personal responsibility…..consequences. My great grandfather was a very wealthy man. My grandfather squandered the wealth. The consequence is that I’m not wealthy, but I am changing that and it’s certainly not preventing me from “doing a good paying job.” People must realize that your actions affect your family and take responsibility.
            We’re all going to die, some wealthy, some not. I don’t think you should force people into providing expensive, life saving healthcare for others. It’s not charitable if you’re forced to give it.

          14. bobnstuff says:

            I have employed thousands of people over the years and not all men are created equal, There are some people who can rise in the work world and some who because of there own limitations will never be more then grunts. They do those jobs that require little skill. They work hard and show up but will never make any real money, God just didn’t give them the gifts needed. Is it their fault they aren’t gifted? Are they important in the jobs they fill, you bet but will they ever be able to make enough money to cover the high cost of health care, no. What should we do about these people? There are women who are staying home to raise children by themselves, Not all men step up and support their families and we don’t seem to feel the need to force them to. These women in many cases don’t know they are with a dead beat until to late. It’s not their fault they need help, what do we do with them. You seem to think hard work is rewarded and that everyone can make it if they try. I wish the world worked that way. The question is do we help the helpless or just leave them to suffer? Our country was founded on the idea of joining together for the common good. Our core beliefs as Americans is to help each other. Some claim that we are a Christian nation. If we are in fact based on the Christian beliefs we need to care for all and give help when needed. It’s call social responsibility. We are in fact our brothers keepers.

          15. Bob says:

            What a distortion of scripture. All men are created equal in God’s eyes. We are actually not our brother’s keepers.
            We can be filled with love for our brethren/neighbors as the commandment so teaches us. Being a keeper beyond that is not our place nor is it possible for a brother to redeem a brother…Psalms teaches that…..ONLY the Son of God could do that……
            A keeper of our brothers like a keeper of sheep? No, our brothers have free will and are responsible for themselves. God gave them that.
            BTW, with all of those employees, why didn’t you pay them all the same. Did you value one over another? If so, then what gives you the right to decide that one should live a better life than the another? What about providing healthcare?

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