Conservatives: Obama’s New Ebola Czar Incompetent Political Hack with No Medical Experience

by Matthew Boyle | Breitbart
October 17, 2014

While President Barack Obama has finally caved to one demand from congressional Republicans on Ebola—appointing a single point person, or Ebola Czar, to handle the response—the person he appointed, conservatives say, is an incompetent political hack.

Obama’s new Ebola Czar is Ron Klain, the former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and to former Vice President Al Gore.

“Leave it to President Obama to put a liberal political activist in charge of the administration’s Ebola response,” Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) said in a statement on Friday. “If reports are true, his so-called Ebola Czar will be someone with no medical background, but who was responsible for administering the failed 2009 Obama stimulus program. Yet again, this president is more concerned with ideology than competence.”

Fleming went on to call for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Tom Frieden to resign.

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  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    The taxpayers will be paying this EBOLA Czar a huge amount of salary and benefits. But the job of this guy is to cover-up the lies of Obama, and to report to another liar Susan Rice. He will not do the job for the American people but for Obama’s dictates in order to hide their lies, and deceptions. He will be the spoke person for Obama’s agenda to the American people. This is a waste of money, because he will be serving the interest ofObama, and the democrat party’s hidden agenda.

  • USMC 64-68 says:

    The principle criterion for working in Dear Leader’s administration is an allegiance to the bankrupt ideology of progressivism (updated Marxism) and hostility to the Constitution.

    If you’re going to steal Americans’ liberty, rights and property in order to establish a Socialist State it takes real commitment. They find that in the democrat party.

  • Art Hock says:

    When one dumbass isn’t enough why not appoint another??? That’s like the fool who does the same thing over and over and expects a different result. Let’s isolate the Ebola patients in the White House and let Obumble and his crew of advisors handle them.

  • anglelou says:

    What do you expect? One incompetent hiring another incompetent. All you other incompetents, low info supporters of the Muslim in the WH who has sytemactically destroyed this nation, who voted for this Moron, you will probably get your just deserts just like the rest of us….thanks to you we have an Illegal who hates America (just look at the record of scandals) making ill-gotten decisions that affect all the citizens of this country.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Gee, when you put it that way, I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. Thanks! It feels good to bring you morons down with me.

  • M.B. says:

    Wait for the epidemic/pandemic to start.
    Marshall Law soon to come.
    Obama becomes the first 3 term + President
    Welcome to the “new” America

    1. I Seigel says:

      Are you too young, or just stupid? Google “President Roosevelt “

      1. M.B. says:

        Both, I guess. Thanks for being an a-hole about it.

        1. I Seigel says:

          You’re welcome. My pleasure

    2. I Seigel says:

      You’re welcome. My pleasure.

  • CTH says:

    The appointee is not unlike obutthead, a political hack with no experience but an agenda to destroy us.

  • American Me says:

    Another bone headed move by the boneheaded fool in charge.What a dumbass we have in our house.We need a medical specialist not a political hack.I believe they are trying to start an Ebola panic for political reasons.Who knows what that might be,but I’m sure they have a twisted plan to cause more trouble.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    Only the most ignorant would think that a position requiring administrative skills automatically calls for an MD. Take for example how many hospital administrators are MD.s. Oops sort of blows your dumb asses right out of the water, doesn’t it?

  • JONDO says:

    Whats new ?The health care, They didn’t want or use any doctors opinions either, They went out into the street and handed out white coats and called them doctor is all they did, and they got away with that to. I dont know who is the dumbest, The government or the people. How do you keep on hiring people when you dont have any money, Even his credit card is maxed out..

  • Dwimby says:

    Obola, what does this most horrid of phonies ooze? How about oozing incompetence, disingenuity, anti-Americanism, bullying (he is bullying the country by threatening it with a massive influx of illiterate peasants who will add nothing but cultural destruction and waste of patrimony to an already broken system, broken mostly now by the idiot in the White House), loutishness, racism, incompetence (2), stupidity (exept in campaign lies, which he is very good at), incompetence (3). I am beginning to think Obola is not only incompetent, but is so by design. How can anyone be wrong all the friggin’ time? With all those slobbering advisors carrying your water? It’s damn near impossible. We have a total fraud in the People’s House. We should be very ashamed as a once proud people that this man was elected twice. He is an anathema to all we have stood for, when we actually stood for something. He is diametrically NOT who we are, who we have been, or who we should be, based on history, and, yes, the mistakes that we have made, as all peoples do….

    1. American Me says:

      Dwimby,It’s all part of the plan to bring down America.I agree with you but I think it is actually worse than we think.We must keep fighting in everyway possible.Never give up.We can get our country back.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I’m just curious what you mean by “we must keep fighting”. What are YOU actually DOING?

  • Kelly Guthridge says:

    One can rest assured now that Obama has put Ron Klain, a former aide to Vice President Biden, to coordinate the government’s efforts on Ebola…

    Soon we can expect to hear the following Public Health Safety Announcement:

    When in Fear of Possible Contact with the Ebola Virus just step outside with your Shotgun and fire off Two Rounds ‘Blasted In To The Air’ To Scare Off The Virus!

  • don says:

    every thing is politcal to obama he has to have a yes man not one that tell him what he does not want to hear

  • barbarakelly says:

    When will they ever learn. We need someone with a medical expert. Not a hack. But as usual they think they know better then us. NO common sense.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Common sense is very UNCOMMON. Around here, it’s non-existent.

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