CONVINCER-IN-CHIEF: Deal-making Trump says tweaks to health bill have conservatives on board

March 17, 2017

President Trump claimed Friday that House conservatives previously opposed to ObamaCare replacement legislation moving through the chamber are now on board after “changes” were made – an assertion that could be put to the test as early as next week.

The president voiced confidence during a meeting with members of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

“We are doing some incredible things … I am 100 percent behind this,” Trump said, before looking around the room and saying: “All of these no’s, or potential no’s, are all yes’es. Every single person sitting in this room is now a yes.”

He added, “We made certain changes.”

Lawmakers at the meeting include Rep. Gary Palmer, a Republican from Alabama, who voted against the plan in a House budget committee vote. One lawmaker said the changes include “work requirements and block grants.”

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  • Bob says:

    Chump continues to spin his BS and nobody’s buying it. The Tax Evader’s Health Care bill means DEATH to senior citizens and poor and middle-class folks as well. The only ones to profit are those are those making $250,000 or more with tremendous tax credits!!!

    1. Bob says:

      Even when a lie is proved to be a lie, you libbies just keep repeating it hoping it will become fact, don’t you? Calling Trump a “tax evader” was just disproved, accidently I’m sure, by the POS “Hero” of the left, Madcow. (Trump paid a higher rate than Obama, Sanders and NBC…so who are the tax cheats?) You comment about how this bill will mean “death to senior citizens and poor and middle-call folks”. allows me to adopt a quote from Obama: “The 1990’s called and they wan their rhetoric back”. Or, how about “Elections have consequences”. You folks are mired in a modification of the “Liberty Valance Effect”: “When the legend become fact, print the legend” (Or, in your case, if the lie is repeated often enough, it might become the “alternate truth”.)

      1. Bob says:

        I suppose you’re talking about the 2 page Return that the Orange Head, Carp face. Scum-Slut, Tax Evader, Pervert, Chump, mailed from the White House last week? Are you foolish enough to think the rest of the pages got lost in the mail? Just a matter of time before the phony Crooked Tax Returns are released and they start building the gallows on the White House lawn. Hope it’s televised on LIVE TV!!!

        1. Bob says:

          Brilliant. The hatchet faced Madcow spends half her show touting her exclusive report of having feloniously obtained and is now leaking Trumps tax returns and it turns out to be a bigger bust that Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault, so you now sat Trump set it up? Do you have that much respect for his abilities, or are you saying that Madcow is that stupid? Had she read the dang thing she would have seen that it is much ado about nothing, so let’s blame the victim of the theft rather than the thief. Just like the “hacked” e-mails, you ignore that they showed collusion to steal and election from their own party, you’d rather ignore the immoral, possible illegal, activity of the Democrats to focus on the hackers. No, you’d rather insult, demean, and LIE to get what you want. Guess what? The AMERICAN people have said enough with your brand of governing and have decided to vote for a change, and you just can’t live with it.

          1. Bob says:

            Wow – you filled up a whole page with your comment and your babbling didn’t say anything. By the way, once the Crooked Tax Returns are released and the info comes out regarding Chump and his Puppet Master, they’ll be building gallows on the White House lawn. Guess Why, skippy!!

          2. Bob says:

            169 words fills a “whole page”? Using twitter, are you? You accuse me of not saying anything and all you can do is re-quote the lies of the Left? It took, what, 6 years to get a copy of a scanned copy of a birth certificate. You want his tax returns, I would like to see the thousands of e-mails. Then we’ll see who faces a gallows.

          3. Bob says:

            Yeah Bob, and I would like to see the 2,000,000 (that’s 2 Million) deleted E – Mails from Bush and Draft-Dodger Cheney as they were leaving office after killing 4,500 Americans in Iraq, looking for WMDs they knew didn’t exist. How many died because of Hillary’s E – Mails. Duh!

          4. Bob says:

            Exactly how many of those e-mails were subpoenaed? Do you know what a “WMD” is? Gas shells, of which there were thousands found, are WMD’s. The intel that Bush based his decision for war on was the SAME intel that Clinton used to justify attacking Iran during his impeachment. Was he lying then? How many died because of Hillary? At least 4 in Libya, not to mentions dozens who died domestically to keep their secrets over the years (from Arkansas to DC)

          5. Bob says:

            Bob – You can’t be as Uneducated as you pretend, can you? Well maybe you can. Even Colin Powell said he was disappointed they never found any WMDs.The intel Bush and Draft-Dodger Cheney used, was made up by them. And use your head – The attack in Libya took place BEFORE any Hillary’ E – Mails. And beside, what were the results of 11 Congressional investigations into Hillary’s involvement? Let me hear you say it, Bobby. What were those results!!!!!

          6. Bob says:

            Since July, the FBI has been looking at Trump and his campaign’s Russian involvement with negative results, yet you folks keep at it. Powell was disappointed they never found nucs, but they found thousands of gas shells. Only a moron does NOT know that a gas shell is a WMD, just like a nuc and a germ. Bush referenced the intel used by Clinton to get out of being impeached (which did not work, he was impeached) in his speeches before the war. How do you KNOW that Hillary’s e-mails had nothing to do with her decision to go back to sleep and allow Americans to be killed in Libya unless you have seen the e-mails? Oh, and before you demean Cheney, remember that Clinton, both of them, are military hating, unless used as a back drop for politics) and Bill more of a draft dodger than Cheney. At least Cheney had a medical reason for deferment.

          7. Bob says:

            Wow, you are as full of crap as a Christmas goose. The one who went to sleep was Orange Head, while the Navy Seal was getting killed. 4 Americans got killed in Benghazi because the Republicons slashed the Embassy Security Budget. Also, 60 Americans got killed in Embassies and Consulates while Bush and draft Dodger Cheney were in office. HRCs E – Mails had nothing to do with it, as confirmed by 11 Republicon Congressional Investigations – do you remember NOW? According to you, skippy, an AK-47, able to kill 50 people at a Nightclub, must be a WMD, right? Don’t waste your time lying to someone who knows the facts! Try it on someone else, skippy!!!

          8. Bob says:

            By the way Bob – Cheney had no medical reasons to hideout from the draft. His exact quote was, “I had other priorities at the time.” Yeah, sure you did, Dick!!!

          9. Bob says:

            You are such an a$$, you know that? According to the US and international agreements, WMD’s are defined as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons meant to cause widespread destruction, like ICBM’s, IRBM’s W-80 gravity bombs, Anthrax, Saran, etc. AK-47’s and NOT included, and only an a$$ would try to bring them into the equation. While the US Ambassador, another civilian and 2 former military personnel were killed, President Trump had NOTHING to do with the US Government nor it’s responsibilities to ensure safety of it’s Embassies and their staff, so his being asleep means nothing, except if you are an a$$ trying to cloud facts. Since the 33,000 “lost” e-mails were never reviewed, you would have to be an a$$ to KNOW that they had nothing to do with the event. More importantly, those that WERE reviewed show that the Embassy WAS begging for additional funding and assistance, and WAS ignored by the Clinton State Dept, that DID have the resources, but was too busy funneling it to Kerry’s Daughter’s organization, or loosing $6M unaccountable funds somewhere. Finally, if I haven’t made it clear by now, you are an a$$. As diverting as this has been, I see no reason to pay attention to your braying anymore.

          10. Bob says:

            So Boob – How many would you have to kill in order to call it a WMD, Boo Boo? I didn’t know there was a magic number, skippy!!

          11. Bob says:

            So, by your “logic” the automobile should be considered a WMD. How many are killed each year in car crashes vs how many are killed by nuclear war? Your “logic” proves my point that you are an a$$.

          12. Bob says:

            Sorry Loser, you don’t have a point to make – You’re too UNEDUCATED. Go play in the traffic, skippy!!

          13. Bob says:

            Sorry dude, say what you wish, but there were no WMDs found in Iraq. Bush and Cheney should have had some planted. Then, when Draft Dodger Cheney went on TV in front of the whole World and said, “we know exactly where those WMDs are,” he would have looked like a hero instead of a SAP. According to your logic, B B guns are WMDs, right, skippy!!

          14. Bob says:

            Okay, one last try to get something into that thick skull and closed mind of yours. From Wikipedia:
            “A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological or weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans or cause great damage to human-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains), or the biosphere.”

            Chemical weapons WERE USED by Iraq against both their enemies (Iran) and their own people (the Kurds). Chemical shells, both filled and empty, WERE found both during Iraqi Freedom and during Desert Storm.. I can attest to the ones in the 90’s because I was there. While you were still learning to not pee in your own pants, I was serving. You, on the other hand, prefer to sit in your mama’s basement and snipe from the anonymity of the net, changing your screen name once you are ID’d as a troll. So, back to your life under the bridge.

          15. Bob says:

            Sure you were there, Bob. Was Cheney and Rumsfeldt and Chump there too. Now, why has Colin Powell consistently said he’s sorry and embarrassed they couldn’t find ANY WEAPONS OF MASSS DESTRUCTION? Is he lying because YOU know something different? Having spent 4 years in the USAF, I have some experience myself. So go preach to some of your UNEDUCATED friends, and when you come back, bring those Crooked Tax Returns with you and quit trying to divert from todays events and problems.

          16. Bob says:

            Negative results on Chump and his sheep, huh? Where have you been the last 3 days? And you sound like a product of Trump University. Did you get your money back, skippy!!!

          17. Bob says:

            Sorry Boob – the question isn’t which Bush/Cheney E – Mails were subpoenaed. Question is – WHY WERE 2,000,000 (two million) E – Mails INTENTIONALLY BURIED! You and I both know the answer, don’t we!!!

  • FRENCHIE1369 says:


  • Eagle Eye says:

    2 years before premiums come down by their own account. Stage 3 will never pass using their own reasoning regarding the 60 votes needed for repeal. If they wanted a simple repeal the Senate would change the rules. Trump is falling for their trap. The political capital he loses will be nearly impossible to regain.

  • Evan says:

    Why doesn’t our government just get completely OUT of our healthcare?
    Government is involved in too much of our daily lives!
    Everything they get involved in turns into a big fat mess!
    Time for this to STOP!

    1. Eagle Eye says:

      Thank you. That’s wisdom!

      1. WhiteFalcon says:

        Ovomit got us into this and now it will be hard to get out. I agree with you. The Government should be out of the way. That means that there should be health insurance sold across state lines and there should be healthcare savings accounts and the whole thing should be open to competition. High risk people are a problem. My solution is to have a category for them that all health insurance companies contribute to for the high risk people. Maybe this one class could be subsidized to some degree by the Government, but I would rather not have them in it at all. Drug companies are really price gouging the public. That should be stopped in some way. Competition is the best way to keep things reasonable.Any collusion that gets around free competition should be dealt with very severely.

        1. Kimberlymmiller says:

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    2. Retired says:

      Because the Elected would lose campaign money from the Insurance industry .

    3. Dee says:

      Totally agree ! We DO NOT want Government in our healthcare ! When it’s involved things get expensive and messy . Please Trump listen to the people who elected you ! Get the government out of it Now !!

  • Tiger says:

    Either or it was imploding and would everyone have been happy if Trump let it? He would have preferred to do that and let us get this straight. Everyone in this country has Health Care. We have always had millions of uninsured, they don’t buy and never will buy insurance. They will use the county and state facilities offered them. They have State and County FREE care in all hamlets and all towns and cities across this country. Look in the front of your phone book under government etc.

    1. Eagle Eye says:

      Yes I prefer they let it die on its own if they can’t simply repeal it like Republicans have promised for 6 years

      1. Tiger says:

        Well the already presented that bill in 2015 and why they didn’t do it, my guess Ryan a RINO Trump hasn’t drained the swamp but he will.

        1. Eagle Eye says:

          The bill in 2015 was clean repeal and passed but of course Obama didn’t sign it. The RINOs knew they were safe voting for it because they knew it wouldn’t be signed and they did not have 2/3 to overturn a veto. It was a scam.

          1. Tiger says:

            They are Soros and One World Order folks.

          2. Retired says:

            You left out the UN who used Obama as the Number one Puppet.

          3. Tiger says:

            For sure.

        2. Retired says:

          I think the big problem is there are non health related Issues in the ACA that no one wants to talk about . Obama and his Demon Rats stuck it to the Tax Payer.

          1. Tiger says:

            We will find out soon enough and Trump owns it since putting his face into it.

          2. Retired says:

            I don’t think we will get the truth as to what is in the Total ACA that there is no bill to totally eliminate it and start from fresh .The new could start Jan.2018 and those on ACA would be covered till then .

          3. Tiger says:

            We all know that anything the RINO do or any politician is owing to their lobbyists.

          4. Retired says:

            Many EX Politicians turn lobbyist at the federal and state level . Our lefties can not see that .

    2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      Many do use those places but some of us are afraid of catching a disease just by entering those facilities. We instead have groups of Dr clinics that have either sliding scale fees or a flat fee for paying at the time of service.

      ‘My plan’ was one of the latter and the fee went from $50 to $85 right before they shoved obamacare through. so I couldn’t ‘keep my plan’ nor ‘my doctor’ BUT they thought it was ok to try to pick my pocket MORE for failing to purchase health insurance.

      Kill the mandate!

      1. Tiger says:

        Well I don’t know about the facilities you speak of but around my parts in Florida they are clean and run by docs and nurses who are licensed. All medical facilities have strict laws regarding their cleanliness. If you catch a disease it will be due to the types of people going there, that is something we all face, insurance or not. I am glad to see you do have a good place to go. When growing-up that is what people did they worked out a way to pay for their care.

        I am so sorry you suffered like that. The Mandate and the tax according to Trump, is gone. As it should be we will see. I certainly hope things get better but remember and I know, I was without insurance for years the Constitution does no promise you healthcare or housing or anything. Hopefully you can come up in the world through some programs for more education etc.

        1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

          If they really want to lower the cost of health care and make it more available to more people they would build new medical schools across the Nation with practicums for senior level students in communities as well as hospitals. Additionally offer time spent servicing the community as partial repayment of educational loans.

          Also they shouldn’t be able to present a ‘nurse practitioner’ as a doctor.

          1. Tiger says:

            I am an RN for 30 years and Army Combat Support nurse what you speak of exists but the problem is seasoned nurses like me got out, when Obama became president. Now they beg me to come back, I might with Trump in office. You see dear nursing is hard really hard, no matter if you are in charge or working the units. There is not enough help, there are too many patients and too much responsibility on one nurse. Even in Specialty fields like I worked it is hard, the hours grueling, no time for even meals or for breaks, a terrible profession with people at the top, I been there who don’t know shit from shinola and don’t care about anything but cutting costs at the expense of the nurses.

            I worked every field imaginable, I reinvented myself over and over there just isn’t any good nursing except in the military. It is corrupt. So the answer is an over hauling from stem to stern and it would take nurses like me to do it.

          2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            Thank you for your service!

            There are far too few of you and those like you to make the change Nationwide. Nurses have much value and are unfairly expected to do far more than they should have to. They have too many patients and the NA’s under them have far to little training.
            Nurses are needed to keep the whole structured hospital care/ward care flowing.

            However, for a diagnosis, I still prefer a doctor or physicians assistant. Then a nurse can help me interpret or schedule the treatment, if necessary. Far too many (in store) clinics employ nurses to do the diagnosis of patients.

          3. Tiger says:

            You are welcome for my service we all volunteer because of people like you.

            Oh by all means no nurse anything needs to be taking the place of a doctor. We hate that.

          4. the whistler says:

            RoseHasThorns, I don’t remember ever seeing you post as much as you did today….you should do more…you are very insightful and articulate . The conversation that you and Tiger had was very interesting and thought provoking!! Great job you two!!!

          5. Retired says:

            Why become a nurse today when Teachers make more money and better benefits with less Hrs. and no holiday work ???? I have 5 Nurses in the Family

          6. Tiger says:

            I had children to raise and it made the money I needed, I won’t work now not with the mess everything in. I have a teaching degree, never used it.

          7. Retired says:

            The problem started in the early 70s for DR. with high cost of malpractice insurance . and the younger generation lost interest in becoming a Dr. .In the 90s Dr.had to sell themselves to a hospital because of the High cost of opening a practice and it has not changed.

          8. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            I have family members that rejected medical school when obamacare was being put together. Huge student loans were not wanted when everyone talked about ‘greedy drs and hospitals’ and pushed insurance without calling it costly,greedy and limiter of healthcare

          9. Retired says:

            I my area many Dr. stopped taking new Patients at the time due to cuts that they would receive for services. Have you looked at Medicare statements and Insurance claims how little they receive in payments.

          10. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

            We need to find a way to protect the elderly while still allowing a Dr. to make a living without forcing it onto those of us that don’t want to carry insurance.

    3. Retired says:

      That is why PP is a big joke and milking machine . There are plenty of other options for people with low incomes including free Emergency Room and free clinics . PP would have to cut jobs without Gov. money is what they do not tell the public . There are many communities without PP.

      1. Tiger says:

        Amen and that is the truth about PP for every PP office there are 15 other facilities that offer more for free. That cam out in the hearings.

        1. Retired says:

          PP should also declare how many times a year they get together in expensive tourist places .

          1. Tiger says:

            All these people are smug. I have a neighbor who was on probation, she is young and her probation officer was pregnant, so she said something nice to her and the woman said I have no worries we don’t have O care. There ya have it. As to all privileges it runs deep and all over every government, county, city and state governing body.

            They are them and we are the peons getting just that peed on. Now as to Trump I am waiting for the day he tells the people of this country, I told congress that the American people want the insurance all of them have. He hasn’t peeped that out not once.

          2. Retired says:

            How do you think the Democrats get elected other than give Gov. employees raises and better insurance. Time to give then the same as the rest of us. Pay for your own insurance and see how fast they all would scream . Put the retirement age the same as SS and no more 30 and out .

          3. Tiger says:

            So true and waiting for the day tells congress the people want the same deal on insurance you people have and the government workers etc. Not a peep from him on that.

            But regardless there will always be millions who won’t buy insurance no mater the cost. They would rather play bingo, slots and buy gold. That is truth cause they know they can always to to the ER and to the state and county facilities.


  • Eagle Eye says:

    Screw the deal making. It’s a bad deal and no tweak can convince a real conservative otherwise. Trump is over his head on this one and will not be reelected if he signs any bill that keep government in our healthcare.

    1. Tiger says:

      He inherited this mess and O care has fallen on his time. This won’t stop his re-election, the good he has done far outweighs the bad and you haven’t been listening. This bill turns healthcare back to the people and gets the government out of it.

      By the way there is a misnomer, everyone has Health Care, just millions and there always will be those don’t have Health Insurance. Big difference.

      1. Eagle Eye says:

        Are you nuts? It does nothing that you say. And FYI he hasn’t accomplished anything yet. That’s as fake news as CNN and the rest of the main stream media.

        1. Tiger says:

          OK I see you are a liberal FAKER and FLUSTERCUCK and CUCKLED.

          1. Eagle Eye says:

            Ok sheep. I stand with Rand Paul and Mark Levin on this one.

          2. Tiger says:

            No you don’t.

          3. Eagle Eye says:

            You are a sheep. Now get to the back of the line like a good sheep. And be sure to drink your RINO koolaid.

          4. Tiger says:

            Appears that it is you that is the sheep and I don’t wear a burka nor do I go anywhere unless it is where I want to go. Levin was anti-Trump the entire election, he was a Cruz man. I admire Levin have his books but because I am not a follower or sheep and have already criticized Trump on a couple of issues certainly don’t drink anything but what I research, have seen Trump keeping promises daily, always getting one up on the media I will see what the final Bill is.

            Now you shuffle off to that la la land and continue to try and bring Trump to his knees while I on the other hand will continue to watch, wait and do my civic duty if in fact, Trump falters.

          5. Eagle Eye says:

            Lol. We probably agree on more than disagree. Be careful blindly following any human. The healthcare bill is a pig regardless of what color lipstick they put on it. Repeal Obamacare and get out of my healthcare that’s all im saying. Trump is only a man and not perfect. I think he is being played here. It’s a hard way to learn a lesson if it cost him his legacy. Obama proved having your name tagged to healthcare can be toxic.

          6. Tiger says:

            Most likely we do but I have never in my life followed anyone blindly. I have already criticized him.

            Trump has done and will do much more good than bad, whereas O did much more bad than good and that is what brought him down.

            Trump won’t own this, Ryan will.

          7. the whistler says:

            Tiger, Eagle Eye appears to be new to this site…you may be many things but on your worst day …you could not be a sheep!!
            I do not ever recall seeing him post before, but that is ultimately irrelevant. It is obvious that he has the intellect, knowledge base, and creative writing skills it takes to articulate his position without the diatribes.
            He is posting on a Conservative site and I personally like to read a post that uses a logical ,. factual..intellectual ..argument …and often times if done correctly …people at the minimum respect your position and at the best change their original position if you point out the flaws in the counter argument.
            I personally agree that it would be best to have a laissez faire approach to the insurance industry ( with a pre-existing condition/catastrophic illness caveat)., However, this would require total repeal of Obamacare. Total repeal of Obamacare ULTIMATELY REQUIRES 60 VOTES IN THE SENATE!!!!. Logically it would make sense to pursue the ” Reconciliation ( 51 vote majority) changes necessary to rid Obamacare of its most pervasive requirements UNTIL a 60 vote scenario is obtained….at that point the vote should be full repeal of what is left of Obamacare , with a free market system taking its place and pools established for those CITIZENS who cannot get regular insurance ( face the facts being that ill is no longer an ‘insurance’ issue… it is a ‘who pays the bills’ issue).
            In closing, the biggest obstacles to the success of this country in the near term AND long term are the “Education” ( Indoctrination ?????) System and the Judicial system….both systems need a complete purge and then a re-boot….No Tenure….No Lifetime Appointments! The 14th Amendment has become a bastardization of its original intent and to which the Left has made it apply to everyone in the world having citizen rights to the USA.

          8. Pete says:

            Well said

          9. Tiger says:

            I feel as you do concerning posters and even though I get into a fiasco now and again, get my dander up I try to present my sources and I continue to read the international news daily. As to the Constitution, our laws on immigration etc. I have learned so much, because I want to know what I am talking about.

            I believe this poster has smarts and will take time to know who is who but I certainly intend to educate him concerning me and if he wants to go further down the road we can do that also. I find him interesting and I don’t mine opposite views as long as they are presented with, as you say all the things you mention.

            As to all you posted the last paragraph is the only way all will be turned back to our Republic along with draining the swamp and it is vaster than any of us thought. When we have the VA other government agencies saying Trump not their president and they are not putting his picture up because he is going to be Impeached, someone has to look deeper into that cesspool to understand why they are so smug, so bold and so sure of the outcome. Problems everywhere.

          10. Pete says:

            Many of the biggest noise makers (don’t know about Eye, too soon to tell) are plants either on, or want to be on the Progressive/socialist “Good Boy” list. Others are idealists that would rather take the high ground and fail to achieve anything at all, when a little give and take would accomplish the goal.

          11. Tiger says:

            Got you it is a melee. A flustercluck.


      2. Pete says:

        This bill is miles away from Trumps desk. First it must clear the full house (??without more tweaks). Go thru the Senate mine field and survive, then go through the reconciliation between the House & Senate. The face of the bill that lands on the Presidents desk may have the same wording as it does today but the inside will be much different than at present.

        1. Tiger says:

          Right on and Trump no fool and has outsmarted every scheme so far.

          1. Eagle Eye says:

            Seriously? And just how has he done that?

          2. Tiger says:

            Easily by proving them liars, schemers and wrong. If you don’t know this then we don’t need to be talking.

          3. Eagle Eye says:

            That is hardly outsmarting anyone. Most of us already knew. When he actually accomplishes something that will make America great again and withstand the test of time I will be the 1st one to toot his horn. How long have you been retired? Although im sure we will never agree on everything it’s good that you participate in discussions.

        2. Eagle Eye says:

          Just watch. The bill will die in the Senate or look very much like it does today. I hope it dies and they just repeal like promised by Republicans for 6 years.

          1. Pete says:

            In the theoretical world out & out repeal would be the best option. On planet Earth we have politicians who seek reelection and will not go there. It’s not going to be repealed without a replacement companion when every House member must face reelection in November 2018.
            I don’t like it any better than you do but it’s the real world we must deal with.

          2. Eagle Eye says:

            It’s only good for demorats during the next election. Mark my words. They have the numbers without anything being done. Republicans will lose enough support over the bill and they will get slaughtered.

          3. Pete says:

            It’s either a bill that is passable in both houses & the White House or let Obamacare implode & get blamed for not avoiding the lives lost when Obamacare implodes. In the real world there is no other alternative.

          4. Eagle Eye says:

            Put a clean repeal bill to the vote. Put them all on record. The voters will reward those that vote repeal. If they pass a bad bill they will be punished. Either way the bill they have now keeps government firmly involved in healthcare. Phase 3 will never pass and the new bill will fail as bad as Obmacare.

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