Cornyn: Trump told me he supports my ‘Fix NICS’ background check bill

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn on Friday said President Trump clarified to him Thursday evening that Mr. Trump supports Mr. Cornyn’s bill aimed at improving the federal instant check system for gun transactions.

“He called me last night sort of to clarify his position, at least from a legislative standpoint, that he supported the … bipartisan background check bill that I’ve introduced,” the Texas Republican told reporters in Austin.

Mr. Cornyn said Mr. Trump is open to other ideas, like measures to improve school safety and dealing with mental health issues.

“I don’t think he’s foreclosing any of those, but I think he realizes that the best way to get a result is to start with a consensus bill like the background check bill that I introduced after Sutherland Springs and then go from there,” he said.

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  • Navy Bob says:

    I work with these systems every day. The NICS, National Instant Criminal Background Check System, is part of the NCIC system. The NICS gets it’s data directly from other NCIC files (criminal history, protective order, etc) with no manual input. The major flaw here is that none of these other files contain information about mental illness, unless it is related to something else like a protective order. Medical Professionals are not allowed to reveal medical histories so these diagnoses are not included in this file. I would believe that the best way to solve this is to have Medical Professionals report people that should not have fire arms to the Brady Organization. They can give the individual a “Brady Indicator” that automatically precludes to sale or transfer of fire arms to this individual. The individual remains on the NICS Denial of Transaction active list for a minimum of 180 days, and is constantly reviewed by the computers to see if the reason for their inclusion has been removed. The system allows for appeal of inclusion of your name if it has been falsely included, and your name will remain on the list for 2 years in an inactive state once removed. This might close the “Mental Illness Loophole”.

  • Maxx says:

    Right now the NCIS / FBI data bases lack information on mental health issues because mental health practitioners don’t want that information used beyond their own practices. The Cruz guy had all sorts of mental issues that were known but when he filled out his background check form he lied about it. These things will never get into the system voluntarily by the medical profession. But they are the first ones trying to call these mass killings a “public health issue”. That is what they use to try to get more gun controls padded.

  • oldgringo says:

    We still haven’t banned swimming pools and they kill more people than guns…as do knives…as do doctors…and the list goes on and on…Why?…Because no one is politically interested in those killings…the reason being they are very difficult to regulate…which most people would not be in favor of anyway.

  • Pete says:

    No one with at least two functioning brain cells is opposed to a strong background check to screen out criminally insane and the likes of MS13 & ISIS. Things like a bump stock or a trigger guard bump devices that simulate a fully automatic weapon serve no practical civilian function &should join that near hundred year old ban on private ownership of fully automatic weapons
    Getting much beyond that is a bit more tricky. Things like banning weapons like the AR15 (because they look scary) and large capacity magazines (for the same reason) are only “Feel Good that we did something” political moves that don’t save any lives. Unless you manipulate the hell out of the statistical data, our much ballyhooed, several year long “assault weapon” ban didn’t show a measurable drop in homicides.

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