Cruz: GOP senators think they have ‘foolish, gullible constituents’

by Peter Sullivan, The Hill
February 15, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) explained fellow Republican senators’ anger over his filibuster of the debt-ceiling vote by saying that they hate being “forced to tell the truth.”

“In the 13 months I’ve been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they’re forced to tell the truth. It makes their heads explode,” Cruz told radio host Mark Levin Thursday.

Cruz tried to filibuster a vote in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling Wednesday, forcing the approval of 60 senators instead of a simple majority. That required Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to take a politically risky vote in favor of the increase.

“Make no mistake about it, this was their desired outcome,” Cruz said. “A lot of the Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama wanted, exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted, exactly what Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling, but they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish, gullible constituents back home they didn’t do it.”

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  • Opietheparrot says:

    Boy did he get that right, just not for the right reason.

  • Ricky says:

    So I suppose iseigel that you want another lying asshole in there with the rest of them lying assholes to keep lying to their constituents so they can keep fooling idiots like you into believing they are doing what’s they were elected to do. You idiot asshole find a hole and crawl in it.

    1. I Seigel says:

      It sounds like you think he made a mistake to run as a Republican and associate himself with all the “lying assholes”. Better that he run as a 3rd-party candidate next time, don’t you think? After all, he willingly associated himself with lying assholes like Dick Cheney, George Bush, ex-Governor Mark Sanford, Jack Abramoff, ex-Sen Larry Craig, Oliver North, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld…. whew! Should I go on?

      Oh wait, I forgot one – John Boehner.

  • I Seigel says:

    I’ll bet that when Ted was in elementary school, all his teachers wrote “doesn’t play well with others” on his report cards.

    Mr. Cruz’s problem, one of them anyway, is that he is a first-term senator, a member of a (once) respected organization that’s been around for over 200 years. The REALITY is that in an organization like this, where you have LOTS of ambitious, motivated and capable people, a person has to make friends, build loyalties and factions and persuade people to support you. And if you can’t do that, then you at least have to have some seniority to become a chairman of something. Mr Cruz hasn’t made an effort to do any of that.

    You don’t go to a job interview and answer the question, “What are your goals here?” by saying that “I want your job, then I’ll fire everyone and do everything my way”.

    The guy needs to persuade his fellow Republicans to see things his way. You don’t do that by insulting them or bullying them.

    After all, HE chose to run as a Republican. Maybe that was another of his mistakes?

    1. Sherry Hetherington says:

      Or maybe he is just voting the way we who elected him want him to vote. Maybe he is just what we wanted in pushing his conservative views, afterall he won against all odds. Just maybe that is because the voters in Texas are sick of politics, and would like to see a change, his change.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I assume by what you’re saying here – “we who elected him” – that you live in Texas and did, indeed, vote for him?

        So, if that’s the case, do you want him to vote the way you elected him to, make a lot of noise, create a lot of commotion and headlines, and not really accomplish anything? Or do you want him to actually get the stuff done you elected him for, which is done by building coalitions and sponsoring well-written bills? After all, he ran as an “outsider”. The system doesn’t work by having an outsider stage a coup. The system is a democracy, which is designed to have a majority rule. Mr Cruz wasn’t elected by a majority of Americans. He was elected by a majority (or plurality, I’m not sure which) of Texans.

      2. francesca9 says:

        I agree with you one hundred per cent! I would love a Ted Cruz in NH, we have democrat Jean Shaheen who votes for whatever Obama wants all the time!

    2. francesca9 says:

      he chose to run as an honest conservative republican…..and stand by his oath of office. something most of them don’t do….represent we the people. I will vote for him anyday!

      1. I Seigel says:

        Because I find Sen Cruz such an interesting guy, I’d like to add one additional piece of information to this discussion.

        You all respect and admire Sen Cruz as an “honest, conservative politician”. I’m fine with that. He’s for smaller government, less government intrusion in our lives. Not wanting government handouts. I’m good with that, too.

        Here is some information about Texas:

        The Army, Navy/Marines, and Air Force have 14 active military bases in Texas. The Coast Guard has 10 installations. There are close to 195,000 active and reserve military living in Texas. And their families. All being supported by Federal “handouts”. Would you please ask Senator Cruz which bases he wants to close and get back to me with his answer? Preferably on a signed document or video?

        There are 700 Federal jobs open RIGHT NOW, which I assume is only a small percentage of the people in Texas who are holding a government job. Would you please ask Senator Cruz which jobs he wants to eliminate?

        Every department of the Federal government has offices in Texas. There’s also the US Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, research organizations, universities, National Seashore and Parks, etc etc etc. Could you please ask Senator Cruz which facilities he wants to close, which universities and companies he wants defunded, or which ones the State of Texas or private enterprise will take over?
        Maybe the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove can relieve some of the burden on US taxpayers who DON’T benefit from any of these government handouts.

        Yes, I, too, am for smaller government. I say, “Let’s Start With Texas”.

        And if Senator Cruz isn’t willing to start cutting in his home state, then I say he’s a complete sham and flip-flopper.

  • USCBIKER says:

    All of you who ask all these questions, need to ask this one. Who the f*** are all the morons that elect people like Grahmanesty, McLame and Bitch Mc Connell?! Sorry, Ted, but they prove the point that we are mostly stupid voters and keep electing the same wimpy losers over and over. Same for Boo Hoo-we can scream and yell all we want. But, until the voters of his district throw his orange a$$ out, he’ll stick around. If he does, and Trey Gowdy (who loves to talk big on FNC) hasn’t the balls to challenge Boo Hoo for SoH, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

  • PatriotGal says:

    Oust McCain, McConnell, Cantor, Hatch, Boehner, etc – all the RINOs!!!

  • Brer_Rabbit says:

    All of these RINO republicans that voted for cloture later voted against the debt increase so that they could make the claim to their voters that they opposed the debt increase. The sad thing is that many of their voters will fall for it.

  • victoriadelacy says:

    The establishment of my party is leaning left, so the Republican Party must be taken back by the conservative base. Senator Cruz is a proven conservative after his 21 hour+ stand on the floor of the Senate speaking out against the socialized health (non) care bill, for which I felt he was nothing less than heroic. I would like to see Ted interviewed by Glenn on the 5pm program followed by this man being nominated by the conservative base to run for the Presidency in 2016. Ted Cruz for President, to the rescuing of America!

  • BH says:

    Harry Reid planned the vote for just before the Presidents Day “vacation” because he knows none of the Senators want to miss their time off, including the GOP. I think it was this that angered them because the would do whatever it took to get out of town, and this filibuster was inconvenient. Hopefully so real conservatives will run against these establishment Senators who think the Senate is a country club.

  • iprazhm says:

    Why won’t we elect a majority in the House with the same ethics and passion for the party platform as Senator Cruz? It’s the RINOs with ‘moderate’ disease who hate the rep platform, that are dismantling the country, not the republican platform.

    1. francesca9 says:

      Yes, I plan to do that with my vote!

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