Cruz: Hard to win with Senate Republicans ‘firing cannons’ at House

AUSTIN, Texas — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said Saturday that Republicans lost the government shutdown budget battle because some members of his own party in Congress turned on their colleagues, but that he doesn’t think they will make the same mistake during another political impasse.

“I am hopeful that in the future the Senate will listen,” Cruz, the tea party favorite and freshman senator from Texas, told a convention in Austin of the Texas Medical Association.

Cruz in late September staged a 21-plus hour quasi-filibuster on the Senate floor, helping spark a budget fight in the Republican-led House that partially shuttered the government in an attempt to sever funding for the White House’s signature health care law.

Then, with the country facing a debt default, leaders in the Democratic-led Senate brokered a deal to end the standoff — which Cruz dismissed as “selling the American people down the river.”

“You don’t win a fight when your own team is firing cannons at the people who are standing up and leading, which are the House Republicans,” he said. “That’s what happened, and that’s what led directly to this lousy deal, is when Senate Republicans declined to unify and declined to support House Republicans.”

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  • truepatriotintx says:

    People of AZ, are you listening? Send McCain to retirement!

  • majorx says:

    Cruz this is what the RINOs have been doing all along. They don’t think its a mistake. If it hadn’t been for the likes of McCain, McConnell, Graham under cutting the Tea Party movement Obama would have lost a lot more legislative battles. Its not the minority vote that’s killing the Republicans its their own base not trusting them anymore because they keep switch hitting. They are the biggest bunch of fools I have ever laid eyes on.

    1. truepatriotintx says:

      They think they know the “political game” better than we do. I got news for them, it’s not a game. There are real people affected by their lousy decisions and laws they pass that they are not even subject to.

  • elton123 says:

    I will still vote R in the next election but will not vote for the OLD GOP rhinos (they need to go). If one will not vote R or refuse to vote, that is one vote for Pelosi and O. Do NOT give total control of our government to O, Pelosi and the D’s!!!

    1. The_Frog_Prince says:

      We need to get all conservatives to the polls both in the primaries and in the general election. RINOs do need to be sent packing so the Republican Party can stand for something besides being Dem-Lites.

    2. Ballistic45 says:

      It’s time for Conservatives to abandon the GOP… It is nothing more than a paedophile praying on those who trust it… It is so infused with RINO’s, both obvious and sleepers that it would take years to clean them out… We have Choice of rising Parties, let us have them join into one in a National joint convention and throw our support to the emerging new conservative party born out of that convention….

  • Driver_S says:

    There are way too many RINOs in the “good ol’ boy” Republican Party. It’s nothing but a sham on the American citizens. They bark loud then curl up in a ball at Obama’s feet wagging their tails for a treat. It’s time we hold our elected officials responsible and demand they uphold their oath of office.

    1. Ballistic45 says:

      Nothing but a “Paper Tiger” giving true Conservatives the illusion of being represented on Capital Hill.. Both Parties are working in concert to protect this Administration and the Agenda they are pushing… How else could Obama and his Ruling Class Lemmings get away with so much… Scandals all over the place with Congressional hearings and NO ONE is held responsible… The only one prosecuted by Congress is a Ball Player who lied to a Congressional committee about drug use and they nailed him with perjury.. Not so for lying Administrative officials, they get an early retirement of promoted…… You do the Math…

  • Jo Swafford says:

    they were firing cannons at the American citizens too

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