Cruz-Rubio feud flares as GOP candidates battle for tough-on-terror mantle

December 16, 2015

The rivalry between Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio flared Tuesday at the final Republican primary debate of the year, as all the leading GOP candidates battled to show their tough-on-terror credentials.

Donald Trump, as in past debates, sparred sharply with his rivals on stage over his controversial proposals, notably his call to ban Muslims from entering the country. But the changing dynamics in the race appeared to drive frequent clashes between the senators from Texas and Florida – who are now battling to be the Trump alternative in the race as Ben Carson slides in the polls.

With the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., refocusing the race squarely on security issues, Cruz from the outset tried to sound a tough message against radical Islam.

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  • ken29 says:

    Trump. The Prince of Bombast and “Snake-oil-salesman” in Chief! Favorite of the uninformed selfish, hating, whining, tyrants.
    His “speeches” sound remarkably like Obama’s
    Obama – “…if there’s just one life we can save…” To which I immediately thought “Even if it causes ten more children to die on the streets? If it causes a 300 hundred more homicides because individuals didn’t have the guns to defend themselves?”
    Trump: something like we can’t allow one Muslim terrorist into the country. To which I immediately thought “Does that include Blond Norwegians, Norwegian by birth who convert to jihadists and have perfectly clean electronic background checks? How about Hindus from Nepal who just happen to look like Muslims, whatever that is?”
    I guarantee that at least one Islamic Terrorist will gain access to the US, no matter what “words on paper” solution is proposed. At the same time, as several of the other candidates, at least mentioned,he will alienate the million-plus loyal citizens adhering to the Muslim faith and many more terrorists will slip through the cracks and/or be radicalized as did the two in San Bernardino. We’d be safer if we risk a few terrorists among the refugees and concentrated on getting loyal citizens (Muslim and otherwise) to help spot and interdict terrorists (whatever their ethnic appearance or religious origin) from performing terrorist act.
    Per H.L. Mencken “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is clear, simple, and wrong”. Trump is remarkably efficient at finding them.

    1. EJ says:

      Statistics prove gun free cities and gun free zones cost lives, armed citizens save lives. Learn Islam and what taqiyya is in Islam. The two involved in the San Bernardino were radicals before they came here. Islam has been banned in this country since 1952 in Immigration Codes, Public Law 414, chapter 2 forbids immigrating anyone that belongs to any group that intends to overthrow our government by violence or any other unconstitutional means. Islam makes no secret of their intent nor does their Qur’an. Have you looked at what is going on in Europe lately? Muslims have one loyalty and that is to Islam. Have you looked into Cruz and his one North American country and globalist agenda? I would trust Trump before I would trust any career politician.

  • rhondareichel says:

    I just took CNN poll on Breitbart and surprise surprise….Rand Paul was 3rd and double what Rubio was…..non intervention is very popular with conservatives and funding terrorists is not….neither is regime change.
    WAKE UP NEOCONS….you are just about extinct

  • 7papa7 says:

    I though this debate was once again very poorly done. The objective of the questioners was more of start an argument rather than allow the audience to learn more about the candidates stances. Hugh Hewitt was the only decent questioner and asked some questions that got to the meat of it. It is a shame he wasn’t the primary person, if he had been we would have gotten some good incite on these folks.

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