Dallas sniper followed black militant groups on Facebook, was sent home from Afghanistan over harassment claim

by FoxNews.com
July 9, 2016

The Army veteran who gunned down five Dallas police officers Thursday evening subscribed to updates from black nationalist groups on social media and had been sent home from Afghanistan following a sexual harassment allegation.

Micah X. Johnson, 25, shot 14 people, including 12 officers, at the end of an anti-police protest in downtown Dallas. He was killed early Friday after authorities sent a bomb-wielding police robot to infiltrate the parking garage where Johnson was holed up.

Beginning in 2009, Johnson served in the Army Reserve as a private first class with a specialty in carpentry and masonry, the military said.

In May 2014, six months into his Afghanistan tour, he was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier. The Army sent him stateside, recommending an “other than honorable discharge,” said Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer who represented him.

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  • kalpal says:

    That is fascinating. You believe that the police were aware of his exact location and stood idly by as he kept shooting after he killed the second officer? Truly amazing ignorance.


    If oBOZO had a son he would be just like this black muslim terrorist. He joins the military and then couldn’t keep it in his pants, he is sent home to get a other than honorable discharge which suddenly gets changed to an Honorable Discharge which never should have happened. He hits the racist black hate groups because he feels he has been wronged and then gets a weapon and kills five policemen and wounds several more and we all should feel sorry for the black muslim SOB. oBOZO produced this terrorist as he did others by selecting RACIST Attorney Generals like his bed buddy Eric Holder that doesn’t even try to hide the fact he’s a racist by telling the world that black thugs like this SOB can’t commit HATE CRIMES. This SOB is replaced by another Racist black Lorretta Lynch and now until November we will have staged attacks like what happened in Furguson, Missouri where oBLOWME had his private brown boot army in military clothing setting white businesses and vehicles on fire and they got caught on film doing it. oBOZO will create riots and attacks on police so he can declare MARTIAL LAW anytime he wants too just to stay in power and if Trump wins in November he either declares martial law or he and the Clinton’s go to prison!!!!!

  • Don Ror says:

    This murder of the Dallas Police officers is just one more step in Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to take over America because Americans will get sick of his crap and take action which, in turn, will give him a reason to put Martial Law into effect and have the Army take over! His filthy Attorney General even encouraged the Black Live Matter criminals not to be discouraged by the negative reaction to the murder of the 5 white police officers

  • Glenn HENDRIKSEN says:

    RECOMMENDATION: ISIS do America a favor and go after george SOROS ! “SOONER than later”

  • Cookie Vranish says:

    Here we go again. The Mulatto president and his media will spin this into a good assassin and bad cop story! Obama is incredible! I have no idea why he wants blacks to hate whites and vis versa!

  • Eagle2758 says:

    Sheriff Clarke: Civil Rights Struggle No Longer Exists; White People Need to “Push-Back”


  • Eagle2758 says:

    BTW, he used an SKS, NOT an AR! F++k the media!

  • Eagle2758 says:

    This ahole was sent back from Afghanistan after 6 months of duty because of Sezual Harassment, and the Army recommended an other than honorable discharge. He was ties to BLM and other hate groups. Obama gets on TV and condemns it, but yet instigates this Sheeeeeiiiiittt. If they really want a war, we can give it to them. Personally, I’ve never had any slaves, but I am a disabled vet and have a job. These BLM pricks should really think about getting one too. The black community needs to heal their communities and make the daddy’s work and take care of their kids, teach them to respect others, stop trying to take on the Po-lice, cuz they will shoot your dumbass. We have law and order for a frikkin reason.

  • Marion Hall says:

    <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq709p:….,…

  • Eagle2758 says:

    Isn’t it ironic some of the Fast and Furious weapons have been used in Paris attacks,eh.

  • ralph says:

    This is being censored by communist government face book google and cedntruylink

  • Snoopy says:

    He does NOT rate being called a “VET”!!
    A “Veteran” is someone who faithfully served in the U.S. Military! NOT someone who got drummed out for WHATEVER reason!!!

  • J.B. Young says:

    Did he get an “other than honorable discharge” or an honorable as the media claimed?

  • plum82 says:

    I seen the light ~~~~~~~~~~~~AND it has wised me up………..

  • Wambli525 says:

    Another fine upstanding member of the black “racist sub-culture” community makes headlines. Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Lynch and the rest of the democrat race-mongers have more blood on their hands.

    1. James Ratliff says:

      I wonder how many thousands of blacks have been killed in the last 200 years. I hope to see some of the wipe you slimy lying ass out!

      1. Wambli525 says:

        Remarkable command of the English language James. And, it appears your working you way up the sub-culture ladder.

  • billdeserthills says:

    It’s just too bad he was unable to complete his last ‘special’ project, because judging from all the dead & wounded cops, I’m sure it woulda been a masterpiece

  • justinwachin says:

    The best thing about this sniper is that he is dead. I’m glad we aren’t going have to pay to keep this sorry piece of human debris alive in prison for several decades.

  • pollyjoe says:

    Someone tell me what his agenda is…..He isn’t even an American citizen is he?

    1. KT says:

      There is these Rich Elites here in America & across the world called the Builderburge’s…..they meet in different parts of the Countries, as a matter of fact Hillary was seen coming out of one of these meetings in Canada when she was running against Obama! However, rumor has it that Mr. Soro ‘s had a hand in the holocost with Hitler.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The gun he used is innocent.

    The racist blacks are the problem.

    Black Lies, to the contrary, Do Not Matter!

  • Denise says:

    It is my understanding that one of these black militant groups was the Black Muslims, Nation of Islam’s Lewis Farrakkahan.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      BINGO, Farrakhan has been pushing the BLM thugs lately with his twisted lies!

      1. Denise says:

        Very little coverage of this or any other militant associations of this guy. The government and the media are trying to keep this type of information to a minimum. More protection for America’s enemies!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    I hope so, love to see this man hurt anyway possible like the Clinton’s!!

  • Barrustio says:

    Now that this idiot took down a Hispanic cop in his hate for Whites, look for a greater division between Hispanics and Blacks. I predict chaos, which is exactly what Obama was hoping for.

    1. James Ratliff says:

      There is no fool like and old fool. man you are one old fool!

      1. Barrustio says:

        The fools are the ones who voted for the Racist-In-Chief…twice.

        1. James Ratliff says:

          You are fit to shine his shoes!

          1. Barrustio says:

            Shoes??? I thought Muslims wore sandals.

  • downdraft says:

    A QUICK QUESTION to all, or anyone here…

    Obama’s behavior is obviously subject to grave concern of ALL Americans..

    Q: Why do you suppose he is like this…what are his motives?

    (I realize there will be some rather scathing comments to this question…that’s alright, but I would like some in-depth responses as well…THANKS)

    1. Karll says:

      0bama has obviously been groomed for years by devious and
      powerful leftists. Minions like barry have infiltrated, and in many cases
      saturated, our govt, media and academia.
      The low IQ members of our population have bought their baloney for
      decades now, and the dismal situation is accelerating.
      Two of their primary goals is to disarm the US populace and to foment
      as much unrest as possible in order to break down our Constitutional Republic.

      1. downdraft says:

        Thanks KARLL…I deeply believe that observation as well…excrements, such as Obama, don’t grow over night…they are selected and groomed, as you say, to fit the plan they have worked on and implemented…

        Obama is the perfect goon to carry out their directives, according to plan!

        I’ve also noted that when attacks like mass shootings happen, Obama is very, very slow to respond to us with how he will confront the enemy…its mostly BS and a sign of incompetence…in other words:

        He is awaiting instructions from his directors, bosses etc. as to what to do next…and until he gets an answer or directive he BS’s…or simply does nothing.

        I’ll go a step further when I mention the “plan”, I mean the attack itself is part of that plan…that these killings are not spontaneous as we might think, but a definite part of the plan to bring us to our knees…

        Paranoia? Hell no! It is a very simple matter for crooks to find and reward very sick psychopaths to carry acts of mayhem! Dangerous people as such are walking the streets just looking for an opportunity to kill> So think realistically…get you heads out of the sand, America!

        And these killings are escalating at a faster pace now…Obama has been told that complete confiscation of our citizens’ weapons would only begin and trigger chaos, riots, and complete civil disobedience…and be impossible for him to overcome…

        However, if these killings escalate the chances of Americans finally becoming fearful enough that they would yield to government initiated gun controls…

        Note that Obama has said openly he has no other answers but gun control!

        When that happens…we are done for…AMERICA, WAKE UP!…please

        1. Karll says:

          Absolutely agreed. Well stated.

  • metheoldsarge says:

    A disgruntled veteran. Beside killing police officers he added fuel to the fire that veterans are potential terrorists. To the liberal gun grabbers point of view, he now represents all veterans and all gun owners.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Want to bet that the female soldier he harrassed was white? The rejection added to his anger at whites.
    Also I have heard enough to believe that there was more than ONE shooter. Likely two and maybe three. The claim that there was just one is to prevent public outcry and a major rift between whites, who would then not trust ANY black . The description was of CROSS FIRE. Designed to prevent the victim from having any place to hide.
    This is not over. And I assure you that Obama and the DOJ and FBI were the first to demand that only one shooter be acknowledged.
    Folks. We don’t want war. I admit that the man who was killed after telling the officer that he was carrying was murdered. The cops were so scared that they did not stop to think that a man who told them he was carrying was not going to be a threat.
    It was just wrong. But we are a nation of individuals. And these “blacklivesmatter” criminals have GENERALIZED and declared that all “whites” or all “Christians” are guilty.
    THEY have started the war. And there is nothing left not but defend yourself.
    For sure, until someone permanently stops the people of all COLOR from hating without cause, the violence will continue.

    Examples. Northern Ireland. Tutsis and Tutus, Serbia with “Christians, muslims, and Catholics, tribes in San Salvador, and the blacks in South Africa.
    In each instance, the violence is NOT about an real crime, but about hatred for a “generalization” that is a difference between people. And the BASE of all of it is about power and control. (SIN)

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    This shows a good reason why gun control is the tip of the spear for avoiding mass murder–American liberty that prevents ‘following’ and identifying a potential malcontent veteran who is released from service into the general population not trained to kill an ‘enemy’. This guy had the added negativity behind him of a less-than-stellar discharge and a sexual harassment charge in the military that could get him arrested in civilian life. Here is another topic for congressional hearings to minimize PTSD-type misfits from going unnoticed in civilian life–till the bug bites, he gets a weapon, and crosses the line to mayhem.
    Time for Democratic control of congress again at least to get hearings on these urgent loopholes in current law and transition of military personnel to civilian life. There are many instances on these blogs of former military showing both ignorance of ordinary civilian life/interactions and failure to fit in with non-military thought processes and procedures of civilian living.

  • Diane Brenner says:

    I firmly believe in the right of peaceful protests, but BLM members have to realize that ALL lives matter. Once again, they are separating themselves from the main core of society. They do not consider themselves Americans first, but Africans first. This only exacerbates the tension between the races. If they would teach their sons to respect the law, there wouldn’t be so many white/black killings. By their aggressive belligerence they have created the hate between the races which turns law enforcement against them. I don’t condone shooting of innocent blacks by any means, but a great many of these shootings could be avoided if the blacks dropped their attitudes.
    It’s the same reason blacks are so undereducated today. This belligerent attitude is carried into the classrooms by kids who have been instilled with this belligerence against authority from the cradle on up.

    1. plum82 says:

      Tey aren’t around to teach their children anything AND isn’t that the problem ?

      1. Diane Brenner says:

        Yes, it is a big part of the problem. Most blacks create their own problems then scream foul when others react to them. It’s called taking responsibility for one’s own actions and accepting whatever results from those actions…good or bad.

        1. plum82 says:

          Not all but probably a majority will never take responsibility for their actions..it’s easier to blame “whitey”…..of course if it wasn’t for “whitey”, they would still be running thru the jungle butt naked with their spears hunting supper…………

  • srw says:

    You have got to get this straight. It was not because this guy hated white people. Big on The Black THug movement. It was because nobody listen to him. It was the guns.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Seems that stupid minds think alike, Obama felt like he did too! 🙂

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Louis Farrakhan has been giving hate speeches regularly and had just given one about 4 Hrs before this BS happened! And yes, BLM is nothing but a terrorist group, why would they be marching and killing when nothing even happened in Texas to start with! Just gives the black man a reason to start trouble and to give Opey something to smile about on gun control!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    face it oboma could care less about this , it fits right into his agenda , when you people stop accepting his phony sympathy speeches and tell to go f**k himself , we might get some where, just like isis , he has created this racist inviorment

    1. plum82 says:

      I bet his LOVES this……the POS dirt bag, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. may12553 says:

        He definitely loves it…….this kind of environment is Exactly what he wanted. Yup…..POS

        1. I Seigel says:

          You’re talking about Trump, right? If not, who else?

          1. Barrustio says:

            Trump wasn’t even on the scene when Obama started this shite 7 years ago. I usually don’t wish ill will on anyone except America haters…in this case…..

          2. I Seigel says:

            “America haters” – you mean like Trump, right?
            And what do you mean that Trump wasn’t even on the scene? Who do you think started the birther shite? When was that?

          3. Dell says:

            Don’t blame this damn shit on Trump!! He had nothing to do with it. If you were honest you know who is behind all of this crap.

          4. ivca56 says:

            honesty obviously has nothing to do with being a leftist idiot…Obama is not American, Hillary is, and yet both are hell bent on destruction of the USA. And they have the minions–example of one above–to ensure they win.

          5. James Ratliff says:

            No republican has the morals or the intelligence to make sound rational decisions. They should never be allowed to hold a position where they make decisions that affect others. They are just not capable human beings.
            If all of them are as stupid as you we are truly f cked as a country!

          6. Donnie Buchanan says:

            You really are dumber than a box of rocks aren’t you??

          7. James Ratliff says:

            Ok Donnie if i am so f cking dumb.
            When did Obama put you in a FEMA reeducation camp? How many of your guns did Obama take?
            How many men has Obama forced you to Marry?
            Did you get picked up or killed during Jade Helm?
            So you are saying that John McCain, and Ted Cruz are not Americans? You freaking idiot his mother was an American. That is all that is required. Damn you idiots have allowed yourselves to become this stupid. Thinking people think. Not parrot!

          8. Kyle says:

            You need to read the definition of naturalized, according to the Constitution and Articles thereof. You are the one proving to everyone that you epitomize stupid.

          9. James Ratliff says:

            The definition of idiot leads to you!

          10. Kyle says:

            You sound like a four year old kid.

          11. James Ratliff says:

            Just stating facts.

          12. Kyle says:

            You wouldn’t know facts if they slapped you in the face.

          13. James Ratliff says:

            Still waiting for your answer Donnie?

          14. James Ratliff says:

            Coming from you that even sounds more stupid!

          15. ivca56 says:

            Can you show how Trump hates America? I would really like to know.
            Has he sold our national security secrets to our enemies like Hillary? Has he stolen, murdered and lied, like her?
            Don’t you recognize what is being done to America by these narcissistic power grabbers?

          16. James Ratliff says:

            He is a republican. They have always hated America. Look at what republicans have done to this country. Then maybe you will understand why you have been voting in such filthy excuses for human beings as you have in the GOP.
            Since 1980 America has dropped since we swung back to trickle down Robber Baron from a NEW DEAL Demand economy and to less Progressive taxes and the rise of religious fundamentalism such a success in the Islam world:

            #1 in Wages to 15th

            #1 In % with college degrees to 13th.

            #1 Creditor nation to largest debtor nation (just under Reagan).

            #1 in education to 25t ][p0987
            #1 in infrastructure to 25th( we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure now ….2.5%, …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us.

            #1 in health care, , now 37th.twice the cost

            #1 in MFG, .now we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30 million job outsourced.300K factories closed, 60,000 under Bush.

            #1 In High tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we export.

            Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and yet we pay twice as much.

            Most of what we export is raw materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or food…

            We have not produced a commercial ship in more than 30 years; the cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more than double ours.

            We are first in Murders/percent of population in prison. 91st in income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy.

            Republican Economic logic at work:

            Medicare actual healthcare costs are half of what private insurance charges seniors for just the insurance. Repubs solution is to transfer seniors to private insurance, the more expensive system in place.

            Defense is an extremely low economic multiplier, producing no self- funding capital assets such as a plant (investment returns positive cash flow) or infrastructure, research or education.

            Infrastructure and commercial MFG have a multiplier of almost 5, while defense is just 1.1. before you consider the 300 billion per year that flows out of the country and stimulates others economies.. 900 foreign bases. Defense is not an investment, it’s an insurance policy.

            If HUGE defense spending results in a great economy, then the Soviet Union is doing fine and given the recent tripling of defense spending our economy should be doing gang busters…. It’s not.

            The repub solution is to increase defense spending while cutting infrastructure. We spend 1/3 the normal rate on infrastructure, ours now rated 25th, but 15 times more on defense.

            In other nwords, Repubs want to spend more on what provides the lowest economic returns.

            Under Ike we spent 11% of GDP on infrastructure that we still benefit from, now just 2-3%.

            And while most spending should increase as population increases, the same is not true for defense. It takes no more to defend 300 million people than it does 200 million people.

            The Republican motto: afflict the afflicted; comfort the comfortable.

          17. Jim Matis says:

            We have negroes. AND Mexicans. Plus Moslems and Hindus.

          18. James Ratliff says:

            So? Is that some kind of snark? I very much hope that was sarcasm.

          19. Kyle says:

            Or what?

          20. James Ratliff says:

            Or you are more stupid than I thought you were!

          21. Kyle says:

            You are a 4 year old. Listen to yourself. All you are able to do is downgrade people. That shows me a lot about the progressive movement in this country.

          22. Donnie Buchanan says:

            What have Republicans done for America?? Do you mean besides stopping slavery, ending Jim Crow laws, opposing the KKK, backing Martin Luther King (who was Republican), and much more ??

          23. James Ratliff says:

            You really are a trailer trash POS. You know nothing about history. Just wow. But you are not alone. There are many POS people like you that are too stupid or too god damn lazy to learn history. We end up being the people that have to fix all your f ck ups because you are too stupid to know what you are doing is wrong. Ecen recent history proves it. from race to economy republicans don’t know s it and should never be allowed to hold a position where they make decisions that affect others. You are just not capable of seeing past your nose.
            You embarrass not only me but the entire country when you say such patently untrue and outright dishonest things as though they were fact!
            Shame on you, shame on you!

          24. Donnie Buchanan says:

            You CAN’T PROVE ME WRONG BECAUSE I’m RIGHT AS HISTORY PROVES. This is why you resort to name calling.

          25. James Ratliff says:

            God damn Donnie. history has proved everything you have said is wrong. Just because you are a filthy POS liar does not change history. Not even the Texas book depository can rewrite things to make it fit your warped sense of ignorance!

          26. Donnie Buchanan says:

            Still no proof to the contrary. Try Google instead of name calling. BTW, your foul language is a misdemeanor crime.

          27. James Ratliff says:

            Donnie you stupid POS imbecile.
            I gave you plenty of proof above. I guess I need to get someone to read it too you.
            I’ve found that the people that come to this site like you are, shall we say the stupid MFERS to ever inhabit any part of this planet.
            An Amoeba is smarter than any 20 of you RWNJ’s combined!

          28. James Ratliff says:

            The GOP has not existed since the 1960’s When all the southern democrats became republicans and then Nixon and Reagan put the southern strategy in place.
            Your kind have used code words to hid your racist asses the same as you used whit sheets.
            You are nothing but an ignorant bigoted asshole that does not have the morals or the intelligence to make sound rational decisions. As stupid as you are I am surprised you have not walked out in the street in front of a bus, of been killed trying to f ck someone dog or something as equally stupid!

          29. I Seigel says:

            Trump has stolen and he’s lied. I find no evidence that he’s murdered anyone. Nor can I find that Hillary has.

            Trump hates a good portion of the American populace. Maybe he doesn’t hate the land,mother actual real estate of the country, but he hates a lot of the people who live here. And he’s got plenty of haters who support him.

          30. pollyjoe says:

            Oh Segal go answer the door someone is ringing your bell

          31. Donnie Buchanan says:

            After Obama was adopted and became a citizen of Indonesia, show me where he EVER reclaimed American citizenship or legally changed his name from Barry Sotoero. It isn’t “birther Shiite”, it is fact. NOW prove me wrong.

          32. I Seigel says:

            Prove you wrong?!?!? That’s like me claiming that a city of extraterrestrials exists on the far side of the moon, and now prove that I’m wrong!

            You have absolutely no substantiated evidence that what you claim is true, so why should I bother to prove or disprove that you’re lying? There is plenty of evidence to support just the opposite of what you claim, however.

          33. Donnie Buchanan says:

            Obama’s book tells this .. and you say there’s no proof??

          34. I Seigel says:

            I am very surprised that you took the time to read his book! Did you buy it, or check it out of your local library?

          35. Donnie Buchanan says:

            What can I say, I’m a compulsive reader.

          36. James Ratliff says:

            His mother was an American. If Obama was not an American neither is Ted Cruz or John McCain.
            I’ve seen the god damn birth certificate. How can you idiots go on with such stupid shit.

          37. Cookie Vranish says:

            My goodness Mr. You are one low IQ dope! Trump is the only person that can possibly unravel all the damage Obama has done. Do you have any idea what $20 trillion in debt means? Who is going to bail us out?

          38. I Seigel says:

            Well Ms Hi IQ, other than Tea Partiers, who has been losing sleep over our national debt for the past few years? The credit rating agencies? Wall Street? The banking industry? The IMF, the World Bank or foreign investors? We’ve been hearing for 7 years now how America is going to come crashing down any day now due to the debt. When? It’ll start to happen when Trump is elected.

          39. Barrustio says:

            Obama started the birther shite by bowing to all other nations and apologizing for America’s “misdeeds”. It’s not Trump’s fault that Obama’s nationality is in question as is his religion. Obama himself said “When the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims”. Well guess what?…the political winds are ugly.

          40. I Seigel says:

            Bowing? When, where? Apologizing? To who? Obama’s nationality was never in question until Trump raised it. Go back and look.

          41. Barrustio says:

            Google is a powerful tool…just type in Obama bows to Saudi King or Obama apologizes to the world for America or WHO started Obama’s birther issue…you will find that Trump had nothing to do with any of these issues.

          42. I Seigel says:

            I didn’t say Trump had anything to do with those “issues”. I, and you, we’re talking about Birchers and birth certificates. The other “issues” are inventions of the RWM.

          43. Barrustio says:

            Trump didn’t start the birther issue either…he just expanded on it since people seem to listen to him quite a bit. The other issues are are not “inventions” but facts.

          44. James Ratliff says:

            Wrong about everything. You really should just STFU.
            You are too stupid to be in a conversation.

          45. Barrustio says:

            You wouldn’t know how to start one.

          46. James Ratliff says:

            Is this Obama? Or this? or this?
            You tell me who kisses Saudi ass?
            Do you feel more stupid now?

          47. Barrustio says:

            This is Bush TALKING to the Saudi king…why didn’t you have the balls to post the one about Obama BOWING to him…oh that’s right…liberals are neutered.

          48. James Ratliff says:

            This is bush kissing saudi ass. But you probably like kissing ass. That why you are republican.

          49. Barrustio says:

            Ass kissing is a liberal thing…just ask Bathhouse Barry that’s why he lead the fight for gay marriage he wanted everybody to join in.

          50. James Ratliff says:

            This is my last reply to you. The truth is in the picture in front of you.
            I bet you would lick his ass if he wanted you too.
            You are that stupid. And about as ugly as anyone I have ever seen!
            You look like a sphincter .

          51. Barrustio says:

            I think you would be quicker to do it since that’s the liberal thing to do. Now tell the truth…you’re into that kind of thing aren’t you?

          52. James Ratliff says:

            You are as stupid as any one I have ever seen.
            A real racist POS Koch sucker!

          53. Barrustio says:

            Yeh Bush was so racist that he got a strong independent Black woman for one of his lead positions…but I’m sure you would call her an “Aunt Jemima”…but you’re not racist eh?

          54. James Ratliff says:

            Where do you live?
            I’ll send some people over to keep you from playing in your own shit.

          55. Barrustio says:

            Why don’t you come yourself, if you have the balls.

          56. I Seigel says:

            You’re right! This Google thing is a really cool invention. You can use it to find photos of Nixon bowing to the Chinese leader, Bush I bowing to the Saudi leader, Bush 2 kissing the ring of the Saudi leader, and many presidents and US senators and Congressmen kissing the ring of the Pope. But I couldn’t find anything about Obama apologizing to the Japanese about Hiroshima, or him apologizing to Mideast rulers or to Putin or Kim or Assad or Mubarak or anyone else. Hmmm, that’s strange. Maybe Google is broken?

          57. Barrustio says:

            It has been said that it does have a left lean to it.

          58. I Seigel says:

            Yes, I’m sure “it has been said”. Anytime information doesn’t agree with the right-wing worldview, the explanation is always that there’s a conspiracy to conceal or lie or misdirect. Glenn Beck and Art Bell love you folks. As does Trump.

          59. Barrustio says:

            It was also said that the IRS targeted conservative groups but the liberals all know that is just that silly conspiracy BS don’t they?

          60. I Seigel says:

            Ok, pick any news story and there will be a conspiracy attached to it.
            But in the case you’ve just raised, I believe the IRS has said that they were concentrating on ALL “social action” tax-free groups ( I forget the number designation), because there seemed to be a lot of them and there seemed to be some abuse of that tax designation. My understanding is that more conservative groups were accused of abusing the system than liberal ones. But there was no “targeting “.

          61. Barrustio says:

            YOU would probably believe Lois Lerner. No targeting my ass. You probably believe Hillary has done no wrong. Your “understanding” lacks understanding.

          62. I Seigel says:

            Ok, so we agree to disagree. I’m fine with that.

          63. Barrustio says:

            heheh…me too

          64. James Ratliff says:

            Like this? or this/ Or this?

          65. Barrustio says:

            Heheh…lousy photoshop…Obama on the other hand has fudge on his mouth from kissing the Saudi King’s behind

          66. James Ratliff says:

            Or like this?

          67. Barrustio says:

            You’re getting better but still too racist to put the Obama ones out there

          68. James Ratliff says:

            F ck you, you stupid filthy lying POS idiot!
            My god you are an amazing racist!

          69. Barrustio says:

            There’s nothing racist about telling the truth. You talk in public the same way Obama does in private.

          70. James Ratliff says:

            It would be nice if you tried speaking a little truth.
            All I have seen from you is racist lying bull shit.
            You are a very sick old stupid fuking douche bag.
            A reprobate. A man without honor. A filthy lying POS.
            Hows that!

          71. Barrustio says:

            All I have heard from you is the liberal equivalent of conversation. You wouldn’t know truth if you heard it. Obama is having a blast in Poland while police are getting killed en mass and he won’t even address America on this until Wednesday…what you think of that kind of leadership…always a day late if at all for law enforcement but there immediately for the thugs.

          72. James Ratliff says:

            You know you are going to hell for being such a stupid liar!

          73. Barrustio says:

            Yeh well get back to me Wednesday AFTER Obama addresses the country regarding the cop killings which his rhetoric against law enforcement incited and watch him be inconsiderate as always to the survivors of these cops and use the opportunity politicize the situation by singing his old gun control BS. Then call me a liar.

          74. James Ratliff says:

            You are one of the filthy haters that started this s it. How have you managed to get that old and be that stupid?

          75. Barrustio says:

            You rfeally should get some help

          76. Barrustio says:

            Face it …Obama hates America and should leave it before his spawn beget more haters like yourself

          77. James Ratliff says:

            Face it, you are a f cking idiot. You could do the world a favor by blowing you stupid ass head off!
            Please just f ck off and die!
            You are not needed in this country!

          78. Barrustio says:

            If I were to die it would reduce your welfare benefits…bruto.

          79. James Ratliff says:

            I doubt you have ever made enough money to pay income taxes. I bet you don’t even know what part of peoples taxes go to what.

          80. Barrustio says:

            Looks like I have been paying for your SNAP and welfare for a long time.

          81. James Ratliff says:

            Bawhahahahahahaha. You right wing nut jobs really are the most stupid creatures to ever breathe!
            I doubt you have ever paid income taxes. Admit it you have never made more than 25k in a year. Probably never that much! LOl.

          82. Barrustio says:

            That’s a general problem with all liberals, all the can do is ASSume…and suck.

          83. Kyle says:

            Evidently you weren’t smart enough to read the post that may was answering. But then again, what can you expect from a koolaid drinking liberal.

          84. I Seigel says:

            Yes, a tall frosty koolaid can be refreshing. And healthier than the crackpipe you’ve been sucking on all these years.

          85. Kyle says:

            I will make the same offer to you that I made to Ratliff. If you want to settle this in a neutral place, I will meet you in Costa Rica. Are you up for a trip?

          86. I Seigel says:

            Very childish.

          87. Kyle says:

            Really?? And your remark wasn’t?

          88. I Seigel says:

            What kind of a sandbox mentality did you bring here? This is a place where most people pretend to be adults.

          89. Kyle says:

            Yes, and you aren’t doing a very good job of it.

        2. James Ratliff says:

          How did you become so stupid. Wow!

    2. ivca56 says:

      I believe this is exactly what he propagates and wants. He has ties to these people and fuels the hate any chance he gets. He wants Martial Law. Just waiting for the other half of America to get up and take a stand. Then he will have what he wants. We are screwed either way.

      1. James Ratliff says:

        God damn woman. If you are a woman.
        You really are one stupid POS!

    3. James Ratliff says:

      Funny coming from a racist like you!
      You are about as stupid as i would expect any inbreed to be!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        you need to get a new deck of cards , the race card is worn out, when you don’t like what someone has to say , right away there a racist , well racisum is as phony as climate change, and for your information ,i’m just an old prick who doesn’t like to bothered by anyone , i don’t care what freaken color you are

        1. James Ratliff says:

          That is not what you said.
          As I can see from what you have said, you do not have the morals, or the intelligence, to make sound rational decisions. You are what they would say in medical terms. F cked in the head!

          1. Richard Bagenstose says:

            well i’m glad to see you put the race card away , as for being f**k in the head your right , but i live a pretty good quit life that i made for myself and owe no one nothing , everyone should have the easy relaxed life i have , nothing to bitch about except watching what these freaken idiots are doing to each out there, so if i’m the one that is f**ked up and they are normal , i am very happy to be f**ked up and not normal, as for morals i probly have more morals then most people , and there immoral behavour pisses me off , but then you probley don’t know anything about getting pissed off

          2. James Ratliff says:

            That is what your pregnant daughter told me.! Daddy did it!

          3. Richard Bagenstose says:

            thank you , it shows me how sick in the f**ken head you are to think that way, i raised 2 daughters by my self for 20 years and if they would bring you to my house i would shot your sorry sick ass

          4. James Ratliff says:

            I feel sorry for them!

          5. James Ratliff says:

            Nah you would run while pissing and shitting your pants just like the coward you are!

    4. James Ratliff says:

      Sorry you filthy racist pig.
      You and your kind of trash are the racist and cowards.
      You can’t help it. You don’t have the brains for anything else!

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    so in other words he was buying obomas lies and propaganda , well blacks are killing blacks at a record pace this year it should be a good year to lower the black population, and now they have cops more trigger happy and nervous , look for more black deaths, i’ll say it again when blacks stop resisting arrest and fighting with cops , they won’t be laying face down in the street , you never hear about how the blacks start this by not cooperating with the police , so they basicly ask for trouble

    1. If Black lives really mattered to these Fascist Barbarians, every Planned Parenthood would be closed. The scary truth is if you are Black, you are more likely to be murdered, by your mother in the womb, by 58%, compared to 42% actually being born! If you survive the inner city gangs and schools, then you have a 10% chance of being killed by a cop. Generally by your own attitude, or past criminal behavior! Bill Cosby tried for 20yrs to illuminate this and they Publically executed him for it, as is and always has been the custom of Liberal Elites! This nothing but an Obama created crisis to invade our Country, with Muslims and steal our freedom!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        i garenty you mlk is rolling over in his grave with the way these ni*ers are acting , i will never call a good black person a ni*er , but the ones who want to act like ni*ers i will call them ni*ers , if they want a war with whites that fine with me , it doesn’t matter to me if a black kills a ni*er or if a white does , trash is trash, same goes for the white ni*er lovers , let them die right along side the trash

        1. Every ethnicity has Humans and Animals representing it! Whites-Honkeys, Mexicans-Chicano’s, Chinese-Chink’s, Blacks-Niger’s! Racism comes in all colors and is usually a sign of Ignorance, which is normally curable, unless you are deceived on purpose!!

          1. Richard Bagenstose says:

            well if everyone had my mentality it would be a much quitter world, i could careless about what use do , just leave me alone and mind your own business and i will do the same, don’t tell me how to live my life and i won’t tell you how to live your life , maybe they should watch the program on tv tuesday night zoo , animals going crazy killing people , well humans are doing the same thing these days

          2. Agreed Richard! Have a Blessed Day!

        2. James Ratliff says:

          We should have wiped you stupid white trash bastards off the planet during the civil war.
          If you keep it up we may have to!

          1. Richard Bagenstose says:

            us white trash asses should have minded our own business and left the south keep there slaves , at least you would have a job

          2. James Ratliff says:

            You really are a white trash POS!

          3. Richard Bagenstose says:

            yes i guess i am, and proud of it , you lefties think you got a manopoly on slinging bull shit , well we white folks can sling it just as good as use , we can take it use can’t , if you would open your eyes and ears you would see how this useless black muslum peace of shit is using the black people for his own agenda and you blacks don’t fit into it either , you have to be a radicl muslum jehadi to fit in with oscumbag, and just to show you what kind of white trash i am , i have worked with blacks ,hispanic mexicans , japanesse you name i probley worked with them at on point in my life and never had a single problem working with them , the problem i have is , i can’t stand lazy bums i don’t care what color you are, so if that makes me white trash fine with me , because i don’t care what people say about me and i have bin called every name in the book, but in the end , they are the ones that come back and appologise to me

          4. James Ratliff says:

            I’m a white man you sorry POS son of a bitch!
            You can go suck the Koch brothers and be the kind of sh t you have become! If you had a god damn brain you stupid mother fu king POS!

          5. Richard Bagenstose says:

            well white people like hillary are as bad as the ni*ers , you left wing trolls ain’t got a brain to use , that’s why you need people like oboma and hillary to control your lives , because you can’t do it your self

          6. savage says:

            you can call them socialists,those people that can’t control their lives,and waiting for the “government” to give them “stuff” for free from hard workers and small businesses

          7. James Ratliff says:

            Hey there mr coward! I bet you live in the south and are a moocher on welfare!

          8. James Ratliff says:

            Never had an honest thought in your life.
            You people on the right are an embarrassment to the country!

          9. savage says:

            I’ve have lived in Alaska for 25 years long,and I know what socialism is because I lived it .unemployed 2 months only in 25 years.self employed for over 20 years long.that means I work for myself.and I shit down your momma’s throat!

          10. James Ratliff says:

            I’m glad to see you have reached idiot level.
            But you did that when you became a republican!

          11. savage says:

            I’m not republican,democrat,socialist,federalist,sclavagist…you name it.I just hate any professional politician,because they spend a lot of money to get the office (any office),only to make more money.one who has money,does not have a need for office to make money.you’re to narrow minded,first because you’re too young,and second because you never lived in a different political system,but the semi capitalist system and hard work or having your business is too hard for you.it’s a lot easier to live a vegetative live with government social programs with money stold from who’s working hard.in a capitalist system should not exist department of health,department of education,department of labor,etc.everything should be private.did you noticed how the “public roads” look like?if they were private,they would look different.you probably graduated a public school,where the teachers are brain washers working and being paid by the employer (the so called government).I bet,your folks were not self employed,so they could put you in a private school,and get the right and true kind of education.you and people like you,uneducated,brain washed and ignorant,are making the whole planet to hate this wonderful country.I don’t think you speak,read and write any other languages.and I’m pretty sure you don’t even know your country’s history,wich is not that long,only about 250 years long.and I know for sure that you are a mixture,kind of chinese,black,white and american indian.and you’re adopted by a pair of faggots and sucked at two dicks instead of two tits.but that’s a plus ’cause you got to suck on balls too.try to cope with the situation,’cause you know the say :what doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger.

          12. James Ratliff says:

            You are one stupid SOB. Please quit being so stupid!

          13. savage says:

            it’s a lot more easy to call everyone stupid instead of coming with convincing arguments.this is what all stupid,ignorant and uncultured creatures rely on.wipe off your snut of your shirt and get a job,you fucking social assisted cock sucker,food stamps eater!

          14. James Ratliff says:

            I see I was right about you to start with!

          15. And you people on the Left have fallen from the Stupid tree and hit every branch, as you piss away the Freedom, us Vets bled for on foreign shores!

          16. James Ratliff says:

            You’re an idiot that bleed because your idiot leaders put you in harms way!

          17. And sir what branch of our Military did you serve in? So now I’m an Idiot, because I put my life on the line for your freedom, as you and the Democrats used us as UN Mercenaries? The problem with Liberals is you care for nothing, you give nothing, yet you want everyone to give you everything, as you sit on your lazy A$$, eating Bon Bon’s as you bash everyone who does care! The only Charity or service a Liberal knows, is what he can steal, from one class of Citizenry, to give to another, never do they give from their own wealth. Well you have your reward, but have no clue about what the Muslims will do to you, when Obama and Hillary are finished turning us into an Islamic Banana Republic! Might just as well convert to Islam now and become a Cowardly Muslim Drone!

          18. James Ratliff says:

            So you suffer with PTSD. Pretty sad reason for becoming a POS republican!

          19. savage says:

            show your skin!

          20. James Ratliff says:

            Man you are really smart!

          21. Cookie Vranish says:

            ROFLMAO!!! Boy! You are a winner. Your mama work the streets?

          22. James Ratliff says:

            You told me you f cking idiot!
            No wonder the country is so f cked up.
            Sh t like you just can’t live without fu king up everything you come into contact with.
            You look like an old man and sound like a fu king fool!

          23. savage says:

            what POS stands for, honey?

          24. James Ratliff says:

            Pile of shit! My god you are stupid!

          25. Why is Race baiting the only argument of a Fool? What Race are you, besides Bigot? And what makes you think that it gives you the right, to bash others? Most of us true Americans are a blend, of every race, European, Indian, African, Asian etc… Mutts all and American to the core, but you must be one of those Elite pure blood self indulgent morons!

          26. James Ratliff says:

            Why do racist always claim to be real Americans?
            As far as I know we tried to kill off the only real Americans!

          27. If you’re a Democrat, that is true, as they destroyed my Peoples home in Yellow Creek Tennessee and marched my people to lower Missouri, on the Trail of Tears! You might want to go to Wall builders and get some real history lessons, rather than NPR garbage! Always with the attacks and to what purpose? No substantive argument so back to childish name calling! Does Hillary pay well on the Campaign trail, or do you just get out of your cage once a day, to blog stupidity???

          28. James Ratliff says:

            You freaking idiot. I am not a Hillary fan. I would rather she was not even running.
            But that being said. I would rather have Hillary than any republican that I have seen in my lifetime!
            The GOP is the party of stupid freaking morons.
            It needs to be wiped off the political system. No republicans has the morals or the intelligence to make sound rational decisions.
            They should never and I repeat never be allowed to hold positions where they make decisions that affect other.
            They are not today, they were not yesterday, and they will not be capable tomorrow!

          29. More senseless name calling and for what? If you don’t vote, then you don’t care and are no better than a Soviet Dissident, or mindless Muslim! And in this country you have no right to speak about any Politician, or activist, as you enjoy blind servitude! Also why bring up Morality at all, since you have no faith in the Creator of all Morality? You are a Secular Humanist, which means you subscribe to Relativism, which has no set Morality and changes as situation dictates. So you would rather be ruled by Fascist Dictation, under Traitors to our very Constitutional Republic. Hopefully that means you will also move to one of the Socialist Utopias, when we re-set our Constitutional System and return to a Country of Equality under Law! Hillary is a Criminal and the Clinton Foundation is a Global Sex and Slavery trafficking ring. So what makes you think any of these Fascist Elites give a $hit about you, or your family??

          30. James Ratliff says:

            Facts are facts and you are a freaking imbecile!

          31. Typical Liberal response! No, without context and Truth facts can be distorted and manipulated! The Democrat Party has made an art form of obfuscating Facts, by omitting context and truth! But go on believing your father, by calling me names! I’m done hope you enjoyed yourself!

          32. James Ratliff says:

            I have given you lots of facts. But being a filthy lying POS that you are because they are facts you prefer to believe BS!

          33. savage says:

            this was the most intelligent comment,especially “at least you would have a job”

          34. I Seigel says:

            Exactly!! Hey Richard, exactly how much does a job as a slave pay? Is there paid family leave with that? A 401k? Do you have ANY idea how incredibly stupid you sound?

          35. Ask the Democrats, as they are the experts on Slavery!
            We have been their Slaves for over 100yrs! Anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck, is a modern Slave and even worse if you belong to one of their Slave Unions! After all Unions were modeled after the Greek Temples and operate the same! Your skill is only worth something, if you belong and pay the Devil, otherwise you will be punished for working, without a Union Card. Just like every Democrat controlled State and City, now in America! Mediocrity is their most famous tool in destroying free will!

          36. kalpal says:

            Why don’t you learn how to exploit and abuse people so you too can be a rich white a**?

          37. No argument, so you resort to garbage, typical mindless liberal! Maybe because I’m an American Mutt and could never pass for a white man! Cherokee, German, Irish, Welsh, Italian and who knows what else, since I have blacks show up to my Family reunions? Besides you Fascist pups seem to have the White Trash market sealed up! Perhaps you should read some real history, about your Democrat friends and how they have never treated people well, or valued any save themselves!

          38. kalpal says:

            I don’t care what your genetic background may be. I care that you are far too ignorant, inane and feeble minded.

          39. Sorry you must have been talking to your mirror image again! All came out as nonsense, but then again the only original thought you get, is from NPR or liberal outlets!

          40. kalpal says:

            Is this from a fool whose sources of information are RW BS radio and infowars? Yes, it is. Those who adore BS and its producers all resemble each other. They are the 88 IQ battalions. All have PhD’s in BS but no GED’s.

          41. Never go to any of those outlets, but am well educated and have a knack for research in Truth, not Socialist Propaganda! However Carl Marx and Joe Stalin would love to have a thousand useful idiots, such as you! Maybe you could get a job in one of our Socialist Education centers, where revisionist history, trumps actual true history!

          42. kalpal says:

            Have yet run across a RW twit who recognized truth when it slapped him in the face or tripped him up. I bet you believe that Trump is a truthful pathological liar who lies to awaken twits like you to an alternate universe. You live in a post-truth universe.

          43. Actually wrong, Trump is a man who made his wealth selling Porn, Strippers and Gambling to the poor! But when compared to the Pathological Treasonous Hillary, he at least is an American interested in seeing America restored, to a former glory, not destroyed and parted out to Oil Sheiks, devoted to a Barbaric Cult! Sorry I’m just willing to vote for the least of two evils and Hillary is the most Evil woman on the planet, along with her Fascist Party, of Globalist drones! Also I belong to the Constitution Party, not the RNC, or DNC hate America parties! So as usual die in whatever way you see fit!

          44. kalpal says:

            Trump is a liar, cheat, thief and scoundrel. If that is who you believe in, you are a sad pathetic faux human. Enjoy your miserable faith in that chump called Trump but hold on to your wallet. He will empty it before you realize what is happening.
            The constitution party is sick joke. I guess that is how you wind up being a faux human.

          45. I Seigel says:

            And look at the cost and the standard of living in cities like New York, Seattle, Cleveland, Chicago, Seattle and LA. And now look at how union workers in those cities are doing versus workers doing similar work in Charleston, Miami, New Orleans, Salt Lake City or Tulsa.
            You really have no sense of American history, do you? And you think YOU have free will? LOL!

          46. Dream on, am well aware of history, just don’t subscribe to the revisionist view! Also I have lived in some of these Cities and even that argument is Garbage! Cost of living Triple, that of conservative Cities and States, to pay for those that Mooch off the workers backs! Also have been in 2 unions and the wage isn’t worth the Headache, of Mediocrity and paying dues to Mobsters that refuse to represent workers! Why didn’t you also mention Detroit? Bankrupt and depleted and now destroying acres of homes, to hide the Liberal theft and mismanagement!

          47. PC Bob says:

            Hey, guy, what do you think the Civil War was all about?

          48. James Ratliff says:

            It was the war of southern aggression.

          49. Born in the South and proud says:

            Bob, he doesn’t have a clue.

          50. Cookie Vranish says:

            I’m about as Yankee as you can get (Northern Minnesota) and I wish the south would have won! If Lincoln weren’t such a war criminal, they would have.

          51. savage says:

            Amen brother!!!

          52. I Seigel says:

            Oh, now Lincoln is a war criminal? Where did you go to school? The KGB Academy in Stalingrad? Looks like Cookie’s mind has crumbled…..

          53. Must be why he likes Obumber, who also doesn’t know a thing about Lincoln, yet used him to fool weak minded Dumbocrats!

          54. I Seigel says:

            There you go again! Jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. Look at Cookie’s post in this thread. I would hardly say “he likes Obumber”. But you go right ahead believing what you want, without doing the least bit of fact-checking. Facts don’t really matter anymore, because we’re all entitled to our own version of the truth. It’s what makes us Free Americans, right? The freedom to believe as we want?

          55. If the South had won, we would all be speaking German now, as their would have been no one to stop Hitler! Also you would be Muslim, since the South depended on Islam, to provide Slaves and Barbarian Merchants! No sir the North won, because GOD’s providence saw fit, to preserve Freedom and our GOD founded Nation! “Those who refuse to learn the lessons of History, are doomed to repeat it’s atrocities”. Might just as well go find an Imam and convert to Islam today, so you can rule us Stupid American Christians!

          56. Born in the South and proud says:

            What a lovely peaceful remark. Why don’t you look it up before you start your BS. Most of the big slave owners were from the north that moved south to buy land and slaves to grow king cotton. That bunch of ole red neck squirrel hunters damn near whipped your asses. Money was the deciding factor.

          57. James Ratliff says:

            Do you ever feel shame? You are a lying SOB. I wonder what your kids would think of such a filthy POS as you.

          58. The first American Slave owner was a Black former Slave, from Boston! Secular Humanist Colonists, under the Democrat Party were the first to open the Slave markets! Nearly every Colonist immigrating to America was a Slave, either Bonded, or forced, by secular Humanist Elites, working for the Dutch East India Corporation! The Revolutionary war was not a Revolution at all, it was an undeserved preemptive attack, to stop a chain reaction of Colonial separation, from the power brokers of Europe! Problem is real History is no longer taught in our Education system! People like you don’t even know why this is a Christian Nation, nor the Persecution Christians, were fleeing to escape in Europe! Very sad that you still don’t care to open your eyes and thus the Fascist Propaganda continues to divide us! May the LORD bless you with a new understanding, before the end!

          59. savage says:

            this is not anymore the planet of the apes.

          60. James Ratliff says:

            No one could tell by looking or talking to you.
            Although I doubt that you are as smart as a small monkey. I’m sure like cookie varnish your mother was a chimpanzee ! No telling what your father was!

          61. Should have known you were an Evolutionist! News Flash Chucky, Evolution is Satan’s favorite fantasy and has no foundation of truth! No wonder you are so screwed up, “For a fool has stated in his heart, there is no GOD” and therefore no reason! Very sad that the Son of GOD died for you and you rejected Him!

          62. James Ratliff says:

            Another myth believer. I do not believe in a book written by a bronze age people that didn’t know what a cell or an atom was or even where the sun went at night.
            How many people has your god saved?
            None as far as I can see!

          63. Actually your wrong, the Bible was written by men, but through Dictation, from the Holy Spirit of GOD! Also you are wrong that they did not know that we were made of tiny complicated parts! They also knew the World was spherical, from the beginning and before Noah! Your understanding is based on Secular Humanist garbage and has no foundation of truth. From Adam to Noah people were smarter than Einstein and grew dumber and lost genetic material with every generation, from the fall! Christians never believed the world was flat, as we studied the truth in GOD’s word, which if you had ever read it, goes into very finite detail about a great many things! Every Secular Humanist that ever tried to disprove the Bible, have only ever confirmed it and converted to Truth! But go on believing the lie, just don’t know how you sleep at night, thinking this life is it, then darkness? Every Prophecy of the Bible has been fulfilled in your sight and your ears, yet you still seek darkness! So enjoy what you have left!

          64. James Ratliff says:

            You are welcome to believe what ever stupid myth you want. I don’t care. just keep it yourself.
            If you feel the need to pray go into the closet and shut the door. Don’t waste your time trying to force others to believe the same myth you believe!

          65. James Ratliff says:

            You have not look in the mirror or at the GOP!

          66. Blue 3 says:

            Are you really defending these assassinations?

          67. James Ratliff says:

            No. But I understand why it would happen!
            If we don’t stop killing unarmed black people things like this are going to happen more often.

          68. Blue 3 says:

            I understand too, but probably not for the same reasons. There are no honest conversations happening. Very very few of these shootings are portrayed honestly. Movements built on lies are making everyone less safe and on edge. Cops are scared as hell too man. Hand up don’t shoot didn’t happen.

          69. James Ratliff says:

            Wow you really are just a racist bastard! Unbelievable!

          70. Blue 3 says:

            That misguided hate is the problem. There are plenty of us who would do just about anything to help.people like you wont allow it. Perpetual victim.

          71. James Ratliff says:

            Well I;m a white guy.

          72. Blue 3 says:

            Like I said, perpetual victim.

          73. James Ratliff says:

            You should quit being an idiot. Then you would not feel like such a victim.

          74. Blue 3 says:

            Typical white liberal. Stirring the pot of racism, knowing it won’t affect them. Gutless and counterproductive.

          75. James Ratliff says:

            Typical white red neck racist goober. Gutless and never productive. That sums up the GOP!

          76. Blue 3 says:

            How much longer do think that line will work for your party? 8 years of a black president and blacks are worse off. Your smoke screen is dissipating.

          77. James Ratliff says:

            As long as there are gutless red neck racist goobers like you!

          78. And you Libtards would have destroyed the whole country for your Fascist views except the Republican Party stomped you into the Stone age, for your stupidity! The North won, because the Democrat Party abandoned GOD, Morality and Sanity! You might want to study actual History, instead of the re-written crap, being passed off as education these days! Democrats have been the party of Slavery and debauchery, since our founding and thanks to the Clintons, the USA is once again the Slavery capital of the World! That’s ok though, the Globalists and Party Elites, will enslave you mindless drones after they have killed all of us! Stupidities quest for power is insatiable and people like Hillary can never get enough! Enjoy your servitude to their Utopia and better hope you don’t cross them, as life is meaningless to the Damned!

          79. James Ratliff says:

            I’m so sorry, you are an idiot!
            The republicans party turned into the democratic party in the 1960’s when the southern democrats became republicans. The Nixon and Reagan after him put in place the southern strategy, to ever enshrine the GOP as the party of stupid and the KKK.

          80. I’m the idiot, yet you think the KKK was founded by Republicans, guessing you also believe Jim Crow was a Republican? I also bet you don’t know when the Republican Party was founded, or why! Though I do agree that the Democrats lost the best of their Party, when they decided to attack Country Music, NASCAR and the Rebel Flag! However do not believe they became Republicans, rather they became Independents, just as the disenfranchised Republicans! Your history knowledge proves that Fascist propaganda and a failing educational system, have done the damage Democrats hoped for, an ignorant electorate! Too misinformed to even know that you are being replaced, by even more ignorant Islamists and banana republic rejects! Both of our political parties are full of Progressive Globalists and Fabien Socialists! The Democrats want a one world Fascist Oligarchy, while the Republicans want a Corporate consortium, run by worldwide consumerism, but still an Oligarchy of Elites! For once in our history, both Parties are pushing for the same thing, a destruction of this experiment in Freedom we call home! So go and die in whatever way you see fit, as Americans refuse to unite and stop these Globalists, so they have won, after over 200yrs!

          81. James Ratliff says:

            Now there you go lying again. Pretty damn bad for a f cking christian.
            The KK was indeed founded by southern democrats.
            Southern democrats became republicans in the 1960’s to show how racist they were.
            I cannot help it if you don’t know shit about anything.
            You believe in a magical sky fairy. You cannot be very bright!

          82. I was alive in the 60’s Moron and my family were Democrats, when Southern Democrats ruled the party!
            The KKK was founded long before the Civil War Retard and wore masks to hide their identities, as they Terrorized Slaves! Also I do not serve a sky fairy, but guessing as a fairy you would know who he is! I serve the GOD of this Digital Creation called time and have accepted HIS Son Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! But you prove my earlier posts, with every word you write, pretty remarkable, from such a misguided child! Sad that you neither know, nor care to know your Creator, or His Son and therefore are turned over to deception, that you should believe lies! Enjoy what’s left of this life, as Eternity will be hell on you! “Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, that JESUS Christ is LORD”! Not perfect just forgiven and blessed!

          83. James Ratliff says:

            You are one senseless moron!

      2. Retired says:

        The Muslims have been growing in the US since the 80s, just look who most of the US members are.

        1. James Ratliff says:

          Have you always been a coward. Or did that just start after you became a republican?

          1. Retired says:

            Why don’t you get your head out of Obamas rear and come out for some fresh air, you racist bass turd.

          2. James Ratliff says:

            Snappy come back there Retarded!

          3. Retired says:

            You are the one that is Retarded due to lack of oxygen .

          4. James Ratliff says:

            You are the one with your head up your ass.
            How did you get to be this stupid?
            Oh I get it you’re just another f cking racist bastard!

          5. Retired says:

            BLM and seeing you are not one of them you don’t count, you only count with your head up Obamas rear.You are the racist pig lover.

          6. kalpal says:

            Is that what they taught you in your familial sty?

          7. Born in the South and proud says:

            Can always tell when a liberal brains ability has been over driven.

          8. Cookie Vranish says:

            But why are they generally so dumb?

          9. kalpal says:

            As the RW dumbness in chief, I expect you can explain it all. Its your genetic heritage to be dumb and you have inherited the position of being Head Dumbster.

          10. kalpal says:

            Idiots are always proud of having been born in Idiotstan in the southern USA.

          11. savage says:

            are you really a socialist RATliff?

          12. James Ratliff says:

            I’m an American.
            Nothing like the POS you are!

          13. savage says:

            soooo…you’re an american rat.that’s right?and you are a brainless teen?

          14. James Ratliff says:

            Soo you went to Alaska to hide from what?

          15. SCSOCAL says:

            He’s a lib and a parrot for the MSM. Just a lot of B.S.

          16. kalpal says:

            I bet you know that because you have a PhD in BS.

          17. SCSOCAL says:

            You learned well from the MSM. You are just a parrot for their crap!

          18. James Ratliff says:

            Honey I have not watched TV news since 2003. The year they all showed that they are owned by the GOP.

          19. Cookie Vranish says:

            That was rather ignorant. If he is a Republican, it would make sense. Most of the minion Democrats are not smart enough to get it!

          20. James Ratliff says:

            When did you become a racist and a coward?
            I know you have been a coward your entire life and you were born a moron!

          21. SCSOCAL says:

            Spoken like a true lib. When you don’t have facts to argue with you try to take someone down with name calling. UGH.

          22. James Ratliff says:

            Facts have no effect on half wits here!

          23. kalpal says:

            So you believe that you are a queen of facts? To this point your spoutings have been entirely fact free.

      3. James Ratliff says:

        Another fcking idiot heard from.
        You people are embarrassing America!

        1. Kyle says:

          Everyone here has a right to say anything they want to. We still do have freedom of speech. We may not agree with their opinion, but they do have a right to say it. And as far as southerners go, why don’t you jump your happy a$$ in your car and come on down. We could teach you some manners, the easy way, or the hard way, it’s up to you. COME ON DOWN.

          1. James Ratliff says:

            I live in a red state you fu king POS!

          2. Kyle says:

            So do I. If you would like to try to take your frustrations out on me, then we can meet in a neutral place and settle this. I was thinking Costa Rica. Are you up for a plane trip?

        2. savage says:

          America should not be 50% socialist and 50% capitalist.This country was built by small businesses,owned by white europeans.In real capitalism you work hard,you live well.You are lazy,you starve and die.In socialism,there’s no such thing as private business,everything belongs to the government aka to the people.Then your life can be controlled because you work for the government.You don’t have any ideea what socialism is because you never lived it,unlike some eastern europeans who risked their lives to be free.I would like to tell you a lot more about socialism,control,theft,etc,but my english is limited (like jeep grand cherokee).better for you and the other 50% of US citizens is to read yourselves the terror and atrocities of socialism (that you call it communism).

          1. James Ratliff says:

            You are so stupid. It’s hard to say what is wrong with you filthy lying idiots!
            I can’t believe any of you morons can be smart enough to us the computer.

    2. Dell says:

      The news never publishes that part. They only publish anything that make the police look bad. What’s going to happen when the police have had enough and throw their hands up and quit? When that happens there’s going to be another civil war. At this rate I can see it coming and I don’t think they are going to like the outcome.

      1. billdeserthills says:

        I have my own gun, so let Freedom Ring!!

        1. Born in the South and proud says:

          Amen brother God Bless America Trump 2016

          1. James Ratliff says:

            You can’t tell shi t as stupid as you are . Lol,.

      2. Richard Bagenstose says:

        you are right but what makes me laugh is that blacks 13 % of the countries population think they can take on the other 87 %of the country and win, it’s suicide ,

    3. PC Bob says:

      It’s sometimes called, ‘suicide by cop’! Only an IDIOT would pull a gun on a cop or try to fight him! They are trained to handle those situations! In fact, that’s what we PAY them for!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        try and explain it to the blacks , every time one dies he is struggling with the police , don’t resist arrest and there is a good chance you won’t get shot

    4. kalpal says:

      The black guy who was running away and was shot in the back was resisting arrest by running and as such deserved to shot in the back and then have a gun dropped by his hand by the officer so as to prove that he was a very bad man , right? So who taught you to be a bigot? Was it mom or dad or both?

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        first mistake the guy made , was to run away , if he did nothing wrong why did he run, second , why did the cop stop him , calling some one a bigot for voicing there opinion is the typical thing liberals do , when they can find nothing else to justify what they are saying , everyone has an opinion , and not everyone is going to like it, but that doesn’t make them racists or bigots , you get to comment just like every one else does , and if your like me , you get trashed by some but then there are people that agree with you, but i never go around judging other people , because i know i am not perfict and have my own faults , unlike you people who think you are so high and mighty, that you can judge people you don’t even know , there is only one person who should be judging any one and that is god

        1. kalpal says:

          Why did he get murdered for running away? Have you ever served in any military and in combat? Have you ever been adjudged to be sane?

          1. Richard Bagenstose says:

            yes i served in the military and was sceduled to go to veitnam , untill the sease fire happened and i didn’t have to go to veitnam , my uncle was a cope and after my own dealings with cops i have no love for them , but a cop tells you to stop you better stop , keep your hands in plain sight , and keep your mouth shut , when he asks you a question you answer politely , with no attititude , no matter how much it pisses you off, because once you do they get just as pissy if not more , so why did the guy run, stupid,he was guilty of something and new it

          2. kalpal says:

            And if you live in the south and know that cops can be evil scum so you choose to run then you are simply a target to be shot dead and then a weapon will placed by your hand so that a story of your intent to shoot it out can be fabricated by a liar in uniform.
            You are to be kind a disgusting faux human being, a bigot through and through..

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    “Community Organizer”


    “RACIST HATE MONGERING RACIAL RIOT INSTIGATOR” both have exactly the same job description.

    Been a lot nicer world if we had figured that out 10 years ago wouldn’t it?

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      Sure would have.

    2. plum82 says:

      HEY, I didn’t vote for the muslime, homo POS……………

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

        Neither did millions of other people.

        But there were plenty of dead people that voted 20-40 times in some areas.

        1. James Ratliff says:

          Wow what a lying old racist son of a bitch!

  • American Me says:

    From my point of view,Everything that is happening in America today is the fault of Obama.He has set race relations back 25 years and continues to agitate at every opportunity.He is a trouble maker and is trying his best to destroy America before he leaves office and That can’t happen soon enough for me.So thank all you fools who voted Obama the Muslin destroyer into office.It is all on you that our country is falling apart.

    1. Shelly Shannon says:

      No kidding. Those are my sentiments exactly , but i think you can probably include Hillary Clinton in there too.

      1. KT says:

        Hillary is the stronghold in this government. You ever read the story about Jezebel in the Word of God? This is what she is and Obama has played Ahab right along the side of her. We have a leadership that is Passive/Aggressive!!! And a Nation is only as good as its leaders. Time to WAR! It is Time for a REVOLUTION….in a Civil law biding manner….Time for WE the people to get out and let our Voices be heard, by VOTING! And every VOTE does count. To the ones who sit back and do nothing you cause more harm than good! You forfeit by silence!!! Recommendation: go to Hillside College and take the Free online classes on the Constitution, by donation. Very Educational.

        1. Shelly Shannon says:

          She is such a stronghold in this government that she is negligent (Comey). She is not sophisticated enough to even know what a classified marking is (Comey). She possibly put our national security at risk (Comey). She set up and used many devises despite the fact she lied and said she only used one (Comey). She delegated 30,000 emails (Comey). Not only that, she let an ambassador and other contractors to die for political reasons due to an election that was coming up (clarified by the investigation into Bengazi). She lied right to the faces of those victims families and then made them out to be the liars. So if you want to make excuses for her then so be it, but I on the other hand refuse to have that blood on my hands and that is exactly what it is.

          1. KT says:

            Huh!! Reality check here! Not excusing or siding with her! Reread the comment please! Let me spell it out……she has a demonic side to her that is manifesting! I speak from an Intercessor point and for the record No!!!!! Person….man or women is going to turn this Nation! Read the Book of Revelations and the Prophets we are in the times of seeing things come to pass! This is a Convergence of chaos & the Lord God bringing His order to America as the Saints cry out for Justice!!!!

          2. plum82 says:

            YEP…..TRUE…………read James Cahns book……
            THE Harbinger……..

        2. σταθούν και να παλεψουν! says:

          Excellent recommendation KT! here’s a link for all readers; https://collegeplus.org/blog/free-constitution-101-online-course-from-hillsdale-college

        3. Jack L. Feasel says:

          Good source and a good college.

        4. Shelly Shannon says:

          KT, my apologies. I misunderstood what you were saying.

        5. plum82 says:

          That about sums it up “A nation is only as good as it’s leaders”………8 years of NO leadership worth a shite AND now the dumbocrats want another NO leader hitlery……….don’t these idiots kno about her past?

          1. Joe Odziana says:

            It was 25 years of RepublicRats = RINO’s(Republic)ans + (Demo)cRats

          2. KT says:

            Unfortunately…..that is what Communist Ideology does to a Nation! Opens the door to lawlessness, racism, immorality and so much dirty politics! Why? Because when a Nation turns from the Lord our God..The Creator of heaven & earth……..you get hell and it’s evil! 9/11 was judgement regarding this Nation having other gods before…..Him, The One & Only True Living God…” I AM”….Sorry! But Truth! Until we see and repent for our wicked ways….we will remain in this vicious cycle, No matter who is President! However, It starts in the House of God.

          3. plum82 says:

            ABSOLUTELY ~~~~ did you read “THE HARBINGER” by Jonathan CAHN ?
            very interesting……….

          4. KT says:

            Yes! Mostly, heard him speak in person and on You Tube. Lamentations 3:22-27….Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassion’s fail not….They are new every morning, Great is thy faithfulness. This Lord is my portion, says my soul, Therefore I hope in HIM! The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him. Romans 8: 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs even until now….

          5. plum82 says:

            I firmly believe that since America has thrown GOD out, HE has decided to step aside….however, it’s too bad for those of us that don’t feel that way…ALSO I have to laugh at the muslims that think when they blow us up PLUS themselves, that they are going to be in paradise…..I think they are going to be cavorting with Satan.

          6. KT says:

            Awe!!! That is a misconception, The Lord our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow….He is not a covenant breaking Father. We have to change the way we think….dig in the scriptures and begin to see Him as your Heavenly Father…experience Him!

        6. Joe Odziana says:

          Hillsdale College

      2. Jack L. Feasel says:

        I include the Clinton’s in it, both of them, they want to carry on Obummer’s agenda control and lawlessness. They are worse than mobsters.

        1. Shelly Shannon says:

          I have followed the Clintons for 30 years and I truly believe that. Some of these young people might be to young to grasp the danger of what the Clintons are all about especially if Hillary Clinton gets to the white house. God help us all!

          1. Jack L. Feasel says:

            I have to agree with you Shelly, they will stop at nothing to get what they are after. Killing someone is not a problem for them.

          2. Shelly Shannon says:

            Exactly, and they are pros at getting others to do their bidding. This is why they are always able to escape any reprecussions for their crimes.

          3. pollyjoe says:

            Satanic. It is as though the devil were ruling this couple.

          4. Shelly Shannon says:

            Yeah it is! Sooooooo right about that.

          5. carol snyder says:

            Yeah just look at Ashe who died from a barbell falling on his throut the day before he was due to testify. Coincidence! I find that hard to believe

          6. plum82 says:


          7. plum82 says:

            You are soooo right…..I have tried to spell it out on many occasions……GOD is the only one that can help us IF hitlery gets elected…….hopefully, her lying, thievery and betrayal will bring her down BUT I wouldn’t bet the farm on it….

          8. KT says:

            Have Faith in God!!!! Not man! Man fails us….this is the problem America…..our Faith has been in the wrong places! It is impossible to please God without Faith! We are in a critical time in this Nation regarding our Future! The faith God is looking for will be….in overcomes, because We know He is God and we Trust Him & His Word that is alive & well as it was 2000 years ago! Trust in God! Remember He works in His time! Not ours…..Is 55: 8-11!

        2. Joan Davenport says:

          they kind of make he mafia look like choir boys, don’t they?

        3. plum82 says:

          Much worse…………..they steal from the White House…..Hitlery will bring this country down as sure as I’m writing this……

      3. pollyjoe says:

        Probably? You can’t get past her hellish ways. She and Warren are both self serving women

        1. Shelly Shannon says:

          So true! One thing too that I can’t get past is the fact that Hillary Clinton has set the worst possible example for young women if they ever decide to step up to run for president because what she is actually saying is she will be a champion of women as long as they realize she is above the law and no one else is. She can lie and break the law but no one else can. It’s always quid pro quo with her. Do as I say, not as I do. Self serving says everything about both her and warren. You are so right.

      4. James Ratliff says:

        My god no wonder the rest of the planet thinks we are a country full of idiots.
        Just look at any comment on this thread and you can see they are correct about you. You are the most stupid lying ass racist bastards to ever breathe. We should have finished your stupid asses off in the civil war.

        1. Shelly Shannon says:

          I know you aren’t speaking to me that way. I am not racist and never have been. I base my opinions on policies and what I can clearly see is going on. I Ihave never judged anyone based on the color of their skin and I will never let anyone call me something I am not. so don’t speak to me that way.

          1. James Ratliff says:

            I see not facts in anything you or anyone else on this POS site have given! Just opinion.

          2. Shelly Shannon says:

            My pointy to the post I answered wasn’t based on the fact that Obama is or isn’t a Muslim. Weather he is black, white, or any other color. My point is that statistically black crime has increased significantly since he has been in office and that is a fact not opinion. I have no problem with Muslims or any refugees. I have a problem with ISIS infiltrating their population and being let into this country because no one can be vetted properly especially when we can set up protected safe zones for them. That is a fact, not opinion. I have a problem with illegal immigrants coming into this country without the proper paperwork because there is a federal law and our president is not enforcing it. That is a fact, not opinion. I have a problem with our president giving Iran tons of money and he hasn’t taken one step to sanction or punish them for breaking this deal 3 times now. That is a fact, not opinion. These are the reasons I feel that Obama and Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State , have done more harm to this country than good. These are not opinions, these are facts. This is what my post was about just not in as much detail.

          3. James Ratliff says:

            You are a FILTHY LIAR!

          4. Shelly Shannon says:

            Okay so why don’t you lay out evidence to prove me wrong. The only thing you have posted is ridiculous hate statements. So when you can lay out something educated and worth reading, stop replying. Anyone who can’t have a civil discussion and prove they have the goods to have the debate then this is a worthless conversation. Every body is entitled to their opinion as long as it is backed with something substantial. So quit wasting my time unless you can discuss your opinion civially.

          5. James Ratliff says:

            I don’t think you have the morals or the intelligence to understand the explanation. But here goes.

            Since 1980 America has dropped since we swung back to trickle down Robber Baron from a NEW DEAL Demand economy and to less Progressive taxes and the rise of religious fundamentalism such a success in the Islam world:

            #1 in Wages to 15th

            #1 In % with college degrees to 13th.

            #1 Creditor nation to largest debtor nation (just under Reagan).

            #1 in education to 25t ][p0987
            #1 in infrastructure to 25th( we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure now ….2.5%, …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us.

            #1 in health care, , now 37th.twice the cost

            #1 in MFG, .now we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30 million job outsourced.300K factories closed, 60,000 under Bush.

            #1 In High tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we export.

            Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and yet we pay twice as much.

            Most of what we export is raw materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or food…

            We have not produced a commercial ship in more than 30 years; the cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more than double ours.

            We are first in Murders/percent of population in prison. 91st in income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy.

            Republican Economic logic at work:

            Medicare actual healthcare costs are half of what private insurance charges seniors for just the insurance. Repubs solution is to transfer seniors to private insurance, the more expensive system in place.

            Defense is an extremely low economic multiplier, producing no self- funding capital assets such as a plant (investment returns positive cash flow) or infrastructure, research or education.

            Infrastructure and commercial MFG have a multiplier of almost 5, while defense is just 1.1. before you consider the 300 billion per year that flows out of the country and stimulates others economies.. 900 foreign bases. Defense is not an investment, it’s an insurance policy.

            If HUGE defense spending results in a great economy, then the Soviet Union is doing fine and given the recent tripling of defense spending our economy should be doing gang busters…. It’s not.

            The repub solution is to increase defense spending while cutting infrastructure. We spend 1/3 the normal rate on infrastructure, ours now rated 25th, but 15 times more on defense.

            In other nwords, Repubs want to spend more on what provides the lowest economic returns.

            Under Ike we spent 11% of GDP on infrastructure that we still benefit from, now just 2-3%.

            And while most spending should increase as population increases, the same is not true for defense. It takes no more to defend 300 million people than it does 200 million people.

            The Republican motto: afflict the afflicted; comfort the comfortable.
            Recessions Since 1950 and Party in WH at Onset

            Jul 1953 – May 1954 Republican
            Aug 1957 – Apr 1958 Republican
            Apr 1960 – Feb 1961 Republican
            Dec 1969 – Nov 1970 Republican
            Nov 1973 – Mar 1975 Republican
            Jan 1980 – July 1980 Democrat
            Jul 1981 – Nov 1982 Republican
            Jul 1990 – Mar 1991 Republican
            Mar 2001 – Nov 2001 Republican
            Dec 2007 – Jun 2009 Republican

            There have been 22 recessions since 1900.
            16 have started under Republican leadership, 6 under Democrat leadership and the 2 worst 1929 and now when Repubs had control of WH and congress for more than 8 years(the only times in history)
            Given repub economic history, the 2 largest depressions in our history, the only 2 times they
            have had control of congress and WH for more than 8 years.. why does anyone listen to them on economics, when they never show supporting economic data.. just beliefs

          6. Shelly Shannon says:

            Thanks for the info, but I think you are disregarding the fact that Obama has had 8 years to change this or at least part of it. He is the president and most of what you copied here reflects the inept actions of the President and Hillary Clinton as sec of state. Obam has refused to listen to the advisors that he himself put into office. Although he did inherit a mess when he became president it was his job to change it. We are worse off now than when Bush was in office. We are 100 percent worse than when Reagan was president. Obama hasn’t been able to create even 3 percent job growth per year since elected president. That’s the lowest in presidential history. He and Hillary Clinton have racially devided this country more than any other president and secretary of state. Obama and Clinton created the Islamic state. Obama and Clinton have created a dangerous situation for law abiding and innocent Muslims to even live in this country. They have created a sespool for Christians by ignoring the fact that Radical Islamic Terrorists are cutting off their heads. Wow!! How you can even give credence to the fact that this was not created by them is absolutely a denial for the existence of humanity. So it doesn’t matter if you are Rep or Dem. When you are president it is your job to run the country efficiently and Obama has failed to do that.

          7. James Ratliff says:

            Shelly you leave out so much.
            I know you are a true republican. Stupid as hell and proud to be stupid. Fox viewer I bet. This started as a joke but today I think it could very well be true.

            For years the left-wing has been saying that Fox News viewers are “uneducated” or “misinformed”, but now a study has come out that might confirm those suspicions.
            According to a new survey of Fox News viewers by Reuters, this is what Fox News viewers believe:
            67% Believe Barack Obama’s name sounds suspicious.
            45% Believe that homosexuals are polygamists
            2% Believe that science is more important than faith
            90% Believe that all of the Founding Fathers were born in the United States of America, even though it had not yet been created when the Founding Fathers were born.
            56% Believe Sarah Palin went to an Ivy League Law school.
            99% of Fox News viewers who were Medicare recipients said they opposed “socialized medicine.”
            94% Believe Reagan lowered the National Debt.
            15% Believe that George Washington defeated the King of England in a duel for America.
            88% Believe that Bill Clinton failed as a President, because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
            75% Believe that people on welfare are lazy.
            24% Believe Santa Claus is real.
            36% Believe the “Bill of Rights” is legislation introduced by the Republican Party to stop “Barack Obama’s socialist agenda.”
            99% Believe that communism, socialism, fascism and tyranny are all the same.
            70% Believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya
            38% Believe Barack Obama was born in Indonesia
            85% Don’t think Hawaii was even a state when Barack Obama was born
            76% Believe Sarah Palin has an “Alaskan accent.”
            92% Believe that Bill Clinton left Barack Obama with a surplus, which he spent.
            96% Believe the economy was doing great when Barack Obama took office.
            84% Believe the Tea Party is a grassroots movement without any corporate sponsorship.
            94% Believe the Constitution mentions Jesus Christ as America’s savior.
            23% Believe FEMA is building concentration camps.
            63% Believe Glenn Beck is a healthy weight
            37% Believe Nancy Pelosi is a witch, and that she can cast spells.
            25% Believe Hillary Clinton’s resignation was good for the economy.
            74% Believe that unemployment is higher now than it was during the Great Depression.
            92% Couldn’t find Iraq on a map.
            9% Believe that homosexuals are trying to take over America with glitter.
            93% Couldn’t name the 7 continents.
            12% Believe John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father.
            99% Believe that the Government doesn’t create jobs, but 95% of those surveyed credit Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) with creating 1 million jobs as Governor of Texas.
            While some of these might seem comical, the most shocking result from the study was this:
            100% of Fox News viewers said they wouldn’t care if the entire country fell apart as long as Barack Obama doesn’t get anything he wants.

          8. James Ratliff says:

            Obama has had almost 8 years of republicans doing and saying everything they could think of to make him a one term president. Didn’t work did it. It also did nothing to help the country.
            Dubya started the problems we have today in the middle east and also the problems we have had with the economy.
            You need to get a brain!

    2. KT says:

      Yeap! He has managed to bring everything from the past back into the present! Besides the fact the Demon crats are also, a Tyranny to this Nation!

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      Your point of view would be correct, and of course with the helping hand of Chaos himself, Soros!

    4. plum82 says:

      AND the screwballs voted the mu-slime in AGAIN…once wasn’t enuff…….

    5. Tor293 says:

      American Me, that was his intention long before he became involved in our government. Him, sharpton, holder and jackson are the instigators of the race problems we are facing today. Our gutless employees in Congress sat back and let him get away with destroying Our Country, instead of impeaching his ass 5 years ago. As far as anyone voting for him TWICE, doesn’t matter it’s all rigged thru the Electoral Collage which is a farce and is the deciding factor as to who wins, another government scam that should be done away with. The American peoples votes don’t mean a thing anymore since 2008.
      2016 elections will be no different Hi-LIAR-ry won 10 minutes after she announced she was running, doesn’t matter who the American voters vote for, the Electoral Collage already have their orders as to who wins!!

    6. Dell says:

      Make that 100 years. I just had my 75 th and it is worse now than I can not ever recall.

      1. pollyjoe says:

        Hell I’m 82 and it isn’t any better. My sister is 96 and she can’t figure it out 100? maybe more

    7. pollyjoe says:

      Im afraid this is true and for the life of me I cannot understand what white liberals are thinking. It is as though they have been lobotomized. I see red when they tell me all the things he has done for our country. He has ruined everything we have gained since 1963

    8. James Ratliff says:

      Your point of view is that of a total moron!
      You should be ashamed of yourself you racist cowardly bastard!

    9. James Ratliff says:

      Bigot you!

  • regulus30 says:

    hate crime; obama you racist bast66rd; if I had a radical black muslim son he would look just like this prick666

    1. plum82 says:


    2. Retired says:

      Interesting how all this is coming out, where is the out cry from the media . Instead of trying to paint a good guy out of a killer.

      1. PC Bob says:

        Because, silly, that’s just what the MSM does! Didn’t you know that?

        1. Marion Hall says:

          <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq709p:….,….

          1. springsdoc says:

            Quit posting this stuff here, you slut.

        2. I Seigel says:

          You mean like MSM Fox? With the gorgeous “news” women and the sex-harassing men?

          1. springsdoc says:

            Quit trying to detract from the subject, moron.

          2. I Seigel says:

            The subject I was responding to, our friend PC Bob, was the MSM. Moron.

      2. Born in the South and proud says:

        Oh the media is too concerned that his due process and rights were violated when they blew his ass up. When you start shooting and killing multiple people you no longer have any rights and need to have a severe case of air conditioning applied. The Dallas PD was 100 % justified and correct in using what ever means at their disposable to eliminate this threat. No telling how many more he would have killed if the PD had tried to capture him. LET Freedom Ring Trump 2016. Dallas needs to ask for donations to get a new robot, that one worked pretty good.

        1. Retired says:

          Best thing Dallas PD did, I hope they can find the serial Number of the weapon to see how he got it.It sounds like he was not the Brightest light burning.

          1. Shelly Shannon says:

            I just heard tonight that it was a gun from back in the Viet Nam war. They said it was ragged and worn out. They couldn’t believe he was able to use it.

          2. Sad part was he was an honorably discharged Veteran, but got lost as to who his real enemies were!

        2. Cookie Vranish says:

          I actually would rather have them shoot him up so he would have felt pain. Maybe shoot the ankles first then the knees then the hips then the arms then square between the eyes. This guy inflicted lots of pain and felt nothing himself!

          1. kalpal says:

            You know he felt nothing because you too were killed by a bomb blast and know that it’s painless, right?

        3. That’s the problem when rights come from Government, rather than GOD! Human law changes within emotional crisis, where GOD given rights a permanent and non negotiable, to the whims of madmen!

      3. kalpal says:

        Not so much Retired – as obviously Retarded.

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