Democratic lawmakers look to hold insurance industry’s feet to fire

by Alexander Bolton, The Hill
November 17, 2013

Democrats who have been in a defensive crouch because of the botched rollout of ObamaCare are beginning to take the offensive by scrutinizing insurance companies, a longtime Democratic bête noire.

Some Democrats think insurance executives are having it both ways, by reaping big profits from new customers entering the market because of federal subsidies and mandates while simultaneously blaming ObamaCare for problems in the market.

President Obama has been reluctant to directly criticize insurance companies because he needs their cooperation to achieve as smooth a transition as possible to the new insurance marketplaces.

Obama met with industry executives at the White House Friday afternoon to brainstorm about ways to improve the law’s rocky rollout, which has hurt the president and his party in public polling.

Democratic lawmakers have taken a more aggressive posture, however. They are pressuring the industry to take responsibility for hundreds of thousands of people who want to keep their insurance plans but could not until this past week because they failed to meet ObamaCare’s requirements.

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  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    The Antichrist-In-Chief will be held to the fire for eternity. He’d better start considering that.

  • ladyceo says:

    This blame game is sooo old!

  • Lloydl333 says:

    Right fire, Wrong feet. These bastards need to shovel ready their own manure.

  • James Maxwell says:

    If the Socialist Democraps hold the insurance companies feet to the fire then
    they are supporting no change, no exclusion and no exceptions to having
    to sign up for O’socialist care immediately and the included everyone without
    exception. No law has been passed nor exception passed to give any
    one including the President, congress, Unions or federal workers a pass
    on having to sign up and go under O’socialist care. Just because they
    screwed the pooch and not their actions are coming home to roost does
    not mean they can ignore the laws they passed and until such legislation
    is presented, voted upon and passed to be signed into laws the law stands
    as written.

    1. awegweiser says:

      If it is “O’socialist” or any other cute term you wish to make up,and it saves tens of millions from misery, pain and death, then that’s what we need. How frightened we are terms, even if we don’t fully understand them. Medicare and Social (Oops, bad word) Security are doing just fine as single providers.

      1. James Maxwell says:

        Just another o’socialist troll trying to pretend you know what
        you are talking about. If this line of BS is so good then
        why did he excuse himself, his family, congress, Union and who knows who else from having to use it? Now they are having to admit that it won’t work and will not cover many of the people they claimed it would cover and worse of all it is
        causing million of American Citizens to lose their insurance
        also. By the governments own figures an estimated 5 to
        10 million people will still not have coverage if they can get
        their computers up and working. Which by last count will
        take a year of so. Social Security in case you are not aware is going broke because of mismanagement by the government. It was a workable program until President Kennedy taped it to pay for the Space Race and then President Johnson signed the Trust fun over to the General fun to pay for all of the Social programs he and the democrats wanted. Of course that wasn’t taught in the
        common core classrooms.

      2. Old Highland Guy says:

        You have of course studied the countries that have socialized medicine, as I have. Socialized medicine has always eventually put those countries into a hole financially. Britains NHS is broke and they are in panic mode. Check out Sweden, France, any country that has/had socialized medicine and you will find extremely poor care if it still exists. Because of the NHS in the UK I have lost two family members because the waiting list was too long for them, that is socilized medicine. OBamacare=Socialized medicine-period!

        1. awegweiser says:

          Sorry Old Highland guy, but I think the boogieman socialized medicine has a single payer, Obamacare does not – but it sure should have.
          Accurate definitions aside, your studies of health care abroad seems to have overlooked a small thing called verifiable data. Hard facts, not cherry picked anecdotes of terrible events that may or may not be accurate.
          For your consideration I submit:
          For some other reading to update your studies, try:

          I can also provide some data showing that, despite our excellent health system we are way up on the list of infant mortality compared to other industrial nations.
          I do hope you find the time to have a look at these items. In any case, It is a pleasure debating with you in a civilized manner instead of screaming tirades of disjoined phrases, poor grammar and spelling, name calling, personal attacks and obscenities- as do appear in these spaces from time to time.

          Please let me know if the copy/paste links didn’t come out quite right.

  • msbets says:

    lmao…….ovomit makes the rules for the insurance companies, now the vile fool is BLAMING THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, THAT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET A SCUM BAG LIKE THIS INTO OUR OVAL OFFICE, WHEN IT FUKS UP BLAME SOMEONE ELSE!! Is this what a community organizer does???? OBVIOUSLY…….HELL YES!!!

    1. Old Highland Guy says:

      I see the anger and I agree. Obama is out to destroy this country and the general population is to stupid to see that. We are doomed.

  • modernminuteman says:

    What a joke the democrats are. The gov has not run anything in the black and in the medical field they have botched medicare, medicaid, V.A. healthcare and now Obamacare so what do they do attack the private industry who has to pay a lot more for the same services than the government does and still does it in the black!

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