Democrats mount gun control filibuster

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) launched a talking filibuster on the Senate floor — which was quickly joined by fellow Democrats — in an effort to pressure Republicans to accept legislation that would deny suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms and require universal background checks.

The Senate is debating a spending bill that Democrats hope to offer gun amendments to, but Murphy said that the Senate should “not proceed with debate on amendments to this bill until we have figured out a way to come together on, at the very least, two simple ideas.”

“I’m going to remain on this floor until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together on these two measures, that we can get a path forward on addressing this epidemic in a meaningful, bipartisan way,” Murphy continued on the Senate floor on Wednesday, after he first started his filibuster at about 11:20 a.m.

At the same time, Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) are exploring whether there is common ground on a deal to prevent suspected terrorists from buying firearms. Currently, the two parties are backing very different approaches to resolving instances where someone feels they’ve been wrongly put on a watch list, and therefore cannot purchase a gun.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    WOW…We really have a bunch of LIBTARD DUMBASSES elected to Congress along with the most DELUSIONAL Narcissistic IDIOT elected for the job of potus who was born into a sTUPID family and still has his PIN head buried deeply inside his Compacted COLON…….Will any of these IDIOTS ever Study the facts that States and Cities with the HIGEST gun Control laws like CHCAGO also gave the Hif=ghest CRIME waves in the Local group of cities run by anarcj=hsts while the JV managed ISIS gang is ryunning Wild and are Buyng Guns even when on WARCH lists due to gross mismanagement by rge VERY sae MORONS elected to OFFICE???

    Can any of these MORONS understand that if one of two patron s of the ORLANDO night club had been “PACKING” the ISIS Jihadist Radical Muslim might not have done that much damage????

    Congrats LIBTARD idiots , GUN SALES are RUNNING at a healthy Increase in sales……

  • monchan says:

    I really love hearing our idiot-in-chief lecture us on and on about how “if control measures could save just one life, it would be worth it.” Funny how he won’t apply that same logic to something that kills multitudes more, like say,…….abortion?

  • Webb says:

    McConnell will allow Votes ln new gun laws…
    Democrats are Pushing again…Will Republians Fold? Never let a crisis go to waste, Remember!
    Democrats should be Worried about ISIS and TERRORIST, but NO its a Gun Problem…Really
    14 Hours on the Senate Floor in a Filabuster…All concerning Guns by Democrats! Its all Political, Democrats held both houses 2009-2011and never voted
    ln Gun Legislation…
    Vote Republican in November. 2016…Save your 2nd Amendment Rights…

  • Bill Cash says:

    I don’t mean to sound like “Big Bad John” but I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass what they do or don’t legislate. I fully intend to continue protecting my home and family from the thugs roaming the streets and I will protect those rights until “death do we part”.

  • original ancestry says:

    No more democrats. Americans have been gun owners for over two centuries. It is not the norm that they go out and commit gun attacks on other American, But ever since Ovama and Killary came around back in 2008 wanting gun control , gun violence have strangely increased to the desire of them wanting to take guns away from law abiding citizens. A mastermind plot to disarm Americans . Prof positive is. Ovama bringing in Muslims who come here to buy guns and commit these acts. Who in their right mind would bring in people who are Not Americans and want Americans dead, into this country , that can get access to guns. You don’t import people who want to kill us into the USA which have fun owning rights. It’s a ploy to create gun violence against Americans because Americans don’t think bout killing other Americans but Muslims do.

  • ONTIME says:

    The left has only this last chance to over turn your 2nd amend. and they are going to give it all they got…….they know their rope is short and the noose they feel is real….

  • Milton W. Lowe says:

    Get off the “GUN CONTROL” FIASCO…YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WORK! Knock of the “gun free zones” they are killing fields…more guns are better especially in responsible hands of law abiding people…more CCW & CARRY…IT IS PREVENTATIVE ALSO…GET RID OF TERRORISTS…

  • Ken Hicks says:

    This is so typical of an uninformed body of Politicians. A terrorist, or criminal is not going to go into a store to purchase a firearm. They are readily available on the street. Many with serial numbers removed. So what they are doing is making everyone that purchases a gun have a back ground check, so they will have records of who owns gun! Makes confiscation for them easier!!!

    1. Cleverfun says:

      it’s really very simple Mr. Hicks… top down, bottom up & inside out.

      [They] are massaging the narrative. Thank you for your service Sir!

  • Cleverfun says:

    Watching the filibuster on C-SPAN2 now and what a bunch of gullible and/or manipulating clowns… ISIS has stated that they WILL use the United States’ own “political correctness” to beat us at our own game and use our system to bring us to our knees…

    They [ISIS] knows that they can either send or commission a suicidal Muslim Jihadist to kill Americans in any such a “soft-target” environment [on US soil] using an AR-15 Rifle over & over again until the knee-jerk reaction from a Democratic Left achieves the single-one-purpose to eventually eliminate said AR-15 rifle thus completing its’ well-planned-mission…

    After all, it is a very powerful “self-defensive” tool so what better than to manipulate our very own elected officials coupled with the masses of people who fall for it because of either denial or more specifically, their naivety.

    These elected liberal Democratic Officials are and always will look at this situation in a very skewed manner of which makes them feel all warm & fuzzy inside rather than to man up and openly admit that it is NOT the rifle that is killing so many people; it is the finger attached to a very misguided Muslim Extremist who hates the West and wants to destroy ALL of us and by ANY & ALL means.

    If not the AR Rifle, what next??? Pressure cookers? Machetes? Knives, Matches? Gasoline? Base Ball Bats? Nuclear? Bio? Chemical? [NBC]

    It ALL sounds good on paper but to what end??? They are talking about the AR-15 Rifle right now and “how it has no hunting or sporting purposes” but what they fail to mention is that the guy who perpetrated this absolutely horrible act was a Muslim who worked for the CIA & DHS; he had a very thorough background check so wasn’t already vetted?

    The conversation right now is “someone on a terrorist watch list” but who controls the “watch list” what if they do this and by the stroke of a pen, the very next day and Executive Order is made proclaiming that everyone is a “terrorist” but only because you disagree with them on any given day??

    We are ALL being lied too and I am sitting here watching it happen!

    I honestly believe that the American People (as a whole) should agree on a compromise… we will agree that the 2nd Amendment is alive & well if they will agree to #TERMLIMITS!

  • Patriot47 says:

    Just remember, gubmint calls any gun owning conservative or vet a terrorist.

  • Abel says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. These neocon and libtard democrats are dumber than a post, Communist trained agitators. Good post Lindy.

  • barbarakelly says:

    Well what every they got plan for gun, I hope it blows them out of the water. Maybe then some sense enters their stupid brain.

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Stop fkg with our 2nd amendment. We will take up arms and come for you.

  • Niko says:

    I really do hope that the conneticunt senashit murphy has an aneurysm and keals over on the Senate floor. One less ignorant Un-American/anti-Constitutional libretard to deal with!!!!!.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    >> Guns are not the problem here.

    Trump is right across the board!

    muslim control NOT gun control!
    illegal alien control NOT gun control!

    Deport ALL muslims, citizens or not and all illegal aliens NOW……….period!
    Impeach the entire Obama muslim brotherhood administration NOW!!

    ……….Trump 2016!

  • Wildeagleone says:

    I wish all you loud mouths were directed to personally knock on every door and tell the suspected gun owner you are there to take their weapons away from them. That would show the people just how devoted you are about weapon conviscation and what a true believer you are in denying the people the right of self defense against this f-ing government and the other common criminals preying on the public

  • JIMBO says:

    Guns are not the problem. Obama is the problem. Until he admits that Muslim extremist are running rampant throughout this country we will never solve anything about the killing of innocent people. He has said what difference does it make if these murderers are called what they are, Well Obama it makes a world of difference. We must declare war on ISIS and it must be done now. Everyone knows,without a doubt, that you are a Muslim. Everyone knows that you will not do anything to stop this carnage. Get off the gun kick and start dealing with the real problem. That problem is the Muslim Ideology. They are who they are and nothing will change that.

  • Snoopy says:

    Damn-O-Craps have their collective heads up their asses. They seem to have NO clue as to what the real problem actually is. If a “Radical Extremist” (what EVER his/her religious affiliations) wants to go out and kill a bunch of people, taking away ONE method will not stop him! Go on line and Google “Home Made Explosives” and consider how much MORE damage he could cause if there WERE no guns available!!!

  • monchan says:

    My personal favorite is how the “Idiot-in-Chief” keeps preaching that “these terrorists will never force us to give into fear!” Then, the next sentence is, “We must ban the scary thing”. What a moron!!!!!

  • Daniel W says:

    This moron Murphy is a clone of George Soros. I guess old Georgie is funding his campaign very heavily ALONG WITH OTHER ANTI GUN BRADY TYPE GROUPS . Notice how the democrats are very into people control; these are the war heroes that never served in the armed forces of the United States of America They are trying to destroy the Constitution and want TO TAKE control OF people. Why doesn’t somebody ask him if he carries a gun. I’ll bet he does; either that or he lives in a gated community with armed security guards twenty-four hours a day or has HEAVILY ARMED BODY GUARDS ??? WITH OUT THE SECOND AMMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION WE WOULD ALL BECOME SLAVES!!!

  • monchan says:

    Everyone here is missing one VERY important point. Since 1956, 99.3% of all mass shootings have occurred in “GUN-FREE” zones.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Very good point.

    2. Lkfeinb says:

      That is a very good point. So where are the guns coming from? Our homes are full of them There are no gun free zones.

    3. Bobby Hopkins says:

      dureing demoncrap rein too

    4. Cleverfun says:

      …and by Democratz

  • ihatelibs says:


    1. monchan says:

      That would probably be the best solution. Maybe the Orthodox Muslims will do some of that dirty work for the rest of us.

  • Webb says:

    ISIS And Radical Islamic Terrorist are the Problem not Americans Gun Rights…
    Yet as many times before, Liberals /Progressives once again go to the Senate Floor trying to make More Gun Laws
    to make Americans Safer, which equates to more Gun Rights Taken…
    Democrats never lets a Tragedy Go To Waste…Either support The 2nd Amendment or Give Up Your Guns…
    No more Laws passed to Take Our Gun Rights…Gun Control means Controlling Your Guns!

  • Pete Bundy says:

    Nice idea but who will determine who is a terrorist? I for one do not trust any of these guys in DC anymore than I can throw a full grown jackass 30 yards.

    1. John says:

      My opinion is that at least a person would have to spend a certain amount of time in prison before his name could appear on any terrorist list.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Very few people in jail are terrorists and most can’t buy guns when they get out anyway. If we stopped the mentally ill from buying guns we would catch more terrorist then with ex-cons.

  • Cleverfun says:

    Like I said yesterday on another blog… less than 100 ppl in the US Senate think that they are gonna tell 120,000,000+ (that’s million) AR-15 owners the relinquish their weapons, they may not be pushing this agenda this week but eventually; it’s what they want.

    Good Luck With That… makes me chuckle!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You are not paying attention to what they are asking for, are you. They are not taking any ones gun, no one has ever said they are going to take your guns, They want to make it harder for terrorists and nut jobs to get guns. They want to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Check the facts.

      1. Cleverfun says:

        Apparently, you haven’t seen Diane Feinstein’s new Bill… Have a NICE day bobert!

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Time to collect names and addresses.
    No more talk we have screwed around with liberal dem bloodsuckers too.
    They have tried to force us to allow men into the restroom with our spouses and daughters.
    They have tried to force us to allow more of the rapist killer Muslims into the USA.
    Now they want to take our weapons to make it easier for them.
    No more talk let’s put a stop to this crap in any way necessary they want to kill our families let them pay for it.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You women are safer with transgenders then with Uncle Joe. If you want rapists you should look at your family and neighbors since they are much more likely to rape your women and sons then Muslims are. If you are worried about being killed also look to your friends and family, they are much more likely to kill you the a stranger. Your chances of being shoot by a Muslim terrorist is about the same as being killed by a vending machine.

      1. Lkfeinb says:

        You will never get through to these people. They are the reason we have laws.

      2. gerald Hughes says:

        Uh huh, all of your posts now go to every military site in the USA, 3 to 5 weeks, your name and address will be posted.
        If you are right, then you have no problems. scum bag.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          If you care to check you will find that I’m right. Your children are being abused by family members and people close to them that they trust. Transgenders have enough problems they are not trying to sneak a peek at you women plus have you ever been in a women’s restroom. The stalls have doors on them. Add in the fact that they identify as women so there is no thrill in seeing another women. Do some research on rape. Also while you are at it check out who is killing who. You are most likely to kill yourself then have someone kill you. Next is spouses that kill each other. third is people you know killing you. Go look it up.

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            We are through talking to you scum.
            This one goes to the military, also.
            You had better be right

  • Smitch says:

    The Tree of Liberty is getting Mighty Thirsty! Try to take them!

  • unbridled says:

    If I was a congressman sitting there I would tell him to talk until he’s blue in the face if it makes him happy and I’d get up, walk out and go home to speak to my constituents, town hall fashion. I’d tell them all that I’d be back when you want to talk boarder control, refugee control and illegal alien control. That’s what my constituents want….
    These people all suck! Are we supposed to assume that they are doing what their CONSTITUENTS have asked them to do? No! they don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the people that elected them. They do what THEY want to do!…

    1. SDofAZ says:

      What their donors and big money handlers want. And most do it right after they are elected. Flakey in AZ is a perfect example of that.

      1. unbridled says:

        Point well taken and agreed….

  • Cleverfun says:

    Did anyone see or hear “DICK” Durbin on the Senate Floor today saying that “a hunter has absolutely NO need for an assault weapon to hunt for deer or sporting purposes”…

    Would someone on this forum please explain to all of the kind readers on this post what Mr. Durbin fails to understand…

    Or does he?

  • Cleverfun says:


    It IS NOT fair to American’s to have their 2nd Amendments Infringed by & because of people that shouldn’t have even been here in the first place!

  • Lindy says:

    Stop wasting time trying to take away second amendment rights. Declare war and destroy the radical Islamist terrorists.

    1. ihatelibs says:


      1. Cleverfun says:

        Yes, VOTE but that’s it.

        1. unbridled says:

          That’s exactly what the filth in DC wants us to do. Regardless of what they have us thinking, Voting can’t hurt them. They get away with murder because all we do is vote our way right into their fraudulent elections….

          1. Cleverfun says:

            Well, what [they] have already done is ink a deal with the UN in the form of a small-arms-treaty and now the powers that be are trying to line up the dots as they massage & manipulate the narrative so much and to the point that it has not only become transparent; it IS obnoxiously obvious.

            The irony is that every-single-time they open their mouths, ammo & gun sales sky rocket! (as well as S&W, Rock River & Colts Stock)

          2. unbridled says:

            I SPIT on them and their treaty. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on. I don’t care who signs it. The words “Shall Not Be Infringed” apply to it as well as any other illegal law against the constitution. When the Doo-Doo finally does hit the fan the UN building should be the first building either vacated or knocked down. Their diplomatic immunity expires upon becoming enemies of the U.S citizens and our constitution……

        2. Cahto says:

          We Will See !

    2. Lkfeinb says:

      Maybe you should actually read the 2nd amendment.

      1. Bobby Hopkins says:

        what the hell does that mean,read the 2nd.amendment.sounds like lindy allready has.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Senator Murphy, how about you stuff the bipartisan two measures crap and adhere to the Constitution’s Second Amendment (which you swore to uphold) when you (unfortunately) took office?

  • Luke says:

    Why do the demwits think guns are the problem and would even slow down terrorism..?
    Remove mosque and muslims from the USA, problem solved, no fuss no mess..simple solution..

    1. Retired says:

      Send them back to Africa , that is where all the crappola started .

    2. bobnstuff says:

      You do know that Christians are still in the lead as far as the number of mass killings in our country.

      1. Robert Early says:

        Where did you find that rediculous stat,
        Bobblehead? Was it on some form that asked, “Are you a Muslim, a Christian, or a jackoff like bobnstuff?” So most people circled “Christian” rather than be associated with you.
        Not long ago, I heard a well-known preacher say, “We have far too many Christians, and far too few followers of Christ. I can’t argue with that.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I’m an Ordained minister. I have studied many religions over the years. It helps me to understand my own faith.
          There are a number of postings supporting this fact. Since 9/11 Christians are killing more in mass shooting then Muslims.

          1. Robert Early says:

            Okay, Bob. I apologize. I suppose that my better question would have been the ratio of Christians to Muslims in this country.
            I finally retired (on doctor’s advice) after 55 years in Ministry.
            Apart from 286 credit hours of formal education and three degrees, I continued serious study in World History, Islam,,and the Qur’an for over thirty years.
            I am definitely not politically correct. Any serious student of history would know that Muslims have slaughtered over 270 million men, women, and children during the past 1400 years; making the worse holocaust of all human history. All Muslims lie to protect and carry out their ultimate mission of world domination. None are to be trusted; not even many who say they have become Christian. While there are valid points of view about Islam, I am of the opinion that original Islam was a heracy of early Christianity; and that the Qur’an existed even before Muhammad.
            I am also convinced that our nation is doomed unless we return to God; and it had better happen very soon. Unless this happens soon, all of our political arguments and discussions are a tragic waste of time.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Over the years the Catholics have been pretty busy kill of people to They are close in their numbers. It all depends on if you count the races they destroyed trying to convert them. If you count those tribes the the Catholics win. It’s a shame the people die at the hand of those trying to enlighten them. You are right that the Quran is based largely on the Bible. Mohamad was very taken by the Christians. Much like Christianity Islam was spread by traders. Islam was the better trade religion though and being more like the old testament it was very legalistic. If you ever want to know what the Quran really says got to

            Over the years I have been lucky to know people of many faiths and can see both the good and bad in them. We could learn a thing or two from the Quran and our responsibility to others. I joke that they are more Christian then we Christians. Unlike Christian Islam has rules for other faiths living in there society.

            Muslims make up .7% of the population of the US.They make up a higher percentage of the military then average. Islam work fairly well in a democracy and most Muslims adjust to our country well.

            If you look at our countries history we have always had problems with the new comers and the Muslims are no different. I try to look at everyone as who they are not what the label says about them. I try to show them Christs love. I respect them and get respect in return.

          3. Cleverfun says:


      2. Luke says:

        Really, I didn’t know that. BTW, It’s not true either.. Christians do not commit mass murder in the USA, and BTW, 9/11 would be hard to top.

      3. Luke says:

        LOL, really, any of them top 9/11?

  • texexpatriate says:

    So what else is new? A Democrat is a traitor. Ninety percent of Republicans are traitor-lite. I feel sorry for the county deputies they will send to enforce any kind of confiscation. Here where I live they will all die as they turn up my drive and the drives of my neighbors.

    1. Retired says:

      Wake up people it’s Democrats that prevent Progress and Freedom.

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Along with rinos.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          If more Republicans are RINO’s then not who is the RINO? Are the people who built the party over the last half century not the true republicans?

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            You will know, when they get to your house liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Well since I would be called a RINO by you I don’t think I need worry. You do know that there are those in the Republican party that can still think for them selves and even support common sense gun laws. Back before the take over the NRA supported then to. I own guns, shoot guns and know a fair amount about them.

            Are you afraid they are coming for you? Are people hanging around you house watching you? Are you afraid that terrorist are targeting you? If so go get help. Take your guns to someone you trust and go get help.

          3. Cleverfun says:

            There you go Bobert… you said, “I don’t think”

            Thank you for manning up & admitting it, your are heading in the RIGHT direction

          4. gerald Hughes says:

            Invite anyone that would like to, to come to my home.
            My last 2 years in the Corps were spent as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
            You last post firmly marks you as liberal dem bloodsucker, that was a classic liberal scum remark.
            The people that built the party?
            Hardly, they have tried to go farther to the left for the last 12 years, we will not allow it.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Having been a elected official in the Republican party and work for fifty years getting republicans elected I believe I am a true republican.

            Looking at your rants you really need to go get checked out. First take your guns to someone you trust so they are taken care of. Look are your posts.

            As far as being a marksmanship instructor this is supposed to impress me? I grow up with blank 50 Cal’s in my toy box. My Dad was a ordinance officer. My oldest Brother is a NRA instructor and has published articles on black powered guns. My next brother was a weapon specialist but ended up in tanks. My next brother was on the pistol team for his ship. My father in law was a Ranger as well as my best friend from high school. I shoot a group you can cover with a half dollar. I’m suppose to be impressed that you watched people shoot?

          6. gerald Hughes says:

            Worthless lying cunt.
            If a Tex ranger were related to you, he would beat you to death with a soda straw
            Next time you are around Quantico Va, take a look at whose name is on rthe range record for the 600 yard line and the 1000 yard line, little liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

    2. p-40-bob43 says:

      texexpatriate Are you making a threat against law enforcement ? I think your e-mail should be given to the proper authority’s . Thanks for letting everyone know.

      1. ihatelibs says:

        ME thinks , Youre a LIBTURD DEM DICKHEAD

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You are so bright I bet you mommy called you Sonny. You add nothing but noise. If you don’t agree with the statement make your case but just calling names is so Junior High, So Trump like.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            So where are you when BLM chants for dead police bob?

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Here is an interesting fact, You are safer being a Policeman then working construction. Last year we lost 223 officers in the line of duty. That number has been dropping over the last few years. That number came from the FOP.

          3. Cleverfun says:

            oh gawd… more fuzzy math from a pinhead.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            Of course he is Trump like. That is why he will vote for him. It is just amazing the large number of terrible people in this country. Our educational system has failed us. Our mental health system is in the dark ages and the Republicans continue to speak on tax and service cuts. Makes sense to me why there are people like this.

          5. Robert Early says:

            Trump has at least twice your IQ.
            There are two things you will never have in your life.
            Intelligence and love.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            You have notice that Trump likes calling people names. He does it in almost every tweet. He spent the debates calling people name. He thinks like a Junior High student. He loves tweets because he doesn’t have to say anything. I am so thankful that I’m not Trump.

      2. Bobby Hopkins says:

        yeah and a whole lot more,so bring it on ass hole!!!

      3. Robert Early says:

        The real problem, p-40, is that many of us see you and others like you as the greater threat. I don’t believe that our country has even been so polarized; not since the Civil War at least.
        Are we looking at the beginnings of another Civil War. I hope not.
        However, I swore a solemn oath to defend the Constitution (with my very life) against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I intend to do just that.;
        and I am sincerely sorry if you hear that as threatening. At least 23 million other Americans swore that same oath. Of course, there may be several traitors like you within that number.
        Even so, I don’t think you should be harmed. Pittied, yes.

      4. gerald Hughes says:

        Another liberal cu#t,

    3. SDofAZ says:

      Just the rinos and dem lemmings are traitors. The rest are okay for now, but there must be something the air in DC that turns most elected officials into bought and paid for good old go along get along fools who forget their mandate to the people and swear their alliegance to the donors and handlers.

    4. bobnstuff says:

      You are saying that 95% of the people are traitors? Just who is talking about confiscation of guns? That’s one of those lies you are being feed buy the RWNJ. They want to limit sales. If you are going to be against something you should know what the truth is.

  • jbarrus says:

    The real problem Washington has with the Citizens owning guns is that they cannot totally control every aspect of our lives. The so called “Elite” will not be happy until we are all slaves to their every whim. I do not want that for myself and especially not for my kids and grand kids. That is not the heritage I want to pass down to future generations. Our Founding Fathers were smart enough to understand that there will always be people who want to run and control everything. The 2nd Amendment was put in Our Constitution for the simple purpose of giving the common people the power to control their own lives. We may have to use our guns to protect our Liberty and Freedom, but I hope not.

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      jbarrus That is why we have the Constitution and 3 separate bodies of government, each one to watch over the other. If you are that stupid to understand that then you need an education. You can argue the 2nd . Amendment to you are blue in the face it is like the bible , everyone has a different opinion . Actually , it violates the body of the Constitution. ” The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness . The 2nd takes away those rights which are in the body of the Constitution . Do you really think the founding fathers thought of 150,000,000 weapons in the hands of civilians ans a good many of them assault weapon’s Where the hell is your common sense ?

      1. Cleverfun says:

        you said, “we have the Constitution and 3 separate bodies of government”… why don’t you call Obama and remind him of that!

      2. Webb says:


  • Robert Early says:


    1. Retired says:

      Come Nov. they will get walking papers.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Yes with Trump heading the ticket the democrats should have no problem winning. Trump supports gun control anyway so in this case it makes no difference.

        1. Webb says:


        2. Retired says:

          You must be from NY or Ca.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Trump is trying to meet with the NRA to see if he can get them on the wagon for limited gun control. The NRA says they will take the meeting but not change their stand. I’m from Pa.

          2. Retired says:

            Pa. is one of the AFU states that helped Obama get elected with the Voter ID ban. Just as bad as NY

          3. bobnstuff says:

            You mean the ID law that was designed to elect Romney. The republicans admitted that it was for that purpose only. We don’t have a big voter fraud problem. I have been a poll watcher and it would be hard to pull one over on the ladies at the desk. I was impressed by just how good they were.

          4. Retired says:

            And of course in the heart of the getto district right. Eastern Pa. is just as bad as NY and NJ.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            If you really think that there is voter fraud become a poll watcher or run for judge of election. Become a poll worker. Once you get to see how the system works you will change your view and if it is a problem you are there to do something about it.

          6. Cahto says:

            Been There Done That !
            Watched when the ballots arrived at the Voting Official Tally Point
            Broken Boxes all ballots counted (Who had been playing with
            those ballots ??
            Wake Up !

          7. Retired says:

            You will never wake up a Democrat when it comes to voter ID

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Did you fill a report? did they follow up on it? We they changed our voting machines and now it a computer which I don’t like. The old machines were very hard to cheat. We did our tallying at the polling place and sent the results to the county. Where did you have paper ballets? Does anyone still use them?

          9. Retired says:

            Does your clerk or those registering for proof of citizenship or birth certificate.. Does a clerk ever check that , a big fat no. Why do you think Democrats fight voter ID laws , so illegals can vote.

    2. p-40-bob43 says:

      Robert Early Another idiot putting a threat on this site, another that the authority’s should be contacted . Thank you . You will be contacted.

      1. Robert Early says:

        BRING IT ON !!!

  • kathy diamond says:


    1. Webb says:

      May it stay Frozen…

  • Victor P. Bundy says:

    There thousands of people on the no fly list and terrorist watch lists that haven’t ever done a thing wrong ever … That’s why this ban will have a huge problem .. Ted Kennedy was even on the no fly list when he was alive !!! See my point ??? Plus once they place a ban on one firearm the others will fallow stripping and gutting the 2 Amendment …. A REVOLUTION IS BREWING !!! 1776 will repeat itself !!!

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      Victor P. Bundy This is not just for a NO FLY List. They want to take ASSAULT WEAPONS off the market, why do you object to that ? Your crap about they are coming to take your weapons . That is so old now and when has anyone come to your house to rake your weapons. The NRA really has you brain washed and you fell for it. You are the type of person that can be led by the nose very easily They keep saying ban assault weapons and their is no need for civilians to have that kind of weapon but yet you hear OH my God they want all guns. Clean your freaking ears.

      1. Cleverfun says:

        An AR-15 is not an ASSAULT WEAPON unless it’s in the hands of a Muslim… Maybe we should ban Muslims from having them!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It’s not the religion of the person that makes it a assault weapon. More Christian have used them to kill groups of people the Muslims. What we need is better mental health services so we don’t have so many nut jobs walking the streets. The people from Sandy Hook started out crying for gun laws but found out that it was better mental health service that were need to solve the problem.

        2. Webb says:

          Banning Muslims for at least five years is the Key…All Muslims! !

      2. Webb says:

        No Assault Weapons on the MARKET…Educate Yourself!
        LAWS starts with small increments then explode into heavier laws…NO THANKS! !

      3. Victor P. Bundy says:

        Assault weapons weapons that have more than ten bullets, in a magazine senior citizens that draw welfare, Vets, need I go on or have you had your head in the sand to long .. One thing will lead to another with muslim obama his muslim regime and CROOKED HITLERY .. Like Hitler you sheeple are being led to the slaughter .. Better stand up for your rights before they are all gone !!!

    2. Cleverfun says:

      Except instead of red coats, they’ll be drones… lots & lots of drones!

    3. Donnie Buchanan says:

      Yes, but remember that Teddy was a killer. He drove into a river while drunk and didn’t even try to rescue her or notify anyone until the next morning.

      1. Victor P. Bundy says:

        That was never proven otherwise he would have went to prison .. But like thousands of others the muslim obama regime placed people on a no fly list and terrorist watch list with no probable cause … This is all a ploy to confiscate even more weapons from the American Citizens and leave them defenseless against terrorists and criminals that will always obtain automatic weapons from drug dealers and so on … Also a direct threat to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights to have and bare arms .

  • Varmint~ says:


    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      Varmint That is why we lost approx. 66,000 people in this country to gun violence. How freaking stupid are you. You must be one of the mental cases that are afraid you will loose your gun. Please justify 66,000 killed in the U.S. in 2 years and 55,000 killed in 10 years in Vietnam ?

      1. monchan says:

        Easy. 56% of gun deaths are self inflicted (suicide). The VAST majority of the others are committed with hand guns, and the majority of those are committed with ILLEGAL guns, and the VAST majority of those are black on black shootings. Chicago has the most stringent gun laws in the country, yet the highest gun crime. Hmmmm. Now who’s is so freaking stupid?

        1. ihatelibs says:

          LIBTURD DEMS , NEVER , EVER , Get it Right

        2. SDofAZ says:

          P just likes twisting the statistics like the dems do. Thanks for the great clarification of P’s crapola. Good response to the gun control idiots.

      2. Timetable says:

        Get your head out of your “POSTERIOR MAXIMUS” and quit kissing OBAMMERS ASS!!

      3. ihatelibs says:


      4. monchan says:

        We lose 50,000+ per year to automobiles, an almost 100% increase per year since the Feds. instituted CAFE standards. So, why aren’t you advocating a car ban?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It’s down to 26,000 per year, about the same as gun deaths. We don’t need to ban cars, just make them safer and improve driver train. It’s working for cars, maybe we should try it for guns an see.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Hum, cars now versus guns. Again where is the comparison per the constitution. I just love it when I see this grasping reach for some comparison. NOT! One is in the constitution as a right, the other is where, anywhere in our constitution. Must be comparing apples to oranges logic again Bob.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            So you would be fine if the government took all private cars off the road. There have been many people over the years that said the second amendment was about militias not private ownership of guns.

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            Keep your mouth running liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, we are approaching end of patience with you scum

          4. Cleverfun says:

            Don’t get me started again Bob… the other half of that passage states, “the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

            Please take a remedial reading course and get back to me.

          5. Bobby Hopkins says:

            get off it troll !

          6. Cleverfun says:

            It’s what Libtards do brother… too much cool aid weakens the brain.

          7. monchan says:

            I have no problems with more gun training.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            Good we agree on something. I know that I’m not skilled in shooting a hand gun and I don’t own one. I would not be safe out on the street with one. I figure there are many people out there with my skill set and I don’t want them out there with guns.

      5. Robert Early says:

        Well, Genius, try these stats:
        Thanks to you liberals, over 20 million innocents have lost their lives in abortion mills. Over 30,000 each year die in auto accidents. Obviously, we need to ourlaw cars and trucks. Simply licensing them was not enough. Most gun crimes are black on black, caused by liberal policies.
        20 % of all murder is committed by those with other means than a gun.
        Other than knives, baseball bats, hammers, and crowbars are quite popular.
        You also completely neglect the reality that guns in the right hands have stopped crimes, and saved thousands of lives. Guns also protect our freedoms and prevent ignorant people like you from leading us into slavery. You bet. I will stop you by any means necessary.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          We should do with guns what we did with cars, we cut auto deaths in half by improving safety standards. Isn’t it interesting that the very things that the conservatives are trying to do to end abortions by making them harder to get is a good idea but when you put forward the same thing when it comes to guns is a bad thing.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            Twisted logic Bob. The difference between the two issues is our constitution for number two on the list not our preferences morally about abortion. Or do you not see the difference? If so, then read number two in the constitution and tell me where in the constitution abortion is noted.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            So our constitution doesn’t protect life, just guns? Are you defending a women’s right to an abortion by saying the constitution gives the unborn no protection.

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            You scum have been told and told keep your big ole moth running we’ll see how it works outs for you.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            How come you are almost the sole sane person on this site?

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Because I like to fight and these folk are more then happy to obliged.

          6. Bobby Hopkins says:

            whats ur address

          7. gerald Hughes says:

            Wait, I sens all of this scum bag’s posts to all of the military blogs in the USA, 3 to 5 weeks they will post his name and address.Let’s see how much he likes to fight

          8. Cleverfun says:


          9. Lkfeinb says:

            I really like you.

          10. Robert Early says:

            We already have sufficient laws in place that bad guys simply ignore.
            You want even more restrictions to control law abiding citizens and more bad guys to ignore.
            Lincoln was killed with a single-shot 44 caliber Derringer. JFK was killed by a bolt-action rifle. Neither of which were assault weapons.
            A civilian-grade AK-47 is not an assault weapon. It only looks similar to it’s military cousin.
            Before you start adding new laws and regulations, don’t you think that you should at least learn more about the subject matter?
            We’ve had existing laws about assault weapons and automatic weapons for a very long time. Go to any gun show in the country. You won’t find one to buy. If police find one at all, it came across our porous border in the hands of dangerous people. Obama is allowing very dangerous people to enter our country by the thousands. Do you really want to significantly reduce gun violence? Kick the liberals and career RINOs out of government.
            Control our borders. Completely shut down the drug trade. Lock up dangerous people for life, rather than simply giving them a slap on the wrist. Stop the welfare gimmies,
            but put people back to work with a viable, productive economy. Stop taking rights away from law-abiding citizens. Let God back into American life.
            That should just about do it.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            The AK-47 is a junk gun, most made in some third world nation. If you read what I have said I pointed out that these guns are not really a problem. The problem is who can buy guns of this type. Keeping these guns out of the hands of crazy people would be a good move. Our gun laws are a joke and when someone is arrested with gun charges they are the first ones to be dropped. The Cops have pretty much stopped wasting their time.

            You blame Obama for our open borders. I guess you aren’t into checking the facts of the matter. We have 2,000 miles of border with Mexico, much through land that is not easy to travel in. Not idea for protection. Add a congress that doesn’t want the borders closed or the illegals sent home. You will say that they want our borders closed but when asked for money and better laws they said know. ICE is the agency that has to deal with border security as well as customs and immigration enforcement. They have only 20.000 employee to handle all of that.
            Obama had to take agents from our northern border and send them south to help. We have doubled the number of agents in the last 7 years. Congress has been no help. Obama has used his money wisely though. Instead of just sending anyone home he targeted the worst and has sent a lot of them home. He also told those he wasn’t targeting that if the registered they could work or go to school. What we have is a list with names and address for all those people so we can track them and tax them. If congress cared they would fix the law and spend the money to do the job.

          12. Cleverfun says:

            Bobert, I swear to God, every time you “open ur mouth” you instantly put ur foot’n it… In fact, you are sooo drunk on ur own cool aid; people can’t help but laugh.

            1st if all, the AK-47 is NOT a “junk gun” at all in fact, it is often and in most situations & climates more durable than the current M16 model called the “M4” and anyone on this blog that knows anything about such equipment will most certainly agree with me.

            They can be run dirty and thrown in the mud, salt water; you name it and it will still fire off rounds like a brand new one and with very little cleaning.

            Secondly, go do a google search for the ICE Agent who recently committed suicide and please briefly read the note he left regarding protecting the borders. I could write an entire article on it but I’m fairly worn out after watching the Libtard Filibuster all damned day.

            I have no doubt that I speak for the many fine people that blog on disqus so please do us a really big favor and go away!

          13. bobnstuff says:

            The AK 47 is an out of date rude and crude gun made in a third world nation. There are dozens of guns out there for less money that are much better. If I want an out of date rifle give me an M1 Grand. I have shoot both.

            ICE is under funded and under maned. They are trying to enforce laws that can’t be enforced. The President does not control their funding and in fact has asked for help. The Republicans said no and went on vacation. In spite of this Obama is sending illegals home a the highest rate in decades. In the last 10 years the number of illegal has dropped by almost half. If our borders are not secure it’s on congress.

          14. Cleverfun says:

            I give up… ur smoke’n Fruit-Loops bud… So now Russia is a 3rd World Nation?

          15. Cleverfun says:

            Bless ur Heart Bobert…

          16. The AK-47 is NOT out of date and has been improved every single year since it was introduced. You are a gun moron and know jack squat about the AK-47.

            You need to watch the documentary made about it. It will withstand a torture test that would make any M4 wilt.

          17. The AK-47 is a junk gun? You’d better check your junk. I think its missing.

          18. Cleverfun says:

            …and both of the people that committed those acts were registered Democrats!

          19. gerald Hughes says:

            Leave our weapons alone scum bag, we are tired of taking to you fing garbage

          20. bobnstuff says:

            Who is taking your weapons? No one is coming for your guns. Didn’t you even bother to see what they were talking about today in congress. They want to keep terrorist from buying guns. They are not coming for your gun. Not one gun has been taken away from a legal owner under Obama.

          21. Jason Muñiz says:

            The point is, they 1st go after the guns of terrorists, then they come after ours.
            They’ve already labeled me a terrorist in 2009.

            Janet Napolitano said, In her statement Wednesday, Ms. Napolitano defended the report, which says “rightwing extremism” may include groups opposed to abortion and immigration, as merely one among several threat assessments.”

            Then goes on to mention Timothy McVeigh (circa 1993)
            “I was briefed on the general topic, which is one that struck a nerve as someone personally involved in the Timothy McVeigh prosecution,” Ms. Napolitano said.

            But Muslims are killing people every single day across this planet.

            I’m positive that since they called us “extremists” 2009 they will do so again as a way to take away our gun rights.

            The problem is, if you outlaw guns, the unintended consequence will be that only criminals will have guns or like in Great Britain, the violence will become “knife violence”


            “Gun ownership is an alien concept with our British cousins across the Atlantic, but that doesn’t mean that violent crime has been reduced. In fact, with no guns readily available, though there are gun crimes in the UK, knives seem to be the weapon of choice. This isn’t surprising. The rise in knife attacks has been in the UK press since 2008–and they’ve increased by 13 percent since last year” (via Sky News):

            I know this is falling on deaf ears, but I have to at least plant some seeds

            “Knife crime has increased for the first time in many years, annual crime statistics have revealed.
            The figures show there were 1,577 more knife assaults (up 13% from the previous year) and 1,000 more cases of knife possession (up 10%).
            Overall, knife crime rose by 2% in the 12 months up to March this year, said the Office for National Statistics.
            The ONS [Office for National Statistics] report also revealed that sex offences rose by 37% to the highest figure since 2003, but it suggested this was the result of victims being more willing to report such offences, improvements in police recording methods and a significant number of reported historic sex attacks.
            The official figures for all crimes recorded by police show they went up by 3%, with a particular rise of 23% in violence against the person, but the ONS said that was purely because of changes in police recording methods.
            In January, the Telegraph reported that violent crime, overall, rose by 16 percent. Yikes:
            Violent crime recorded by the police soared by 16 per cent last year to nearly 700,000 offences, new figures show.
            Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) covering the 12 months to the end of September last year showed 699,800 recorded incidents of violence against the person compared with 604,100 offences in the previous 12 months.
            The data also showed a new record level of rapes recorded by police in England and Wales.
            There were 24,043 rapes in recorded crime figures for the year, a rise of 31 per cent on the previous 12 months and 81 per cent higher than a decade earlier.

            The figure beat the 22,000 figures recorded in the previous quarter’s data and suggests that continuing confidence in police and the courts is leading growing numbers of rape victims to come forward.”

          22. bobnstuff says:

            I live in a town were a young man went to school with the intent of hurting people, Luck had it that he had a knife. If he had a gun a number of people would be dead.

            This debate in congress isn’t about taking anyone’s guns, it’s about not letting people who are under investigation buy guns. If anyone has a right to be paranoid it me. I have been investigated by the FBI at least twice that I know of back in the 60’s. I know I have showed up on their radar a number of time since, My nephew worked for the CIA, I am not afraid of them or the government. I fined it interesting how different people see things differently. I want the government to look for people who might be a danger. I want them to look for anyone who could be a danger not just Muslims.

            I know a lot of things about Timothy McVeigh. I know about the explosives he used and even where he got his truck, he lost his deposit on that one, U-Haul was very thankful it was a Rider.

            As far as crime being on the rise in UK is shouldn’t surprise you. They are in much worse economics then we are. When times are tough violent crime goes up.

          23. Cleverfun says:

            Especially when they import people who refuse to assimilate!

          24. Thr liberal slime bags in Washington have no problem stigmatizing white Christian conservatives, but blow a gasket if you even whisper the words, “radical Islam, “jihad”, “takfir,” or even the fact…the FACT that the Koran commands all Muslims to kill Jews and Gays.

            The Koran is a hate book and those who believe in it and who follow it will eventually become terrorists. All they need is a green light from Barack Obama.

          25. Cahto says:

            It’s not all about economics.
            Hey Honey, Whatcha Smoken, I think it must be pretty good stuff ?

          26. Cleverfun says:

            They’re smoking “Fruit Loops” brother!

          27. Graham says:

            give an inch they take a mile.

          28. Cahto says:

            give an inch they take a mile.
            give an inch they take 20 miles !

          29. Cleverfun says:

            hey bob… do you know the difference between a “brown-noser” and a “kiss-azz”???

            It’s #DEPTH-PERCEPTION

          30. gerald Hughes says:

            A-hole, listen very carefully.
            Obama has said twice, all guns should be taken Clinton has also.
            You liberal dem bloodsuckers consider yourself the intelligentsia and that people should follow you desires immediately, with out question.
            You also know that you can’t make that stick, so long as the citizenry are armed.
            You liberal dembloodsuckers consider yourself unique,
            Sorry, you are not even close, we have heard all of this before
            We heard that for the safety of the public universal registration should take place.
            We heard that from Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Kim Il Jung, Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, and Josef Tito.
            They all got it.
            With in 3 years, they had ,all, confiscate all weapons
            With in a year after that they had all passed laws that made it illegal to say something nasty about the government/. The above group was responsible for the death of 220 million people, mostly, their own citizens
            Another group, Australia, Canada, England, Italy Greece, Germany , Spain, Portugal and France, thy confiscated all weapons.
            In a staggering coincidence, all of them have passed laws that made it illegal to say nasty things about the government.
            So, now we have the liberal dem bloodsucker that seem to be determined to disarm us.
            Stop noww my firend, our founders saw you garbage coming over 200 years ago.
            That is why the Second Amendment is there. as a guarantee for the rest of them.
            You will not be allowed to remove them.
            If you stop your efforts now, maybe, we can coexist.
            Doubtful, but maybe, continue your efforts you are looking at civil war.
            You liberal dem bloodsuckers will cheerfully destroy the last best hope of mankind to live free on this planet, the disgusting part, you would do it for a few bucks a week in handouts
            You liberals live pretty well in this country, let it alone or be prepared to pay the price.

          31. bobnstuff says:

            The President said no such thing and the rest of you posting is pure bull. Also go look at where your taxes money is going. Most ends up in the pockets of the rich. Where does the money we spend on defense end up? Not in the pay of the brave men and women that serve, they get food stamp. Just who is sucking us dry?

          32. gerald Hughes says:

            Liberal dem bloodsucking low life parasitical scum bag.
            The president said it twice The Clinton outlaw numerous times, it is as easy as using google, low life lying scumbag.
            The rest of the posting is pure bull?
            You want to tell me that the names I posted didn’t do what I said, or that anything I said was not true.
            You are truly a life form, with out merit, worth, value, morals, honor or integrity.
            All of your posts go to all of the military blogs in the country from now on you worthless pos.
            3 to 5 weeks, they will post your name and address
            When the shtf , we want to make sure that you are among the garbage that pay the price.

          33. original ancestry says:

            Oh yeah. Go to California. Go to Chicago. Go to DC. Go to Washington. Listen to what Fates said. Listen to what Jeh Johnson just stated … Wake up

          34. Omar Mateen wasn’t on the terrorist watch list, but the FBI knew he was a terrorist.

            Omar Mateen wasn’t on the no fly list, but the FBI knew he was a terrorist.

            Omar Mateen didn’t use an AR-15, but the Fascist Democrats want to ban the AR-15?

            No gun law will prevent terrorists from getting weapons…but what? We can’t keep[ terrorists fromn coming into this country?

            We can’t deport people who are known terrorists?

            If one person in San Bernadino or Orlando has been allowed to carry a gun, no way there would have been the mass carnage in “gun-free” zones.

            Gun-free zones are the #1 cause of mass murders.

            YOU wake the “F” up!

          35. bobnstuff says:

            Did you even check to see what they are trying to pass or is the word gun control all you need to here to go off. I have a question for you. How are you going to keep terrorist out when most are born here? How are you going to stop anyone from coming into our country if they really want to. Trump says build a wall. That takes care of 2000 miles but are you forgetting our sea coast? How much manpower would it take to do all this? where is the money coming from?

            You are all upset because they want to touch the second but you don’t care about the first. Do you even know what the rest of the rights are? It’s all about your right and no one else.

            Gun-free zones are the #1 cause of mass murders. Do you even think before you say things like that or are you just repeating something you heard. Timothy McVeigh wouldn’t have been stopped by a gun since there where armed guards. The Boston Boomer would not have been stopped by armed people, there where more then enough cops with guns there. The #1 cause of mass murders is mentally unstable people, in most cases made crazy by the abuse of the people around them. If trying to keep guns from these people doesn’t make sense to you then you haven’t thought about it enough.

          36. Of course I did. I read the entire wording of bills they want to pass – unlike the morons who support Trump who never read a bill in his life.

            Did you even read and comprehend what I wrote?

            The #1 cause of mass murders are Muslims who use any means possible to kill people. The 9/11 hijackers used box cutters. Timothy McVeigh had a fertilizxer bomb in his van. The Boston Bombers (plural, and not “Boomer”) had pressure cooker bombs.

            You thesis about “mentally unstable people, in most cases made crazy by the abuse of the people around them,” is would be partially right if you left off the bleeding-heart excuse at the end of it. No, they aren’t abused by the people around them. Yes, they are mentally unstable but BECAUSE THEY ARE TAKING PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS. Every single mass murderer who wasn’t a Muslim bent on jihad was taking SSRI’s which are known to create violent behavior and suicidal ideation.

            I’m talking about “no fly lists” and “terror watch lists” and you’re talking about “mentally unstable” individuals.

            How about getting on the same page?

          37. bobnstuff says:

            So you read the bills did you? Then you know that neither takes any guns away and they limit people on the watch list from getting guns.

            They had been on psychotropic drugs and someone let them get to guns. Ever read the disclaimers for those drugs, They tell you that they can make crazy people crazier. If that happens they should call their doctor. Psychotropic drugs work for many people but not all. The doctor didn’t do his job and follow up.

          38. They want to keep people on the no fly list from getting gunsd WITHUOT due process. Anyone can be put on the no-fly list. Teddy Kennedy was put on it. You don’t even know you’re on it.

            This amounts to the start of gun confiscation.

          39. gerald Hughes says:

            Only becaue we will not allow it, the liberal dem bloodsuckers will continue until they get civil war.
            We refuse to give them one inch, any victory is treated as a stepping stone to confiscation We have heard all of this before form the liberal dem bloodsucking scum all of this before form you liberal scum.
            A quick look at the people that have agreed with you down through history says it all..
            Pol pot, Idi Amin, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Jong, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Josef Tito, and Josef Stalin.
            All wanted universal registrartion for the safety of the public.
            All of them got it.
            With in three years they had all confiscated all of the weapons

            With in a year after that,, they had all passed laws making it a crime to say nasty things about the government.
            The 2nd Amendment was installed as guarantor of the others.
            Leave them alone or pay the price

          40. bobnstuff says:

            It’s sad that you no longer believe in the values our country were founded on. You don’t believe in democracy or the rule of law. You are calling for the over throw of a freely elected government. I’m sorry you have lost faith in democracy.

          41. Cahto says:

            A Communist Controlled Government !
            Wake Up, !

          42. bobnstuff says:

            Do you know what a communist is? You need to find a new boogeyman. Communism is dying. We are down to five communist nations left and they are excepting capitalism more and more.

          43. Cleverfun says:

            The “boogeyman” is ISIS and this is the very same ISIS that Mr. O referred too as the “JV” Team only two short years ago in his now famous declarative speech…

            John Brennan testified before the US Congress today for what should be referred to as a “Commencement Speech” because apparently, ISIS has graduated into the real thing and ready to go to work on ALL of US.

            Of course, it only makes sense to disarm the American People because afterall, how are we going to stop all of this madness???

            How f-ing transparent is that!

            Bob, you are a “shill” please GFY.

          44. bobnstuff says:

            So who is going to be your boogeyman next year when ISIS is gone? The locals are now kicking them out. You need a enemy.

          45. Cleverfun says:

            I’m an ex-bodyguard bobert… I’m always ready!

          46. Lkfeinb says:

            Oh, but that is because a vast majority of this country cannot tell the difference between Communism, Fascism, and Socialism. Many think they are all the same.

          47. gerald Hughes says:

            Sad, your fing as$, worthless low life liberal dem scumbag.
            1st you fing cretin,. we are not a democracy, we are a republic.
            It was set up this way so that scum like you can’t rule.
            The founders saw you fing low life garbage coming and put the 2nd Amendment in to protect the other amendments..
            We are though talking to you scum, leave them alone or pay.

          48. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry we scare you. Are people watching you, are your phones all tapped? Do you hear voices? Are they coming to take your guns? You had better hide because the big bad Democrats are going to get you.

          49. gerald Hughes says:

            Scare me?
            You want my address scary democrat?
            I live on one sq mile, come on down, bring a couple of hundred of your buddies, I don’t think any of you would make it.

          50. bobnstuff says:

            Keep hiding in your one square mile so you can be safe. Do you have a nice cave to live in? If you are not scared why do you need to hide with all those guns?

          51. gerald Hughes says:

            Hiding, there is quite a nice little 4 bedroom, with 5 baths and an attached 3 car garage.
            Out front of the home are three flag poles, the Center is 40 ft high, flying the flag of the USA
            To the left is a 30 ft flagpole, flying the Confederate Battle Flag. To the right is another 30ft flagpole, fllying the flag of the USMC
            As you drive up US 641 you can easily see them at 70 miles per hour.
            I don’t have thet many guns I have 11 long guns and 15 handguns.
            Why do I have them?
            I have them because I wanted them.
            just because you p-ants wet yourself at the thought of touching a weapon means nothing to me.
            I had a thought thouh, that is likely to be problem for you liberal dem parasitical scum.
            We will try to pass laws that require anyone attempting to pass gun control laws to undergo, an exam, under truth serum to find out what your real motives for disarming us, are.

          52. bobnstuff says:

            You really should read my posts if you are going to call me names. I’m a gun owner and not anti guns, I anti having people who shouldn’t have guns from having them. I don’t own hand guns because I’m not a good shot with them and don’t enjoy shooting them. I’m a very good shot with a long gun and shot a group you can cover with a half dollar. Read my posts.

            You call me names which shows you are not connecting with what I say. You attack without checking the facts of what is being said. I’m not trying to be smart but you really need to go to your doctor for a check up. You are ranting and getting angry at a greater rate then called for. Take your guns to a friend you can trust and go see a doctor.

          53. gerald Hughes says:

            I don’t want to read your posts a-hole, it’s the same thing over and over from you liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
            Any small victory that you scum get, you immediately start trying to build on it to disarm the citizenry
            Our founders saw you garbage coming over 200 years ago.
            The 2nd amendment is there for that reason.
            if we alloww you too, you liberal dem bloodsuckers will destroy the last best hope of mankind on this planet to live free.
            The 2nd Amendment is there to guarantee the sanctity of the rest of them.
            We are no longer interested in hearing the bs that you liberal fing garbage put out.
            Continue to try to take them at your own considerable peril, there is little patience left with you parasites.

          54. bobnstuff says:

            You are ranting. Go get help. I don’t care what you call me, Go see a doctor. I took care of my father in his last years and have seen this before. It my be nothing but go get checked.

          55. gerald Hughes says:

            This remind s me of the post where i documented the people that agreed with you walking, talking compost piles.
            The ones responsible for the death of 22 million people, using the guise of public safety.
            Tell me again that what I said about Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Fidel Castro, Kim Il Jong, Benito Mussolini , Adolph Hitler , Josef Stalin , Josef Tito and Mao Tse Tung was bull,.
            You people are not acceptable life forms, when handed facts your response is, “BUll,.
            Get help you ersatz life form your family are the ones that need help, god know what damage you would do if some one in your family called you out on you tirades.

          56. Lkfeinb says:

            This is one of the men who need to be put on the watch list. The FBI should look at these posts and take notes.

          57. Cleverfun says:

            They are NOT “Democrats”, they are Communist hiding behind a name a/o a “moniker”… I think that in the world of “political correctness: we really should band together and call the Democratic Party what it really is.


          58. Lkfeinb says:

            🙂 🙂 🙂

          59. gerald Hughes says:

            Please do, the opportunity to defend my self against you pu$$ies is as good as it gets

          60. Lkfeinb says:

            Love your vocabulary!!

          61. gerald Hughes says:

            Want me to send one of my grandsons over to teach you the words pervert?

          62. Cleverfun says:

            Hey Bobert… everyone on this blog is on to you. You must be a plant because no one is that stupid!

          63. Lkfeinb says:

            You are!

          64. Cleverfun says:

            Why don’t you go Fuck Yourself!

          65. Lkfeinb says:

            Reading these posts makes me yearn for decent psychiatric care in this country. It really seems to be in the dark ages.

          66. Lkfeinb says:

            The FBI should scan these responses and place some of these people on their watch list.

          67. Cleverfun says:

            Every gun has a “safety” but it seems that most Muslim Extremist don’t know how to use it… Maybe we should demand that Muslim Extremist go thru a gun safety course and to pass, they have to line up against a wall.

            I am almost certain that there are lots & lots of dedicated Americans willing to teach that class!

          68. The safety switch on a Muslim Extremist is his or her spinal cord. Cut that and you stop the terrorist.

          69. Cleverfun says:

            Actually, the Adams Apple is a 2-fer!

          70. Either one. But, what if it’s a non-male?

          71. Cahto says:

            You are a Day Late and a Dollar Short.
            Bleeding Liberal Communist !

          72. Lkfeinb says:

            Are you aware that the FBI was tipped off, by a gun shop owner, that the gay club murderer had bought 1000 rounds of ammunition and body armor . They did not act on this amazing red flag.
            Apparently there is little communication between the FBI and the terror attack force. We are not protected in this country. You would think after all was learned after 9/11 that communication between agencies would be a priority. I would like to know who looked at that message and did nothing!!

          73. bobnstuff says:

            This is one of the arguments I have had with the “right wing the government is going to take control of everything group”. Even when they can act they don’t. They really are not able to take even one crazy guys guns from him and the RWNJ’s think they are coming for their guns. The FBI and Homeland Security don’t like each others. In fact most government agencies do work well with each other. That’s why I don’t fear Big Brother.

          74. Lkfeinb says:

            I do think we need to fear Big Brother somewhat. There does need to be a sensible check on their power, but not communicating with each other doesn’t make sense and is alarming.

          75. bobnstuff says:

            We have checks on big brother, It’s elections. It’s also the courts. The problem is people need to be informed and care enough to vote in an informed fashion. People care more about who is going to be playing this week-end then who is running the country. People care more about reality TV then about the realities going on in government. The worst thing is that people will believe just about anything they are told as long as it feeds their world view.

          76. Lkfeinb says:

            OK, I agree with you, but what about the NSA?

          77. Lkfeinb says:

            Sorry, I meant the NSA. I must have NRA on the brain.

          78. bobnstuff says:

            The NSA got out of control under Bush and has been some what slapped down but they are still most likely doing things in the name of national security that the shouldn’t be doing. This is something congress should be dealing with but instead they are still trying to crush Clinton at the tax payers expense.

        2. 2.3 million lives saved by guns.

        3. Wolfman says:

          Go Robert E.!!!!

      6. Wolfman says:

        Europe has very strict gun control laws…have they stopped the muslims??? The answer is no and even though they know more is coming…they continue to leave their populace unarmed.. Chicago /DC/Detroit /LA /California… the more they legislate the more the criminals have guns.The more we advertise our gun free zones…the more people die at these gun free zones. What makes you think that a guy who broke the law using a gun in a gun free zone ….would not break the law to obtain a gun if he is determined to attack a place.
        If you were in a war zone…would you want to be armed??? If your answer is no you …you desrve whatever you get…but don’t try to force the others in your group to be as defenseless!
        Well for your information ISIS has declared war on Florida and the USA….I won’t force you or any other Democrat/Progressive/Socialist to arm yourselves. This way you all can lead by example and show us how to fight ISIS your way. Trust me …given the opportunity to watch you in action I promise I will neither help you or intervene on your behalf in any manner!!!

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          The Muslims are not the problem. The mentally ill are. There are an avg. of 3400 intentional deaths a month by guns. Wake up.

          1. patriot2 says:

            muslims are mentally ill.

          2. Lkfeinb says:

            No, many are uneducated and brainwashed.

          3. patriot2 says:

            in islam I would say if not mentally ill the entire balance is uneducated & can’t ban firearms from the rest of us because their cult want’s to kill us nonbelievers.I don’t think we can or will put up with that.

          4. Lkfeinb says:

            There is no need for assault rifles period with or without terrorists. Let the army have them and end the argument.

          5. patriot2 says:

            well I can see that you have either drank the kool aid or are determined to perpetuate the lie that AR-15 rifles are what the military uses.not true,they look similar,but are not the same,not even fact they are considerably underpowered compared to an actual hunting rifle.they do however have uses as sport,self defense & hunting to name a your buddy obama wants to blame the gun instead of the muslim that committed the crime,which is seriously misleading the American people with his lies,don’t Americans deserve the truth?if however you’re one of those that just hate guns enough to ban them all well you can just go screw yourself.

          6. Lkfeinb says:

            Yes, I hate guns. I would LOVE to ban all of them, but I would compromise to all those gun loving idiots in this country and just ban assault rifles. By the way, the “Muslim” in question was a gay hating gay, mentally disturbed, who used ISIS as an excuse to kill those he hated and to whom he was sexually attracted.
            Actually, your last sentence shows exactly who you are and you don’t deserve ANY respect.

          7. patriot2 says:

            it kind of looks like that you’re one of the pinheads that will take away other peoples freedoms just because you don’t like what they do,you described yourself can still go screw yourself.

          8. Lkfeinb says:

            Either you cannot read or you cannot understand what I said. Its all or nothing with you. Read the 2nd amendment. And your vocabulary is charming.

          9. patriot2 says:

            I read & comprehend well,thank’s you that can’t understand,we’re on to you guttersnipes,you want to get one legal rifle banned so it’s easier to ban the rest of our for my vocabulary I learned quite a bit watching you liberal democrats & your “prez” run your lying mouthes.talking to you is a lot like talking to a rock again you are encouraged to go screw yourself.

          10. Go back to sleep, brain dead douche!

          11. monchan says:

            I kind of like the laws of natural selection, don’t you?

          12. Wolfman says:

            Jihad John didn’t appear to be mentally ill to me!!! I suppose the millions of muslims who espouse the demise of the West….and ‘Big Satan’ in partucular are all mentally ill, depressed, their mother liked their brother best,etc..I suppose the same applies to the Nazis, Italian Fascists, Imperial Japanese,North Koreans…etc. . Regardless sane or insane; good guy or bad guy…someone who vows to kill you is your enemy. It boils down to them or us!!! We’ll let ‘Awake ‘people such as yourselves fend for yourself while you try to psychoanalyze them.
            Oh! By the way…Good luck in trying that little maneuver.

          13. Lkfeinb says:

            I think you need to be put on the watch list. What a response!!

      7. CharlieSeattle says:

        Deport ALL muslims, citizens or not and all illegal aliens NOW……….period!

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Well said Charlie, Could not agree more. Least likely to assimilate population to arrive in the US ever, moslimes! Ship em back to the shit holes they crawled out of. Even the ones who come as christians are hateful fanatics. I have one next door I call princess, she is an entitled BRAT and it is disgusting. They just don’t know how to fit in anywhere. It is obvious after watching the princess they are fatally flawed.

        2. bobnstuff says:

          Doesn’t the constitution protect our citizens from just that? Isn’t there an amendment to take care of just that thing?

          1. SDofAZ says:

            You mean to deport the illegal aliens and the fatally flawed fanatics we should kick out? You mean you found something real in the constitution we can use to boot em out BOB? I am oh so sure that was not your intent here bob but if they are plotting and importing anarchy I am sure there is something in the laws on the books that can settle em. Maybe jail for plotting terrorism. Dah!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You said deport citizen based on their religion. As citizens they have rights and there freedom of religion also is protected. I guess the only real thing that matters in our constitution is the second amendment nothing else counts.

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            Fu scum, get this a-wipes name and address if a sand flea harms your family go to his house

          4. CharlieSeattle says:

            In theory, Yes, just not in practice.

          5. Lkfeinb says:

            I don’t even know why you are trying to talk sense to these morons.

          6. Cleverfun says:

            So find another blog vato!

          7. gerald Hughes says:

            We like it just fine to take care of it, ourself liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, soon, we will explain it to you

          8. Cleverfun says:

            Yes Bobert… it’s called DEPORTATION!

      8. Lkfeinb says:

        You are so right. This has nothing to do with party, it has to do with common sense.

        1. Cleverfun says:

          Thank you…

      9. Bobby Hopkins says:

        we got his point you idiot jerkoff.

      10. Abel says:

        Please justify all the people killed by doctors, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and other things. Cork it.

      11. Patriot47 says:

        send that question to black lies matter

      12. rwendling70 says:

        Point out your source for 66k gun dead in 2years. Does that 66k include dead in Demorat-controlled “gun-free” zones such as Chicago, home of V Jarrett, B Ayers, F Marshall, B Soetoro, J Wright and birthplace of the CPUSA?

      13. gerald Hughes says:

        Justify staying alive c-sucker, you will not take our weapons, we know how to put a stop to it.
        All of your post go to all of the military sites, 3 to 5 weeks, they will post your name and address

      14. Cleverfun says:

        When I was a kid, AR-15’s were readily available then but ALL of the murders that you mentioned weren’t happening then so does your train-of-thought have a caboose?

      15. Graham says:

        You are one of stupid ass basturds that is the reason we need our guns.

      16. Milton W. Lowe says:


      17. 15,000 deaths…not 60,000, you liar. 30,000 are killed in auto accidents. Should we ban all cars? According to your screwed up logic, it would be yes.

        3,000 people were killed on 9/11 from box cutters.

        150,000 people die from prescription errors.

        Let’s ban all drugs.

        300,000 die each year from medical malpractice

        LEt’s ban all doctors and hospitals.

        You moron!

      18. Cleverfun says:

        If you are soooo concerned about the 66k of ppl killed then why not be on another blog barfing all about abortion???

        I’m thinking that Neal&Bob has a second user account!

  • messup says:

    This is the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP and CHIP, CHIP, CHIP away against the 2nd amendment. Brady Bill & Gun Control lobby seek to begin the final “Putsch” on disarming every single law abiding citizen of their US Constitutional right to keep, port, bear and use fire arms. Once ALL American citizens are disarmed, then only two entities will have weapons: 1) The criminal, international cabal in ALL of Washington DC (their security guards) and; 2) felons, released criminals, Pardoned criminals, Drug Cartels, gang members, and scumbags. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV 2 Timothy 2:13. If these “Marxist/communist” lawmakers in Washington DC begin to take away our God Given US Constitutional NATURAL RIGHTS, there has to be massive marches on all of cesspool Washington DC. GIRD ONES LOINS
    Sh*t Happens.

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      messup You assault weapon lovers are causing it yourself.Explain this to me. Vietnam 10 years 55,000 young American soldiers killed. The past 2 years in the U. S. 66,000 killed . Where is your defense for this, or are you that numb to little kids being slaughtered so you can jeep your assault weapons. What is more important to you ? You can have your guns and shot guns , but give me 1 practical reason you need an assault weapon. Don’t give me the 2nd. Amendment. We could argue that all day, it also violates the body of the Constitution, ” The right to life, liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness, The 2nd amendment takes those rights away when some one kill many people at one time because he can and has an assault weapon. Also don’t lecture me on what is an assault weapon, I was in the Marine Corp for 6 years and I know what a weapon is.

      1. Francisco Machado says:

        “Right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is not in the Constitution. It’s in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. A critical word: Independence. A right endowed by our creator. The second amendment restricts the right of the government to infringe upon the individual’s inherent right to posses and bear arms. Having been in the Marines for six years, you know your weapons were not referred to as “assault weapons” and you know that the capabilities of the weapons borne by the Marines exceeded those of the weapons sold to the private sector. The justification for having them legally is that the criminals and the terrorists have them illegally and laws against them will affect only those who obey the law. The same government that proposes these restrictive laws is the one that is admitting large numbers of people from a part of the world that hates us and where terrorist violence is endemic. It’s also the government that promoted the sale of thousands of weapons to dangerous drug gang criminals – and didn’t think there was anything sufficiently wrong with doing so to prompt them to prosecute anyone for it. Can the government equip criminals with weapons it denies to the citizens?

        1. monchan says:

          Well said, Francisco!

        2. Robert Early says:

          Thank you, Francisco! Yours is the voice of reason. I’m doubting
          that p-40 was ever a Marine. If so, then he must have taking a bullet to the head.

          1. Francisco Machado says:

            Caution, there: He may well have been a Marine, and If he flew a P40 it was during WW II. The 1911, Garand and .30 cal. M-1 carbine were virtually universal at that time, even into the Korean war, but the P40 survived only in the Canadian Air Force after WW II. He may have limited familiarity with more modern general issue military rifles.

      2. messup says:

        Thank you for your service. Is valor in and of itself. Myself, Nam 7 years. Who has given names to firearms available to American citizens? Certainly not American citizenry…but groups with one agenda…disarming American citizens. Assault weapon. An AR-15? Reallly? AK-47 is classed as an Assault weapon. German “Burp” weapon is a War Zone assault tool with one purpose, offense. AR-15 is a single fire rifle…not Level 5. AR-15 is widely sold, used and hunted with Peacefully.
        Vietnam were 58,000 (not counting MIA/POWs). Figures are off somewhat. Combat theatre (as a Marine, one knows the difference) vs. domestic ownership. Two scenarios, different weights. 2 years, 66,000 killed in US (doubtful) but, is a number included in urban centers, automobile accidents, residential mishaps, not only armed conflicts, stone throwers, rioting individuals. etc. Mostly data culled from MSM (main stream media). US Constitution is NATURAL LAW which secular scholars as noted in many commentaries, seek to demean and defile. Oh! by the way, NATURAL LAW is Gods Law as contained in Scripture.
        So, the 2nd amendment as quill put to parchment states is sanctioned by GODS LAW.

        1. ihatelibs says:


      3. ihatelibs says:

        Marine ??? BULLSHIT . KEYBOARD MARINE is My Guess ..ALL you LIBTURDS are GUTLESS

        1. monchan says:

          Maybe a Butt Pirate?

      4. monchan says:

        We tried an assault weapons ban for 10 years and guess what happened? Virtually zero change in gun crime. In fact, MORE
        people die each year on ladders then all rifles combined. Ban the scary ladders!!!!!!

      5. Robert Early says:

        Obviously, you are one very sick Marine and traitor to the Constitution you are sworn to defend. Also, it is clear that you do not understand what an assault weapon is. Automatic weapons have long been illegal in this country. Just go to any gun show in the country and try to buy one; and someone will set you strait.
        I own a 22 cal Remmington pump action rifle I got for my 8th birthday.
        It’s always been called a “kid’s gun”.
        With it, I can fire off 17 long-rifle rounds in about 10 seconds. I guess, by your thinking, and all other idiots like you, this would be seen as an assault weapon.

      6. Bobby Hopkins says:

        check your stats most murders are caused by other means beside guns.dont make a fool of your self.go to the f.b.i crime stat pages and check for your self dumbass.

    2. p-40-bob43 says:

      messup your name fits you well. Now I realize you are a nut case . Take your bible and shove it. You tell that to the parents that lost all those children at Sandy Hook . Look them in the eye and quote your bible.

      1. ihatelibs says:

        GAWD but Youre an IDIOT COMMIE DEM

      2. monchan says:

        Ever use your brain long enough to realize that maybe taking God out of the Public schools and doing away with discipline may have a lot to do with Sandy Hook? You need a Bible.

      3. Robert Early says:

        Most of the parents to which you refer do not need anyone to quote the Bible to them. They already know it well; and that is the basis of their faith. Only ignorant fools like you have nothing to offer them.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Using the Bible as a defense to keep guns legal could be taken the wrong way. Christ is love and peace.

          1. Robert Early says:

            I’m sure that the parents of Sandy Hook victims wish that some responsible gun owner could have been there to protect their children.
            Who knows what our country could be like, if it had not turned away from God.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I bet they wish that someone hadn’t made it so easy for that man to get his hands on those guns. Which makes more sense, armed guards at our schools or no shooters coming to kill our children.

          3. Robert Early says:

            What makes sense, until we have utopia, is for teachers and school staff to be well-armed, and the bad guys knowing it.
            I ask you in return: What makes more sense? Preserving our freedom, or living under the yolk of dictatorship and oppression?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            You seem to believe it’s guns that keep us free. Your freedom comes from the will of the people not from guns. The government is not your enemy and in this country we don’t talk about over throwing our government with force. What makes America great is the fact that we have a government of the people and we use the ballet not the bullet to make changes. Over the last few years I have heard to much talk of armed revolt. That can only mean one of two things. A group is planning to force our elected government out because they don’t have enough voters to win in a fair election or that some people have given up on democracy and want a dictatorship to take over. Which group do you belong to.

          5. Robert Early says:

            YES ! I know that the Second Amendment was designed to keep us free. The country has already been taken over by forces so evil and corrupt with obvious intent to destroy all about this nation that has been a shining light to a world in darkness.
            What we have in Washington is not Democracy; and has not been for several years.
            By ballots (preferred) or by bullets (if necessary) we will take our country back. That is a promise.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Every one of those people in Congress was elected as was the President. We don’t have a democracy, we have a republic. Just because you don’t get your own way doesn’t change the fact that more people voted for these people then the other guys. What I find interesting is how upset people get over things that just aren’t true. I bet you would swear that Obama said he was going to take your guns. It never happened and he never said it. I bet you think he isn’t respected around the world even though he get other leaders to work with him all the time. You might even think the country is becoming unsafe even though the crime rate has dropped. I also here people say we don’t build things in this country any more even though we are the largest manufacturing country on earth. You have heard that Obama has increased the size of government even though we have cut the size of government. It’s one thing to get upset about real things but most people are upset about things that just aren’t true.

          7. Robert Early says:

            “Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have moved their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath?”
            Thomas Jefferson
            This nation ceased being a republic with the loss of State’s Rights in 1865 and 1964.
            Today, we are a dictatorship where votes can be purchased from the ignorant for as little as a $30 cell phone.
            Government does not give people rights. Our rights are inalienable.
            When our government (even if supported by a majority) denies our inalienable rights, then people can rise up to overthrow such government.
            Read your Bill of Rights again.
            Here is a truth you should remember, if nothing else: If you insist on getting in my face, you will lose yours. Understand?

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I will disagree on votes being bought by giving government services. If that was the case most of you republican states would be run by democrats. People don’t vote in their own best interest. No one would vote for someone because of the free phones, have you ever seen one. They are not good phones and if anything they would lose votes because of them. One must be careful not to believe the media. Most people really don’t care and are not all that upset with things. It’s the media that is trying to sell that song. In the mid-terms we had one of the lowest turnouts in history. If people had really been upset they would have shown up and voted. They are not unhappy. There are some very load voices saying thing and trying to convince you that they are the voice of the people, don’t believe them.

          9. SDofAZ says:

            Good points Robert but a yugh waste of time on Bob!

          10. SDofAZ says:

            Can you say voter fraud bob? That is how this happened. That and the pouting of the conservatives and of course the establishment candidate no one but the establishment wanted. Damn nearly happened again with Bush Baby. You seem to have some dem wit lemming answers bob. Good luck in this new arena. See you from the winner circle which will be where Trump is.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            Can you say Myth? Voter fraud is not common. I am a poll watcher and if you believe that there is voter fraud become one yourself. The party is always looking for them. My brother works the polls in his town. I can’t speak for everywhere but It sure isn’t happening in my polling place. The fact that the republicans couldn’t show proof of fraud is why the courts stopped the law.

          12. Cleverfun says:

            Hey Bob… why do you think that the Dems are fighting soooo f-ing hard against, “voter ID” Laws???

            I’m thinking that their motto is, “If you ain’t cheat;n, you ain’t tryin hard enough”, right bob!

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Funny, if Voter fraud is so bad why are there not more cases in the courts, it is a crime you know. When the Republicans win it’s a fair election and the will of the people and when they lose it because they have been cheated. Have you ever voted? You do know that both parties have poll watchers checking things out to prevent voter fraud. If there is anything that doesn’t seem right the poll watcher can contest that vote and it isn’t counted until it is checked into. The republicans in Pa admitted that the reason for the ID law was to give the republicans the election. They figured if they could keep enough poor, black and old people from voting they could win.

          14. Lkfeinb says:

            Your logic is lost on these people. Our educational system doesn’t teach civics anymore. You cannot have a Democracy or a Republic last with the uneducated and bigoted.

          15. Bobby Hopkins says:

            current our enemy

          16. bobnstuff says:

            Why, the only gun laws passed in the last seven years let you carry in national parks. What are you a fraud of?

          17. Lkfeinb says:

            Read the 2nd amendment please. It is to arm militias. .

          18. Bobby Hopkins says:

            no no no it is not unless you believe civillians are there own milita which they are to prootect our freedom from wannabe tyrants like you and a lot of other demoncraps like better get over it the second ammendant is here to stay unless you want to start a revelution which you would lose.but thats ok sometimes the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrents like you.excuse some of my spelling .

          19. Lkfeinb says:

            The NRA actually has you brainwashed. It is just there to protect the profit of the gun manufacturers. It isn’t to protect you. Wake up!

          20. Bobby Hopkins says:

            live free or die and take a whole lot of evil demoncraps with you.

          21. Cleverfun says:

            Hey Bob, please go watch Batman, the Dark Knight and please pay close attention… here, lemme help u out:


            Please take ur Aderol if it helps!

          22. bobnstuff says:

            My son, my brother and my nephew were in that movie.
            A friend of mine asked me to look at this stuff and It’s all bunk. Every point they try to make can be disproved. I have looked at it all and am 100% sure those children died that day.

          23. Cleverfun says:

            so we can agree that the map showing the words, “Sandy Hook” was kind of kind of weird and/or strange at the very least Mr. Bob; would you not?

            How about overly-coincidental?

            Please watch this youtube vid:

          24. Cleverfun says:

            Hey Bobert… did you hear that Webster took the word, “Gullible” out of the Dictionary last Monday?

          25. bobnstuff says:

            Really! What word are they going to use to describe you with then.

          26. Cleverfun says:

            Sagacious… I am one of those razor sharp & wicked smart kind of people that will chew you up and spit you out in a heartbeat. You, are my ball of yarn.

          27. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry but razor sharp you aren’t. You believe things based on a world view not on facts. You don’t look at things close enough to see the flaws in the thinking. I’m not fast witted, I dig for truth. I even took the time to see what they were talking about in congress before I talked about it.

          28. Cleverfun says:

            Hey Bob, ur in over ur head with me… I am “fast-witted” except what I have noticed about you is that you are on a split-screen when writing on these blogs…

            On one side of your screen is MSN, WAPO or CNN and then you copy/paste at leisure…

            Please do not BREED.

          29. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry if you have to do that but I give credit to anything I use of other people, I also give links to where my information comes from. If you have ever been a writer these matters.

          30. SDofAZ says:

            We will just stick with the constitution bob. How about that?

          31. bobnstuff says:

            Thank you.

          32. Bobby Hopkins says:

            christ also said sell your coat and buy.the weapon of choice at the time,a sword dumbass

          33. bobnstuff says:

            Luke 22:35-37New International Version (NIV)

            35 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

            “Nothing,” they answered.

            36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

            Do you understand Jesus didn’t want you to buy a sword, he wanted you to leave your money at home and trust in him.

      4. Stan says:

        Parents losing children in Sandy Hook? Are you joking? Did you see any little bodies in pools of blood? The whole thing was staged, and poorly at that.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Did you see those bodies? In all the press coverage not once did they show bodies in pools of blood.

        2. Lkfeinb says:

          OMG. You should be institutionalized. How horrible! You are actually walking around and allowed to vote. Are you not on the watch list yet?

        3. Bobby Hopkins says:

          possible.nothing this admin.does would surprise me as a means to there warped agenda.

    3. Daniel W says:


  • Tiger says:

    It is very simple. Don’t allow any Muslims to buy or own guns. A county in my area has a gun shop owner that does just that. He won’t sell any arms to Arabic men or anyone from the ME. CAIR took him to court and the judge said he had the right to decide who he felt safe selling a gun to.

    It won’t stop every attack and there will be many many more, this is just the start but it sure would make them work to get those guns from their supporters in the ME.

    Paris went through every mosque, they were arsenals just like downrange and the closed hundreds of them. Saudi Arabia builds most of the mosques in America and like Trump said we better get smart fast.

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      Tiger What about other religions and races , What about when a white man walks into a christian Church and shoots everyone because they were black , What about Sandy Hook when a white guy went in and murdered a bunch of CHILDREN . What about the guy that went into a movie theater . How about not letting and white Christian person not to be able to own a weapon ? Come on where the hell is your common sense. are you that stupid to make a dumb and unfounded remark like that..There have been more shootings and killings by other that were and are not Muslim in this country every year. Like I said to another idiot. 10 years in Vietnam 55,000 killed , in the U.S. in the past 2 years approx. 66,000 killed now you tell me how many were Musilms and how many were White or Christian or some other religion. You have a very weak argument.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You don’t understand, It’s not about saving lives. It’s about carrying about the deaths and being afraid. They think having a AR-15 makes them safe. To be realistic though the number of people killed by AR-15’s and other guns like them is so small outlawing them doesn’t make much sense. Hand guns do most of the real damage, limiting there sales would make much more sense.

        1. monchan says:

          It doesn’t have to be about anything more than the bill of rights you moron. Don’t like living with the dangers of a free society? Then move!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You blow off most of the bill of rights on a regular bases, people here are talking about closing Mosques, it’s there one about freedom of religion?

          2. monchan says:

            I have never and will never blow off any of the bill of rights. You seem to be the one picking and choosing.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I have spent a lot of time studying American history and the history our constitution and have noticed that what people say it means changes with what side of the issue you are on and when are looking at it. Go look at the history of the second amendment. It’s very interesting and may not be what you think.

          4. monchan says:

            I would love to see that post again. You know, the one where you are defending Chrisians’ rights to freedom of religion. Oh yeah, you weren’t. You were actually attacking them for not “baking a cake” ….Libturd,

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I have posted that in the past but I also pointed out that had they not made a big deal about it there would not have been a problem, That one was not about religion it was about getting their name in the news. They were not attacked for not making a cake, they were attacked for being jerks. A bigger freedom of religion story was the removal of the ten commandments from court house. I haven;t seen you defending the rights of Muslims or any other religion. There is also voting rights, do you fight for every ones rights to vote.

          6. monchan says:

            Of course. As long as they can prove citizenship.
            I have to prove who I am just to pay taxes, why shouldn’t folks have to prove who they are to vote?

          7. bobnstuff says:

            You should have to provide ID when you register. Not to vote. Voter fraud in person almost never happens, Voter ID laws are just to exclude voters. If there is a problem it’s in how we handle voter lists. Election boards don’t talk to the people how handle death certificates. When some one dies they need to let the election board know so that name can come of the voter rolls. Also when someone moves and registers to vote at their new address why doesn’t the people at the new election board send a note to the old address’s election board so that they can be taken of the rolls. If I can see this problem why can’t the Republicans that seem to have a problem with voter fraud. If you get the dead and double registration of the books you have solved much of the real fraud. Also go back to the old mechanical voting machines. Yes they are bulky and harder to get the results but they are hard to cheat. I don’t trust computers. I still believe that most voter fraud is a myth but if you are afraid that it’s going on these things would go a long way to stopping it.

      2. Tiger says:

        There is no other religion on the face of this earth at this time in the history of the world, decapitating, mutilating, hanging, burning alive, raping, drowning alive, burning alive etc but Islam. Do you honestly believe that during WWII we would have been allowing our country overrun with Nazi and Japanese? We would not have given them weapons either but then we were a smarter nation then.

        Muslims are the only immigrants to come to our country and kill over 3,000 of us in less than one hour. They have been killing us in America since 1972 and continue to kill us today.

        What about the people you named? Any of them with followers and those with like ideas in the Millions attacking Americans, threatening Americans or the world? How stupid that argument is that is what I get from Muslims. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, stats show at the very least 25% of those want us dead and want the Jihad and want the Caliphate and death of Israel. That is a formidable number of people more than we have in our entire country.

        We are at war and most of the world knows it and countries are fighting it except America.

        Yes my argument makes complete sense.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Very nice argument, were did you copy it from? If you are going to take someones ideas you should give the author credit. I only say that because I have see this same statement under other peoples name so either you copied it our someone is steeling your work. Do you know how many people we killed in Iraq? We went into their country and killed a bunch of them. If we are at war, ask yourself who started it?

          1. Tiger says:

            First off I don’t have to steal anything from anyone I know my stuff. If someone copying any information I give that is fine with me long as the word gets out but what makes you think that there are not millions like me who are feeling and understanding the same things? Great minds run in the same channels.

            Hussein killed close to 150,000 Kurd with chemicals. WMD include Chemical/Biological and Nuclear.
            Hussein defied 12 UN Resolutions.
            Hussein bombed Israel who in turn bombed his nuke site near Baghdad.
            Hussein attacked Kuwait.
            He had a high official filmed at an airport by the Chechen where he was trying to get materials.
            He entertained terrorists.
            He killed thousands before we entered Iraq to blame on us because Bush told them when we were coming to give civilians a chance to get out.

            Iraq was stable when we left, I am an Army Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988. I served in Shield/Storm and this war. I know my facts. In 2008 550 tons of yellow cake sent from Iraq to Canada. In 2015 Reuters did a story on the illnesses our men suffering from due to dismantling all the missiles found.

            Who started the war? The war started with the Iranian Revolution when Khomeini made it clear it was Islam for the world or the end of Islam and began killing Americans in earnest if you recall.

            You have any idea how many of our own ancestors we killed when we hit the beaches on D-Day or how many we killed during the war to free Europe from Hitler? Or how many died when we freed the islands of the Pacific? You think I don’t know that civilians die during war?

            Who started this war? Islam and now the world must end it.

  • Edward Czyz says:

    Is the Senate proposing to do criminal background checks on all the illegal immigrants (AKA: criminals) coming into this country as well as all the Syrian refugees who may have ties to radical Islamic terrorism? It seems like liberal hypocritical bigotry that they want to mandate criminal background checks on law-abiding citizens….but refuse to do criminal background checks on people who are already known to be criminals (AKA: illegal immigrants).

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      Edward Czyz Why do you state something false with no proof and just try to enforce your bigotry without any fact check and just your ignorant opinion ?

    2. bobnstuff says:

      The Syrians will have to pass 22 checks and prove who they are before they can come here. My question is what difference would it make since the people doing the acts are not illegals our even non Americans. This last guy is from Trumps home town.

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    I don’t want to see even suspected terrorists have guns, BUT I would never stop it because there is no way of knowing who is a terrorist until it is too late. Giving up a right in hopes of safety will cause us to lose both and liberty lost is gone forever.

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      Donnie Buchanan What about the 66,000 shootings in this country in the past 2 years, How many were Muslim and how many were Christian or some other religion ? Why not ban all of them also ? lets hear a common sense answer .The 1 life that you may save could be from your own family, which is more important. Are you that shallow that you would give up a family member for a little common sense.

      1. Lajos Markos says:

        so far all your comments are stupid can you fix stupid NOT
        do you know or have common sense

      2. Donnie Buchanan says:

        I do KNOW what it is like to lose a loved one (my son was 18), but you fail to realize that liberty is the most valuable thing that any possess. As our Bill of Rights was written, America had just separated from a dictatorship where the king’s word was law. It took blood and loss to claim victory. The 2nd Amendment was placed next to freedom of speech, the press, and religion for a reason. Freedom. What value do you place on freedom? To me, it is priceless.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You do know that there are two ways to read the second amendment. One say anyone can own a gun. The others say that instead of a standing army we should let each state have a well ordered militia, There was a fear of a professional army. The citizens army was a right. They didn’t want the central government having to much power. This is pretty much what it was believed to mean until about 60 years ago. If our founding fathers had just wanted to insure the right to own a gun why put the part about a militia in it? Keeping the same people that we don’t want on our airplanes from easy access to guns make sense. Trump would put them in camps or deport them so why are we worried about their rights?

          1. Donnie Buchanan says:

            I understand, but “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE…” should be pretty self-explanatory.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You would think so but why did they not just say it? Freedom of speech is pretty clear, why did the not just say that it in a clear statement?

      3. Cleverfun says:

        The last two horrific shooting were both carried out by Muslims… the rest for the last 40 or so years were carried out by registered Democrats!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Very funny, not true but funny,

          1. Cleverfun says:

            Actually, it is true bobert, please do ur homework!

            BTW… you never answered me… what’s ur favorite Kool-Aid flavor???

            Grape or Cherry?

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Texas has no party registration so you can’t say a person is a member of one party or an other. Most of these people aren’t even registered to vote so how can you say what party they are members of. Do some thinking and some reading, it helps.

      4. jbgood888 says:

        Just stop already! You’re just a troll trying to prove your fake numbers. Everyone sees though people like you. How much do you get paid to rip on everyone’s posts?

  • Stop importing terrorists!

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