Democrats take to Twitter, tell illegals: ‘Our doors are open’

Democrats in the House pushing a pro-amnesty message — and the need for speedy approval of $3.7 billion for President Obama to address border issues — took to Twitter to give illegals some political support, telling them bluntly: We’re on your side.

In a Twitter town hall, Rep. John Lewis tweeted: “We are all connected. We can’t just build a wall or a fence and say no more. This is America. Our doors are open. #AskDems.”

“We are talking about human beings, real people. We have to respect the dignity and worth of everyone,” the Georgia Democrat added.

Rep. Elijah Cummings said the “health, safety and educational needs” of the illegal minor-aged immigrants pouring across America’s borders “must be our first priority.” And House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said America already has in place “extensive border security,” enough to deal with current border matters, Breitbart reported.

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  • peggy6824 says:

    This is why Democrats must be obliterated in November! They claim to be the party of the working men and women, the middle class, and the poor and yet they invited millions of illegals in to compete for jobs, medical care, welfare, food stamps, education, housing, etc.

  • cae973 says:

    put all the illegals in the blue states and let the rest of us, the normal people form a separate country where we can teach our children morals and personal responsibilty and uphold our beliefs and watch us thrive while the liberal godless nation goes under:}

    1. I Seigel says:

      What a great idea! And cut red state taxes, too!! Better yet, eliminate them, and not even have an IRS. Or an Education Department or a Commerce Department
      It will be good for the blue states, too, since now their tax dollars go more to the red states than to themselves. So everyone benefits!
      The blue states will buy their food from the red states, but other than that, they’d be pretty self-sufficient, I’d guess. Probably oil and gas, too.

  • Unreal says:

    They should all be charged with inciting a riot.

  • Unreal says:

    And the idiots in this country still vote for them. They all just said that foreigners matter more than Americans. They should all be in jail.

  • Realityindeed says:

    I think we are getting a distorted picture here, our priority should be our people.

  • logger1492 says:

    Once again our politicians are proving themselves to be parasites feeding on American taxpayers. Instead of raping us (tax wise) why don’t they ask for donations to help these precious illegals. Leave our taxes to pay for the things it was for which it was intended. Have faith in all those individuals who think we should leave the borders open and let these illegals pour in. Ask them to donate their hard earned money to help.
    To those morons who call themselves representatives, having a perfectly sealed border does not mean that we would stop accepting legal immigrants. Have some respect for the citizens of this country when you make such stupid statements.

  • elton123 says:

    What a load of b.s.

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    The US economy is a life boat on a sinking ship.
    The more we take in, short term nice Democratic Party attempt to gather illegal votes, the worst we’l all be long term. Why not make El Salvator, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico part of the US and the y won’t have to travel here, they could remain there and still be part of the US. Obama can expedite Food stamps, Well fare, Medicare, etc.
    Or, we can send Pelosi, Biden, and Obama to Central America and every one is happy

    1. John Henry says:

      I was accused of being a Liberal a few weeks ago for making a similar statement.

      We gave France Disney land, have we helped make France a better place? The answer is no because they have been all but taken over by radical Islam from their North African colonies. The only way we could really help them is to eliminate those free radicals from their land.

      The cure for Central America is quite similar.

      1. Noah Rosenblum says:

        You missed the “POINT”.
        We allow the people from central America to come, so that we can exploit them, Nothing else. for that you don’t feel any guilt, and for every 6.5 illegals an American get displaced
        At the same time there’s a limit of how many Illegals our economy can support. At the same time the “AMERICAN” corporate executive decided to seek & exploit foreign slave labor by sending jobs to India, China, South Vietnam, etc.
        Our economy is stagnant at best, and in the near future will experience another down spiral.
        The key word is “EXPLOITATION”.
        It’s nice to think that we can help, allowing the illegals in, send them food stamps, etc. fix their countries, but that is a fantasy.
        Unfortunately for Europe, they don’t have a border with Mexico, so they brought in Arabs to exploit, and in the near future, there will be a major clash there, between the Arabs and their European hosts, that will end in major violence.

        End of sermon

  • John Henry says:

    Maybe its time to split the nation, lets give the DemocRATS everything east of the Mississippi river and north of the Mason Dixon line with the exception of DC which we will all share… in that way they can have the big population centers that DemocRATS naturally love, and the cities and industry that they have mostly destroyed!

    Then then they can get on radio and Television and Twitter and invite all of the illegals they want…

    We pass a law making it illegal for any Liberal to live in our Territory, they have to stay in the North East DemocRATic states or be extradited home.

    In the mean time we get to take back California and the American Southwest and rid the infestation of Illegals from our country. I’m not saying anything against Hispanics at all, I love them and want them around in my part of the country. All Americans who are conservative can live in my neighborhood.

    This will give us a chance to secure our border to the south, and clean up all the gangs in LA and get California’s economy fixed, as well as bring back the tech jobs lost there.

    I can guarantee you McDonald’s will be for it, and San Francisco will once more be a place a woman can find a date and best of all Nancy Pelosi will no longer be in office there, and Harry Reid will no longer be heard in the cambers of the Senate!

    In this way American from Florida to Washington State will be for Americans, and in a few years there will be no DemocRATS left in the North East … which we can then repopulate with normal Americans. 😉

    1. logger1492 says:

      If we can’t return illegal immigrants to their countries, how will we expel Democrats to their “little hell”?

    2. Unreal says:

      I have said this time & time again. And let’s write a new constitution that states NO welfare & if anyone ever receives any sort of gov’t assistance they have NO right to vote.

  • savage24 says:

    How many of these illegals are going to be delivered to the open doors of these obliging politicians ? If we want to solve this problem, send these kids to Washington DC and its affluent communities surrounding it. Let’s put all this humanitarian talk to action. I’ll bet that these illegals would be shipped back to where they came so fast they wouldn’t have time for an interpreter.

    1. logger1492 says:

      But they will say “Not in my back yard” as usual.

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