Dick Cheney: Obama Wants To Take America Down!

by Daily Caller
April 8, 2015

In an appearance on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Tuesday night, former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Obama’s actions on the world stage exemplify a president who wants “to take America down.”

Cheney also touched on Obama’s comments on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, telling Hewitt that Obama is the only post-World War II president to believe that America doesn’t need “to play a leading role in the world.”

The former vice president made the appearance following the announcement of a new book on American foreign policy, co-authored by himself and daughter Liz Cheney, will be released in September.

HEWITT: Let me play for both of you a cut from earlier today. The president sat down with an NPR reporter who asked him about Scott Walker’s statement on this show last week that he’s repudiate the emerging Iran hologram — I don’t call it a deal — on day one. Here’s what the president said…

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  • Wayne Fuctruso says:

    So you like this Asshole in office stealing our money with fake created energy companies then filing bankruptcy, moving muslims into our country and giving them free money. ( our money ) starting black against white all over again, giving Iran nuclear power to blow us off the map, giving welfare to people that never will work, giving money and running weapons to the enemy, crap thats just the tip of the iceberg. I can go on and on for ever. Ed you need to drink some more of Obamas Kool aid. Seems like your brain washed very well. Don’t forget Obama Care. This guy lies about lies. He can’t even add or subtract. Him and George Soros are bringing down this country. Too bad your blind. All these stealing assholes are running out of time. And the right person will bring us back on our feet. And people like you will remain behind sitting in front of you TV getting brain wash. At lest we will get the TRUTH IN THE NEWS FOR YOU ED. No bullshit lies as they do for this out of control government. No offense intended. Wake up!! Lets get America back to work. Drill our own oil. Get people off welfare and get them jobs. Change the government schooling system from programing our kids to be communist. And teach them the truth about our history. Save all of our Freedom rights our men and women died fighting for. Nothing bad intended here but this is the truth in your face. Lets get this country back to the people of America. Not the government. The hard working people of this country own the government.

  • 1EdMeadows83 says:

    This asshole cannot be serious! He and he alone did his level best to destroy America when he was pseudo president. He caused America to go to war just so his corporation, Halliburton, could rake in tons of money. He was very successful at that but lousy as a pseudo president.

  • Judith Rosen says:

    Bush/Cheney are war criminals. The war they started in Iraq was unjust. There were no weapons of mass destruction. They were responsible for the torture of prisoners of war. They must be held responsible for their illegal acts. They also ruined the economy. They left a mess of the nation for President Obama. He ended the war in Iraq. His administration has created millions of jobs. Unemployment is lower than it has been in 10 years. President Obama does not the credit he deserves because the rasict Republicans cannot accept a black man as President

    1. Helen Cox says:

      I can not believe that a person with Jewish last name would continue to praise this president. He is in favor of nothing more than destroying the United States of America. Open your eyes and your ears and hear and see the truth behind this regime.

      You think Germany and Nazi regime was bad…you ain’t seen nothing yet out of this administration.

      1. ray k. says:

        Right on !

  • EES says:

    Obama is a muslim and for those who do not understand what the muslims want to do to the good old USA has their heads buried in something .

    1. Dee says:

      Too bad the American people didn’t understand what this POS Obama was about before they voted for him. I didn’t know at first that he was a muslim, but did later. I just didn’t like what he said when he was campaigning that he wanted to fundamentally transform America.

  • arlys borell says:

    Amen!!How is it that most americans and Dick Chenny can see that Obama is bringing us down. And. most of our congress just doesn’ give a damm. They campaign like Rep.and get to D.C. and act like Dem.

  • Sheileagh says:

    It never ceases to amaze, that despite all the mayhem that this arrogant CIC has wrought & continues to thrust upon America, the loons who have their noses still planted firmly in his crotch, can not stop long enough to take a fresh breath of sanity, before they once again resort to regurgitating the same old, worn out crap about the missteps of a long past Presidency. Seriously?

    Who cares about what Bush/Chaney did in the past? Let’s have enough respect for ourselves & let the past go as gracefully as possible! After all, Obama has been POTUS for almost 2 terms… & what shape is America in today? Most certainly not any better, though there are those who refuse to acknowledge that too. Sadly enough, they are the ones who will adamantly continue to ‘straddle the snake’ until it rares up & bites them… where the sun don’t shine…!!! Those of us with even half a brain however, really do need to stop wallowing in past poop & get the facts straight! Enough of the b/s!

    Yes, Bush & Chaney sure mucked some things up, but nowhere as near as the buffoon presently ensconced in OUR White house… He’s exactly where he is today, mainly thanks to fools like many of US, who had the temerity to believe his false narrative of ‘hope & change’… which has now become ‘dope & mange’.

    While what Mr Chaney ‘says’ or ‘believes’ may not be at all relevant to anyone now, the facts remain that in the very least, he was, is & always will be a born & raised-in-America, authentic, Constitution-respecting, patriot… all of those things that this ‘pseudo king’, now ‘reigning’ over America with his idiotic pen & illicit, pompous, self decreed rights to mandate, is not.

    We need to keep our eyes on the FUTURE that is looming. We do NOT need another buffoon at the helm of ship America. We need someone who will help our economy boom, our self respect blossom & our success at home & abroad be reborn to a brighter, happier day & age. Enough of this churlish snapping, growling & biting at one another. Let’s come together & use our heads this time, to elect some one who will help OUR United States of America to become whole & sound again.

    1. Rowland says:

      “Another buffoon” in the White House? Is that a veiled reference to the previous resident?
      Planet Earth, you know: the planet we all live on, voted Obama a Peace prize because he wasn’t another Bush. The only mistakes Obama made were continuing some of the Bush/Cheney policies. And he left a Cheney clone as Defense Secretary. And what if the Tea Party had actually elected McCain/Sarah Palin instead of Obama? Does anyone on this page think that things would have been better had that catastrophe occurred? Now, along comes a foreigner, Ted Cruz, who is merely Sarah Palin with a dick. If this the best we can do? One thing is sure: Cheney will not be remembered as a “patriot”. He is a warmongering profiteer, who allowed 9/11 to occur.

    2. Keni_Washington says:

      Dick Cheney should be on his knees every day praising President Barack Hussein Obama. Dick Cheney is an international war criminal. The War on Iraq killed over 4,200 US soldiers for no identifiable reason. At least 100,000 are permanently wounded and suffer PTSD. At least 3 Million Iraqi citizens are driven from their homes, killed or maimed. The ancient society and treasured culture of Iraq will very likely never recover. Bush, Cheney & co “got the intelligence wrong”??? Bullshit. Between 1991 – the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War — and March 2003 when the US launched its War on Iraq, Iraq was subjected to the most intensive and thorough weapons inspection regime in the 4,000 year history of the sovereign nation state. There were at least two official reports that clearly stated Iraq had no “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” 1) 1998 UNSCOM REPORT 2) 2002 UNMOVIC REPORT. All you ignorant Trolls on this site google them.

      The second that President Obama informs the International Criminal Court that the US will again honor the ICC jurisdiction then Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Wolfowitz and about 10 other of their henchmen will find themselves in handcuffs, ankle-chains and on trial at the Hague. The entire intelligent world beyond Teaparty-fantasy-land knows that President Obama is protecting these war criminals on behalf of maintaining the image of his predecessor US officials. Obama respects the high offices of the US much more than Cheney ever did. Cheney is an ungrateful, low-life, sneering slug who owes President Obama his freedom.

      1. Maicoh says:

        The bottom line to what you are saying is “all politicos are all the same”.
        The Democrats sweep it under the Republicans rug and vice versa.
        We need to tank them all and start over…

      2. TADouglas says:

        Keni you are SO right. Cheney and his gang should be in jail and Obama should be heralded as the hero he is for accomplishing so much good in our country to counteract the Bush/Cheney disaster! Even with all the continued obstruction by the Repugs. I can’t wait for these clones to come to their senses and stop drinking the Faux Gnus koolaid and the shit the Tea Baggers spout.

    3. punisher says:


    4. punisher says:


    5. punisher says:


      FUCK YOU!!

  • Jacqueline Fernandez says:

    Dick Cheney is 100% right . It has been right
    In front of our eyes and yet most refused
    To see it. There is not one thing that he has done
    That hasn’t put us in more danger and he is
    Bringing illegals across the border and even
    Flying them here. This action is going to really
    Hurt us. We have to provide for all these people
    And then there is jobs , there is not enough
    Work for Americans and the. You keep bringing
    More people in. It’s another way to pull us
    Down and disable us. He has meddled in
    Homeland security to the point that the
    Border police can’t even do their job.does that
    Look like it’s helping us. He has set the middle
    East on fire and it is because of things he has
    Done that have made the dominos start to fall.
    Imagine what this man can do in two more years.
    We are on the edge right now and one good push and
    It is all over and we will be fighting in
    This country to hold on to our lives and
    What we have. What else can be said,
    This is just what we know but what has he
    Done that we don’t know? Dick Cheney
    Is a very smart man and he loves his
    Country that’s why the left is trying to grind him into
    The ground. Anybody the left attacks is
    A good person that’s why they try to
    Knock them out . WAKE UP PEOLE OR

  • Johnnyappleseed says:

    We the USA elected a majority in the House and Senate just five months ago. we elected them to correct the destructive course of the narcissistic messiah in the whitehouse, and like a dog with his tail between his legs, they have deserted us through the corrupt leadership of Boehner and McConnell, they and the spineless RINOS of the republican congress and senate.
    America has always been the one to keep the bullies of the world at bay, until the guy in the whitehouse was elected, and in the Jimmy Carter mindset, he has tried to shame us as Americans into thinking we are the cause of the problems in the world, and has set out to destroy us as a Nation, thinking he will become the emperor of what’s left of it and become the messiah Barbara Walters thinks he is to be that savior.

    1. Holice Pender says:

      I hope Boehner & McConnell will be an inspiration to many main-line republicans to support a more conservative Tom Cruz, Scott Brown, Dr. Ben Carson & many others in the race. We don’t need someone to go along with the dummycrats, we need someone who are going to help get our country back, STOP giving this country away to illegal immigrants. We need some people who will change some outdated laws like being born here makes you an automatic citizen. There are a lot of things that needs changing, like he seems to think it is lawful to allow all these teenager immigrants from Central America. BTW, I want to know who gives a rat’s behind to what Barbara Waters thinks or says. She makes me sick, she is so liberal, if it wasn’t for gravity, she would fall off the earth. She is a nobody as far as I’m concerned.

  • Meaz says:

    Thank God for Dick Cheney!
    None of the other wimps in Washington will say anything against this President for fear of being labeled a racist. Nice Card, Dems!
    I always say I am not critisizing his majesty’s African American Half, just the Caucasian (Cracka) half.
    Anyone else in Washington, especially Democrats have a pair?
    Menendez did, look what happened to him!!??
    HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!! He is not fit to SERVE!

  • dww says:

    God is the only One who can save us now!!! I fear, since that guy in the white house has sucked up to iran, we have already gone too far for another president and congress to get us back on tract. I still haven’t figured out exactly how this hater of America ever got into office! We all need to continually pray for God to help us before we have to deal with isis before they rule America!

    1. GMC says:

      I hear ya. But never give up on this good USA. We all won’t let this turd take us down. And when it time to vote I hope all of you know what to do. Put someone in this office that can add and subtract, that has a back bone and fight this evil around the whole.Obama is a plant. George Soros plant. Its been in the making since 1987. Read your history about these crooks.

    2. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      Cheney and the rest of the Bush administration should get a letter from 47 Congressmen and Senators telling them their reign is over. Asshats piss and moan that the left blames things on Bush
      However they still follow Cheney and Bush around wooden spoons in hand giving them rectal splinters. It is simply childish to think that Cheney can continue to attack stupidly I might add and not hear things being flung back at them

      1. Holice Pender says:

        I would rather have Dick Chaney & GWB in the WH any day, than the bunch of socialist/marxists/morons in the WH now.

    3. pompey says:

      It would have been impossible for Barrack Obama to have achieved nearly all of his goals during his presidency without the help and support of the Republican party and its elected officials.

    4. Holice Pender says:

      DWW, this charlatan got into office because the democrats immediately adopted him as the darling of the democratic party. No one checked him out, they just started prepping him for the presidency. Then, of course all the democrat faithful, fell in lock step, plus all the young lo-info voters, the blacks, the Hispanics, the people on government freebies. were in the pocket of the democrats. They did not care about his destructive, socialist/marxist/communist agenda, most democrats have no problem with his agenda anyways. That is why he is in office. We were out-numbered, more of the ones I just mentioned than the true, blue Americans who truly love this country, & dislike the agenda he & his morons are pushing.

  • Gerry says:

    Did you read the same article I did — robert. I didn’t see that in there nor have I ever heard him say that but I have heard him say we should be the leaders and rightly so. When the USA leads the world runs a lot smoother than obummer’s idea of leading from the tail end. All you have to do is look at the state of the world to realize this fact.

  • robert says:

    Cheney believes America should be a one man show on the world stage. Why work with others? You have to split the profits if you do. You can only be a leader if people follow you.

    1. GMC says:

      You should look at the one man muslim show in office now. Can’t wait till Iran gets to wipe us off the map with Obama’s
      set up deal. When you and all of your family get cooked up in a ball of fire then think real fast about the one man show.
      Obama’s one man show.

    2. I believe with Ronald Reagan that America should be, as we often have been A shining city on a hill”; a unique exceptional strong leader for the world. Our constitution is indisputedly the most nearly perfect governmental document ever written. Ther has never ever been anything to come even near it. The bill of rights makes it truly perfect. The capitalistic economy based on it is the best the world has ever seen. Now that we have drifted so far away from our constitution and the resulting decline in our economy we are growing weaker every day and getting nearer and nearer to bankruptcy. Why and how could we ever have elected a man who sat 20 years in a so called church where the so called pastor called on God to dam America? ? How could we let this happen? ? Everything Obama wants from obamacare to amnesty for illegals to over taxation, to over regulation to destroying the military to negotiating with terrorists is all clearly endangering us more every day! ! Everything obama does is destroying us whether it is intentional or delusional only God knows. However, it is obvious to any truly intelligent thinking person. God forgive us and helpus! Bobbie Sena

    3. RBStanfield says:


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