Did GE Buy-Off Hillary For A 1.9 Billion Dollar Contract?

At today’s annual meeting of General Electric shareholders in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the National Center for Public Policy Research asked the industrial giant about the apparent conflict of interest between its philanthropy and the actions of top government officials, and raised the question of whether GE needlessly exposed itself to potential prosecution for honest services fraud.

The National Center’s Justin Danhof asked GE CEO Jeff Immelt to make public emails and other written communications between the State Department and GE during the period when it made a generous contribution to the Clinton Foundation and the State Department arranged a major contract for GE.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt replied: “That’s not something we would do.”

“There is no evidence that GE did anything wrong – but that’s the point – there is no evidence period,” said Danhof. “When one of the world’s most powerful companies teams with the Secretary of State and the end result is a massive donation going one way and a multi-billion-dollar foreign contract coming back the other way, the company’s investors are right to ask questions. Now it is up to the media and Congress to do their part and investigate and use subpoenas if necessary to find the truth.”

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  • Oklahoma City, the current home of Emblem Health international , formerly Group Health of New York who was given total control of the Medicare computers in 1999 under the Clinton Administration just before a new Senator was elected called Clinton. and the looting of Medicare began in earnest. where now, as primary payers could ask them to alter data they were under contract to not touch to let Medicare illegally pay first. when one is still employed or the policy holder was. Now any one with a primary employer group health plan that is to pay before Medicare has it deleted off the system soon after employers and agencies bi weekly post the the real and accurate info on those with a Medicare card. in our case, even defying Medicare judges who ruled the posting is accurate and they said: we pay no attention to judges or law ,but our secret deals over ride all while stealing from Medicare in patient’s name . Thus resulting in patients overpaid and our good and ethical medical providers told to just use it illegally altered , putting them all at legal risk of fines and penalties for not sending the payments notice back to them which recover the money from Medicare back to them to recover from the primary payer which they have secret deals and partnerships with to dump on to Medicare.(They police themselves for what they did?) Since they are already under a Patriot Act Partner thy are not subject to any civil or criminal; over sights so the theft of Medicare is alive and well and headquartered now in OKC. and not NYC. P.S, SSA agreed to allow us all to file waivers of overpayments with them to get out from under this in 2005 and has yet to process one of them where one files Form SSA 632 and gives no personal financial info as its ones “against equity and good conscience ” to get us overpaid and then effuse to stop it occurring as we have been over thrown and much of this began in the Clinton era and only formulated into action after 9/11/01/ Goldman -Sachs subsidiary handles fraud at HHS now and they can’t take a report on a partner of the govt as they are all have this immunity under the PTRIORT ACT TO DO AS THEY PLEASE. WHILE OUR PRECIOUS HEALTH CARE DOLLARS GET STOLEN. now This face of an international cabal gets to collect the over payments from us and our estates when we have no way to stop it as HR 1063 signed in to law 1\../13 says the govt is to do it again from the first time since 1994 and has not done so yet Insiders who helped document this said its a trillion dollars stolen through there our is only about 4 million using 17 pays per claims and diverting the money to ? e the 500 who helped out on this at General Dynamics over 2 years before their company found out the 1-800 Medicare operators were filing fraud reports and told them never to see fraud again when they would see it first as patients did not get 17 summary notices and most had no idea this had occurred on their records leaving behind over payment liabilities. for this bunch to collect. with no regard for due process or the law. so under Pres Clinton 1 the health care plans we live under now that are filled with skims and scams to steal along with some health care provides, may end with Pres Clinton 2 out with the last ‘land grab’ for over payments to the govt few even knew existed..WAKE UP! USA! Linda Joy Adams

  • Gene Burke says:

    What to Hell has happened to our Country ? So much hate and jealousy. Why would anyone care if someone had Health Insurance. Got married, Payed their fair share of taxes ? Explain to me what is so wrong. What Constitution was broken ? Just name one please ?

  • G. Constantine says:

    What did you expect. Immelt was made a czar of Obama to bring business into the US. What has he done other than export the X-ray and wind turbine technology to off shore entities. Lets bring back Neutron Jack

  • Steve says:

    I’ve never been fond of Hillary Diane Roddam Clinton from the get go. As such, I don’t know exactly who’ll I’ll wind up voting for in November ’16, however I’m certain of two things. One is, I won’t vote for Hillary, and the other is I won’t be voting for any other so called “Democratic” party candidate in ’16, or any subsequent elections for some time to come. As long as that party continues in the direction in which they’re headed, I’ll continue to vote for their opponents. Even if I don’t vote GOP, there will always be better alternatives to the present “Democratic” party. That party is in very dire need of a comprehensive major overhaul, before they’ll ever have even one prayer of ever regaining my favor, ever again, regardless of weather it’s in Washington, or in any of our state capitals. And for starters, every one or those politicians affiliated with that “Democratic” political party needs to be removed from both Washington, and all of our state capitals, and kept out of all of them, till each one of
    them completes and successfully passes a tough and rigorous series of courses on the
    Constitution of the United States 101, taught by a team of the toughest and meanest army drill
    sergeants that we can possibly find in the US military. And only when they’ve regained my trust, and have proven that they can be once again depended upon to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, exactly as our founding fathers designed and intended for it to be, then and only then will I ever consider any “Democratic” party candidate eligible and
    qualified enough for consideration for my vote.

    And as far as General Electric is concerned, I have this to say. GE was founded by Thomas Alva Edison, a genius. However today, it is being ran by a bunch of incompetent morons.
    Much like our country, was founded by geniuses, like George Washington, Ben Franklin,
    Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, William Gladstone, and several others, but is today being likewise ran by a bunch of incompetent morons. GE, is responsible for either automating or outsourcing to third world countries, thousands of American and also
    Canadian jobs. And as such, one requirement for GE to ever be stricken off of my shit list, and possibly be restored back on my favored list, will be for them to reestablish well paying and benefited jobs back on US and Canadian shores, and restore the dreams of little working
    people back to North American shores, where they rightfully belong, and keep them there.

  • John says:

    For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. Hillarymama is the complete opposite of everything that a good leader should be; turned aside after dishonest gain, taker of bribes, and one who perverts justice.

  • Lynx says:

    Wow! If Obama & the Clintons could read all of this stuff aimed at them, they’d have fatal strokes!

    1. zelda says:

      Wouldn’t it be luverly?????????????????????

    2. zelda says:

      Hey Lynx—seems everyone is getting paid to control everything. Just mad a reply to your statement and it came back as being “deleted” because I already made the comment…SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! .

  • peewee henson says:

    dirt is dirt and dirty is dirty. eventually the shit tank overflows and there’s nothing the dirty can do about it. i think we’re there. fire up the turd sifter. lets see what else we find.

  • fpo says:

    I agree with everyone here!

  • The Bob says:

    For the party that screams, the rich don’t pay enough taxes, isn’t it funny how they always go to the rich, and how many of them are the rich.

  • the redhawk says:

    What the HELL,,,, khazikstan…. Russia…. Iran…. GE…. What is ONE more or Less??/ To the Clintons it is Just CORRUPTION AS USUAL…and NOW since they “BETRAYED” Obama by paying NO attention to the “signed UNDERSTANDING” that Podesta made them sign when she became Sec State…is DUDU about to HIT the fan??????????. Are those “MISSING” E-Mails becoming more reasons to Sequester Slick Willies SERVER??//

  • Christopher Coffey says:

    She and Her Husband, Ripped Off the People in Arkansas, When they Ruled that State.
    They have always been Crooks.

  • Sir David says:

    Our Country is the most corrupt country in the world, Nothing like the Crime, Murder, Payoff’s, and the Open Border Policies of Obama to allow Terrorist into America, and What is the Senate and Congress doing about it ? Allowing The Corrupt Clintons and Islamic Jihadist President to get away with anything they want and everyone just turns a Blind Eye on their antics. Land of the free is a thing of the past! WHEN ARE AMERICANS GOING TO STEP UP AND STOP THIS CRIME?

  • teaman says:

    Let’s also remember CE’s complicity with the totally corrupt EPA to do away with the Incandescent Light Bulb and forcing people to buy a China made bulb with deadly Mercury in it….at triple the price! Of course, GE built a plant in China to make those light bulbs! Now, ask yourselves, is GE just business savvy or are they just as corrupt and criminal as the Clintons!

    1. Donald Mccormick says:

      Hillary’s actions with the GE donations and the resulting contract to GE have a HUGE implication of CORRUPTION PLUS ALL of the other scandals she is TIED TO make it look like she is HUGELY CORRUPT.

      She HAS HIDDEN and DELETED everything she can find, everything that connects her to the scandals and the Obama administration and the news organizations helped to HIDE her connection to those scandals.

    2. punisher says:


  • William Fisher says:

    Treason can only prosper if no one calls it treason, and believe me what people do for the almighty dollar is, in fact, TREASON!!!

  • David in MA says:

    The Clinton’s and a few others feel they are protected in any criminal activity they engage in, but, they forget Obama, Obama is a loose cannon, insane as a chithouse rat and narcissistic as they come and Obama will throw anybody under the bus if it makes him look clean and wonderful.

    And, I bet that if Obama knew what and how the Clinton’s act and say about him, he would phone for the bus….. because, my bet is, the Clintons say nothing clean or good about Obama, my bet is they consider Obama a “house nigger”, that’s my bet.

  • Gerry says:

    Up to the press and Congress to investigate and get to the bottom of this. Hell — you know the press will hide all the damning evidence and Congress is still investigating scandals from 2009 and 2010. When you get ZERO help from these very corrupt agencies including this administration it is very difficult to get to the bottom of anything. G E donating to the clinton foundation for lucrative contracts doesn’t surprise me in the least. It sure seems to be adding up to — ol corrupt hillary used her position as sec of state to get very wealthy with complete disregard for the law. You just have to wonder how much of this obozo knew about. There is nothing too low for these people to gain more power and wealth. It is past time for these people to do PRISON TIME.

  • K9 says:


    1. I agree with you, stop buying G. E. Products. What a sham they are pulling.

    2. elda says:

      I have stayed away from all GE stuff for years.

  • Pam says:

    We have to remember that Hilary grew up in the Chicago Metro area during the reign of “Hizoner, da Mayor”. As a result, she was not only at ground zero for the radicals but also for the fine Chicago tradition of “Pay to Play”. With Chicago style politics being a national joke, it still never fails to amaze me that this country elected Obama, not once, but twice! What did they think they would get?
    And now they are considering doing it, yet again, with Hilary. All I can say about her is that she is ever-so-slightly less of a socialist BECAUSE she is more greedy for monetary gain.
    Never forget that she considers it her right to become queen of the USA.

  • debi says:

    Really ?! Whatever she does seems to be ok because there is never any proof. Common sense tells me she believes one set of rules for her and the Democrats and another for Republicans. Hillary stated they were “broke and 10 million dollars in debt” leaving the White House and if you work hard you can improve yourself – I guess this is an example of how easy it is when you can make these kinds of deals!

  • pompey says:

    Hitler had his favorite companies; BMW, Volkswagen, Bayer AG, (who supplied the gas for the Jews) Seaman’s, M. Benz and the list goes on.
    Major corporations have no problem with socialism or fascism or any type of tyranny as long as they profit.

    1. Kirsten Anderson says:

      Don’t forget the Movie Industry during the war, how they made money dealing with the Hitler bunch.

  • guy says:

    Of course, if HRC was a Republican, the MSM, would be foaming at the mouth.

    1. guy says:

      Of course, if HRC “were” a Republican, the MSM, would be foaming at the mouth.

      1. the redhawk says:

        Is anyone really watching the Headsinass Alphabet Clinton/Obama owned Networks???

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