‘Digging’ to a new PC low

by Awr Haekins | Breitbart
July 11, 2015

On July 7 the Memphis City Council voted unanimously to exhume the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from its 110 year resting place and move it to another location.

The body of Forrest’s wife will be exhumed as well.

According to Local Memphis, the council voted to exhume Forrest’s remains from Health Sciences Park on Union Avenue. They plan to sell a statue of Forrest as well–they are thinking of “selling the statue to anyone who wants it.”

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  • Mark Pascucci says:

    More Stalinesque purging. I’ll bet that some Commie gets that statue and melts it down, and builds a monument to the U.N., so they can make field trips and force school kids to worship it. Freakin’ Basturds!!!!! Where are they gonna move the remains to?!?? Some place where they’re trampled upon, I bet.

  • Bruce Bourget Sr. says:

    People of the South you all need to Stand Together and Prevent this From Happening, Soon there will be No Southern Heritage.

  • Bruce Bourget Sr. says:

    Time to say NO, the Statue and Grave Stays, enough is enough.

  • elda says:

    To me this is no different than what ISIS is doing to all the holy places they destroy. You can remove the symbols but you can’t remove the truth.

  • elda says:

    These people are Godless.

  • adbj102 says:

    How many radical racist blacks on that “council” over half I would guess! All democrat liberals! And Yankee imports! Are there ANY born Volunteers? I thought not! Just liberals destroying our culture and replacing it with Cali’s queer culture and liberal corruption! As the communist manifesto says: “destroy all of their heros and replace them with (perverted corrupt) party members”

  • freedomoutpost ken says:

    The United States of Communist America is now here.

  • cactusbob says:

    Somebody want to build apartments on the site? With payoffs to the city rulers, of course…

  • Cowboy says:

    This is totally ridiculous and shouldn’t ever be allowed!!!

  • Pathfinder0100 says:

    F the Memphis council. Just another bunch of jackasses trying to erase history. Damn them all!!

  • tom2 says:

    Lefties bask in erased history. It’s just as good as a lie.

  • MarcJ says:

    A Baltimore police union lambasted the Baltimore Police
    Department in a comprehensive review of the Baltimore riots released July 7, 2015,
    accusing the department of putting residents in harm’s way and of
    humiliating the officers. The accusations come after reports that Baltimore police were told to stand
    down during the riots, most notably Baltimore Mayor
    Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s comment that she “gave those who wished to destroy space
    room to do that.” Baltimore has a ruling
    class of 100% Blacks – the mayor, the police commissioner, the prosecutor who
    declared “No justice – no peace!” when the heroin-peddler and addict Gray was
    arrested for the 23rd time.

    “The morale of the men and
    women of the Baltimore Police Department has suffered greatly,” the report
    states. “In addition to physical injury, officers feel a lack of support from
    the Department and report feeling ‘humiliated’ and ‘dejected’ as a result of
    what occurred and what they experienced during the riots. A significant
    percentage reported that they are considering resigning or retiring within the
    next one to two years.” The report points out that riots led to more than 200
    injured police officers and millions of dollars in property damage, including
    arson and looting. Not mentioned was the new minimum wage in the aftermath of
    some 200 looted and burned businesses – namely $0.00/hour. The Black Marxist
    woman Mayor of Baltimore then fired the Police Commissioner while trying to
    hide her own miserable record. Interestingly she usually shows up in public in
    her Mao-like uniform – thus showing her true allegiances and pretentions. In
    that she is an admirer of another Mao follower – the White House consigliere
    Valerie Jarrett.

  • MarcJ says:

    That is the reason I start my diatribes like this:
    “Liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, “social sciences” professors, government employees union goons, environmentalists (aka Eco-Nazis), Democrats, and other such bottom-feeders, slime and scum of this once free country…”

  • Athena Marler Creamer says:

    He famously said,’NO DAMN MAN KILLS ME AND LIVES’

  • Is it just me, or did all of this bullshit start since the HNIC took office? And he did TAKE it, the American people could not have been stupid enough to vote him in twice!!!

  • Betty says:

    They can sell statues and remove bodies but all it does is cause more racial strife

    1. tampatom says:

      Martial law when this mess turns violent.

  • Richard says:

    Disgraceful. Is there no end to the spread of perfidy?

  • Slim Jim says:

    the blacks want to destroy the confederate history just like ISIS is destroying the history in the middle eastern countries

  • Eric says:

    This is another Sad event to dig up a body of a Confederate soldier?? Sure hope the people Vote these Communists out of Office! Seems they have No Bisiness in office!

    1. Smart Old Fart says:

      Eric, and everyone else “jaw-boning” on this blog site; VOTING only works in Democracy or a Republic … we no longer have either! Our Constitutional Republic began falling apart from the very first day. Those IN POWER, realized they could lie, cheat and steal if they all stuck together against the citizens. Both (ONLY TWO !?) political parties have each honed their “Blame Game” to a razor sharp edge, simply accusing their opposite of ignorance, negligence or malfeasance. And so it goes back and forth, year after year, while they grow richer and more powerful and WE THE PEOPLE become more destitute and helpless. NOTHING EVER CHANGES EXCEPT THE CRIMINALS NAMES. My POINT? Today, VOTING WITH A PEN AND A BALLOT might make you feel empowered; but, in fact, it will never change our country’s death spiral, only guarantee its demise. The “premises” of OUR government is vile, disease-ridden, infected, polluted, rotten and beyond REPAIR. OUR HOUSE OF POWER MUST BE FUMIGATED, RAISED AND INCINERATED … it cannot be fixed! VOTING IS A FEEL-GOOD ACTIVITY ONLY; BUT USELESS AND FUTILE in effecting real change. BUT, things will change, Civil War is on our doorstep, are YOU prepared?

  • John Scott says:

    We’re re-writing History again. No wonder some people think the Holocaust never happened.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      If the Holocaust did not happen then neither did Ancient Egypt (Pyramids were made by windstorms blowing sand), Rome, Mohammed, the Crusades, the Columbus voyages, William Shakespeare, the British Empire and finally the “Founding” of America. All of it is mere nonsensical dreaming. So there. It’s all settled. Now what are you progressives going to do with your world that does not exist? You are at war with an entity you believe does not exist–God. Now the ball is in YOUR court. Please explain.

  • carpkiller says:

    Its the democrat leaders telling the nearly 100% black population what to do.

  • Robert Griffith says:

    If this idiocy is followed to its logical conclusion at some point they are going to want all of the states that were members of the Confederacy to be kicked out of the Union for being former members of the Confederacy. You cannot punish history just because it upsets your contemporary sensibilities.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Oh but progressives/liberals disagree with you. They want their minority way. With them it’s to hell with the worldwide stable social order. They want to change for example the historical standard of what we call marriage.

  • Walt says:

    I thought there were laws against desecrating burial sites, but I guess if you’re a corrupt liberal politician you can do anything you want. I’m not a southerner, but I do live in the south and I do have enough respect for the southern folks to have the right to preserve their Confederate Heritage. It wasn’t a Confederate flag that killed nine people, it was an unbalanced individual. When you have a bunch of moronic liberals in office you can expect the worst from their extreme and stupid policies. What’s next the American flag? Totally idiotic!

    1. judge45colt says:

      the American flag is no different it was brought about by rebellious men and women against their mother country England. only dfference is the rebels won that war

    2. Ron Warren says:

      And Walt recently the idea of banning the American flag has come up because it flies over a nation that once embraced slavery. Some even want to destroy everything associate with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves. I do not support slavery in any fashion but the so-called “slaves” had better lives in American than their ancestors did where they came from. Speaking of “slavery” those of us today who are working for a living have our paychecks shaved off to pay for upkeep of the other half who do not work. So who are the slaves of the 21st. Century?

      1. Walt says:

        Ron, the key word here is, ONCE, embraced slavery. Washington ad Jefferson had a different life style as opposed to today’s standards, but it doesn’t mean we destroy history. We now affirm the American flag represents Liberty for all. We have a Constitution of laws that co-insides with our beliefs and support of those liberties. It’s only a small minority who choose to have the American flag and all it represents removed from society, but I show my support for our American symbol till I die. Hopefully if we get the right people in office, changes will be set that no one faces slavery in our country. God bless the USA…


    This is not their first attack on Gen. Nathan B. Forrest. The park was originally named for him, Nathan Bedford Forrest Park. See how this works. They change the name. Well,that’s not enough. Those dead white people hafta go so we can “heal”. This could go on forever and these folks will not heal because they just want to control the message and control the people. By the way, who would be so low as to dig a couple up and give them or sell them and the statue just to further an agenda. I am ashamed of my hometown. These people are the real racists. They blame all whites for the KKK. What would they do if whites blamed them all for the Memphis race riots of the 60’s (that was their folks) or the Black Panthers? They forget that there was a Black confederate unit and American Indian units that fought in the civil war. We were being invaded by The North because we had succeeded from the union in protest of high taxes and no voice in the union.They invaded to force us back into the union so they could force us to pay high taxes, heavier than the North, to run the union and to subsidize the industrial revolution of the North.This memorial, like the confederate flag, served to remind us of the civil war and the 280,000 southern men women and children who died in it.

  • enubus says:

    This is just a diversion by Demoncrats to get the uniformed masses to zero in on racism and try to blame it on the Repubics, so they don’t have to defend their absolute incompetence and mental illness. But anyone with half a brain knows what they are doing, and all these symbols they supposedly hate are theirs, from the stars and bars to the monuments to the KKK. The main stream media is the Goebbels propaganda arm of the Demonrats and is attempting to propagate this idiocy that the Southern symbols caused the death of the 9 blacks by a person, who like the left, is mentally ill and if they get rid of these symbols life will be good and fair. This thinking is bordering psychosis and what they are doing is analogous to ISIS in their zeal to destroy anything they deem an infidel symbol. It is time we the people take back our country from the escaped Bedlam inmates! God save America from fools and crazies.

  • libsrtheh8ters says:

    Where the hell are the people, is everyone in this country really THIS STUPID, brainwashed or pisslessly terrified? There are black on white hate crimes in this country EVERY DAY, should we wipe every vestige of black history from society? LESS THAN 5% of southerners owned slaves,they were VERY expensive & only the rich could afford them. 15 of the 17 sparsely populated states had slavery. LOTS of WHITE PEOPLE DIED freeing slaves.

  • ICDB says:

    I guess we should have listened back 2008……and BELIEVED what we heard

  • KDC says:

    We the people should have a say in all of this. It’s OUR History, too. This is as dumb as Hitler trying to burn all the books?

  • rebapiper says:

    this can’t be real. this isn’t really happening in America.
    Where in the h—–am I. what country is this.

    1. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

      I’m beginning to wonder the same thing, rebapiper.

  • nonstopca says:

    If the citizens let this happen, I lose all respect for them to.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Then trash your respect for any and all citizens, living, dead and the non-Americans who supported/voted for Barry Soetoro (correct name) now sitting in the White Mosque along with all progressives who support his Marxist/Alinsky agenda to this day. It would be great if we could wipe all this progressive fecal mess out of the nation so we Americans can get back to Ideals set forth in the Declaration and rules laid down in the Constitution. We’ve done fine for 239 years. Now we have a bunch of upstart members of a minority who want to change everything to suit their penny any warped desires primarily in the marriage and the rights arenas. They want to rid the nation of Amendments number I and II and especially the Christian Faith. They see those two Amendments and Christianity as walls preventing their progression to their minority whims.

  • scott says:

    so when do you imbeciles plan on taking your head out of your as- and stand up to the tyrants destroying america

  • JOHN VAUGHN says:

    This is pretty bad when people start erasing history. Talk about communist rule this is going on right here in america never thought I would see this in my america. I am ashamed of how this country is treating this matter.

    1. KDC says:

      It’s what BO and the rest of the progressive/communists want. To tear at America’s sovereignty. To make it nothing to many.

  • John Chinn says:

    The Stalinization of History. At its very worst.



  • bobnstuff says:

    The University has been trying to get the land for some time. They need to expand. A monument to the founder of the KKK was stopping them. Council, who were elected by the voters of the city think a Universities needs plus $500 billion in the economy are more important the a monument to hate.

  • Sylvester Jones says:

    What a stupid move, by the pc morons.

  • savage24 says:

    You can teach the ignorant, but it is impossible to teach the stupid. And political correctness is the highest form of stupidity.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Har, har, har. Well said savage24. Some have a fetish for living in the past and re-writing history.

      1. podunk1 says:

        They’re sick and demented. They need to move to Obama’s muslim Africa, where slavery is still topped off with random murder & mayhem against any non-muslim.

        Our history is worth remembering and respecting. We not only removed slavery, we learned to live together and prosper as none other. Today these sick demented people are overthrowing the Constitution, insourcing slave alien labor to throw black citizens out of work and into indentured government dependency.

        1. william couch says:

          AND THEY KILL HOMO’S THERE!!!!!!

  • mtmountainman says:

    Thinking about it, is it safe to assume that Memphis is run by the corrupt Democrat aka Communist Party?

    1. Luke says:

      They are, the city is a mess with corrupt liberals… The scum can move all the Confederate statues and flags they want but it will never change the facts that they haven’t improved from their days as slaves and haters of the South..

      1. Ron Warren says:

        Like the Soviets, they want to re-write history.

    2. rebapiper says:

      this is the Progressive movement taking over our country, I don’t think there are many DemoRats lets, they all joined the Progressvie movement, only those like Sanders who has to hide from Political views in order to be elected in to the WH, so he runs on a DemoRat ticket a ticket that may not really exist anymore, that D is just a diversion from who and what they really are.
      obama and hitlary have said right out in the last Presidential run, they Are Progressive not Democrats,
      Sanders a communist, socialist what ever he wants to be called for political purposes, now he is Hiding under the DemoRat name. Just like many of the GOP hiding under the Republican name. Jeb Bush,Rubio and a few others are not Republicans.
      they need a new ticket called, Mexican ticket or Illegal ticket or Multi country ticket. As they strip down America piece by piece, word by word, Flag by Flag, sexual preferences by sexual preferences, turning us into a Multi Country, not a country under one God and one Flag, they take away our freedom, a patriotism, our pride, and who we are.
      Soon our military will be next to non, our military arsenal will also be next to none, Soon we will not be able to defend ourselves and we will have no choice but to turn what is left our our troops over to the UN. that is what the clinton wanted to do when they had the WH house, obama is laying the ground work for hitlary to make a good case about giving our military to the UN by telling you, the only way our troops could be of any use to us is for the UN to be in control.
      Wait and see.it will happen.

      1. senior74 says:

        What is being pushed is UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, the plan to make America part of a Communist one world government & by both parties for the most part. The first Bush signed on in 1992, Clinton started the committee for sustainability & Obama is really pushing the Marxist culture they want. What gets me even the conservatives are not warning the people. I had heard Cruz when he first ran for office did mention it but not since. Another thing not mentioned is the North American Union, (Mexico, America & Canada) I think Obama is pushing that by the no border he is pushing.

        1. tampatom says:

          He said as much a long time ago. Told us he would. I wonder how many listened?

  • mtmountainman says:

    I hope the people of Memphis and Tenn. show up en mass and block this illegal action. They should not be allowed to do this without the family’s permission and I can’t imagine them giving it. Patriots–line the edge of the park, come prepared and block this evil corruption. This may be the beginning of the end to Barry’s and the Dem’s reign of terror.

  • Rose Boltz says:

    We the people are so stupid, will follow any leader or cause be it correct or not, just so there is something bitch about. There is not a reason for most of this crap, just plain ignorance.

    1. Sylvester Jones says:

      Speak for yourself dummy.

      1. JOHN VAUGHN says:

        If you disagree you are the dummy.land of the brave and home of the free. will it use to be until the people started all this censor ship.I can’t believe they are trying to erase history, I think Russia did some thing like this back in the days of stallion.

        1. evelyncm says:

          I heard Moochelle say “We must change our history:” and I wondered “How can you change something that already happened?” It seems the blacks have found a way – get rid of flags, get rid of statues, get rid of dead bodies, take it all out of history books. White flight has hit all cities and blacks have taken over. They have black mayors, black councilmen, and anyone else in any sort of power is black in the bigger cities. They hate the whites, and in spite of the fact that no living white person ever owned, or wanted, a black slave, they hold us responsible for slavery; therefore, they want to punish us. The black leaders don’t want acceptance, they want to rule, and to punish. The Confederate flag was removed, which I suppose was to guarantee that never again would a
          white person kill a black person. Now I’m still wondering what they figure can be removed to guarantee that never again would a black person kill a white person. I read that they want “reparations” for slavery, but no living black person has been a slave so how can he be paid for slavery? They also want white people to apologize for slavery. How can we apologize for what we didn’t do? From where I live, there is much more racism on the part of blacks than there is whites. Seems it is getting worse instead of better.

          1. Ron Warren says:

            Recent historical events validate your statements. Charleston’s event being an exception because the Blacks there are Christians. Fergus, Baltimore and Florida had professional agitators enlisted for fomenting riots. Those agitators are the modern equivalent of the KKK.

          2. Richard Bartholomew says:

            She/he said they were going to fundamentally change our history

          3. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

            Evelyncm, you hit the nail right smack dab on the head!!

          4. reggie says:

            My mother was an immigrant. No slavery there. My father’s family fought on the side of the North in the Civil War. No slavery there. The main reason for the civil war was NOT slavery, it was state’s rights. I owe no one an apology, and will not apologize for something my family did not do. They can all go to he11.

        2. Ron Warren says:

          Yes the Marxist followers in the Soviet era did try to re-write all history. Might be still doing it–in USA.

        3. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

          Not Stallion, it’s Stalin. Big diff……one’s a horse and the other was a horse’s a**.

    2. Ron Warren says:

      Ms. Boltz where do you get “WE” here. I don’t count myself as part of the progressive anti-American crap going on.

  • mudflat says:

    Don’t let the blacks run the country; they are incapable.

    1. Ron Warren says:

      Many of them are far more qualified to hold office than some of the fruitcake progressives now sitting. Content of character is what counts, not color.

    2. That, my friend, has been proven!!!

  • jdbixii says:

    When the American history and heritage are reduced to the unrecorded events of any given day, they will certainly be representative of special-interest minorities. In the greater context of things, one wonders what the cumulative effect of ignorance, as a compelling force for social progress, will be. After all, just because you are, makes just as much sense as, just because you aren’t, the causal effect of law having nothing to do with either presence or absence. Will there actually come a day when government of, by and for the people is little more than the congenial exchanges on a Facebook page? If the television media content is any indication, reality-tv and forensics shows tend to indicate that Utopia is a long way off and that ignorance is not only the transgender parent of crime, but its orphan as well. Does it stand to reason that if, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” the opposite is also true. If you are ignorant of the truth, (of slavery, for example), you are a slave to ignorance. Or, is it really such a blissful state to be ignorant? If it were, why the “reality-tv,” forensics shows and an ongoing war on terror in which survival is the singular, coherent factor perpetuating it?
    Freedom is not free because there are those who oppose it. Discrimination against those who do is more logical than discrimination against those who don’t.

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