Do over! Obama speech to reverse course on severity of Islamic State threat

Nine months after belittling the Islamic State as a “JV” terrorist group, President Obama will devote an urgent prime-time address Wednesday to his plan for defeating the suddenly resurgent militants, a strategy that will rely heavily on U.S. partnership with an untested Iraqi government and unproven Syrian rebels.

In a speech from the White House at 9 p.m., Mr. Obama will tell Americans that the Islamic State is now a “high national security priority,” aides said. And the president will try to marshal public and international support for what would likely be a yearslong counterterrorism campaign, launched little more than a year after he declared that the large-scale fight against Islamist terrorism was all but over.

The president briefed House and Senate leaders of both parties at the White House on Tuesday, though it didn’t appear he laid out many specifics. An aide to GOP House Speaker John A. Boehner said the president went over some of the ideas he’s already floated, and a White House statement Tuesday that Mr. Obama believed he had the power to act without congressional approval angered many on Capitol Hill.

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  • ijohnc1 says:

    The guy in the whitehouse needs to go, let’s give him a hand this November, get all the folks you can out to vote, throw the communist’s in the Senate out first, then let us take the rest of our anger out on them in 2016

  • Carol Baudat says:

    Obama SINGLE HANDEDLY started this when he ILLEGALLY released 5 TOP Terrorist!

  • Timothy Hall says:


  • pFeather says:

    The one who is on the JV squad is Obama. Obama is in way over his head and doesn’t really have a clue as to what to do. This is what you get when you elect a community organizer as president. Figure this one out Valerie Jarrett, the commie behind the throne.

    1. I Seigel says:

      The government has many agencies involved in gathering intelligence. The president is given a digest every day of that intelligence. He does not make his own. He speaks and acts on what the agencies give him. At the time he said those things, the intelligence community considered ISIS an annoyance, not a major threat. We hope and expect that as situations in the world change, or our knowledge of them improves, that our policies also get updated. Such as the situation here.

      1. pFeather says:

        You don’t know what the intelligence community told Obama if he did attend his intelligence briefings. Be a Obama apologist if you want but Obama is in way over his community organizer head.

        1. I Seigel says:

          He’s been in office for 6 years now. He’s gone beyond the community organizer thing. Get off of it already. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul aren’t ready for prime time. Are you going to criticize them, too?

          1. pFeather says:

            No Obama is still the community organizer as shown by his destruction of America and his lawlessness. You get off apologizing for Obama. And yes I will criticize Paul and Cruz if the veer from their conservative principles. Yes Obama has been in office 6 years, 6 years too long and he should have been impeached by now.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Then John Boehner and House Republicans – ALL of them – are complicit in Obama’s destruction of America and his lawlessness, as they’ve done nothing to stop him. Spread the blame and don’t be so narrow-minded. Or just be quiet and work towards change in the next election. And don’t just reelect YOUR incumbent, and hope that everyone else kicks theirs out. Start with yours, whoever he or she is.

          3. pFeather says:

            I’ll admit Boehner and the GOP haven’t stopped Obama but that’s difficult to do with the corrupt Reid and his minions running the democrat controlled senate. My incumbent senator is just as bad as Reid and I’ve been voting against that creep for years. I’m giving my congressman two more years then he’s gone as far as I’m concerned, 8 years is enough.

          4. I Seigel says:

            And the prediction right now is that most people in America feel the same way as you do regarding the upcoming election. So it’s probably best to prepare for 2 more years of the same.

          5. pFeather says:

            How is that possible if everybody else does what I’m planning on doing and that is voting out my scum bag, too long in office, progressive democrat senator? If everybody voted the same way we could rid the senate of the corrupt democrats and impeach your slime ball hero Obama and convict him and run him from office before he completely destroys America.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I meant that most people will do as you will do and vote for the congressman for another term, but they’ll hope that others will vote THEIR congressman out.

          7. pFeather says:

            The corrupt Reid controlled democrat senate is the problem not the house. I’ll get around to my congressman when he’s been in office 8 years then I’ll work to send him packing.

          8. I Seigel says:

            And others, including myself, see the problem as mainly being in the House. Even Boehner and Cantor couldn’t bring order to their own institution.

          9. pFeather says:

            You see the problem as the House because you don’t know what you don’t know. The GOP House sent Reid and company bill after bill to stimulate the economy and Reid has sat on all of them. Reid spends all his time ranting about the Koch brothers and obstructing true work in congress.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Did you maybe think that the outright partisan bills that were sent to the Senate didn’t have any chance whatsoever of passing, so he didn’t bother? Just like all the bills that Boehner sat on.

          11. pFeather says:

            I give up, a dunderhead like you just won’t face facts. Boehner hasn’t sat on anything because Reid hasn’t sent anything. And you’re calling the GOP partisan when Obama and Reid are the most partisan people to be in positions of leadership ever. Pull your head out of your keister and give your brain some air.

          12. I Seigel says:

            Even the Republican Party can’t compromise with itself, or haven’t you been paying attention?
            Boehner and Obama had almost cut a deal several years ago on taxes and budget, and then the Tea Party stepped in and put the kibosh on the plan. Boehner was very frustrated. Early this year (or was it last?), Boehner said that Immigration Reform was going to be a top priority. Then the Tea Party said “no it won’t”. Any of this ring a bell, or has YOUR head done a mind meld with your keister?

          13. Carol Baudat says:

            Send him packing NOW 2014, do not wait.

          14. Carol Baudat says:

            The House of Reps can only do so much with out the Senate, and we know the Senate Dems are so far up Obama’s a$$ that if he farts they sneeze!

          15. I Seigel says:

            Oh yes, we “know” that.

            Could you please stop writing unsubstantiated, false, misleading, opinionated garbage like this and like your other comment about “Obama SINGLE HANDEDLY started this when he ILLEGALLY released 5 TOP Terrorist”?? If you have any knowledge of recent history or any memory of anything earlier than last night’s O’Reilly program, you’d know that you’re just spouting nonsense. Try LEARNING something, or be quiet. Breitbart doesn’t need your help repeating it’s garbage.

            If you want to respond with some FACTS, backed up by a mutually-agreed-upon source, then I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you. It’s been suggested by another conservative here that and Snopes would be mutually acceptable sources. How would you feel about that?

      2. Carol Baudat says:

        Obama doesn’t go to Intelligent briefings, this is highly known. He doesn’t have the time for it, he relies on the TV for his info. So why didn’t he have the same info as everyone else in AMERICA?! Maybe he doesn’t get updates on the golf course. I Seigel, what you’re saying is Obama can’t make his own mind up without others telling him what to do?

        1. I Seigel says:

          First of all, when you say its is “highly known” that he doesn’t go to intelligence briefings – who has reported this? Who has verified that he “relies on the TV for his info”? If it’s a blogger or reporter, unless he has access to the Oval Office, then he’s just writing to get attention. Show me the details or stop the nonsense.

          And I’m also saying that he makes his mind up on issues – just like most of us – based on the best information available. The “best information available”, in this case, is gathered by the numerous intelligence agencies and career intelligence officers that do this for all presidents, the JCS, Congress, etc. So NO, I’m NOT saying that he has to have others to tell him what to do. Try reading the words, rather than just trying to spin words to your liking.

          1. Carol Baudat says:

  , Your site fact check mentions the Washington Post as one of their sources. Obama LIES on how he gets his info. Do you really believe that he only is informed by “seeing it on TV”? BS!

          2. I Seigel says:

            Carol, I have no idea what your point is here.

            OK, says that one of their sources is the Washington Post. Are you saying that that disqualifies FactCheck as a legitimate place for facts?

            You say that Obama “LIES” about where he gets his info. I never heard him make a statement about where he gets his info. Please show me the quote where he says where he gets his info.

            And you ask if I “really believe that he only is informed by “seeing it on TV”?” I’m not sure what you’re asking here. I certainly didn’t say that. In fact, it was YOU who said EXACTLY that. You said, “He doesn’t have the time for (intelligence briefings), he relies on the TV for his info.” So I’m a bit confused. You’re either a schizophrenic, you can’t read or remember anything, or I’m simply not understanding you. Which is it?

    2. Timothy Hall says:


      1. pFeather says:

        And your rant is from a half wit. Your proctologist called and he found your head.

        1. Timothy Hall says:


  • CTH says:

    Obama is not changing course. He steam full speed ahead in the destruction of our country.

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