Donald Trump Celebrates Tax Cut Victory: ‘It’s a Lot More Fun When You Win’

by Charlie Spiering
December 21, 2017

President Donald Trump hosted Congressional Republicans at the White House, delighted that Republicans in Congress had finally delivered on signature tax cut legislation.

Trump thanked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan, and many other senators and members of Congress for their efforts to pull the bill across the finish line on Wednesday.

“I want to thank you, Mitch McConnell. What a job,” he said. “It’s always a lot of fun when you win.”

Trump also praised Speaker Paul Ryan for a job well done, calling him “a great Speaker.”

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  • podunk1 says:

    We can eliminate deficit spending!
    We’re missing the real opportunity to stop a financial blood bath by simply flushing the swamp!
    Obama’s BLS & GAO swamp abomination of 4.1% unemployment has the USA running around in circles like foxes with their tails afire… burning and destroying everything they touch!!
    Truth will set us free. Deception devours!
    1) Obama’S BLS 2017 November 160,529,000 people working 34.5 hours means only 132,754,000 full time jobs EXISTED and the 21,164,000 (34.5/40.0) difference is joblessness (no-pay/tax/production – zero PRODUCTIVITY generating welfare and debt bondage!)!
    2) Obama’s BLS reported 6,610,000 (4.12%) unemployed (people)… and we’re celebrating it like lemmingxs rushing to the sea!
    A COMPARABLE 12/yr. 66.50066% workforce @ 12/yr. 1997/2008 average on a 255,949,000 November BLS population equals a 170,208,000 COMPARABLE BASIS workforce, which is 9,679,000 erased by Obama’s BLS fake 160,529,000 reported workforce! (Obama’s BLS reported 5,238,000 “wanting jobs” but fraudulently excluded it from the workforce (no-pay-unemployed) That leaves 4,442,000 erased from workforces without reconciliation!)
    The 6,610,000 reported plus the erased 9,679,000 totals 16,290,000 (rounded) “unemployed “people”, which is 2.6 times more that reported!
    3) Add the 21,164,000 fake jobs to the 16,290,000 unemployed people and the 37,454,000 JOBLESSNESS is a $2.69 trillion annual “abomination” of joblessness that creates destructive WELFARE! It’s 5.7 times greater than reported!!! The progressive “Obama-nation overthrow” is celebrating destruction as joyfully as those who are celebrating 4.2% unemployment!
    We’re to believe NO ONE within the swamp, SCOTUS, congress, or the GAO can convert BLS $26.55 hourly-average-wages into 2080/hrs. alannual wages ($55,224) and multiply it adding 30% rounded employer paid tax/fringes $(71,791), times 37,454,000 “unemployed/joblessmess” to determine the $2.7 trillion lost CITIZEN wealth generation!
    We’re to believe a “government” that hears, sees, and records all, doesn’t know how-many or where some 40 to 50 million aliens are, especially the 20 million who are here ILLEGALLY, CRIMINALLY EVADING TAXES AND COLLECTING EVERY CITIZEN WELFARE BENEFIT KNOWN!
    Schumer, Pelosi, the ninth circuit gestapo, and their progressive media and lemming’s rebellion have the USA in a death spiral. It’s highest treason… stop it!!!

  • Navy Bob says:

    Funny how Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the liberals are all up in arms over a $1.2B increase in the deficient over 10 years with no accounting for an increase in the economy. (And the economy is getting better, despite the lies form the democrats) This after voting in lock step to increase the deficient over $9B in the last 8 years to placate Obama and his minions. They keep calling this a “tax cut for the rich” and that the “rich” are benefitting more than the “middle class”, and they are right. If a person pays $25,000 in taxes and gets a 5% reduction, they will be saving $1250 compared to a person paying $2500 in taxes getting a 10% reduction, saving $250. So the liberals then twist this to say the “rich” get $1000 more than the “middle class” to ferment class warfare and class division, which is all they have. Follow this by liberals and the media (redundant) parroting the mantra, over and over again like the partisan minions they are, and there you are. You get polls, run by the same “news outlets”, saying that Trump is a loser and his polices are unfair. Then morons come on these sites and parrot that feeling, citing “facts” that are no more than democrat talking points.

  • bobnstuff says:

    This week Ryan and McConnell are hero’s but next week Trump will be calling them losers again. Trump won with his tax bill, big time. His taxes will go down a lot. The problem with a win is for every winner there has to be a loser and in this case the losers will be the middle class and our children. If Ryan has his way the old and the poor will get the bill. He thinks we are giving to much to those on Social Security. He believes there is money that can be cut from Medicare. Yes Trump had his victory and the wealthy of the nation have won but at what cost and who will get the bill?

    1. WhiteFalcon says:

      You need to scroll down and read the article entitled: GOP tax bill: AT&T, Boeing among corporations rewarding employees
      Maybe you need to push your Democrap hemorrhoids aside and look outside for a change.

    2. Navy Bob says:

      “If Ryan has his way the old and the poor will get the bill.” Can you folks not come up with a new line? This was the line in the 90’s when Clinton fought against any tax cut proposed by the GOP. Next you’ll be parroting Obama about taking the food out of the mouths of the elderly and veterans. And it was not true then as it is not true now. Repeating the mantra of the left does NOT make it true, or even relevant. Nor does it make you relevant or truthful, just a parrot. .

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