Donald Trump mocked for claiming race for GOP nomination is ‘rigged’

by Bradford Richardson
April 18, 2016

Republican officials and rival campaigns mocked Donald Trump continuing claims the Republican presidential primary race has been rigged, saying Sunday that the tycoon’s poor showings in Colorado and Wyoming had more to do with his incompetence than party corruption.

Former Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, a surrogate for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, said Mr. Trump cannot change the rules of the game just because he is winning the delegate race and compared the reality TV star’s campaign to a football team that wants a touchdown for making it to the 20 yard line.

“You know, football teams don’t get to get in the red zone and then demand a touchdown and then cry about it when you don’t give them one,” Mr. Cuccinelli said on ABC’s “This Week.” “But that’s what we’re dealing with the Trump campaign. Lots of football teams get in the red zone and lose.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who trails the Republican presidential primary field, likened Mr. Trump’s rhetoric to the whining of a schoolboy who blames the grading system after blowing a test.

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  • DaveM says:

    Got news! It is rigged! Same Azzholes pulling the strings of every American and causing chaos for their own financial gain! They are wealthy losers! Do NOT WORRY! Revolution is coming…I got dibs!

  • 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

    Ted Cruz is a fraud, he aggressively supports the H1B visa program, the program that got the Disney workers fired along with 6oo thousand other Americans in the high tech industry every year,, cruz wants to increase that program by 500% all those americans fired and replaced with cheap foreign labor. he also wants to increase legal immigration up to 1.3 million new immigrants per year. he also got a loan from goldman sachs for 1 million, whats he supposed to do for that, he received millions from the high tech lobby, Cruz claims to be anti establishment, he says he wants to help the veterans, he wants to build a wall, he wants to get the jobs back, these are all issues that Trump put out there first, Trumps is going to do those things Cruz had his chance when he was a senator, he never raised any of it as an issue, he chose to be owned by the high tech lobby aggressively pushing for the increase for h1b visa program. but as a sitting senator he has done nothing to secure the border, nothing about getting jobs, and nothing for our vets. Cruz is a freaken fraud.

  • Gary Smith says:

    Trump only whines when he loses

  • kathy diamond says:


    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      You my friend are a deeply deceived Trumperteer , Fact of the matter is ! The delegates from each state are required to vote as had the majority of the voters in each district of each state. They are required to do so through the 1st.,2nd or 3rd rounds of votes at the national convention. Depending upon what each of their presumptive states parties convention rules, preset prior to the national convention. Now every one knows Lyin Donald makes crap’ola up as he goes along . Donald is lying through his dentures .The rules were precast pre- set in October of 2015. Donald is actually trying to win the nomination through means of Free Media ,small donor contributions , and trying to change the rules to suit him Lyin Donald says he is self funded Yuuuuggggee LIE though just one of many .Donald isn’t self funded Donald has received over $500,000,000.00 free media coverage over $12,000,000.00 from small campaign donors He has spent nearly zero of his own money in comparison. The man is a master manipulator ,Master liar ,master con artist. Yet he still remains the pied piper of the sheepley

  • Walt says:

    The Elites of the RNC and the GOP are terrified, should TRUMP win, they will lose their plush positions. We don’t need a group that decides how we vote……One person one vote….Winner take all….NO electoral college needed

  • Retired Marine says:

    Trump just happens to be correct, the system is rigged. How else can you explain how McCain was selected to go against the Odicktaseter? Wait and see what these crooked A-holes come up with for a candidate at the convention. It will not be Trump or Cruz, but someone else they bought and paid for.

  • Hambone says:

    The system is rigged. If the people voted in those states, then Donald Trump would have picked up the delegates without a doubt. The establishment wants their puppet in the white house, and have already stsed they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

  • Upaces says:

    Texas Kicked Cruz to the Curb. Texas is backing Trump.

    What an exciting time for conservative activists across America! .

    Donald Trump is leading in the polls nationally and in upcoming primary states. We have more votes, more delegates than any other candidate, and are continuing to grow our campaign to focus on policy and secure the nomination.

  • Vangie Martinez says:

    My perspective is that the RNC and GOP changed the rules in August just to stop and block Trump to begin with. So why are they coming back at him saying that he wants to change the rules when they did it themselves in August 2015. What was wrong with the rules that they had before? Perhaps, because, it would of been a slam dunk for Trump and they could not have that. Don’t try to twist it and turn it to your advantage and make it be something that it is not, when, you, yourselves changed the rules just so you could block and stop Trump.

  • mabera19 says:


  • original ancestry says:

    It is rigged and they are doing it illegally. Preibus been caught lying to the public.

  • disqus_htVNWSBEmM says:

    Adjoining neighbors got into a fight over the ownership of a cow. They towed the cow with a rope to a lawyer. The next thing either one knew the lawyer was milking the cow and they left fighting. The same thing applies to Cruz and Trump supporters. The neighbors wound up hating each other and the lawyer wound up with the cow. Wise up and support whichever one gets the nomination. Hillary is a lawyer! (Maybe disbarred, but she has a lawyer’s mind.)

  • Average Joe says:

    It’s time to end to end delegates and the electoral collage and have the people decide with A strait up vote

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    This system of delegates, and the electoral college is a shame. This is not about the voters, it is about the politicians keeping their fiefdoms, their perks, their gravy train, and their power, along with control.
    In the past this system was talked about, but not very much, because it never seemed to matter. This time it is “in your face” and it is about the be challenged.
    Make all the rules you want, make certain things legal that shouldn’t be, make a convoluted set of rules that even some lawyers can’t understand, then you can have the general public by the short hairs.
    It doesn’t matter who I want, and it doesn’t matter who you want. What matters is who the G O P boys want, and why???

    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      It only matters if You failed to vote in local an state wide elections. It only matters if as a constituent You failed to observe the golden Rule. That rule To know who an why your voting for a particular representative. Who will then become a delegate. Yes we the people vote for the delegates,who will then be appointed by the state parties to vote for the president at each parties convention. This is the way it has been for over 230 years. Only the neophytes or should I say the low eduacted voters lacks the capacity to comprehend this. Nationally congress Appoints date time an place all orter rules are up to each states legislature an state parties period.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        That is my point. People vote for the delegates. The delegates can then support who they want. The people’s vote means nothing. Yes this has been going on for 230 years, and it worked just fine until the apple cart was tipped over, and the maneuvering, the manipulation has come to light. Just because a system with the possibility of blatant corruption has been around for 230 years, you know what, so what. Time to get rid of it, too much power in too few hands./

        1. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Your point is off the mark . The delegates ate required by the rules and are obligated to vote during the 1st ,2nd and or 3rd rounds of votes during the convention. As their states voted. They can only vote Their conscious if after the 1st vote or 2nd vote or even at times the 3rd vote at the convention does not conclude with a nominee. The delegates must vote by the rules of their states convention. And can not vote as they wish. As you clearly are trying to say.

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Ok, explain this delegates comments;
            Comment by B Frank, on News Max this am.
            B Frank •
            There was a delegate from South Carolina on Hannity yesterday afternoon stating that delegates aren’t supposed to answer to individual voters, they are responsible to the Party… Hannity was outraged by that notion. The delegate was both unwavering and unapologetic in her stance. She even inferred that she didn’t care about an independent vote on the Republican side. She said that both Parties were set up to do what each Party’s decision makers wanted, for the good of the Party. What I heard was that not only is the process totally corrupt, but that our vote doesn’t really count. It seems to me both Parties are simply appeasing their voters. It is time for a change.
            ——————————————————————— This system stinks. It needs to change period. I do not care who is running or what party. This has to stop.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says:

      So you claim the system is rigged and the electoral college is a shame. It may seem like that to the low information low eduacation voter. You might even be right. However taking into consideration ,as to just how very sad the state of our education is in this the modern era. It might very well be the correct time to return to the era of property owners and the educated only voter. As it was originally written in the Constitution. Facts are stunningly clear the average voter is and they are dim witted idiots .

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        I think your insults have gone a bit too far, and perhaps you may be the dim-witted one.
        Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” to speak with host Chuck Todd about the delegate selection process for the national convention.

        Though Priebus was likely attempting to defend the political process that some are now calling “rigged” in favor of the political establishment, he actually proved right the point made by billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

        Priebus was asked by Todd about who actually picks the party’s nominee, the delegates or the voters.
        Priebus responded by saying, “you know, I think it’s a combination but it’s empowered by the voters. So the voters empower the delegates but ultimately the delegates — who in most cases are bound by the outcomes of caucuses and primaries and conventions — make the decisions at the convention.”

        The RNC chair went on to explain how the convention is not much different from any other sort of convention, and involves more than simply picking a nominee, such as updating party rules and electing officers, among other things.

        Todd then referred to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of likely Republican voters that revealed they thought the candidate with the most votes should be the nominee, and that the choice shouldn’t be left to the delegates, by a nearly two-to-one margin.

        Seeing as Trump will win the most votes “by a lot,” Todd then asked Priebus to explain to voters how their vote could potentially be ignored by the delegates in favor of a candidate who didn’t receive the most votes or delegates.

        Priebus proclaimed that if Trump “was winning the majority of votes, he’d likely have the majority of delegates but that’s not actually what’s happening. He’s winning a plurality of votes and he has a plurality of delegates and under the rules and under the concept of this country, a majority rules on everything.”

        He added, “If people were asked a question like that, it makes sense but it only tells you half the story.”

        While the carefully nuanced explanation from RNC chair Priebus may be technically correct, it is exactly that sort of thing that has voters across the country furious at the party establishment, which in turn is fueling the candidacy of Donald Trump.

        Sadly, in accidentally proving Trump right in his assertion that the largely party insider delegates make the ultimate decision about who becomes the nominee, and not the millions of voters who cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice, Priebus has exposed the seemingly corrupt inner workings of a party that ignores the will of the people and does whatever best suits their own interests.

  • senior74 says:

    I just saw a very good description of Trump, he suffers from affluenza, because he was born with a silver spoon he thinks he deserves the election. He has all the makings of a dictator, already has the money of one! Can’t believe anyone would want a member of the 1% directing their lives! Hard times coming to America with the wealthy pushing the UN Agenda 21, the plan to make America part of a Communist one world government, excuse is global warming/climate change. Even liberals are against this if they learn about it IF you haven’t heard about it you should really find out because if it gets a final push, that’s the end of our constitution & everything else, that is why I want Cruz! The next president will probably elect 4 Supreme Court justices also.

  • parthenon1 says:

    Its time for a Constitutional convention to make some badly needed changes and upgrades. the most important first move being term limits similar to the presidency 8 yrs. for house members and senators, all spending needs to be brought out in the open and voted on publicly with the votes identified, stop all agencies from making and enforcing regulations ( actually laws ) without congressional approval they werent elected by the people. and much more

  • Robert Russell says:

    It is rigged and i just got email GOP wanting money these people have a lot of nerve. Trump he will know what to do , deport illegals & build the fence no other will do it. Kasich , Ryan or other the people do not want. Give Trump a chance to do his thing & he can beat Hillary.

  • J.B. Young says:

    The whole voting system is rigged!!! Otherwise obama could not have won his second term.

  • rockcut says:

    We sure see the “little boy” side of Trump on this one. He acts like a spoiled baby who if he does not get his way he cry’s and takes his ball home. Talk about a person who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Trump plays the part to a tee.

    1. Sue Sherrill says:

      Trump is starting a third party named the “Waa! Waa! Party” Its theme song is “It’s my Party & I’ll Cry if I Want To”

      1. rockcut says:

        Good one, Sue.

  • E Swisher says:

    Let me see…. primaries where the actual voters are not allowed to vote for “their” candidate and then the RNC awards the delegates to whom they want… if that is not rigged, what the hell is?

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Hey Caca-nelli biased at all as a Cruz supporter? Don’t worry, they hate Cruz as much as Trump. If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, Cruz certainly won’t.

  • robert sanders says:

    cry baby cry babe cry

  • ricktenny says:

    I don’t know why we’re looking at anything from this article. Knowing the rules going in and calling the rules and their makers for what they are is not whining. In a number of Presidential Elections the winner of the popular vote was undercut by the Electoral College. I have voted for fifty years. For that long I have known the system in place favored establishment candidates and political insiders. The fact Trump leads with the popular vote stands as proof of how many of us feel the same about a corrupt system that needs to go.

    1. brokebill says:

      The genie is out of the bottle now. It will be up to us as voters to assure this cr_p get corrected. Without the instant nature of the internet this would have been the same for ever. Now we can change it.

      Vote them out!

  • 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

    every state that changed their rules in the last 6 months to a year had meetings about the change and the soul purpose for the change and the topic of discussion in those meetings was stopping Donald Trump, Thats the problem, they had meetings on how to stop Trump, and changing the process of getting delegates to where the citizens dont get to vote is exactly what they rigged about the process.
    When they speak about it in the media they say ” These rules have been in place since last year, thats meant to sound like a long time ago and the idiots buying into what the media sells about Trump believe it. Doesnt matter that its a freaken lie, that his ground game wasnt up to par or that, “cruz has a better ground game”, last year isnt a long time ago, last year was just two months ago. and they changed the rules to stop Trump, its as simple as that. Colorado and wyoming were rigged.

    1. brokebill says:

      And this will cost the party for years to come. No trust anymore.

      1. 1ColtonDelaney643 says:

        I have never been so involved in researching candidates before this race, and i never knew how corrupt the system has become, the money flowing through washington is astounding, hopefully more and more people will see how corrupt it all is when a billionaire cant get a fair shake in a run for president, gone are the days when some small town state senator decides to run, if the washington establishment wants someone gone, its amazing what lengths they will go to and the amount of money they will spend like what they are spending weekly trying to destroy Trump 70 million weekly to get rid of trump,
        I will never vote for a bought politician again. Trump cant be bought and thats the best thing about him. all the issues being talked about in this campaign are issues Trump brought out into the open and they are issues I have been pissed off about for years, all the candidates except kasich were senators they all had chances to secure the border, help the veterans, get jobs back, and they have done nothing, Cruz was part of a majority of both houses and he did nothing but push the firing of Americans with his support of the H1B visa program, americans fired and replaced by 1000’s of cheap foriegn workers. that idiot Cruz wanted to increase the H1B visa program by 500%.

  • ADRoberts says:

    It is evident that Mr. Richardson is not a fan of Cruz by his calling Cuccinelli a ‘SURROGATE” of Cruz. He could have called him any number of things. But SURROGATE?

  • Jim says:

    I believe it is rigged.,So much so that I think the next president has already been chosen and this is just a dog an pony show to make us think we have a voice.

  • Don says:

    Mr. Trump says he always hires the best and the brightest and he always wins. How could he possibly let Cruz do a better job in rounding up delegates? Cruz is roundly disliked by the establishment and his fellow senators. Trump seems to have misjudged the primary and dropped the ball in the red zone. A president has no room for this type of mistake!

    1. danstewart says:

      Trump is trying to win honestly, something that never occurred to cruz. The establishment is so afraid that if Trump wins, they will loose their do nothing, high paying jobs along with their power. I pray to GOD that Trump overcomes the crooked election & becomes president.

  • Seedman says:

    A very good football analogy by Former Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, Loose cannon Donald “boom boom” Trump is a world class whiner. It was not that long ago that Donald was boasting of running the primary table. Mona Charen is so right in that Trump does not deserve the party nomination.

  • Mark Tercsak says:

    There is clear evidence the Repuke Establishment of the Republican Party has been trying out and thinking of different scenarios To knock off Trump and Cruz and put their own hand picked beholding person in place to run against the Democrats, First you had the loser Mitt Romney who made an Ass-Out of HimSelf , than you have the Drunk former Speaker of the House, pushing for Paul Ryan, who say’s he is not interested, but then gives a Presidential Like Repuke Speach. I call on all Americans who are Republicans to follow me drop the party like a lead ballon and join the Constitution Party 1776

  • sue lenhart says:

    As far as I am concerned, there is only one way to look at this — irrespective of who the candidate is or who his followers are, THE CITIZENS OF COLORADO HAD THEIR VOTES (AND SELF-REPRESENTATION) STOLEN FROM THEM. This should be the beginning and end of a very short discussion. The next question is — what are the wronged and unrepresented American citizens of Colorado going to do about it? I hope that they don’t just whine, stick their proverbial tail between their legs, and do nothing.

    1. DotDot says:

      Here”s another example in Georgia where Trump had 2 delegates, Rubio 1 and Cruz 0. Guess who got the delegates? The one that had O delegates!! Is that fair?

      Trump delegates walk out of Georgia’s 7th District GOP convention, take American flag with them

  • empty pockets says:

    The Republican National Convention is a private “club” just like The DNC and every other political organization/Party. Donald Trump joined it–more than once, though never for very long. He spent the most time as a member of the Democrat private club. Every private club has rules and it’s the responsibility of members to learn them and abide by them.

    He entered a race sponsored by private clubs, which already had it’s rules of which he was made aware. He CHOSE not to do the work to make the most of the process created by those rules and it’s cost him. Oh…WAH! Cue the whine.

    He deserves far worse than mocking for this. This is a leftist version of political correctness. WE are NOT a democracy and never were. We are a Constitutional representative Republic where states have power of their own which the RNC (and all the others as well) respect. Each state makes the majority of the rules for it’s division of the “club”.

    But he deserves MORE than mocking because, as he well knows, the process he is attacking has favored him with more delegates than he would have had in a straight proportional disbursement. Note he’s whining about places where he “lost” (some where he didn’t bother to show up) but he’s mute about laces where he won all delegates even though he’s NEVER won even half the vote–in any process.

    He hasn’t yet gotten even half of the Republican “club” members to vote for him, even with members of opposing clubs helping him (in open primaries) so this is just the spoiled rich bully doing what he always does when not given what he wants but didn’t earn–he shifts blame to others, whines and bullies.

    He’s a Fighter? ROFLMAO!…not hardly. He’s Obama in orange-face.

    1. danstewart says:

      IDIOT, it wasn’t the process that got him into first place, but millions of pissed off people who are tired of being pushed to the back & told to shut up. We aren’t going to take it any more. Time for a third party.

      1. empty pockets says:

        Then go third party and quit the whining and threatening. No one is stopping you.

        DJT, after all already cast votes are added, is less than 2 mill more than Cruz but due to THE PROCESS, though DJT got only 37% of the vote, he was AWARDED 47% of the delegates for the first ballot (and second and even third in some states).

        Since you’re math challenged, I’ll do it for you. That means that an ACTUAL many millions voted NOT-Trump, 63% voted NOT TRUMP. WE outnumber YOU Trump-sters.

        Being angry isn’t an excuse to be proudly ignorant or to deny the real majority THEIR voices, too.

        1. danstewart says:

          If what you say is true, then why isn’t cruz in the lead?????

          1. empty pockets says:

            “IF” it’s true? As I said, math challenged.

            The NOT-Trump vote was divided into originally 16 other campaigns. There were still 6 not-Trumps when the primaries began.

            Plus Trump has gotten over $2 Billion in free ads, more than the rest got “free” combined. Cruz has been and is still being ignored as hard as they can. He terrifies them because they fear he can do what he says and what he says will be disastrous for the power elites if he really does even half of it. That’s why they don’t want him as the nominee either. The only reason the Party would take him over Trump is because he won’t blow up their precious Party. They don’t care that Trump would further diminish America’s standing in the world by further betrayals of our few remaining “friends” and allies. They do see the disaster Trump’s massive tariffs leading to a trade war along with the damage of some of his other ideas (calling them policies would be a gross overstatement since he has no such details) would be so…yay them…I guess.
            The leftist Es would also prefer a DJT to a Cruz if ALL the polls are wrong and he managed to actually win against the unindicted career criminal (against every media outlet playing oppo research of which there is volumes 24/7). See…they know he’s an opportunist in it for himself whose only ideology is personal benefit. The leftist crooks LOVE “deals” and we’ve seen the kind of deals we get from them. Trump would institutionalize the corruption in which he has been engaged (influence peddling) so to the “establishment’…they could easily live with that.

            It’s we who would keep paying the price.

          2. danstewart says:

            As usual, you are 180 degrees out. If the establishment wanted Trump, they would NOT be spending millions of dollars to defeat him. Personally, I think you are either part of the establishment, or you are being paid by them. Don’t bother denying it.

    2. Mary says:

      You should carry an old fashioned pot with you.

      1. empty pockets says:

        Don’t you mean hat? Or am I missing your inference?

        …and no tips needed. I offered the truth at no charge.

    3. Ricky says:

      Well I see why your called empty pockets you don’t have enough sence to fill them. Your the stupid one Donald Trump is the best one for president. Cruze is a traitor just like the others in the government. They are going to kick his ass out the door soon as they get through using him to stop Trump. He will not get the number to be president even with the cheating. If you can’t see that your pockets must be filled with the shit over flow from your head…

      1. empty pockets says:

        Well bless your little heart–an old comment used when someone is so ignorant only divine intervention can help correct it.

        BTW–I see that, like your little-g god, you can neither spell nor engage in critical and factual thinking….poor thing.

  • brokebill says:

    It is rigged but made to look honest. They can manipulate it many ways to get the desired results.

    1. Mary says:

      It was rigged, it showed the girls picture that was cheated, she was a upcoming Delegate that would have voted for Trump, when she reported to vote her name wasn’t on the list with a number, so she inquired and the lady had her name on her list but was replaced for a Delegate that was a Cruz voter. she said that happened to several Trump voters. Then also did you see the picture on Facebook also of the man burning his Republican registration paper, that same thing happened to him, and in Wisconsin was rigged also, the voting machines were hacked that 98% of Trumps votes went in on Cruz name instead of Trump, that’s when Cruz got 87% and Trump 12%. brokebill, they are determined to oust Trump and the whole voting process is a jiggered flop this year, TRUMP IS RIGHT, HE MOSTLY IS. He’s too smart for them. I had posted a whole video about the hacked voting machines showing how they did it and posted it on Facebook couple times and they deleted the page, there were 8 testers and after they saw what happened she started crying and the man that showed the video was broken up that this could happen here in America. Also Preibus told the person that was setting up the machines for the New York election to”Use the Rayburn System and make sure Trump doesn’t get over 50%” The man that overhead Priebus tell them that was 5 ft from him, and that site was deleted also. Well you know it was true or they wouldn’t be deleting everything so they can mock Trump. I have a short message of that happening in Wisconsin, if you want to see it, let me know.

      1. Mary says:

        See PEGIDA USA comment above, right below Trumps picture on this page, it was him that was eliminated from voting because he was voting for Trump. He tells the story of how he was dumped for a Cruz voter. That Cruz is dirt clear to his heels.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Sure losers always claim the game was rigged or someone else cheated .! Especially when they the losers entered into the game without ever reading the rules or preparing to do the work with which is required . Follow the rules. ” Not Trump ” The rules which where preset as of this past October . Trump and his puppets the Trumperteer’s failed to read and follow the rules. Poor organizational skills , runs his campaign on other peoples money trumpertantrum, wanted everything handed him. That is the con man, con artist way ! Scamming, scheming, stealing , thieving. The lyin debate ducking trumpertantrum always goes. on blaming or suing someone else.

        1. brokebill says:

          You can look at it that way or you can see what is really happening. Look at some of those denied delegates, voting machine errors changing votes to Cruz (even though they only want him to stop Trump), and selection of delegates without any votes. It is corrupt plain and simple. It is up to the voters to overpower this nonsense.

      3. DotDot says:

        I just heard that the party leaders in Florida was for LIttle Marco and rigged that one, too. Trump was originally suppose to get all 99 delegates, but 15 went to Rubio. You know they’re rigged when you know the leaders support a certain someone. Cruz didn’t haven’t anyone there because he knew he could get all of Rubio’s at the convention. Boy, are we finding out this year just how “rigged” these meetings have become.

        Florida offers reminder of Cruz’s tough slog ahead

  • Kirby Olson says:

    It’s like giving the contest to a team that can’t get any yardage, or only the half the yardage, because the opposing team didn’t score a touchdown. The metaphor, when extended, disqualifies itself.

  • dbfdbf says:

    Mr. Trump, the corruption of congress and our voting system will make it very difficult for you to win. But I thank you for trying. Our system is totally corrupt both Republican and democrat. They are both against you because you might have a chance of exposing all of the corruption our government tolerates. You are our best chance of cleaning up the “kickbacks” ( consultation fees) our congress gets from oil countries, environmentalists, Isis, etc etc. You are our best chance of cleaning up the corruption of judges as well. You are the only one who has any idea of financially repairing our country. Your border strategy is right on………..stop immigration until it can be done correctly……..we are greatly over taxed and still have a 19 trillion debt. You know the 1% can’t pay all of the tax. You get it. Please don’t stop your campaign…….if anything the American people may finally have to understand how corrupt the system….even if they put their head back in the sand. Go Trump

    1. Mary says:

      AMEN dbfdbf TRUMP IS OUR ONLY CHANCE AGAINST THOSE B*S*A*D ‘S. You can bet your boots I won’t vote for any jerk they plunk in place instead of Trump, I’ll write his name in. That’s what Kasich is hanging around for, but he is owned by Soras, so won’t be any better then it is now.

    2. ADRoberts says:

      And this the claim of those who don’t bother to do their work and expect to have things given to them. Just how long has Trump been running. And Cruz? Yet Cruz is doing what it will take to win.
      No matter how you claim “corruption” it remains that it was and is very likely that NO ONE will get 1237. And with that in mind, it falls to the delegates to then work on a vote that will get 1237 for one of the candidates. The Establishment is working hard to deny both candidates of the nomination, counting on Americans to be so fearful of Hitlery that they will cave and vote for the Establishment Republican candidate. Yes, they are counting on it. But in case you haven’t been paying attention, they are SOOOO in bed with Democrats and probably Hitlery that they probably wouldn’t care if Hitlery wins.
      Cruz IS smart and is doing what will likely win the nomination. An the endorsements of all those Establishment types is bogus and they really don’t want him But they think to use him to stop Trump.
      Now YOU are the real problem. You are one who sees all the bad in Trump and continue to excuse him and his history of liberalism and giving to the very people who have caused all our problems. And somehow, you have become convinced that he has changed and will be an outsider who will then work with the insiders and turn the nation around.
      And where is the basis for your FAITH?

  • Devasahayam says:

    Translation — he revealed the truth, so they’re now doing damage-control through loud diversion.

  • WeirOnlyHuman says:

    Let’s look at the football analogy another way. Suppose the team has more points when the clock runs out, but the odds makers think the team can’t win the Super Bowl, so they award the game to the losers? The same thing will be happening to Trump when he gets to the convention with more votes and more delegates than Cruz. The corrupt GOP will say he can’t beat Hillary, so, why not give the nomination to someone who can win in November. That won’t be Cruz, because the GOP hates him as much as they do Trump. Hence, we’ll get Kasich, Jeb Bush, or another member of the corrupt establishment. That’s when it will be time to take to the streets with torches and guns because it’ll be obvious that the country has been robbed from us and our votes mean nothing.

    1. brokebill says:

      Unfortunately they have done it for so long they think it is their right to rig it to get what they want. They are getting ready to find out what being wrong means.

      1. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says:

        The way it is set up is their “Right.” It’s been that way from the beginning. The law needs to be changed, but the foxes are in charge of the hen house, and the foxes are mostly lawyers, so fat chance!

        1. James Brooks says:

          lawyers don’t mean shit when good American’s get tired of their bullshit and take back our country,kick all their asses out and put our own people in charge who will love and protect the America we love.

          1. DaveM says:

            Cocked, loaded and ready to go….Revolution is near!

    2. Barrustio says:

      What you don’t understand is …those are not the written rules of the NFL for all to understand. So your analogy doesn’t hold water. The rules were provided to ALL the candidates under the assumption that they were ready for prime time enough to surround themselves with someone wiser than they when it came to understanding the rules if they themselves were too ignorant, or too inept, or lazy to do so.

      1. WeirOnlyHuman says:

        You mean if they surrounded themselves with the corrupt cronies who run the corrupt establishment? What you don’t understand is that corruption is often disguised as “rules” in order for the corrupt to always win. The decent people of this country are fed up with the corrupt rules that have almost destroyed this country. That’s why only a politically incorrect outsider with enough money that he can’t be bought, will be able to make this country great again!!

        1. brokebill says:

          Yes and why we must elect Trump. These party heads have shown what Trump says, “Our country is being run by stupid leaders”.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            And you think that Trump did not show his stupidity when he ignored the rules he was given. LOL

          2. brokebill says:

            The rules are the rules. And the candidates must understand the rules or lose. But when the rules become integrated within the establishment’s Stop-Trump initiative, the rules become corrupt and the nomination becomes rigged.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            They have not “become integrated” yet. The rules were there so long that a large number of people when down and said their TEN SECOND speech to run for delegate; They knew Trump did not.That is Trump’s fault.

          4. Robert Russell says:

            Trump president he will know what to do , create jobs & with jobs our economy will thrive. Trump knows how to make jobs that is why he will be a great leader just maybe our greatest president ever. LoL!

          5. Curtis Edwards says:

            Robert, the President does not create jobs all by his lonesome. Trump has not shown that he has the talent of being a leader. He has hired people to help with his campaign that did not do a good job. He may be able to make deals, but that isnt being a leader. You want him to be a miracle worker, and he says he is, but he isn’t. He is pandering just like all the politicians do. We need to beat the Democrats and we need the Rhinos out of house.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            He could create some jobs right now by just bringing his OWN companies back to the USA. But he isn’t. And he won’t. Because it is all WORDS.
            Now before you step out on the “water’ and sink, understand that you have NOTHING but faith in his WORDS. That is all. His actions are all LIBERAL.
            But you got that right at the end. LOL is what everyone will do who thinks that he will be great at anything but taking care of Trump.
            You have nothing but FAITH. And in that, you have more faith in Trump than most Christians these days have in Jesus Christ. lol

          7. velvet123 says:

            You really have some stupid, liberal progressive posts.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            And you are an out and out blatant liar. There is nothing in my posts that is anywhere near liberal or progressive. But this is a universal characteristic of Trumpsters. They do that ACCUSATION thing just about all the time.
            It is so universal, I have concluded that it must be tied to them being LOW-INFORMATION type people.

            And as to your MONIKER, you are not smooth velvet. You are not royal velvet. You are the coursest of cloth and very poor in quality.
            But you keep on trying.l

          9. velvet123 says:

            See you just proved my point–name calling, no facts to back up–just your “Feelings” .
            Liberal, Progressive you are.

          10. ADRoberts says:

            And you ignored my question. What is a progressive.
            But I have your number. You are a NYer. And in this nation, no one takes more from the government than NYers.
            I bet you are on food stamps.
            Now THAT is what makes a person a liberal and a progressive. Me? never.

          11. velvet123 says:

            You are the biggest Jk As on the net. You have proven yourself to be a lib, progressive again — by
            ”FEELING’ SINCE I am an ex-NYer,
            -you “feel”I have been a Liberal, a Freeloader, non-working food stamp person!
            SO, SO VERY WRONG-jerk!
            Never taken a dime of taxpayer $$.
            YOU ARE A True Cruz follower – ” NY VALUES’ – YOU IGNORAMUS!

          12. ADRoberts says:

            Not a lib
            Not a progressive.
            And you have yet to respond to my request for you to point out what I have said that proves I am either.
            And then, that just backs up your continued use of names and smears and NOT DEALING with what I have said.
            YOU CAN’t. And that leaves you nothing to use BUT names. Now the next step. You withdraw. Yaaaaa.
            Oh, and about your claim that you have never taken a dime? You use the subways, don’t you? You went to a subsidized college, didn’t you.

          13. I Seigel says:

            Oh, so you don’t like it when others to do you EXACTLY what you do to them? You don’t like being labeled? Don’t like it when people jump to conclusions or don’t provide “relevant information” to back up their statements? Well, look in the mirror buddy boy. You get what you give.

            Why not just simply recognize that you’re stating your OPINION, not facts. And others are stating their OPINIONS. Opinions aren’t right or wrong, so no matter how much you try to beat people up and force your opinions down other people’s throats, they’re going to do the same thing to you.

            Now, if you want to quote statistics and post links to non-biased news sources, that’s one thing. If you want to provide INFORMATION so that others may be enlightened, that would be nice. But chill with the pompous brow-beating. Your opinions are just as valuable as anybody else’s.

            You might as well argue about Windows vs Mac, the Red Sox vs the Yankees, or Ford vs Chevy. You ain’t going to get ANYWHERE!

          14. ADRoberts says:

            Rejected long ago. Not even a hope that a new idea can be pounded into your head with a sledge hammer.

          15. I Seigel says:

            blah blah blah. Nothing new here. Again. Rejected once more.
            New ideas can’t be proposed by people with the IQ of a sledgehammer.
            GOTCHA again.

          16. ADRoberts says:

            Right. There IS nothing new here. Not a response. Just Alinsky attacks.
            You make a good communist. Except that you are not on the inside. LOL

          17. I Seigel says:

            You must have studied Alinsky quite a bit, since you pretend to know so much about him. Is there anything you want to confess to? Shhh, it’ll be just our little secret.

          18. ADRoberts says:

            Not much at all. I did get the critical points. And someone sent me a copy of “Rules for Radicals” so everyone could see what is coming and why.
            It is amazing how many people these days do that. And invariably it is when they have lost the discussion and they know it.
            Yes, I will confess. Jesus Christ is LORD.

          19. I Seigel says:

            It is amazing how many people these days do what? Oh! Wrap themselves in Religion, so they’re all righteous and all, but really are just spouting empty-headed buffoonery. Yes, I too am amazed that you continue to do that. People always throw in the Lord, instead of the towel, when they’ve lost the discussion.

            Look out Wile E! You’re about to blow up that box of Acme dynamite, but you’re sitting on it!!! OOOPS! Too late. GOTCHA.

          20. ADRoberts says:

            You reject the love of God and then ridicule those who find peace and forgiveness in Him. Then you jump through hoops, working to find all the insulting nasty things you can say. Sounds to me like hatred without a reason, except that I have what is valuable and you have —— yourself.
            Now you have admitted that you are NOT a believer. I guess that probably means that you are also not a conservative. Not Prolife. Not against amnesty for all those who broke the law and entered illegally. Not against government spending and socialism
            And how could I determine all of that? Simple. Without God in your life, all you have is your own mind, your own selfishness, your own thinking.
            ” There is a way that seemeth right to man, but the end, thereof, is destruction.”
            And the odds are that you are about to face a major crisis and will have NO IDEA how to handle it.
            Life without God is life without hope.
            And you just admitted it.
            And that is a very SAD GOTCHA.

          21. I Seigel says:

            You’ve determined absolutely nothing. With leaps in logic like yours, you should go to work for the circus. I “reject the love of God…”? Huh? All I’ve done is call you out on your pompous fakery, using Religion to try to bolster your arguments and your standing here. That’s a pretty desperate and pathetic and sacrilegious exploitation of our Lord. Shame on you. A real Christian would not do that, or have any need for such a ploy.

          22. ADRoberts says:

            And how would you know what it takes to be a REAL Christian?
            And what do you know of “EXHORTERS”.
            Now let me hear you say it.
            Are you claiming to be a Christian?
            Do you know THE verse that says what JESUS stated was a sign that a person was “he who believes in Me>”?

          23. I Seigel says:

            Here are your recent words:
            “It is amazing how many people these days do that. And invariably it is when they have lost the discussion and they know it. ”
            And that is EXACTLY what you’ve done with your latest response! Amazing! You’ve once again tried to win an argument by “out-religioning” the other person. Stop your BS already!!
            I KNOW!!! I have the perfect solution. I’ll just pretend you’re my ex-wife. “Yes AD, you’re right AD, whatever you say AD”. There now. Feel better? You’ve won! Must feel good I bet. Hurray for you!

          24. velvet123 says:

            In reading the responses you are getting to your posts, I see the time you spend responding to almost everyone–very time consuming–I feel sorry your life is so empty, lonely, and meaningless.

            You are getting the same toned response from all–think about your life and get one!

            BTW–I won’t be responding to anymore of your blind nonsense on Cruz.

          25. ADRoberts says:

            Excellent. No response from a New Yorker who is probably on the dole.
            Not a surprise. I have read many people’s comments who used to live in NYC. And it seems that with the BIG BROTHER attitude and the fact that you put a COMMUNIST de Blasio in charge, I would not be upset it your seceded. But of course that will never happen. You get SOOOO much money from the Federal to keep your socialistic enclave going.
            God help you.

          26. velvet123 says:

            Stupid Trump Is NOT…stupid are those who don’t see what he is doing for American Voters. Just a tactic to expose the American Voters to the corruption in ALL LEVELS of our Lawyer-Run-Govt.
            And he did expose it for all to see….

          27. ADRoberts says:

            You are probably right. Trump is not stupid. He is much worse in that his whole goal is to deceive and give those who wish to destroy America FOUR MORE YEARS of hyper-liberal, free spending abusive control of our government.
            There is corruption in our government as seen by the actions of the RINOs and Paul Ryan’s budget give away. They gave Obama EVERYTHING.
            They are working well with him to hasten our bankruptcy.
            Oh, and as to HIS exposing it? Well you see, he keeps attention focused on what government is doing and then distracts from all the junk that is Trump.
            He is not PROLIFE
            He is NOT against amnesty
            He is NOT going to build a wall.
            He is not going to reduce government regulations
            He is not going to abolish Obamacare. In fact he will hyper expand it.
            He is not going to stop the abuse of DOJ for American on their own land.
            He is NOT going to defend Christians here or abroad.

            Just like with the question of who should be punished if abortion is illegal, HIS WHOLE intent is to say what he THINKS people want to hear.
            And he is not done yet.

          28. velvet123 says:

            You have spewed nothing but your own ‘feelings’ and not looked at your bible thumping Cruz. Now there is a man that can NOT BE TRUSTED. He can’t even tell us who he is–Canadian born holding office of Texas Solicitor General, State Senate, US Senate (ALL ILLEGALLY); now running for POTUS without the Constitutional qualifications.

            “HIS WHOLE intent is to say what he THINKS people want to hear”.

          29. KC614 says:

            Trump is an idiot dude. I totally get how people were first attracted to him but the new is off and the show is a rerun.

          30. Robert Russell says:

            No we have a idiot president Barry Soetoro now. Trump president he has $$ billions you don’t get $$ billions being a idiot dude

          31. KC614 says:

            The fact that Obama’s an idiot doesn’t change that Trump is one. Plenty of idiots are rich. Cher is rich but she has no business running the country either.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Your extrapolation is bogus. There is nothing corrupt about people who know how the rules and system work and work within those rules and system.
          No, you are showing that you will be a poor loser.
          And quite frankly, it is a good thing Trump is going to lose. He was and stilll is a liberal, just pretending and trying to say what he thinks YOU want to hear.
          The DECENT people of this country are the ones who DID NOT get deceived into thinking that a foul mouthed, philandering, rich yankee who was a self declared liberal just FOUR YEARS ago would suddenly turn conservative and be able and willing to save the nation.
          He IS the most insider of insiders. He is their BACKER.

          1. danstewart says:

            And you are the idiot of idiots.

          2. Debbie Wooster says:

            When the argument is lost,people resort to name calling.

          3. danstewart says:

            Difficult to argue with telephone poles. Just call them what they are & move on.

          4. Peatro Giorgio says:

            You may wish to look in the mirror. Quotes from Trump 2 years ago match those entirely of both Barrack Hussain Obama an Hillary Clinton. The only ones whom have been decieved by Trump are his low educated simpleton supporters . Even those demo-rats who have crossed over an voted for Trump in open primary s know Trump is a lyin liberal. They will ditch the debated ducking cowardly duck Trump during the general election. Just look to Trumps negative polling numbers . His negatives are worse then hillarys .

          5. Robert Russell says:

            Trump president he will be the best president maybe ever only time will prove he is the best

          6. Curtis Edwards says:

            That is a popular tactic that Democrats use in campaigns. A lot of Dems will come in and vote in the Republican primary to promote a Republican candidate their Democratic candidate can beat, to help elect the weak Republican. Then in the general election they go back to voting Democratic, thus the Demo. candidate beats the Republican. It looks like Trump is their target to beat in the general.

          7. danstewart says:

            If he is so bad, why is he leading ??

          8. WeirOnlyHuman says:

            Yankee? Oh, so that’s what your hatred is all about. You’re still bitter over the loss of the Civil War. You probably hate blacks, Hispanics and Asians too, since their necks are not as red as yours.

          9. ADRoberts says:

            Probably…… this. Probably that. LOL. You can’t discuss what is said but try to make stuff up. Bogus. But that is all you have.
            Face it. Trump is incompetent. He can’t get anything straight, including his lies about being PROLIFE

          10. Curtis Edwards says:

            Plus he has been a lobbyist most of his life. Everyone knows he gave money to Democrats and Republicans for their favors. He is a business man and that is what they do. He admits he has played the game. Now he got caught not playing the game in Colorado and Wyoming and accuses Cruz of wheeling and dealing and stealing the delegates. Cruz did what was allowed and legal, and Trump got beat at his own game.

          11. ADRoberts says:

            What a bogus claim. So who do you claim that he was working for. And since he had to be moving around from one Congressman’s office to another when did he get the time to resist all the things that the RINOs were caving to Obama for.
            Oh, I get it. You are talking about Trump. Sorry. You were not clear.
            As to Trumps game, it is to LIE to c onservatives and say what he thinks they want to hear. Even when he has no idea what he is talking about, like his favorite Bible verse, his talking about TWO Corinthians, his admission that he has never asked God to forgive him for anything.
            Yes, Trump lies. About being PROLIFE and then giving to PP.
            About being against amnesty when he was for it when the Gang of 8 was running AND he got caught using illegal workers and was fined ONE MILLION.

          12. Curtis Edwards says:

            ADroberts, no problem. You and I are on the same page. I refer to Trump as Gutter Trash Trump…since he likes to put names on people..I put one on him. But, I hate to lower myself to his standards, Trump will not workout for America

          13. ADRoberts says:

            True. What I fear is that he will be working for the ONE WORLD ORDER people or Bilderbergs
            But I must remember. God IS in control.

        3. E Swisher says:

          Well stated.

        4. Barrustio says:

          What you don’t understand is that the states have their own rules. PEOPLE vote on those rules and just like people have forced recall elections, if they decide they can change the rules if they are engaged enough and active enough BEFORE the game starts. There is no evidence whatsoever that an. The idea that an economically independent candidate cannot be corrupt is ludicrous.

        5. Curtis Edwards says:

          God help us all. Trump supporters remind me of the three monkeys, hear, see and speak no evil. I don’t blame anyone for wanting and needing a Great America. But, all i have heard from Trump supporters is that Trump will do this and Trump will do that. All I have seen and heard from Trump is how GREAT HE is and how crooked, lying, cheating, stupid and dumb everyone else is. What has the man done? He has made himself rich with his Dad’s help. He has lied about things himself. The rules have been around for decades and each state has their own set. I remember years ago on several elections, candidates and voters of one party are the other complain about the rules and no one took the time to try and change them. Now here we are complaining again.

        6. Barrustio says:

          By simply admitting that he has bought influence, Trump has already admitted that he is corrupt or has no problem with it. This is a perfect example of why Trump followers should think twice before they brag about Trump’s high IQ and mistake it for a sign of intelligence. The first thing I would have done as a candidate would have been to understand the electoral process and if I didn’t, I would have surrounded my self with people who are more knowledgeable about a particular subject area, than myself…this way people will quickly realize that you are sharp enough to know your limitations. Otherwise they have to deduce that you are not ready for prime time. But ultimately, you are under the false impression that a candidate born into money, cannot be corrupted…if he isn’t already.

      2. Robert Russell says:

        GOP changes the rules if there boy is not winning. Trump president he will know what to do , deport illegals.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Well, Cruz is certainly not the GOP”s boy that’s for sure and Kasich won’t win enough to qualify even in a contested convention.

    3. ADRoberts says:

      Does not make any sense at all except to a Trumpster. Odds makers don’t award games to anyone. So this “analogy”: is bogus.
      Now get this. It is evident that NO ONE is going to get 1237. So there are rules in place and they have been around for a long time as to what to do then. I get it. You think that since Trump may have MORE, he should be declared the winner. But that is not the way it has EVER been. So your desire for your “precious” to win by changing the rules for HIS benefit is just SOUR GRAPES on your part.

      After the first ballot, if no one has 1237, the delegates are released to vote THEIR consciences according to the rules of each state.
      Now Cruz knew this and worked to get people as delegates who were likely to choose him. Cruz was SMART. Trump still feels that he should win just for showing up and SAYING the right things. That is just what Hillary did when running for Senate from NY. LOL.
      Trump was ill prepared and failed to even try to check out how things worked.
      It is obvious now that Trump will NOT get the nomination. The remaining question is whether the Establishment Republicans will be able to take the entire process away from the delegates and pujt THEIR man in.
      Stay tuned. If they do that, we are in for a disaster. And the Establishment knows that. And they are likely ready to allow Trump to run as an INdependent and THROW the election to Clinton.
      Yes, they are COMPLICIT.
      The really weird part is that you are ready to go to revolution for a FAKE who is really a liberal just like Hillary.

      1. WeirOnlyHuman says:

        Okay, by that type of reasoning, the next time a baseball game ends, let’s give the win to the team that had less runs batted in. Frankly, this is just another tactic used by corrupt politicians to keep their cushy positions of power and monetary largesse.

        1. Roy M Mckenzie says:

          Where would we find a rule that already exists that allows for that?

          1. Curtis Edwards says:

            Roy, for months I have been reading this comment sections. Trump supporters cannot make their own minds up. They believe everything Trump says and when it isn’t dirty enough, they make it dirty. We are talking to blank walls. I am sorry to say.

          2. James Brooks says:

            Curtis pull your head out of the sand and clean your ears and wake up.

          3. DaveM says:

            You have got to be on drugs homosapian! Trump supports want America back and it is people like you who want to go along and accept the skrew over you have been getting for over eight years! Are you pregnant YET?

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Hit the perverbial nail solid . Trump Equals Clinton . Clinton Equals Trump. The only place they are not equal is in the negative poll ratings . Trump is even more despised nationally then Clinton an that is saying something.

        1. WeirOnlyHuman says:

          Only a Hillary supporter would say that, and that’s an indication that her supporters are on these blogs trying to stop Trump, the only candidate who can beat her.

          1. Roy M Mckenzie says:

            What part of not being for Trump makes someone a Hillary supporter? Besides they are both Northeast Liberal Democrats.

          2. DaveM says:

            You are a joke! Hillary is a lair, thief, killer, anti American, anti gun, anti bank and everything else! She supports Obamacare with a huge increase in prices as is! Trump has contacts, is successful and I have yet to hear anyone say foundations negativity about this man! America will cease to be America if Trump does not get in! Revolution will begin! Might as well wear a target because you seem to be the type that will be cannon fonder boy!

          3. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Damn you surly lack any degree of rational thought. I am a Cruz supporter and only Cruz will do. But getting back to the facts . It is clear you posses zero ability to put forth the effort to review both Trump’s and Hillary’s Political ideology both past tense and present-tense. As well every single national polling data which offers the negative ratings of both . Trumps negatives are at 72% Hillary’s 66% Clear politics, Red State, Politico, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News , Rasmussen Notice I play equally Showing no favoritism to the left or rights polling. Its called being non partisan . Independent of either side horse crapola. You might try it some time . It is quite freeing.

          4. WeirOnlyHuman says:

            Never before in the history of politics have so many polls been put forward as “proof” that a candidate in the primary can’t beat his likely opponent in the general election. Those polls mean less than nothing at this period in the campaign, so, stop being naïve about how politics works. These polls are trying to keep Trump from the nomination because these liberal pollsters are deathly afraid of seeing Hillary beaten by a landslide. The one time that she took a jab at Trump he came back with a broadside that shut her mouth. That’s what he’ll be doing every day as he points out to the voters that Hillary is a crook and a liar who will never be the Chief Executive of this country!! Donald Trump WILL be elected President! Everything else is just idle conversation.

          5. James Brooks says:

            That’s sure not the way we see it.

          6. DaveM says:


          7. DaveM says:

            Hillary killed, turned her back on America, made secret deals with other countries, used unprotected emails and lies continually! Cruz is a go along wanting only his name in history and will say and do anything . He is mathematically out of the race but still stays in! A REAL LEADER OF THE PEOPLE RIGHT BUDDY!

        2. DaveM says:

          OK Eisenstein….who did TRUMP kill and lie to their families! Not enough testosterone to make that call genetic error!

      3. Robert Russell says:

        Name the GOP rules let us know how smart you are?????

        1. ADRoberts says:

          I will show you how smart I am by ignoring you in that you are the one attacking and I don’t even have to defend. It is all DONE and over. And if there were any irregularities, I am sure that Trump, in his arrogance, would have already sued.
          AGain. GOTCHA.

          1. velvet123 says:

            There you are again using “GOTCHA’ with no relevant info to back up your statements….all are supposed to believe as Progressive and what he says? Don’t think so.

          2. I Seigel says:

            AD has a history of saying GOTCHA with absolutely nothing to back it up. He’s a pompous, self-righteous blowhard. Nothing more. Converse with him at your own peril.

          3. velvet123 says:

            Yes, I see you are correct. Thanks for the heads up, as I am seeing when you mean.

          4. DaveM says:

            I find him humorous….a semi living life form on the lower levels of society who has minimal education and deductive abilities trying to understand and make sense in a sand box. He definitely need medication….Maybe he should have more Obamacare!

          5. I Seigel says:

            Good point! I’ve taken to laughing at him, too – at his pathetic attempts to try out his logic skills, only to fall flat, like Wile E Coyote over the cliff, and then getting crushed under the Acme Anvil.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            Again with the false and illogical accusations of me being a progressive.
            I guess that is all you have so you will continue to say it hoping that if you say it often enough, people will believe it. LOL Not happening.
            Now for some analysis. “Relevant info” for you is only words that back up what you believe. If it is not already in your LOW-INFO MIND it is not relevant.

          7. velvet123 says:

            Who knows if you are a conservative? You wright like a Progressive. You are probably being paid by the RINOS in office to get Cruz nominated so that the RINOS can then bring in a White Knight!

          8. ADRoberts says:

            What is it to “wright” Showing your public education? LOL
            I don’t get paid by any political But since you accused me of that, it is a sure fired indication that YOU are the one being paid to post.
            Yes, a favorite tactic of liberals and NYers. Accuse your opponent of exactly what you are doing.

          9. velvet123 says:

            “Write”, of course. Intolerant & testy, I see. I said that because you have a battle going on with almost all on this site…being paid by the word?
            I am not a liberal, VERY far from it if you had ONE iota of knowledge of who I am.

            If I were a Liberal, I WOULD BE SUPPORTING AN Ineligible POTUS candidate who has questionable background from Cuban father who is more than anxious to get into the WH! ***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would close my eyes to Cruz’s citizenship troubles. ***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would ignore Cruz’s relationship with Goldman Sachs, his wife’s employer, his undisclosed loan from them. ***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would ignore Cruz being the Texas Solicitor General while being a CANADIAN CITIZEN..which violates the Constitution. ***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would support all of the Fraudulent, misinformation he has spoken to the American people about his background. ***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would support Cruz’s SEALING his DOCUMENTS RE: AMERICAN Citizenship, Mother’s Citizenship, Voting Records of parents….***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would Ignore Cruz entering the WH with ALL OF THE SAME questionable facts related to him–JUST LIKE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!***But I am NOT

            If I were a Liberal, I would hide the fact that videos on NATURAL BORN CITIZEN – explained — give the Democrats GLEE to see him nominated so the Lawsuits will fly and then, all of a sudden, they will have Judges who suddenly remember the term NBC !***But I am NOT

          10. James Brooks says:

            Wake up AD

          11. ADRoberts says:

            Why? I am happy with what God gives me. I am able to see the deception of Trump, Schumer, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, Cornyn, McConnell, and Collins. And a lot more
            I can’t change a single one of them. But I know who they are. And I am at peace.

          12. James Brooks says:

            of all your choices Trump is the only one for Pres 2016

          13. ADRoberts says:

            No. He is as bad as Clinton or Sanders. Many others have said the same thing. He is just the other side of the same coin with Hitlery.
            Believe what you want. Be aware that there are still unintended consequences for all irrational actions.

          14. DaveM says:

            Take an aspirin and go to the doctor to have them take an Xray of your head…they may be able to diagnose you as brain dead or brain absent!

          15. ADRoberts says:

            Just as usual. Trumpsters are incapable of defending their position. They always fall back on attack, smear, lie and insult.
            Oh, and that explains why they attack and use violence. You are unable to deal with respect and logic and reason.
            My turn. I guess that you are about 17 and still in school. Not a good enough insult for you? Sorry, it was just an evaluation of your thinking abilities.

          16. DaveM says:

            Liberals are obsessed with demonstrating their putative “moral
            superiority.” Thus even though they live their lives without really
            helping anyone, the political activism they engage in is dedicated to
            convincing themselves that they are truly good people. Liberals are driven by
            the need to validate the unspoken assertion that “I care more than you
            do,” which is ironic in the extreme since none of the government programs
            liberals have designed can be shown to have an overall positive influence in
            our society.

          17. ADRoberts says:

            Self deception.
            It is not possible for them to admit that they are NOT PERFECT. And then, someone comments about them and says THEY STINK. Major blow out.

          18. DaveM says:

            You must have been behind the door when he said brains…you got a double issuance of trains!

          19. ADRoberts says:

            Just as I thought. You are so juvenile.

          20. DaveM says:

            He is a brain dead zombie Democrap too! Wow…sure have a lot of zombies….I wonder if they all have azzholes or are they living he part of one?

          21. DaveM says:

            Stupid is as stupid does….like chocolate GUMP!

          22. ADRoberts says:

            Did you mean Trump or maybe DUMP.
            Yes, you are a juvenile. Not a very old one either.

        2. DaveM says:

          Truthful statement from a coward wanting more information to destroy without any facts! You are a loser. You come from a family of losers and I hate to think anyone served honorably in the military with your name! You are a joke! Send Hillary a Valentines card!

      4. louann says:

        Sounds like you believe the media? Every time I read a Cruz follower blog they repeat what the media says.funny how wrong you are. Cruz cuts in well with the establishment. He fits in. That’s what I worry about. We don’t need another fit in politician.cruz wins on planned delegates. Trump wins on millions of votes.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Really? And you are not familiar with all the complaints and attacks by McConnell and Cornyn because he gets in their way?
          So explain how that fits with them. You are not even deceived. You are just lying.
          Polls continue to show that the highest Trump has every received among Republicans is 40%. And against Clinton, he ALWAYS loses. He is hated by 70% of American women. And the only primaries he wins are the open ones where the Democrats come over and vote for his as the LEAST likely one to beat a Democrat —— any Democrat.
          There are the FACTS.
          And no amount of lying on your part wil change that.

          1. James Brooks says:

            AD If those words were true then why is every dem and repub so worried about Trump winning,they have already spent billions trying to stop Trump.they like things just the way they are with Obum and then Hiltery.Next id open borders,no such thing as Illegal and One World Order then you can decide???

          2. ADRoberts says:

            If people were simple and without deception, you would be right. But they are very wicked and deceptive. And someone like Graham who KNOWS that most conservatives don’t like him for his support of McCain and his trip to visit the ISIS fighters in Syria, who at that time called themselves freedom fighter, then yo can assume that he is also smart enough to know that many people will be less likely to accept Cruz from HIS endorsement.

            You have refused to see that Trump has said that if he ran for President it would be as a Republican because they are so easy to deceive. He was a liberal as late as 2012. And by coincidence, that is about when he got serious about running for POTUS. THEN, he started to change his “official” position and became a “conservative”. And his rhetoric became anti-amnesty, whereas before he had been pro amnesty.
            The rest is there. Giving to PP while claiming to be PROLIFE. Build a wall where later he admitted to the NYTimes that he was never going to build a wall. Leaving his companies in Mexico and China, while claiming he would MAKE jobs for Americans.
            Just how much duplicity do you want?

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Oh, and you focus on how many millions they spent opposing Trump. Explain why the media, which is supposed to be totally liberal is giving Trump; BILLIONS of dollars of free publicity? If he were not part of the elite plan, they would SHUT OFF all reporting of Trump and he would DIE a very quick political death.
            But you don’t get it. You can’t see the deception. He IS the elite candidate for the second party.

          4. James Brooks says:

            Trump just put in 2 million of his own money,he has always paid his own way unlike the others,If hillary wins our country is doomed.

          5. ADRoberts says:

            And you cointinue to show how blind your are. Trump got about ONE BILLION dollars of free publicity from the media taht is suppose to be liberal and againstg all Republicans and Conservatives. Explain that. It is simple. Then know that he is FAKING. So they give him all the coverage they can. And then you have the audicity to claim that he carries his own weight. LOL

          6. DaveM says:


          7. ADRoberts says:

            You can’t read. Okay, I will try again. I did not say that anyone had come up with TWO MILLION dollars. Now did you understand me that time? I guess not. Did you understand that Trump has received SOOOO much coverage in the media for FREE that one can only assume that they ARE for him and giving him that coverage so he will be more popular than ever.
            And that means that the ONE WORLD ORDER people, who also control the media, ARE FOR HIM.

          8. DaveM says:

            So you must be afraid of losing you government money, food stamps and free cell phone and medical! You are a real Wiener!

          9. Peatro Giorgio says:

            My Friend James! Ah if it were only true ! That Trump The lyin hump has paid his own way. .Son you are as naive, gullible as they come Trump has floated his whole campaign on over $500,000,000,00 Million dollars of free media air time combined with nearly 13 million dollars of small one time contributions from his supporters . Cruz on the other hand has run his
            entire campaign on millions of dollars from one time contributors, his supporters . If you were to add all the free media coverage which Lyin Trump hump has received thus far. Then added all the media coverage from all the other republican candidates. They would not have been 1/4th of the free media trump hump has received. Its that simple.

          10. James Brooks says:

            Graham is a real loser is he your guy?

          11. ADRoberts says:

            Really? Are you pretending to be brain dead.

          12. DaveM says:

            In your case…one can not argue with a fool and and idiot who has minimal knowledge. Any facts will be dismissed! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE A VOTER FOR HILLARY…OOPS….KILLARY!

          13. ADRoberts says:

            Oh, yes. That is the FOURTH standard ploy of Trumpsters. Accuse anyone who sees through Trump as a phony of being for Hitlery.
            Yes, you are one of them. All of you act he same, illogical, irrational accusations.

          14. DaveM says:

            are never satisfied with the current level of power they have gained over the
            lives of individuals. They are compelled, internally driven to control every
            thought and detail of human activity and they will never stop until they have
            condemned the entire world to live in a hellish slave camp, under the heel of a
            socialist bureaucratic boot otherwise known as One World Government.

          15. ADRoberts says:

            And this IS God’s plan for the end. So we must choose. Accept Jesus as the gift of Salvation and live forever after a period of pain ans suffering. Or partake of a few crumbs of life and die eternally.

          16. DaveM says:

            One minute you cut people apart, lower them to your level And the next you profess Christian thought! I will give to Caesar what he wants but I will give you more! DESPITE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE A LIBERAL AT HEART ND DEFINITELY NOT A PURE CHRISTIAN AS YOU LIE YOU WAY THOROUGH THE COMMENTS!

          17. ADRoberts says:

            I am at peace. I have prayed and God has answered with MIRACLES.
            According to you, I must believe like you do, or I am a “liberal”. I could challenge you to prove that. But for certain, you would ignore me because YOU CAN’T.
            Just like so many. You say things that simply are not true and expect that SOMEONE will believe you.
            Just like Obama, saying just today that arming victims to defend themselves is NOT a reasonable option.
            Now how many people actually believe that? Does not matter. He says it, JUST LIKE YOU DO, for the effect.
            Now a simple challenge. YOur first two sentences accused me. Be specific. Say exactly what I did to cut people apart that was not true. And then explain how that I could not be a Christian.
            I suggest you consioder the MEN OF GOD, called prophets and see how they treated the sinners and how them were treated.

          18. DaveM says:

            Pride…you try to force people to your way of understanding through phrases in the Bible THAT YOU PROBABLY UNDERSTAND ON you level only! You tear people down, belittle them just as you have done in the message you sent to me. Well….I try to be good but in your case I would gladly make a exception because people who want to be prophets like you are not real prophets or the voice of God! You are a mortal with sins and a big mouth and little brain! You are afraid of the reality of that which is and you spout phrases to prove your point!

          19. Peatro Giorgio says:

            DaveM : your comments are not very Christ like either my Friend

          20. DaveM says:

            i THINK YOU PROVIDE THE PERFECT example of brain dead! You liberal arrogant, indecisive, non caring, self absorbed animal!

          21. ADRoberts says:

            And yo call that a response? LOL
            It only took you TWO MONTHS to come up with that. LOL

          22. DaveM says:

            Do you really have any brains or are you creating this with a schizoid personality? The only deception is that which you have allowed and not researched other sides! They are the people pulling the strings and you support them. Do you like being bent over and objects introduced?

          23. ADRoberts says:

            Not only are you deceived and ignorant. You are nasty and must have personal knowledge of what you accuse others of.
            Yes, that also is a typical ploy of those who cannot defend Trump.

          24. DaveM says:

            At least I have knowledge unlike you stinking liberals! REVOLUTION IS COMING BUDDY AND i AM EAGER TO MEET YOU!

          25. ADRoberts says:

            1. I am not a liberal. i assume that you are a Trumpster since they are the only ones who are so consistent in calling anyone who rejects Trump all kinds of ridiculous names.
            It does not work. But that is all you have.
            2. Revolution may be attempted. But the elite ONE WORLD ORDER, Bilderbergs have anticipated that too. They even have YOUR name and the squad they will dispatch to REMOVE you. You failed to anticipate their power, wealth, and determination.
            But that is expected for someone who is as irrational and illogical.
            If you were to meet me, and I was impressed that God wants me to resist you, I will be using either a 45-70, or a .454 casull in a Raging Judge. But I would rather you made use of your limited resources to fight against the ANTICHRIST.

          26. Peatro Giorgio says:

            I much prefer Either my Ruger,super Redhawk Or my freedom arms single action in 454 Casual. .as for the 45-70 cartridge. I have a Browning highwall, a Montana sharps and a marlin Guide an a Henery arms big boy in that caliber.. of all my rifles I’ll take both my m14 an M40 both in 7.62x 51 or in other words 308 winchester. That said my large dangerous game rifle is a Remington Custom classic Chambered for The 35 Whalen Ackley improved. It will also in a pinch do well with the standard 35 Whalen load. As will both of the Casual sidearm which will also fire the standard 45 long Colt.

          27. DaveM says:

            Use what you will…..You will never know or see it coming….338 a mile away!

          28. ADRoberts says:

            I almost died in 2001. Heart rate on the cath lab table was FOUR beats a minute.
            You think that you can scare or intimidate me? I trust in God. I serve the Living God. Jesus is my sacrifice for my sins.
            And you? You are just a sad reminder of how evil people can be, all while claiming to do good.

          29. DaveM says:

            Must have had good doctors! I died twice on the operating table! I am very religious. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are Gods’.” Kind of like Joshua….I will wait and the walls will fall! The walls are going to cave in on you for all the trash you talk! You mean to tell me that Clinton or Bernie or Hillary are Christians? They will cut your throat without blinking an eye! Be careful little one….I will make a donation to them in your name!

            Trump is the only one who upholds the Constitution and believes in the American People! You do not! You snivel and cower and bring up points aimed only to bring sympathy to yourself! Again….put your address up so others can visit you!

          30. DaveM says:

            Exactly….running scared…someone who can destroy the midget minds and operate this country as it should be! I am going to be smiling a lot when all those who have sucked the blood out of America are held accountable and lose body parts!

        2. DaveM says:

          some PEOPLE CAN NOT READ! They are stuck watching TV, drinking bear and talking on their free phones! I would like to see a survey of the amount of belly button lint they have compared to neurons that actually work!

      5. James Brooks says:

        AD you sound like a true Asshole that has lost his brain,You don’t deserve to even be in America with that way of thinking.

        1. DaveM says:

          Hew never had one! Zombies and Democraps are alive!

    4. Debbie Wooster says:

      Your analogy doesnt fit because in football you have to win the most games and the playoffs to get to the Super Bowling.We havent even made it to the playoffs yet( convention) Donald is acting like a team captain whose team didnt follow the rules,didnt play their best and lost the game,and are now pouting,claiming the referees and other teams players cheated,the game was rigged and thats why they lost.Donald is being a sore loser,and is causing his suppporters to be sore losers.

      1. Robert Russell says:

        Let me guess your a Cruz fan hate to tell you GOP does not like Cruz ether they want Jeb or Ryan or Romny 3 losers.

        1. DaveM says:

          He probably is a loser, has a free phone, gets food stamps, never worked in in his life and has free OBAMA care! FDA certified loser!

      2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        are you going to feel the same way if Cruz doesn’t win, or if Cruz is tossed to the wolves along with Trump, and then the G O P boys stick in their own puppet.

        1. Roy M Mckenzie says:

          The rules are the rules, changing them in the middle of the game like Donald wants is cheating.

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            what if it was Cruz who wanted to change them?
            It is the boys in the G O P that want them changed or altered just a tiny wee bit, so they can dump both Cruz and Trump if they don’t make the 1237

          2. kathy diamond says:


          3. James Brooks says:

            When you find you are driving down the wrong side of the road please don’t keep going ,turn the wheel and get your ass back over on the right side,are you really that stupid???

          4. DaveM says:

            He wrote it…must be! recessive genes will do that!

          5. DaveM says:


          6. DaveM says:

            They are not abiding by their own rules! Do you really know what you are talking about or are you standing their with your hands in your pockets smiling?

        2. Curtis Edwards says:

          I have not seen any facts to support that there is any kind of rigging or back door plans. People should not believe everything they here as facts especially when it is coming from Trump. If it shows that it is happening, then raise hell.

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Well I guess you will just have to wait and see. Then when it is done, you will know.
            By the way Trump is only calling them out, Prebus something or other was interviewed on that very point, he skirted the question. If it wasn’t happening then why did he just flat out deny it.

          2. Curtis Edwards says:

            I have seen a couple of interviews with Prebus, something or other, when he came right and said they were not doing anything against Trump. Like I say, I have not heard of nor seen any hard evidence that a conspiracy is being done against Trump.

          3. louann says:

            It well show! I live in Colorado they got rid of the delegates that wanted trump.fact those delegates are mad. I seen the tweets on trump. NO TRUMP WE DID IT. Trump is not your typical corrupt lying politician. Hes alot more honest then all the others. Trump has millions more votes then Cruz.people who listen to trump know hes not what the media is saying at all.corrupt Colorado. Fact

          4. tim says:

            and in Texas the Trump voters saw change to Cruz or in Florida where Trumps name was not on the ballet he was last on the list and the pages were shortened

          5. James Brooks says:

            Your sure right,why are so many people so fuxxing blind and deaf to the facts.

          6. DaveM says:


          7. DaveM says:


      3. original ancestry says:

        Can’t follow the rules when they change day by day. And don’t tell me it isn’t going that way because it is Corruption don’t play by the rules. That’s why it’s called corrupt.

        1. Jean says:

          This is an article giving the history of the election process and differences choosen by states.
          The rules are not changed day by day. The last RNC change was in 2012. THe states have freedom to change and be different than the national. Colorado’s last change was last Aug before debates began and Wyoming had more people show up to caucus than in previous years.

          NO ELECTION IN WY… It’s absolute
          horse-puckey. There was a vote, at precinct caucuses March 1, and turnout was
          higher than anyone can remember. From the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, March 2, 2016:

          Laramie County -778voters

          Natrona County-here were 618 votes for Cruz
          delegates, 189 votes for Rubio delegates; 70 votes for Trump delegates, and 68
          votes for undeclared delegates. That amounts to 65 percent for Cruz, 20 percent
          for Rubio, and 7 percent for Trump and undeclared. Out of 12 delegates that are
          won through this process, 9 are going to Cruz and one each is going to Trump
          and Rubio, and one is going uncommitted. (That amounts to 75 percent of the
          delegates for Cruz, and 8 percent for Rubio, Trump, and uncommitted.) If
          anybody’s getting unfairly hurt by this setup, it’s Rubio, not Trump.

          Another fourteen delegates are determined by the 505 attendees of the state
          party convention, which was held Saturday.

          1. DaveM says:

            They just changed last year oh great one! one ARTICLE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE PROOF AND CERTAINLY NOT WISDOM!

      4. James Brooks says:

        Donald is the only one in there who loves and wants America back,he isn’t like all those money hungry assholes who only care about them selves.

        1. DaveM says:

          Agreed….to many butt wipes but hey….great for the TOILET PAPER COMPANIES!

      5. DaveM says:

        Since when do rules, NOT THE PEOPLE, control things? YOu must be a liberal and vote for Bernie…LOSER in my opinion. Revolution comes you might kiss parts of your body goodby…practice now with yoga! Little brown targets are easy to aim for!

    5. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      You got that exactly right.

    6. Roy M Mckenzie says:

      Just imagine if you play by the rules. It is cheating to change them in the middle of the game.

    7. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says:

      Maybe we should do away with the electoral college system and count the popular votes and the one who gets the most votes wins. The electoral college was invented so that if the stupid voters put up the “wrong” candidate they could put whomever in they wanted. They taught this information in college when I went a long time ago. That is the only this will change.

    8. kathy diamond says:

      WeirOnlyHuman, If they do that, well, let me say Cleveland will never look the same. These dirty ass POLITICIANS are putting themselves in a very bad position !!!!!!!!!

    9. James Brooks says:

      You got that right Buddy.

  • louann says:

    Corrupt Colorado! No one is crying! Eyes can see what’s going on. Delegates for trump were pushed out. If Cruz accepts this hes not a winner. Trump has over 2 million people more from votes. Any one. Knows that our votes don’t matter.i heard Cruz is on the new world order train? If so hes not good. Hes to much into the corrupt establishment. That’s why they don’t throw him out.shame! Cheaters never prosper.

  • Jack Burns says:

    Let’s stop the bullshit about who has the better ” ground game”? Is that how we decide an election by a “ground game” Let the voters decide instead of a rigged Cabal of Republican Party losers who had two shots at the Presidency and both failed miserably. Talk about incompetency? . Now they want a third shot and all of a sudden they want you to think they want Cruz, the most hated man in the Senate? You Cruz supporters will be sorry come Convention time if they are really successful in eliminating Trump. And then they dump Cruz.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says:

      Sure let the Republican Voter’s decide in their primary. Which would have meant, closed primary’s . Where trump always loses. Which would have meant Trump would now be out of the game .For the fact of the matter is.! Trump is not winning by republican base voters. But rather by Democrat cross over voters .They who will not be voting for Rump the Hump Trump during the General election. Can you say General election landslide lose for Trump voters. ” DUMMIES ” Look at the negatives for Trump. His negatives are even higher then Hillary’s. Trump loses in every single national poll in reference to the general election by 7% to upwards of 16% points . Ted Cruz wins by 3 % or is tied or slightly behind in some polls. But still no lower then 3%. Trump on the other hand is behind and well behind in every single poll. Yes ! You trumperteers are rooting for the true loser. Pity is the majority of you haven’t a single clue.

      1. velvet123 says:

        But , the Dems have lawsuits at the ready to challenge Cruz’s CANADIAN birth and NON-Natural Born Citizenship, which is a requirement; His Texas State Senate seat and all of the cases he has tried–as a Canadian Citizen posing as an American citizen–which is illegal under the Constitution for Senate office. To the point that the Texas State govt was unaware of this, especially the voters were unaware of the this fact as well.

        The only “true loser” is Cruz who, as has been shown many times, that Trump’s nickname for his “LYIN’G TED” is TRULY accurate.

        1. Duke-Jinx says:

          Exactly Correct. I talked to… and then watched a van full of Dems vote for Rafael in hopes of that very outcome. They even knew that if it wasn’t for Title 8 Sec 1401 (g) … The immigrant Rafael Cruz wouldn’t even be a U S citizen. Let alone a NBC.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            You watched as a van full of Demo-rat Trump supporters vote for the hump because they knew he will lose to hillary during the general election.

          2. Duke-Jinx says:

            Your two steps Left of Lost. Read much ??

          3. Robert Russell says:

            And how do you know this?? Did someone say at one time he was a Democrat hell back in the 1950 i was a Democrat i was also a Republican but now i am a Trumster so what am i now??? On second thought i don’t want to know.

          4. velvet123 says:

            He is NOT a NBC of our great America, but he was one of CANADA.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Ah, the blind who can’t keep up. Suits all gone. And the ruling is that Cruz is eligible. And all of your claims are BOGUS.
          As to that label Trump put on Cruz. It was so simple and so effective when he had LOW information people following him. Trump NEVER was specific about what Cruz was supposed to be lying about. And the reason was simple. Had he specified ANYTHING, Cruz had the videos proving what he had said was true. So Trump did the ONLY thing he could. He called Cruz names. And it worked. You believed him.
          So let’s get down to it. WHAT did Cruz say about Trump that was a lie. GOTCHA.
          You, like Trump, won’t respond. YOU CAN’T.

          1. danstewart says:

            You just screwed yourself.

          2. velvet123 says:

            You are a Progressive. You are scary in what you are doing to this Country & our Freedoms.

            If you don’t know the Constitution, and believe the judicial system is following the Constitution & is being represented in these “birther” cases i.e. Obama, Cruz then you are the Suckers…sad to say.

            You are repeating the Obama administration with a Cruz election.
            Citizenship Types: Easy Peezy to read and understand for the low info Cruz followers:

          3. ADRoberts says:

            From childhood, I have been a Christian first and a conservative next. And my conservatism is primarily about social issues and not about taking care of businesses.
            Your second paragraph was unintelligible. Not doing a referral to anotherf site. If you can’s say what you believe, don’t bother posting unless, of course, your are referring to the “Bible.

          4. velvet123 says:

            From childhood I have been a Christian, but we are not talking about religion–POLITICS here.

            CRUZ is mixing Bible and POLITICS. The 2nd paragraph was sites server…anyone can see that.

            I do referrals to prove that what is in the Constitution and what I learned IN CIVICS classes and when I taught civics in high school and what I believe today is documented—not what you do by spurting names vs commentors.

            You obviously have nothing to back up anything you say — must be a progressive….talking about ‘feelings’ …..

          5. ADRoberts says:

            Only an atheist would claim that you can’t and should not mix politics and religion. Certainly the Founding Fathers did not and would not.
            And it is obvious that you learned in a government school that is controlled by the very liberals you claim to so hate.
            As to your claim that you are a Christian since Childhood, shall we dig a little deeper.
            1. Do you still go to church or read the Bible
            2. As a believer, according to Jesus in John 14:12, you are supposed to be doing the same miracles that Jesus did. ARE YOU?
            3. As a Christian you would NEVER claim that a corrupt, foul mouthed fake Christian like Trump would ever be God’s answer to saving the nation. That is like going to satan and asking for help.
            And yes, they were right in the Bible when they said that a house divided cannot stand. And for sure, Trump who even the church he claims to go to states that , “He is not an active member”. Do you get that.
            You claim to be a Christian but you are backing one of the most deceptive fake Christians the world has known.

          6. velvet123 says:

            Your #3–Really?
            I believe God works in many unusual ways and looks at ‘any man’ to be his answer! You, Mr Self Absorbed have a narrow outlook on Christian life!

            and it shows that you do not know the heart of Donald J Trump!!!

          7. ADRoberts says:

            Now explain YOURSELF. Where in your “religion” or in the Bible does it say that God will save with a servant of the deceiver? Where?
            And when you can’t deal with the fact that your assumption is illogical and NO ONE believes it, you do the very thing that Saul Alinsky told his communist followers to do. You turn and attack me. LOL.
            I have nothing to gain as I fully expect us to go into control of the ONE WORLD ORDER and the Antichrist. How does anything I have done or said indicate “SELF ABSORBED”? Explain.
            As to knowing the heart of Trump. Here it is.
            1. Foul mouthed. Out of the mouth comes the overflow of the heart
            2. PHilandering and bragging about it.
            3. Claims to be PROLIFE and then continues to give to PP.
            4. Says he is a Christian and then brags that he has never asked God to forgive him for anything. (If you really area a Christian, you know that that is the FIRST AND primary thing a Christians.does. But not proud Trump.
            5. Knows so little about the Bible that he calls it “TWO CORINTHIANS”
            6. Says that his FAVORITE VERSE in the Bible is about “eye for an eye” And amazingly that is the ONE verse that Jesus said is no longer valid. (do you get that)
            7. Told Kim Davis as she sat in jail that she should have “obeyed the law of the land.” That is because HE IS IN FAVOR OF HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. And he also refused to see or was ignorant of the fact that the SCOTUS cannot make law and therefore this is still NO law authorizing homosexual marriage.
            8. Claims he is going to make jobs for Americans. But then does NOTHING to bring back his own companies for Mexico and China. AND he claims that there are some areas that we have a “shortage” of workers and need “foreigners” How about that. Did not consider training Americans Went straight for the CHEAPER labor from overseas.

            I know his heart. I KNOW HIS HEART.
            And if you ever open your eyes, you will too.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            Oh, I forgot one.
            The Marble Collegiate Church that HE CLAIMS to go to was asked about him. The said, “HE IS NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER”.
            So did he forget where he goes to church? That would mean his mind is not capable of being President. Or maybe he just lied when he stopped going.

          9. ADRoberts says:

            Now a challenge, since you are so determined to call me a Progressive.
            WHAT does a Progressive BELIEVE that you would claim I am one.
            It is obvious that to YOU a Progressive is anyone who does not support Trump. LOL

          10. ADRoberts says:

            I am 67 and capable of still thinking logically and rationally. I do not believe liberal lies and Trumps deception. I have SEEN more civics and history than you have studied.
            ANd here when you are unable to articulate a positive thought about Trump; Dump you want me to go watch some PROPAGANDA. LOL.
            You are a child and incapable of arguing your case. Pathetic.

          11. ADRoberts says:

            Again. Almost all of what we think we know, we get from someone else. And that is not always important. Unless you are following Jim Jones, David Koresh, Adolph Hitler or Donald Trump.

          12. velvet123 says:

            And if the Constitutional Chart of citizenship is too difficult to understand, here is a written explanation:


          13. ADRoberts says:

            I repeat. I don’t do referals to other sites. If you can’t explain it yourself, you have NO standing.

          14. velvet123 says:

            Explanation verified….where is your verification…Progressive voter?

          15. ADRoberts says:

            You are a LOW-INFORMATION person who is a typical Trumpster. But you have missed the other accusations. Trumpsters also accuse those who reject Trump as a fake by calling us Marxists and Hillary supporters.
            You are behind the other Trumpters. Get up to speed. LOL

          16. velvet123 says:

            Tell me what the deception of Ted Cruz means to you regarding his
            -CANADIAN citizenship,
            -holding office in Texas as Solicitor General with a CANADIAN citizenship,
            -AND his UNKNOWN citizenship status as an American! Please explain your validation of a man like this Cruz.

          17. ADRoberts says:

            Just how many people have to tell you that he had dual citizenship. Are you that resistant to the facts? Yes, I guess that it is not about the truth about Cruz so much as it is about the fact that you are totally sold on Trump. And by that, you will do ANYTHING against Trump’s opponents.
            Now here is what is going to happen. IF Trump gets the nomination, the media have been sitting on his tax returns. And before the election, they will release it showing the whole country that he has paid LITTLE or nothing. And then what support he had left will be gone.
            And you show your ignorance or bigotry by the fact that a judge in New Jersey just ruled on his ELIGIBILITY. And guess what. YOU LOSE AGAIN.

            You are the proverbial person —–beating a dead horse.

          18. velvet123 says:

            And if reading is beyond your comprehension, listed to explanation by a litigation attorney on video–See #53, but important to listen to Cruz in his own voice thru the 66 others:


            Written text of NBC explanation from a Litigation Attorney:

          19. ADRoberts says:

            I don’t do such junk as you refer me to. And from the names of the sites, they are all fanatic liberals too.
            So that is all you have? REJECTED.

            And I don’t even do Red State either.

          20. velvet123 says:

            There you go again, name calling–just like the progressive movement which was the basis for European Nazis in the 1940’s….

          21. ADRoberts says:

            Look in a mirror. Just like most liberals and their OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SAME COIN, Hitlery supporters. You accuse others of what you YOURSELF are guilty of.
            Now tell me. Are you A. That unable to see reality? B. That deceptive and determined to keep saying what makes no sense.
            Makes no difference. I am but one, who has very little influence. Maybe if I keep your distracted long enough attacking me, you will fail to get at someone who you might actually be able to trick into believing your junk.
            You have 523 comments and only 499 likes. Do you know how pathetic that is?
            Now let’s compare. Just a few items to begin with to see if you are game.
            1. I am monogamous for life. And that at age 67.
            2. I have never used tobacco products
            3. I have never drunk alcohol with the exception of what is in cough medicine. (Yes, I am smart enough to know that there is alcohol in cough syrup)
            4. I don’t and have never used illegal drugs.

            Now it is your turn to TESTIFY as to how good a person you are.
            IF you respond, we will go on to the next comparisons.

          22. velvet123 says:

            I have a life and don’t sit responding to everyone’s comments. … And I certainly dont evaluate my life and success on how many “Likes” I have on political blogs!!!!
            You obviously find self pleasure in that.

            As others have said, you are basically a waste of time pushing your LYIN” Ted without seeing what he is doing to get ahead politically–lying about his background. That is obviously okay with you–not with many Americans who know the truth about his Canadian life and citizenship…
            Nothing more important than having a Natural Born Citizen in office of POTUS–otherwise, we repeat the Obama years.

          23. ADRoberts says:

            I am retired and living well in the country. I worked and made my way with my wife and now her mother.
            The only ones who discount the “likes” are those who are out of touch and not agreeable with the rest of the people on these sites. What are you going to do? Admit that you are wrong or out of step with the rest of us.
            Now beat on that dead horse again. Go back and find that Federal judge who ruled in Cruz’s favor and scream at him. Tell him that he is dumb and then try to remove him from his seat. LOL
            Yes, you are pathetic. Even when you lose, you keep pretending that you are right.

          24. velvet123 says:

            I have already responded several times and you still just blablabla to everyone with NO proof from other sites that have investigative reporters or legal experts which you don’t want to read….you are the guy that believes what big govt says and not what constitution says, so you are the SUCKER who does not know the Freedom papers of this country-The Constitution.

          25. ADRoberts says:

            I am 67.
            I was measured at age 12 with an IQ of 165.
            I am well read and have a degree (BS) in math, chemistry and physics.
            I acknowledge that ALL I have and am, I owe to God.
            Now it is your turn.
            Since you won’t tell me, I will guess. You are about 32. You have an IQ of 125. You studied social sciences and have very little background in analytical studies like science.
            You honestly believe that a man who was extremely liberal just four years ago, who suddenly changed and claims to be conservative on most things, who COULD make jobs for Americans by by bringing back HIS OWN COMPANIES from overseas, but quietly DOESN’T will actually do ANYTHING he has been saying.
            Just like Rubio, who when campaigning for Senate, promised to fight amnesty.
            “So let’s check out your REAL Constitutional backing. The SECOND amendment says, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Are YOU fully supportive of total guns rights for ALL people.?

          26. velvet123 says:

            I lived in NYC as as Conservative and saw the way Trump helped the city in the bad times. As a businessman (something of which Cruz knows nothing) one must deal with many politicians on both sides of the aisle–but in NYC, it is all Dems all the time. Trump has had conservative ideas back in 1988 and has thought about running for Pres since about that time.

            As a fully Liberal city with pockets of Republicans, as a prominent NYer, he has had to please many people to get things done. I have seen how he has handled the Vets in NYC and when unhappy with a poorly planned city parade for the Vets with no public turnout, he personally planned another parade for them in which hundred’s of thousands turned out. He does a lot without fan fare, he truly loves this country and DOES NOT NEED THE POWER GRAB your candidate desires.

            I don’t believe he is 100% conservative or liberal–I think he is the right man at the most needed time to take the ship called Ämerica” and correct its dismal course.

            Voters will never get 100% pure ‘anything’ but must try to get the most of one’s belief.

            CRUZ’s lying on his background is a BIG, BIG problem with many people who know he is not eligible but refuses to admit it. He is putting his political career and power grab ahead of the Constitution he ‘says’ he believes it–WRONG, he does not.

            Where have the “Conservatives” gotten us? NO Where we expected. Don’t care what Trump is called–America needs a fighter for its people, and strong leader with experience in business and the balls to get things done – no matter what he is called. This is what I am looking for to save this ship called “America”!

          27. ADRoberts says:

            You live in NYC and the first thing you do is RATIONALIZE about the necessity to be unethical and immoral in order to do business. Try telling that to God.
            Now I keep hearing “lied about this or that about Cruz” But I have yet to hear a single one of your Trumpsters to give any details that stood up to scrutiny. And you did it again. What did he lie about HIS background.
            I bet you are going to claim that he is totally owned by Goldman Sachs just because his wife WORKED for them once. BOGUS.
            Spit it out. What is this big lie.
            Then you do the ultimate dumb thing. You accuse the Conservatives of NOT doing anything for “us” when in truth, we and they have NEVERF been in charge.
            What garbage. You really thought that was going to fly?
            Maybe it is time to just admit that you are a typical NYer and are on the dole like the rest of them.

          28. ADRoberts says:

            Now you claim that he is a fighter. Yes, he has fought for Hillary and repeatedly stated how much he admires her.
            Yes, he has fought for Pelosi and Reid and Schumer. And he claims that his contributions to them was JUST BUSINESS. So when are his PRINCIPLES going to take front row and be what controls his life and his money. If not when the liberals were destroying America with massive spending and Obamacare, then WHEN.?
            Time and again, he says what he THINKS conservatives want to hear. And just last week, he got burned. He thought that they would WANT women to be jailed and punished for having an abortion if abortion should become illegal. And when BOTH sides came after him, he was TOTALLY baffled. And finally he just said, “it is convoluted”. LOL.
            I repeat. He SAYS what he thinks we want to hear. And he will NEVER do any of it.

        3. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Well as of this date Cruz 8 court an state Board of elections wins . Birther morons , 8 loses no wins. Seems clear to me Just as Cruz said in the beginning It’s already settled Law..

      2. Jack Burns says:

        You cannot take away the rights of voters and decide for yourselves who will get the Delegates no matter how you perceive the outcome.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          And yet that is what the rules of those states says. And Trump was told. And he did NOTHING.
          And now he and YOU want to cry and throw a tantrum.
          Incompetent in the extreme. And that is exactly what he would be in office.

          1. WeirOnlyHuman says:

            You guys are so used to the corruption that you’re actually feeding at the same trough as those who want to keep voters from making the choice. Very sad.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Wrong. And a very poor twist to accuse us.

          3. Robert Russell says:

            Show us the rules bet you can’t.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            Don’t have to. They are there and being followed by those who are active in that states political activities. Show me where they changed.

        2. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Jack Burns You my friend seem I’ll eduacted. Voters elected the delegates. We the voters have never ever voted directly for the president.. consider this. The vast majority of those elected delegates are required by their particular states primary rules to vote for those candidates who won the majority of the of that states primary delegates on the first ballet. Some states require them to vote the same up to an through second or 3rd ballets at the convention. But after that they are free to choose to vote their conscious.

      3. ADRoberts says:

        They are so blind that in their zeal, they label anyone who is not for Trump either a Hitlery supporter or a Nazi.
        Yes, they are fanatics of the irrational type.

      4. danstewart says:

        Get out of our country you illegal alien.

      5. DotDot says:

        And just how do you know for sure that cross over voters will not be voting for Trump again? Where is your proof? There are a lot of Democrats that are voting for Trump and NOT just the primaries! Probably because they don’t like two in the Democrat party that are now being investigated.

      6. Robert Russell says:

        Now you are being stupid where did you get the polls ABC or CNN or Yahoo try FOX news.

    2. ADRoberts says:

      And you are not about the BEST candidate. You have been sold a bill of goods by a con man who is adept at lying. Like his “PROLIFE” stand and then continuing to support PP..
      “Yes, you are blind to the truth.

      1. danstewart says:

        So, another libturd joins us.

    3. brokebill says:

      Yes then we can get Jeb! You know, the most popular former candidate. Now there’s a winner. Not!

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    News Flash for all you lyin debate ducking Trumperteers your leader of stupidity; got his ass handed to him again in the delegate count this weekend. Trump wont reach the 1237 mark and he’ll get his ass kick on the second ballet at the convention. Go a dead say it Presidential nominee Senator Ted Cruz . After all He is the right man in the right place at the right time. Lyin Debate ducking, con artist, scam man, Trumpertantrum Is getting his dumb ass handed to him.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Trump believe everything should come to him because he is Donald Trump and special. When it doesn’t then it must be cheating. He is a lazy candidate, he doesn’t do his homework, he doesn’t even read his own website to see what he believes in. He is trying to run for president off the cuff and it did seen to work for a while but you don’t get the job of president by just showing up and saying anything that comes into your head. This isn’t reality TV. It’s the real world and Mr. Trump hasn’t figured out the difference. I’m not Cruz fan but at least he does his homework and you know where he stands. You may not like Cruz but you can respect his understanding of the system.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        bobnstuff ! Good morning ! Your description Of Trumps entire campaign Is spot on . Question ? Who is it that you might or maybe supporting. Bob If I remember correctly you were a Rubio supporter.

        1. danstewart says:

          You two are libturd a-holes. Get many freebies?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            So do you. Everyone gets government service, that’s why there is one. Everyone pays taxes even the poorest of the poor. It’s name calls like you who don’t even know what the government give them that I’m sorry for.

          2. danstewart says:

            No, you’re just sorry.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Ever look at what percent of you income goes to taxes. Most people pay around 25% to 35%. It make no difference how much you make. Do people who make more money pay more tax dollars yes but the percent of income stay the same. Do you drive on public roads, then you just got some freebee from the government. Is you food safe to eat, you just got another freebee. I will bet you have a police force where you live. have you ever notice that the better neighborhoods get better protection, it’s a so called freebee. Ever fly out of an airport, how many poor people fly places. They pay taxes so you can have a freebee. How many poor people get to go to baseball games in those nice ball parks paid for with tax dollars? Don’t complain when people get food and medical care that they need when the government give you stuff you really don’t need.

          4. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Bobnstuff ! Property taxes pay for police ,Fire ,first aid & schools. ” No freebees there “. Roads bridges are payed for by fuel ,energy consumption taxes < also add into that mix bridge and road tolls. (Nothing free there either ) Further more every pack of cigarettes, cigars, Pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco or alcohol product you pay for are Taxed and are known as sin taxes. Both the state and federal government have these taxes . They are also disbursed among education, police, prisons, roads, bridges and schools Those of the sin taxes of the federal type go to national highways bridges , airports and military . There is only one type of person who pays nothing They are of the non contributing welfare recipient ,free housing, free phones, and free food Type person. Even renters are paying into the cost of property taxes. The vast majority of poor people are not paying for roads or bridges They are not paying the road and bridge tolls they are not paying the fuel consumption they are being subsidized by others for there public transportation cost.taxes. Fact of the matter is those non car or personal own transportation owning folks like myself are subsidizing many city dwellers.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Every tax you listed are paid by the poor people and most people that get your so called freebees work, many two and three jobs. You think poor people don’t drive cars and pay highway taxes just like you, they smoke and pay tobacco taxes. Ever heard of the working poor. No one pays no taxes. If you want to be informed about the welfare in our country Google Welfare myths.

        2. bobnstuff says:

          No Kasich, I give him about a 75% on my point of view. I know the neighbor hood he grow up in and am sure he understands what real peoples lives are like. He won’t win the nomination but he could win the White House if he did. He is better then anyone else running this time, Republican or Democrat.

    2. louann says:

      No you world order lover.cruz didn’t win on votes.he won on hand picked delegates. Fact! Cheating ! What goes around comes around. Fact!

      1. Mary says:

        He sure does, there hasn’t been one win that he hadn’t had his dirty hands in. JUST MAKE SURE NEW YORK AND ALL STATES, WHERE YOUR VOTE GOES TOO, MOSTLY JUMPS TO CRUZ, ONLY WAY HE CAN WIN. That’s why he runs to the next state all the time, so he can get the cheating all set up.

        1. Ricky says:

          You tell em’ Mary!

        2. Peatro Giorgio says:

          Mary,Mary quite contrary, How dumb can the Trumperteers be. Dumb enough to follow a lyin stealing, conieving debate ducking cowardly duck. Sure everybody but Trump knew what the rules were and have been since October of 2015.. Donald Trump the masterful planner. Masterful campaigner ,who’s candidacy has all but ran on free media coverage an contribution of more then 7 million dollars from Trumperteers. Who are to dumb to realize they have been had.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Organization, motivation, education , intelligence, wisdom Begins at the top. Trump has none of these. Though it is true Trump is a master con man of the intellectually dysfunctional. Hence your support for trump. Had you a single ounce of wisdom you would not now or ever have supported trump .

        1. danstewart says:

          What are you? An illegal alien maybe, afraid that Trump will send you packing.

          1. Ricky says:

            You got that right!

    3. Mary says:

      I take it your talking about Cruz, he’s the one causing all the dirt, he won’t get my vote after lyin, cheating, stealing, dirty tricks, he’s owned by big banks and Soras so that’s Establishment in full force, he’s doing what the controlling big digs are telling him to do. Funny when he has his mouth going on interviews he’s saying the same thing Trump said he would do long time ago, wish Cruz would get a new line of shit.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Speaking of George Soros Ask the lyin Debate ducking trumptantrum about the $150,000,000.00 George Soros Gave him. Yes 150 Million dollars Keep right on talkin g trash about the honorable senator Ted Cruz. Fact still remain Trump is the most personally sued man in America .

        ( Personally Not corporately ) Most sued Man in america Fact.

  • PEGIDA USA says:

    For all you members of the “Cvnts for Cruz Club,” the CCC, who’s motto is
    Gotta SIN to “win.” We’re on to you…..

    1. PEGIDA USA says:

      Here’s the saddest part….
      This will make Jesus really proud of you, Ted.
      Gotta SIN to “win.”

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Actually What Trump is attempting to do is cheat his way to a win. By means of entimadation . Whiney ,debate ducking Trumpertantrum

    1. louann says:

      That’s really stupid! He has already won by millions. Fact! You just can’t accept the truth.if cheating is the only way Cruz can win well who wants another corrupt politician.cruz for the one world order! Cruz only runs on trumps back. Trump trump trump. Cruz wolf in sheeps closing.

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Trump has won yes millions of democrat cross over votes during the republican open primary states. Where there are close primaries Trump loses. If in fact each states primary where closed trump would be losing by a land slide. Like Trump who is a liberal to progressive So to is the majority of his voters. Period Fact Jack. So tell me again how Trump is winning the base of the republican party.??? ( He isn’t. ) In fact Trumps negatives are higher then shillary Hillary’s. Trump Negatives at 77% Shillaries at a negative 63%

        1. danstewart says:

          Male bovine excrement !!!!!!!!!!!

        2. louann says:

          Dont forget the blacks who are voting for trump. Muslims voting for trump. Mexicans voting for trump. Women voting for trump.many Christians voting for trump.i hear the news and they lie. So the only thing you have said is what the media tells you.

      2. Mary says:

        So true, he repeats “what he would do if elected” that Trump already said”

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